Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell Attended Jenelle's School Of Dating

dalis connell

After Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards and his girlfriend, Dalis Connell's, tumultuous week, it appears the couple quickly got back together again after the

Again" href="http://www.teenmomjunkies.com/teen-mom-3/maci-bookout-teen-mom-3/spark-rumor-mill-ryan-dalis-split/" target="_blank">cheating rumor got sparked. Dalis almost immediately deleted any tweets regarding cheating and now the couple are spending quality time together again, as noted in Ryan's recent tweets:

Spent all day with @dalispaige #muchneeded

Bedtime w @dalispaige both have to work in the morning

Either they're thriving on drama and want to keep themselves relevant with the final season of Teen Mom appearing on the horizon, or they took a course at Jenelle's School of Dating. The first rule of the school is to break up and get back together at least four times every week.

You get extra credit if the person you're dating wears a hoodie they haven't washed in 8 years. Time to dumpster dive for a hoodie, Ryan!

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Bahaha! I love how you through in the hoodie comment! ZING!

That title KILLED me lmfao

I love your blog, you're hilarious!

These two are FAR too immature to be in a serious relationship. Ugh.

You have hit a new low as a person if you can be reasonably compared to Jenelle.

Right?! Lol!

These two are playing with my emotions!! Ugh.

not looking forward to having to see her on the season of teen mom preying off of ryan's fame.

I love all your posts. You are hilarious.

Best title EVER!

These kids need to stop this crap. You're not in high school anymore, there is a child involved. I don't think Ryan will ever change, he's an unbelievable douche deep down. I'm sure he was cheating on her, that doesn't surprise me in the least.

I think Ryan and maci should b back together so not looking forward to seeing this new girl on the new season

[...] Mom 2′s Jenelle Evans can’t just tell her students what to do, she has to lead by example.  She put this into practice when she broke up with fiance, [...]

They probably cheated on each other. Dalis for sure. She's one to get around. I got to school with her and she got around with the football team....while she had a boyfriend away at school in Alabama. So she's definitely a player for sure. She's crazy and manipulative and has cheated on her ex from the team and the other guy in AL. So if she did cheat on Ryan, it honestly wouldn't surprise me. Hell, I've been with her. She's pretty easy.

And as for the fame-seeking comments...she's definitely thriving off of Ryan for fame. Who wouldn't?