Matt Baier's Teen Mom Tell-All Book Has MTV Ready For A Legal Battle

You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life

Matt Baier has reportedly made accusations about MTV's Teen Mom show in his new book, "You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life." Naturally the network isn't going to take it lightly and has already began preparing themselves for a legal battle.

"We're told that after a chapter of the book 'You Have No F**king Idea' -- written by Matt Baier, the fiance of one of the show's longest-standing stars, Amber Portwood -- leaked, Viacom -attorneys pounced and demanded that its publisher slash around 15,000 words," according to PageSix.

"Sources say that most of the offending copy -- which accounted for some 20 percent of the original manuscript -- was about the network itself and Portwood's nemesis, fellow cast member and sometime porn star Farrah Abraham."

The book allegedly points towards MTV producers instructing Baier and one of the main stars Amber Portwood, to do research on Abraham's boyfriend and her father, for alleged abusive history.

There is a possibility that this could be remedied quite easily. However, there is no telling what Baier may have as evidence.

Meanwhile, this leads us to wonder just what is going to happen if Baier ruins the Teen Mom show for Portwood.

Is it possible that MTV could give her the axe should the legal battle go awry? Stay tuned for more on how the legal battle progresses.

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