Teen Mom - The World Is Ending, Ryan and Dalis Broke Up Again!

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Before I begin writing about anything Teen Mom related, I want to first address the tragedy that happened last Friday.

I've tried to accept that the world is a pretty crazy place, and random acts of violence happen everywhere. It sucks, but it's the world we live in, and have lived in all our lives.

That said, I was completely unprepared for what happened on Friday morning, and it has since thrown me completely off.

There have been a ton of terrible things that have happened to people in my life on this planet, but never did I expect someone to enter an elementary school and open fire on completely innocent children.

I won't address him by name, because he doesn't deserve the attention he likely sought.

It seems people are constantly trying to 'one-up' another as they go out in a blaze of gunfire, but if this is the new low they are going to stoop to, I absolutely refuse to mention them by name.

Hopefully others will follow the trend and call him anything BUT his name...

There were a few things that happened in the world of Teen Mom, but it took me a weekend of debating various things like gun laws and mental health for me to rebound and start caring about who is grinding genitals with who this week.

However, like they say, the world continues to move, at least until Friday when it's supposed to end, but I'm not sure what time so I'll just keep chugging until then.

So the big story dominating Teen Mom headlines is the breakup of Ryan and Dalis. This is the moment Maci fans have been waiting a long time for, and now it appears they are foaming at the mouth over a possible re-connection with Ryan.

While many appear to like the idea, what I say about that is - puke city.

The only positive about the two reuniting is that Bentley will have his parents back together and maybe mommy will stop running off to Vegas every other weekend to connect with her motocross fling, Kyle Regal.

Plus Bentley won't have to get used to a new mother or father figure in his life every few months, which is always a positive for a child.

As for why Ryan and Dalis broke up, that's going to be a mystery for some time.

I did some searching, and the best I could find with any sort of credibility was a quote that may or may not be true that Dalis couldn't talk about it but she is happy and relieved now.

I heard rumors of other stuff, but nothing worth repeating unless it was confirmed.

Don't worry though, Kyle is always ready to clean up after Ryan..


Yes, that's Dalis hanging out with Kyle King over this past weekend. I'm sure they were just hanging out as "friends", but come on Kyle. Do you really want to be known as the guy who takes Ryan's leftovers?

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One mans junk is another mans treasure!

I think Kyle and Dalis would actually make a cute couple. They were both the good people in their relationships and both got burned. I'd totally be on board for them to date.

I think Ryan proved how much of a douche he is by the way he's been acting since her mom died. If Maci thinks a guy who is acting like an ass after the girl he dated for a year and a half and talked marriage with lost her mother, than Maci deserves to be treated like crap if they get back together. I don't know how that is not a glaring red flag to Maci or anyone else Ryan dates in the future.

I think it's also pretty sad that Ryan only straightened because of Dalis. The second she's gone he's back to being an immature jerk and non stop partying.

Maci is not showing an self respect because she loves the attention that hanging out with Ryan does for her. Why would you as a women want to be use as a pawn to hurt another female and especially when that girl just lost her mother I would think maci would tell Ryan to kick rocks. But she not going to because she loves the attention Ryan is also an ass to be that cruel to girl that you were with for year. Is just not cool he behavior does not make him look cool he look like a complete ass in this situation especially doing this to a really nice down to earth girl . And this situation also makes maci looks bad in the end the only ones who look good. Is Kyle and dalis especially Kyle who actually being support of dalis and trying to help her

Oh yeah well they are ALL equally immature, how about that?! For a girl who just lost her mother she sure did not have any qualms about hanging out with Maci's ex-lover(Kyle)! How twisted is that? At least Maci and Ryan regardless of the relationships they are in have a very good reason to remain in each other's lives and his name is Bentley.

What is so wrong about them hanging out? Maci and Ryan might have a reason to be in each other's lives, but Kyle and Dalis don't have a reason NOT to be in each other's lives. They have a ton in common such as fitness, they seem to have a ton of mutual friends and the biggest thing of all is they he has been supportive of her during a difficult time. How is that immature? That actually shows maturity, Maci and Ryan are showing immaturity.

Hmmm, is it just me or is Kyle & Dalis hanging out odd? I just don't get why the ex's would hang out with each other...

Kyle and dalis become friends after he hear about her mother. And he help dalis and Ryan with the fundraiser to help pay dalis mother medical bills .so I guess after he help her out and they become friends.

oh ok, that makes sense. Just never heard of them previously hanging out before this pic

How nice is it that Kyle was helping with that? I think Ryan and Maci are the mean selfish people of both relationships!

OH please. Kyle and Dalis are being just as petty. For someone who just lost a relative and all she has on her mind is stirring up the pot and making big news by hanging with Kyle like she said!

I think its the other way around. Dalis is getting Maci's left overs.

Kyle and Dalis are officially my favorites. Last night Dalis instagramed the above photo of her and Kyle. Kyle instagramed the same photo of him and Dalis but cropped it to just himself and Dalis now he just instagramed the above photo just like Dalis did last night. They literally do not care what people think and i don't think they should have to. They are both single and if they wanna party together and maybe hook up so be it.

I think Kyle was crushing on Dalis before her and Ryan split and he immmediately made his move when they did. He favorited her tweet of the Christmas lights lingerie picture..she was still dating Ryan at that point. LOL

Dalis and Corey are the only two TM people I follow on Twitter. From what I understand, Dalis went to Nashville with her friends this weekend and probably just happened to run into Kyle while she was out. The fact that he cropped the picture on Instagram was probably just to appease Teen Mom fans and get a little spotlight. That is their connection to one another, after all.

As for the reason behind the breakup, Dalis did tweet something cryptic (which has been deleted) saying that if anyone, Ryan's closest friends included, knew the real reason they broke up they would be shocked. I'm interested to hear all rumors, speculation, and --eventually-- the truth.

Maci...I like to think that she and Ryan have grown up and are now able to get along. Perhaps this is just a friendly thing. Knowing Ryan, though, this is probably just a ploy to piss off Dalis. And if they ARE hooking up...well, maybe we'll all get lucky and get another Bentley in 9 months or so. (I kid)

I wanna know what Ryan did. Dalis tweeted about how she'd "love to tell you what he did, even his friends would be shocked!"

Lots of fans are speculating that he's gay or bi-sexual

Did you see Dalis, I don't think he is gay at all. That's all girl baby, prime. I heard it was something in the sack she wasn't up for.

Outside of being gay, I think the only thing that would shock me is he knocked up Maci again LOL

Maybe he was pushing for another baby for MTV to pay for (possibly get a spin off or something). You never know with this crowd. They were apparently going to pay Jenelle 20 thousand to have another baby.

I figured it has something to do with maybe he put his hands on her. Not like beat the crap out of her but maybe shoving her and yelling at her for something. They both play mind games and I wouldnt doubt an argument would lead to that between them.

It may also be a way to take a stab at Ryan and Maci who have been reconnectin and seemingly hanging out! Lol as if Maci could live a normal mummy life after the constant partying I'm sure in some way she likes not having Bentley when he is with Ryan because she has freedom what woul she do if she didn't have that time? Maybe become an actual present mother? LOL

Anyone else sad to have the old Ryan back?

Ever since they broke up he's been tweeting about banging sluts, hookers, drugs, getting drunk with Maci and her trashy friends, etc. when Dalis' mom just passed away last week or the week before. It's disgusting how he's acting, and I don't care why they broke up. His behavior is completely unacceptable.

There are also pictures floating around of Maci and Ryan hanging out (puke). They're apparently just not ballsy enough to post the pics themselves like Dalis & Kyle are.

I hate that we have the old Ryan back. Dalis was perfect for him. She made him step up as a father, he seemed to actually grow up and get an attitude adjustment and he rarely ever partied when he was with her. Ever since they broke up it's like Ryan completely went back to his old ways instantly. I used to defend Ryan a lot on here recently but now i think it's going to be Ryan and Maci in the same category of drunk parents who leave their child to party every night.

But if anything this just proves that Dalis deserves better.

^^ agreed

I totally agree with everything you said. Dalis deserves better. And so does Bentley.

But guyzzz... Maci and Ryan BELONG together. He has obviously always loved her! All those times he put her down and talked about how he can't stand her and completely avoided her were because he loves her! Silly Ryan! When he would look at her with a "I can't believe I actually CHOSE to be around this person at one point" look on his face it was all acting! Maci and Ryan 4ever! #teammaci #teamryan #teammaciandryan #teamfamilyforbentley

- 12 year old girls everywhere

Right, so Ryan shouldn't do these things because Dalis' Mother died, but Dalis can post underwear pictures, bitchy tweets, a picture of her with Maci's ex and pictures of her in a tiny dress at a club? Double standards me thinks- and it's her mother who died, not Ryan's, yet he gets flack for living his life but she doesn't for doing similar things.

His twitter and behavior since their split and since her mom died is SO inappropriate. There is no defending him. And she does deserve to go out. She went out ONE weekend (completely normal to go out on the freakin weekend) with her friends to get her mind off of her mom and her breakup. That is normal and she deserved it. Based off of Ryan's twitter, he doesn't give a damn that her mom passed, the same woman that he met when she was dying in the hospital, he has tweeted to his friends about partying every single night since they split and he's the one with a child he's supposed to be with plus his tweets about drugs, hookers, banging sluts, etc definitely don't make him look good.

1. The lingerie picture was posted both before her mom died and before they split..but that picture also wasn't even recent. It was taken last winter for Christmas.

2. What "bitchy" tweets has she tweeted? Scrolling through her twitter and i literally don't see anything. Unless you're referring to her saying that she can't say why they broke up, but that was only tweeted in response to Ryan retweeting mean tweets about her saying that she was crazy and stuff because fans told her about it. Ryan was the only reason Dalis ever tweeted that-he did that one to himself.

3. I'd love to know what you consider a "tiny" dress. Looking at the pictures that she posted from this weekend and all of it was actually pretty conservative for club attire.

4. So what if she posted a picture with Kyle? They were friends before her and Ryan split AND before him and Maci split. He organized a fundraiser to raise money to help pay her mom's medical bills with his clothing line KoldNature. They clearly had this weekend planned and i highly doubt it was to make Ryan and Maci jealous. I think Maci and Ryan only went out together to get revenge on Dalis and Kyle because they had went out the night before them. Plus, i don't see the big deal if they hook up and maybe eventually decided to get together. They don't have to live their lives according to fans of Teen Mom just because they dated people on the show. They have nothing holding them back from going out and having fun together. They aren't parents so they can party together or date all they want.

Hmm okay what about when she posted a picture of her randomly posing when she was off to see her dying mother? Inappropriate? Yeah she went out how long after her mother died? So some would find that odd. If she's allowed to go out why isn't he? She's not his mother and for all we know they barely even met, I don't see why he'd be mourning her. Anyway maye he has been upset- you can't judge off twitter. I wouldn't be posting attention seeking pictures etc either if something like that happened.
She tweeted about spiteful people, also I found the whole 'I'm going to stay classy by revealing that he did something bad but not saying what' is annoying and NOT classy. Classy would be staying quiet. I wouldn't even mind if she properly stuck up for herself but her thinking she's being mature by positing something like that then deleting it is stupid.
I've seen pictures of her she liked of her and her friends on Instagram- that dress was NOT conservative hahaha!
Meh I like Kyle. Bit weird if they did get together but whatever. She posted a picture of them together with a caption saying 'well get so much shit for this'- okay then just don't post it. I would think drama would be the last thing she needed right now? And I think the picture was partly to annoy Ryan.
I know Ryan is an idiot but I just think people think Dalis is amazing, and Ryan is crap, even if they do similar things.

Another one of those posts where the author doesn't know something the rest of the Teen Mom world is already eating up :p these posts can be kind of painful sometimes. but they do such a good job with everything else it's hard to get too bummed about it :p

anyway yes.... Kyle & Dalis hung out... only cause Maci & Ryan are hanging out and have been tweeting eachother about it and there's a new pic of them together too!!

Not true. Kyle and Dalis hung out Friday night AND Saturday night, Maci and Ryan didn't hang out until Saturday night. Kyle and Dalis were together all weekend in Nashville (not alone, with friends), Maci and Ryan didn't publicly make those plans until word got around the internet about Kyle and Dalis going out Friday night. There is this girl on twitter who got pictures with them on Friday night where they are obviously in different outfits and then the above picture is from Saturday night.

I mentioned that the Maci fans are drooling over the thought of them getting back together, but yes I did fail to include them hanging out and posting pictures of it. Maybe I didn't want to puke in my mouth.

I don't think a lot of people "get" me around here sometimes...

didn't mean to be rude at all

I'm not sure if anybody already mentioned this (I don't really want to read through every comment) but I saw something interesting she said on Twitter yesterday and then deleted. She said something along the lines of:

"I wish I could tell you all the REAL reason me and ryan broke up. I think everyone even his friends would be surprised. But I'm going to stay the mature one in the situation while he tries to make me look dumb"

Then she deleted it. Hmmmm! I'm gunna say it was probably cheating.

No because his friends would not be surprised by that nor would anyone else before Dalis he was a notorious player. Maybe it was to do with Maci though just cause he used to tell his friends how not into Maci he was?

But why would his friends be surprised at him cheating...if that's it.

Alright, well with all that Maci,Dalis,Ryan and Kyle bullshit aside..


Also how much self restraint must it take to not tell people how it ended even when she hinted at it? Dalis then even deleted that hinting tweet. Girl is all class!

Dalis deserves better than all these trashbags! She's pretty, smart, classy, and seems to have her head on straighter than Kyle, Maci, and Ryan. If this is their final breakup, I hope she moves on with her life, away from those scumbags.

The fact that Maci is going to let Ryan come crawling back (likely to make Dalis jealous) makes Maci look so pathetic. I highly doubt she is flaunting their renewed "friendship" all over twitter because she is so genuinely happy to have him back as a friend because of what a fantastic guy he is. Either she seriously thinks he wants to be back with her (LOL watch teen mom Mace) or she is trying to rub it in Dalis' face (girl just lost her mom, seriously?)..

On that note, I feel it takes a special type of douchebag to break up with a girl the same week her mom dies. Maybe she dumped him but I have a feeling it's his fault regardless.

Ryan is balding and getting heavier. He's going to look like a bald 50 year old man with a beer belly by the time he's 30. He may be cute now (definitely less cute over the years) but he is soon going to be in attractive which is the ONLY thing he currently has going for him. Who would want to be with a bald, chunky, unemployed, lazy asshole? He will no longer be able to land babes and he will regret treating girls like shit. His loss. No matter who Dalis ends up dating they will be an upgrade, even if it ends up being Kyle King.

Don't forget about his missing jaw from all that chewing tobacco! Every picture i see of him he's got a giant lip in of dip or he's got a spitter right next to him. Gross. Hello skin cancer!

mouth cancer*

i have no idea why i wrote skin cancer lol

What's chewing tobacco? (I'm from the UK).

It's tobacco processed to be chewed, but you have to spit out your saliva and the juices cuz that stuff is rank. Haven't chewed myself but I heard it actually gives you a drunken buzz kinda feeling.


Do you think Ryan slept with Maci when Dalis was in California visiting her mom for the final time? That might be shocking to everyone, including his friends because of the reason she was out of town. It would take two heartless, pieces of shit to cheat when the reason your significant other is away for the weekend is because they were visiting their dying mother for the final time. I mean Ryan and Dalis always seemed to be together based off twitter and that gave a free weekend for Ryan to think with his penis. And if that did happen, Maci and Ryan deserve each other. Wow, i actually really hope that this isn't the case and that Ryan really is gay or something because this scenario really would disgust me..especially because Maci fans would defend her since they think she's a God.

wow good hypothesis but that would be all kinds of fucked up! It is weird how Maci is now telling Ryan's mum Jen that she will bring her over wine and they are joking about wine night on twitter with macis friend and macis mum just like one big happy family again

Why is it strange? Ryan and Maci were children when they got together so it didn't work out... They are young adults now and they might not be the most mature but they have to remain in each other's lives for Bentley's sake. Regardless of the reason behind it, they will always always have to deal with each other and each other's families. I don't understand how you all forget that.

For one they both seemed to forget interactions with each others family's unless necessary. Secondly it is really inappropriate to fuck each other in the absence of the gf dealing with a dying mother though who know s what actually happened. If they were serious about forming a solid relationship it probably wouldn't happen so soon and as a rebound from the past break up. Also they were never good together and never will be...

Wow, that would actually be really sad. I feel like you might actually be right though. I wouldn't put it past Ryan or Maci to do such a thing.

One thing seems pretty obvious though is that Kyle is completely "Team Dalis" and i'm not so sure it has anything to do with him being attracted to her. I think something HAD to have happened for him to completely lose respect for both Maci and Ryan. He had been getting along with Ryan and going riding together and he also unfollowed Ryan on twitter. He favorited a tweet to Dalis saying she was so strong for everything that's been going on, so i think he knows the reason behind their breakup and it wouldn't be shocking if it involved Maci and Ryan because he'd find out since it involved Maci. Also, he clearly took an interest in her mom's illness by wanting to raise money for her and i'm sure he would be disgusted that they would do that at such a time and it seems pretty obvious that he's been there for her and Ryan hasn't...i wish Kyle was the one that got to meet Dalis' mom and not Ryan. Ryan didn't deserve to meet her. That scumbag doesn't even seem to care that her mom died, he has shown zero remorse.

Why not wait for the facts before you take such enormous conclusions?! My gawd, why is it that someone becomes a little bit famous or a lot famous and soon after, the mad rush of haters come in ready to tear them down, ready to make them the bad people simply because they have attention, money, many friends or whatever. Is it everything you all wish you had but never get? Help me understand.

How many Team Maci & Ryan/Anti Kyle & Dalis comments are you going to make tonight?

With a statement like that, yes people are going to speculate different scenarios. Get over it.

Just stalked Kyle and Dalis' twitter.

First off i see that Dalis asks for someone to bring her white chocolate covered strawberries in which Kyle responded "maybe" and she said "hahah pweasee". Sounds like lovebirds lol

But anyways what i really wanted to post was this:

Her friend Bailey said "so proud to call @dalispaige my friend. Such a lady of class, discipline, and maturity! Her character truly shows in the face of adversity" to which a fan wrote "we'll tell her to get with Kyle ;) Ryan sucked anyways! ;)" and then her friend Bailey responded with "yeah he did! Her mama never was a fan, awesome how his true colors show just when her mama is her guardian angel" and then Dalis said "said perfectly. thanks momma ;)"

If THAT conversation is not a clear indicator that Ryan is a grade A douchebag who clearly did something terribly wrong during a time when she needed him the most than i don't know what else fans need to see.

So Stalker, did you notice that sweet lil'o Dalis is also currently tweeting with all kinds of boys, including one that is practically showing his manhood on Twitter? Yeah I'm sure that if Ryan is a prick and this girl dated him for over a year, she was completely clueless until now. Not! No one is that stupid and guess what? There is such a thing as the law of attraction. You attract who you are. Whether you are actively a rotten apple or something negative inside you brings these kind of sh!tty people into your life, it's all your own doing!

Really, 'you attract who you are?' This is one of the most ignorant statements I've ever heard. So Laci Peterson who was pregnant when her husband Scott Peterson killed her was a shxtty person and deserved it? Seriously?
Girls who are Dalis' age usually like bad boys or go through a stage where they date them. Doesn't mean they're bad people.

I am literally LOL'ing that you're bringing up the law of attraction when you chose the name "JealousHaters" to describe yourself. Irony.

What is the big deal about her flirting with guys?!? SHE'S SINGLE!!! It's better than Ryan talking about banging sluts and hookers! She is just talking to these guys, and none of which seem to even live in Tennessee.

You are all over it!

Wait, didnt Maci used to get mad at Ryan for not spending time with Bentley when it was his weekend with him and leaving him home with his parents to go out? And now shes partying with him while their son is most likely with one of their parents? Gawd, i think her all that "fame" went to her head. And i so am a Dalis fan over Maci anymore these days, she has sure shown the real kind of person that she is since Teen mom ended.

I've got my own theory about the break up. Ryan always seemed quite controlling with Dalis. Remember him calling her out on Twitter for cheating because she wouldn't answer his calls? Turned out her phone was off whilst she was training! He was also really rude on the catch up show, when they had a break up, being all like 'never call me again.' I think that he was upset that she was going to California without him, probably felt insecure that she would be around guys. She was going to visit her dying mother!! This girl needed support, and he showed his true colors! On one of their previous breaks I remember her tweeting a guy she knew, saying that she was allowed to follow him again.

That's what I think she means about feeling free now. No one to dictate what she can do.

Which catch up show is this?

This is such a pattern with you little internet nerds. You love to judge the people you detest and you justify yourselves because in your twisted mind it's okay to criticize them and call them names since they are such bad people and so they deserve to be called out. What you don't realize is that you can point the finger all you want but in reality the only person you are screwing over is yourselves. NO one and I mean NOT ONE single person has a right to judge, condemn, or insult another human. You just continue to do it and your bitterness and hate will only increase. Thanks that's all, carry on haters.....

Since when did it become wrong to judge people based on their actions and behaviour? It is wrong to hold prejudice i.e judging without reason or experience but we all speculate based on how these people carry themselves. I would say that you are even doing what you claim to hate i.e judging us "little internet nerds" lol as you would say "all
Your doing is screwing over yourself"

While you judge the "jealous haters" for judging other people....*slow clap*

If Kyle and Dalis get together can they adopt Bentley? They're better parents than Maci and Ryan. Bentley would be so much better off being raised by Kyle and Dalis than Maci and Ryan.

Hey, if Kyle and Dalis were to actually make it and get married and have children of their own one day, i think their kids would be the only one's from the "Teen Mom" franchise not needing therapy when they grow up.

Looks like more is stirring up w Ryan and Maci. I think everyone should let them be. They have a son and they need to be together for him. Maci and Ryan have good parents and I think it will all turn out alright. And too...they may be just starting SHIT because so many people are assuming. Who knows...

They do not "need" to be together just because they have a son together. That is ridiculous and only asking for future unhappiness. A couple is supposed to be together because they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together, NOT because they got pregnant when they were 16 after 3 or 4 months of dating.

And you are right, I would expect them to be responsible and get along if they did end up together though. Just be adults and work it out. If they wouldn't do that then ya don't be together. Just saying.... :)

[...] have decided they’re both too pretty for each other, took their respective hair product and went their separate ways.  There were no specific reasons given, only big mysteries based on cryptic messages from Dalis [...]