Teen Mom: Want To Party With Maci Bookout?

maci bookout

maci bookout 21st birthday party

Have you ever wanted to meet Maci Bookout and tell her how much of an inspiration she is to you? Well, here is your chance, sort of. If you're in the Charlotte, NC area, you can pop into Butter Charlotte and catch a glimpse of Maci.

She'll likely be partying with her friends and probably a little drunk, so don't expect a sit down celebration like Farrah's.

Although, after Farrah's guest sold her out to the tabloids, it would be unlikely that you'd get much more than a "Hi, Thank You!" and a photo.

See, this is why we can't have nice things, kids! Farrah gave fans a great opportunity to meet and chat with her and some fan likely blew it for the rest of us...

Sorry, sidetracking. Anyway, if you're looking to meet Kyle too, don't get excited. According to Maci's twitter it doesn't appear he'll be there:

really wish @kyleking100 was gonna be celebrating my 21st birfday with me...

There is also no word on whether or not Ryan and Dalis will be there, which would explain her going to begin with.

I kid, they're not going to be there anyway.. a joke from when she stalked his family vacation in Florida.

Let's see, according to Google Maps it takes 15 hours to get there, so if I leave shortly after Big Brother tonight, I should make it in time! Just kidding, I'd be better off seeing Maci the next time she heads to NY, at least that cuts 20 hours off of my round trip drive.

Random thought, now that she's legal to buy booze, will we be treated to another year of drunk Maci pictures?


this just spells trouble in so many different ways.
a lot of her "fans" have already started to turn on her. did she not learn anything from farrah's fiasco? maybe she doesn't know about it, but that's pretty hard to believe.

i wonder if jenelle will show up. haaaa wouldn't that be amazing/horrible all at once.

i really don't know how people take her seriously at the speaking engagements. she is no longer the role model i thought she was and has lost a TON of respect from me. i would say all, but she is a good mother to bentley when she does have him.


That is a HORRIBLE picture. She has such weird features. No lips, strong jaw/chin, and a boys body. Don't even get me started on that outfit. GAG!

Oh because you must be a perfect sight

How glorious would it be if Jenelle and Kieffah crashed the party?

even though it would be funny, i doubt it. its about 6 hours from charlotte to wilmington. keifahhhh and jenelle don't have the brain capacity to make that much effort.

Have you forgotten the Jersey trip....they just need barbwahs credit cards and its ROADTRIP time!!!

haha very true.

It's really only about 4 hours from Wilmington area. I live in Jacksonville about an hour east/north of Wilmington. So lol it's totally doable for Jenelle and Keifahh. I however won't be driving that far to hang out with her. I too was a teen mom but def was not a party girl since I was at home taking care of my son while my husband was fighting for our country.

I'm sure there will be drama of some sort.

"Random thought, now that she’s legal to buy booze, will we be treated to another year of drunk Maci pictures?" One year? One year? I'd wager two or three more years. I'm guessing that's how long it will take for her to blow all her MTV and Speaking Engagement money. Then she will realize you can't be hungover all the time and work a real job.

I'm sorry but I don'y understand why people say that Maci is the best Teen Mom. CHELSEA HOUSKA is by far the best out of all of them. You never see anything negative being said about her and she's an amazing mom to Aubree. Anyone who says Maci is better than Chelsea is a MORON.

because people see 16 and pregnant maci and are refusing to believe she's changed. when it's pretty clear she has.

I think you mean they edited her differently.

Yeah, they definitely edit all the partying out, that's for sure.

They show the worst parts of Ryan, and the best parts of Maci. It's how they want to portray them.

You're delusional. Not only is Chelsea dumb as bricks and spoiled, she's a huge pill Popper. Either you're ignoring the negative things about her or you're blind.

My objection to Chelsea is the fact that she has literally everything handed to her and she still can't "achieve" a GED in a reasonable period of time, nor set a good example for her daughter by demanding respect for herself from Adumb. She is extremely fortunate yet she takes it for granted and doesn't strive to take advantage of her opportunities and gain some independence. People can blame Randy for this but there's a point when adults (parents!!) should grow up and take responsibility.

Not defending Maci because she's way worse but I respect Kail. In spite of her pissy attitude, for overcoming an absent father, a crazy/addict mother, and an emotionally abusive baby daddy, by working and setting productive goals for herself, she clearly sets herself apart from the other moms. She has never come across as manipulative or ungrateful, as many people characterize her. I think she just lacks some social that most people learn without conscious comprehension. She definitely has more promise and foresight than most of the other girls, even coming from such a broken home.

Social skills*

I always WANT to like Kail, because I think given her upbringing she could make the easiest claims as to why she's a screwup and she doesn't do that, but I just can never get past her attitude. She is the poster child of immaturity when it comes to hearing other people's views. If you say you think gays shouldn't be married, that skinny girls have better bodies, or that tattoos are stupid Kail goes on a rampage of insults and blasting you to her fans via twitter. It's so annoying and immature because 10 minutes later she'll tell everyone how open she is to everyone's views. I just think she's kind of loud for my liking. On mom skills alone her and Leah are the standouts to me. They are far and beyond the other girls when it comes to balancing what they want as mothers and what's right for their children.

Kail has claimed multiple times that she would be as successful and have every single thing she has now even if the show never existed. Maci has said the same thing and it immediately makes me lose most of the respect I have for them. Indicating that this show hasn't completely changed the financial situation of these girls lives is asinine and insulting to me as a viewer. They should appreciate it with every ounce of their bodies and NEVER protest that they have all had tremendous amounts of help along the way to bring them to where they are now.

I completely agree with your description of Chelsea but I can't stand Kail, she blames everyone else for her problems. I used to like her until I noticed that whenever Janet or Eddie tried to talk to her, her first instinct was to say "what about Joe, it's not all me," like a 5 year old. Then, she has absoluteley no remorse and is unapologetic about dating Jordan while still under their roof. Having Joe drop her off to meet Jordan: unexcusable and she should have straight up apologized. But no, she can't do that because she feels as though she didn't do anything wrong. Yea, she said she could have done things differently but only when Dr. Drew or someone else tried to inform her of how f***** that was. Plenty of times on the show she justified her actions and said she doesn't regret them and doesn't feel she was wrong. THEN, she cheats on Jordan and acts like it's acceptable and acts like it's his fault and he should be understanding! What!? Sorry but she's insane. Her moral calculator is just screwed up. She can do no wrong in her eyes and has a problem listening to others. She just gets angry and points blame elsewhere.

What killed me was when she cheated on Jordan and then accused Jo on national television about giving her an "STD" that NEVER EXISTED! I would have been LIVID if I was Jo, and would have had an extremely hard time ever forgiving somebody for doing that. Jo did nothing wrong and was accused of something she had no proof of. Accusing somebody of passing around STDs isn't something that should be brought up to an audience of millions, even if you have proof. Doing it without any proof just makes you look like a disgusting, bitter human being. You wouldn't accuse somebody of child abuse just because there is a bruise on their child. Kail shouldn't have accused Jo of giving her the STD when she chose to go condomless and was sleeping around.

YEah Chelsea, is like so awesome. He daddy pays her rent. She keeps chasing after that loser Adam even though he constantly plays her and makes her cry. Awesome role model for her little girl!

Oh my God yes. Chelsea's episode of 16 and Pregnant would have to be my favourite of all time haha, she's one girl I really want to think is just as lovely as she is on the show.

I actually live in the area! It's awesome knowing Maci will be here in a few days, and Catelynn and Tyler have also been here before too. Unfortunately though I won't be going. I'm not that kind of party person and I'd be going solo.

Id rather have a root canal!!!

When I saw the club's name and then saw Maci's picture the first thing that popped into my head was "butter-face".

"Have you ever wanted to meet Maci Bookout and tell her how much of an inspiration she is to you? " Nope. Can say I have.

Oh god Maci! This does not help with her "party-girl" image. You'd think she'd lay low for a while. People already think she's a partying, drunken hot mess, why make it worse?

"and she'll probably be a little drunk"


a "little" drunk. You're so cute TMJ. She'll be black out wasted before she even steps foot in that club. She probably already is, in fact! Can not WAIT to see this captain of the hot mess express on celebrity rehab in 4 years.......

lmao LEAH is the best example ? She cheated on her girls father TWICE. Great rolemodel. Now she's married to another guy, can't wait to see how well that works out. and chelsea is dumb for chasing adam. but most likely the people commenting here about that aren't teen moms who are also single moms. Its not easy to cope with the dad not caring and you doing everything on your own. It's understandable why she would want him around sometimes. Kail is extremely immature and tries too hard to look like she's an all around great person. She's not. Chelsea DOES not pop pills, its a rumor. She got a job and offered her dad to help pay for things. If her dad enjoys helping her, who cares ? She's always posting pictures of aubree and their times together.. Unlike Maci who posts party and alcohol pictures, and I mean look at her.. She looks like straight up trash. Kail who is only obsessed with her boyfriend.. please. Chelsea > everyone else.

Chelsea slept with that Daniel guy from that show "Caged" the FIRST TIME THEY MET. And she slept with Adam's best friends just to get back at him. And that's just what she's admitted to. And even at that, personal faults and parenting faults are different to me. 2 year olds don't need serious role models for relationships like a teenager does. They need stability, but multiple boyfriends won't affect them the same way it would a teenager. Toddlers need a parent that can put on a happy face even if everything in their relationship is going wrong. Kail has never seemed to use Isaac as a pawn in her games with Jo like Maci and Chelsea have with their kids on countless numbers of times. Even if Jo and her can't even look at each other, she still makes it a point to make sure Isaac sees his dad. Leah does the same thing.

Kail and Leah aren't the most role model or well-spoken when it comes to the personality of the girls, but they make Maci/Chelsea/Amber look like jokes when it comes to their co-parenting skills. Leah, especially. She has a lot of faults, but I don't think her ability to co-parent is on that list. I think she's the best of all the girls at that.

all of the girls shown on teen mom have their faults and i am in no way going to begin ranking them, because that's just dumb, and focus on their mom skills because the show is teen mom. but i will state my opinion

maci- good mother to bentley and was the favourite in the beginning. i think she parties so much now because bentley is older and she feels she's not needed anymore, which is dumb because he's only 3 (4 soon) and will always be needed.

farrah- rude, deameaning, patronizing, ungrateful. if farrah did not have sophia and she was on some other show i'd be like "yeah what a bitch" but i probably wouldn't care as much except now i'm worried these traits are gonna be passed down to sophia as every week i see little bits of debra in farrah. farrah i believe is the most emotionally damaged teen mom, therefore is emotionally damaging sophia without even realizing it.

amber- loves leah with her whole heart. but can't get past her inner issues and gary. as a mom, she's great to leah. as a person, girlfriend, daughter. not so much.

catelynn- can't really say much because they gave carly up and as much as everyone says "yeah well even if they had carly they'd still be great parents because they're so mature" we can't really say that because the adoption had a lot to do with their maturing process. tyler even stated once that if they had carly they wouldn't of finished school and might not even be together. i know they will be good future parents, but no one knows how the outcome would of been had they kept carly.

jenelle- i don't consider her a parent. i should write this on barbara but i don't know enough.

chelsea- great mom. a little bit naive and delusional and spoiled. but i don't see anything wrong with her parenting skills.

leah- again an amazing mother. i try not to judge her cheating on corey because personally i never liked corey and i think he was a bit controlling of leah. while cheating is not okay, i understand where leah but have been pushed away.

kail- i used to like kail a lot. but then i just found her annoying. she's an amazing mother to isaac. but i do think she tries to look like she's something she's not. she used to speak so highly of eddie and janet and then as soon as they try to give her advice or voice their opinion. she snaps. but all in all no major complaints except maybe a small attitude adjustment


I only got to the "amber- loves leah with her whole heart" part before I had to stop. When you love your child their needs come above yours and you do what you have to do to take care of them. She is a disgusting pig who could care less if she is in her daughter's life or not. It makes me sick how she is always making Leah hug and kiss her on the show. It obviously makes Leah uncomfortable. It really makes me ill. Mothering is more than hugs and kisses once every few weeks. Try being a good mom then your child will WANT to hug and kiss you and say "I love you" and you won't have to make them!

i never noticed that before about leah. she always seems so happy to see amber. my mind kinda wanders on ambers parts since i know she ultimately chooses prison over her daughter.

Maci does the same with Bentley though. I am sure they are not the only two either. I saw it all the time when I worked in childcare.

Leah barely sees Amber. This last episode she asked for a kiss and when Leah turned away she physically pulled her in for a kiss even though Leah was pushing against her. She also tells her "say I love you" all the time. I just get the impression that Leah isn't comfortable with it. You have to earn trust and closeness with a child when you haven't been in their life as you should. Maci is different to me. I'm sure when she asks for a kiss Bentley gladly kisses her and asks for kisses too. Totally different relationship.

Just to chime in here on whos the best role model discussion going on ..tbh i figured they where intended as real life examples of how hard life can be should you fall pregnant young. I dont think they where intended to be role models unless to be admired for coping at such a young age with a baby yadda yadda! Just i figured people shouldnt be aspiring to be these girls; they be inspired to work hard and not be silly with birth control... Not tryinh to start a row im a young mum; but until i graduate uni and secure myself a fulltime job i would doubt im role model material! Rant over :)!

Apologies for poor grammar and spelling mistakes im ranting from my phone lol

Yeah get a real role model girls like Snooki.....I kid I kid.

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