Teen Mom - One In A Million Chance To Meet Maci!

maci bookout

Have you ever watched Teen Mom during the Maci segments and said to yourself "I want to Maci and Bentley someday"? Do you feel your luck is better than winning upwards of $10k on local lottery drawings? If you answered yes to both of those, I have a special announcement for you!

Maci Bookout is running a contest on twitter where she will fly you AND a friend out to Tennessee where you can meet both her and Bentley. Here is her official announcement:

when i get to 1M followers I'm picking 10 random followers to begin a contest & i will fly the winner and a friend to TN with bentley and me

All you have to do is simply follow her on Twitter and cross your fingers that you can make it into the final 10 (don't worry, odds of that are 'only' 1:100,000). From there, she will select one of the 10 to fly out and meet her. There is no word yet on what the competition will be for the final 10, but if I had to guess, she's going to have a competition called "The Maci Games". She will sit 10 people in a room and have them read Farrah's book cover to cover while listening to her new CD on loop.

Those who survive that will then be forced to spend a week with Amber in her prison cell. After that.

they will then go on a date with Gary. Garytime then picks the best date (assuming there are any survivors at the end of it all) and you get to meet Maci and Bentley!

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word and follow her now, and you can be a part of "The Maci Games"


All because she was a stupid 16 year old that didn't know how to slip some latex onto Ryan's shlong.........sigh.

Rude not nice at all . And not because of what you said at all! All because she is a kid herself and doing more , and being stronger than some people twice her age !! I'm 30 have a 1 year old , run a small business AND my husband is fighting cancer SO I KNOW WHAT DETERMINATION AND STRANGTH IS !
I am a terrible speller though :)

The odds should be 1:1,000,000..............

They are. Check out the title............

If you're referring to the 1:100,000 part, that's to make it to the final 10.

Oh boy!!!

LMAO @ "The Maci Games"!!!

She is a good mom. It dont matter that she was 16 when she got preg. There are many teen moms who are wonderful parents and some older parents who can care less about their kids.


She isn't all the great going and partying all the time.

The fact that she wants a million followers on twitter is pathetic. Like your not fucking famous. You got pregnant at 16. Relax. A lot of 16 year olds who got pregnant are doing a damn better job than her without the 1000's of dollars and publicity.

That's adorable. She saw Bentley 10 days in the month of August......Need I say more?

The POINT is 16 year olds should not be getting pregnant in the first place.... The should be in school and getting prepared for their future... Not becoming a parent at such a young age and having to drop out of school , get on welfare and struggle... I think your missing the point....

As to Maci.... Are you kidding me she a great mother.... First take that damn pacifer out of Bently's mouth so he can speak properly, try to finish a semester of college without dropping an classes, potty train the kid and stop making Ryan's life a miserable mess and putting your kids in the middle of your relationships.... Oh and STOP going out and partying all the time and leaving Bently with a sitter....

i was 17 when i had my first son and im married with 6 other wounderful kids so beening a teen mom does not matter at all as long as u are there for wht u help make

My POINT IN CASE Cindy.... You may want to use spell check next time.... This is why I stated teens need to focus on education rather then producing children at such a young age....

hahaha I almost don't feel bad for saying that if you state your a "teen mom" here, 95% of the time I won't take you seriously. There have been a few good exceptions, though.


lol.... So close.

That last part is actually pretty funny lol. I think it'd be cool to meet one of the Teen Mom's. But I don't think I'd go that far into it.

She's slightly full of herself to think a million people want to meet her.

omgosh !!! i can so totally meet her when ever.

What makes her think that whoever she choses will actually want to fly to meet her? Also, isn't it a bit dangerous to be flying strangers from the internet out to you to be around your child? Just saying.

You're so lame, she wouldn't have a contest out there if there were not millions of fans wishing to meet her and her son! STFU you stupid hater. If you don't like her, don't watch the program, but obveously, you do watch the show, like the rest of us and even took the time to write about her. You know you love her, and are her biggest fan! dumbass! keep your unqualified opinions to yourself. A-hole loser!

Just curious... how can you say they obviously watch the show? They didn't even mention show content. Also they aren't even bashing Maci. They're just asking questions... not even implying hate.

The reason I enjoy this site is because there is usually not posts like this suzik person's post. Totally not necessary. Everyone has the right to state their opinion without being called an a-hole loser and stupid hater and told to STFU. That is baby crap.

Eh, I think comments like that say way more about suzik than me. Let people make tacky uneducated comments if they want to - they're only making themselves look bad.

Actually, in all seriousness... If i was randomly chosen to go fly to meet her, i would politely decline the invitation. I have 3 kids and only my husband works. Which would mean he would have to take time off work to watch our kids for me to go meet a reality star... umm yeah no.

Great Point! What mother in their right mind would fly a complete strange to meet her and her child who they have never met and know nothing about?

Oh that's right, an idiot would... That's who

What if we already live in Chattanooga, Maci?? You can skip those tickets & competitions! Just be my frand! Let's get tattooed! Haha, really though, my friends & I frequently have freak out moments (even at 27). "OMG, ISTHATMACI?!"

lol I laughed so hard at the "Maci games" description. Hilarious. I love you guys.

So.....she is gonna fly two STRANGERS out to meet her, and then is going to involve her CHILD? Seems legit..... SMH. I don't feel like that is the safest choice she could make for her child. And as for 1:1,000,000 that only counts if you are not one of the people in the MANY cities she goes to party in, who could all just go to the club and meet her.

I think maybe she should fly to wherever the person she picks lives instead of bringing a stranger around her child, into her home, etc.

But how safe would it be going someplace you don't know to meet someone you don't know?

I don't think this whole challenge thing is a good idea period. Why in the world would she PAY plane tickets for followers on twitter?

Instead of flying complete strangers around to meet her she should be saving money for both her and her child's future? What an idiot...

EXACTLY! That's essentially what I was saying lol. She says she's done filming after season 4 so that Bently can have a normal life, but she's so mesmerized by the fame that she'll do whatever it takes to stay "famous". I used to be a maci fan, but she's taken what she said "Bently's parents have to be happy in order for him to be happy" a little too far...

That's because she's LAZY and still wants to collect the MTV paychecks while still laying on the couch and partying..... This chick can't finish one semester of school without dropping classes HOW the hell is she going to get a full-time JOB..... LOSER

I have always said the kids should be the ones getting paid not the moms..they will all be broke in the next year or so..

Exactly Megan.... Great Point!

that's what I said, too

You idiot I highly doubt she will be alone I'm sure there will be guards or someone to supervise!

Guards? Haaaaaaa

Maci is a D list "celebrity." There will be no guards.

I bet Kyle will be her guard.

GUARDS..... WTF... This isn't Angelia Jolie or Jennifer Aniston.... bahhahahahaha....

I'm sure Maci knows better than to bring strangers into her home. I'm sure they'll meet somewhere public and safe. Also I'm sure the followers she picks won't be "random". What if she picked a spam account? Or what if that person only tweets about how they hate her? I'm sure she'll look at pages and read tweets and get a feel for if they are a creep or not too. She'll probably invite normal girls around her age and not a 50 year old man who tweets "hey baby" to her.

Damn guess I cant win then.

Oh yeah that's right.... Hate to break this to you but people LIE all the time.... Ever heard of Jeffrey Dalmer and Ted Bundy....

Well that's stupid. Sorry but those two serial killers that you mentioned do not come around "all the time." I wouldn't say "people lie all the time" and then mention those two as if people who lie all of the time are serial killers. This was crazy over dramatic.

I still debating on whether or not to tweet Maci "Hey Baby" to increase my odds meeting her.

The point is "Macy DOES NOT know who she is bringing around her child"..... and to think that she will be interviewing the person she chooses first is just plain stupid.... There are many crazy people out there and she is opening the door to the crazy.... That's my point.... I would NEVER put my family in this situation EVER just to keep myself relevant or line my pockets with money....

Just when I thought these girls couldn't be any more arrogant...

Do you think she'd fly me out from the UK... Is it worth me following? I think Bentley would be a right laugh to hang out with!

this so something i'd expect from farrah
oh wait she already did that with the "win a date..."
at least farrah limited her stalkers to the l.a. area

Wow nothing says struggling teen mom like paying the airfare for two strangers to come meet you. Unless maybe she's using all the air miles she must have collected in her tour of America this August.

She probably gets a bunch of money from sponsors wanting her to spam 1 million people with ads or she gets paid some how like the people who do the whole sulia thing. That's why everyone wants so many followers. I don't really know what she does though because I've only looked at her twitter a time or 2.

LMFAO this was exactly what I was thinking. How in the world are you showing that you are struggling when you travel all over America, constantly buying new cars, constantly moving, has an IPHONE, and constantly parties, including wanting to go celebrate with Chelsea for her b-day...IN ANOTHER STATE. I know we don't see every moment of her life, but jesus when 99.99999% of the pics she posts is of her partying, you can't help but assume...

And for the record, I ONLY follow them on twitter because the drama is hilarious because it's so ridiculously stupid.

And so the clinging on to 'fame' post reality show begins...maybe they should focus on raising their children out of the spotlight instead of focusing on staying 'famous'. Both her and Farrah.

Since the last post you asked if I ever thought of meeting her, which was a nope, my response is still a NO!

I bet this is a scam, but I would love to go and talk to Amber for a week, maybe some things i have to say to her would straighten her out, I wouldn't want to go on a date with Gary but I would love to meet him and tell him how proud of him I am for being a great dad to Leah.

Also it is not very smart for Maci to fly strangers out there to meet her and her son. She needs to meet them in an open area so that way there are other people around her and her son also.

I doubt you would be able to "straighten her out" after talking to her for a week, Amber has a lot of issues that are going to take her a long time to recover from. As far as Gary being a "great dad", you are of course entitled to your opinion and I am not attacking you but IMO great dads do not use their child as a tool to manipulate others with, do not inflict emotional abuse on their child's mother, and do not consistently dump their child off with her grandmother so that they can go out and party. Just because Gary is doing a better job raising Leah than Amber did does not make him a good parent by default.

What if she just doesn't reach 1 million followers, what if we just all unfollow her, and then there is no contest.

But lets think realistically here about her facebook fangirls

"dnt h8t on Maci shez a gud mom, wh0 carez if sh3 g0 out sh3 d3servz it h8t3rzz!!!"

It will never happen.

Oh god, don't EVEN let me get started with those people -_-. It's like anytime you want to say something that cn be remotely constrewed as negative, they're QUICK to ban you or jump down your throat saying "this is Maci's fan page, not a hate page"

Why is it SUCH a priority for her to be a fame whore?? It's really getting to her head now.

I know! She took the opportunity to be on a tv show, made enough money from it that SHOULD HAVE set her and Bentley up for life had she not wasted it on fancy cars and some new boobs. Now the tv show is over, maybe now she should take the opportunity to raise her son away from the spotlight instead of clinging on to fame so she doesn't have to work a day in her life because she is so lazy.

It really annoys me to see all these girls waste the money they made from the show as if they think it's just going to keep rolling in. Now that she realises the show is over I think she's freaking out because she may just have to get off her butt now.

It's kind of to be expected when you pay big bucks to teenagers who are no where near mentally mature enough to manage it wisely. I can't think of one teenager who wouldn't blow through that kind of money. I don't think they should be paid at all.

No I think they definitely should have been paid to some extent. If you think about all the money MTV must have made from the show the girls who 'star' in it are entitled to that money, and of course the kids.
However I do think MTV should have set up some sort of a plan as to how the money was distributed to avoid not giving it all to them at once, or at least had it in their contract that they needed to set up some sort of college fund for their children.

Wow. this girl got pregnant at 16, they gave her a reality show, now she's holding a meet and greet contest....I just..I'm not even going to finish that. I really dont know what kind of world we live in.

May I add, for those are hoping you will be chosen, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Ahh you took the words right out of my mouth, May the odds be ever in your favor!

This is just...too funny. Her belief that she is a "celebrity" is so silly. I just think Maci is a joke, she can't even complete an associates degree and yet she travels to colleges ( when she got pregnant in HS?!) to speak about teen pregnancy. The irony gets me every time. Also in regards to what many people think, I don't think the teen mom money is really enough to be set for life, but it is enough to not have to work for 5 years while living on your own with a safe car and pay for your childs daycare so you can go to college. And still have some left over for savings, a retirement fund, and a college fund. It's not a huge amount of money they make, but its definitely enough to eliminate problems while you go to school...

Wasn't she also for the end of teen mom because she wanted bentley to have a normal life? Great just great.....well I went ahead and unfollowed her months ago soooooooooo I won't be participating. :-)

I would so love to win that and surpize my daughter that LOVES you and Bentley so much.... she even wants to name a child Bentley after him. She started watching teen mom and it became something we watch together every week. thank you for sharing who you and what you have become as a wonderful mother. Thanks

I feel like this is just one of the reasons I dislike Maci:


but she seriously needs to get over it now. Her show is over, she'll be long forgotten about by this time next year.

Idt the show means to glamorize pregnancy, the girls glamorize themselves off camera with their ass backwards priorities

The first part: "I've always heard that constantly and the people that say that honestly, I don't think that they've ever sat down and watched a full episode of Teen Mom..." pisses me off, I've seen ALL FOUR seasons (for Cate and Ty) and I STILL think it glamorizes teen pregnancy. Yeah, she has to deal with an asshole, but we all do. I have not seen any of those girls struggle at all since the time they've been on tv (aside from when Farrah got her boob job and her parents wouldn't do things to her satisfaction).

Never would I choose to go meet her or any other cast members from the show. All of them have allowed this to get to their heads even some from 16 & pregnant. I am a teen mom too who wants me to fly you and a stranger out to meet me?! Yeah right... I hate how famous they got because of this show and its exactly why I think they should have stopped with 16 & pregnant or at least did some where are they now's every so often but never teen mom I also personally think they should have put all this money they were making in an account that couldn't be opened until the shows were over with that way we could have really seen the struggles that teen parents go through all these girls have to worry about is their baby daddies and what car/house they're getting next. They don't have to worry about how they're going to afford diapers and food next week along with rent and bills they've got it made compared to most! Its pure stupid that these girls are famous because they got pregnant at a young age! If I passed maci or any others in a grocery store or something I wouldn't dare want an autograph or to even meet her to me they're are just a regular person!

Yeah, I pretty much agree. Putting the money away in an account would have been a great idea. It would have been way better to have it actually show realistic struggles. I think people would still watch it even if it wasn't directed for tv drama. I would have definitely been fine with a "where are they now?" every once in a while, and it probably would have been overall healthier for everyone involved. I enjoyed watching the show, but as a guilty pleasure of course. I could sacrifice that pleasure for the well-beings of these people and the kids. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Maci got a million followers and had a lot of people want to meet her. It is too bad that this fame has gotten to the girls' heads, though, and I wish they would remember why they are famous in the first place - it's not really something to necessarily be proud of.

Or just go to downtown Nashville or Murfreesboro on the weekend and you will see her!!

Is she using her own money to fly someone out to meet her? It seems she should be using that money to put into savings for Bentley or something. Just doesn't seem like a responsible way to invest money when you're a young, single, mother.

Ha, saw on twitter Maci was giving parenting advice to Snooki. How cute, she thinks she's such a great mom. I'm sure on top of the bullshit everyone says she said in secret "and make sure you go out and party as often as you can. But wait a few months first so everyone can think you're just this great mom."

i think people need to un-follow her because of this shit

The rumor going around is Maci is getting the spinoff show and this is why she wants a million followers. Hence the contest.

i hope this is not true. maci's segments were the most boring this season i found. well all of the season was kind of boring, but hey.

ugh, unfortunately I believe it is true. According to starcasm she's already started filming. Faith in humanity is lost.

Oh dear god, I surely hope not. Her segment was the most boring. *sigh* I wish Dish would have taken MTV off instead of...everything else.

I pray this isn't true! I can't stand maci and I have no idea why people are still saying she's the best mom ever! Hello! All she does is party heck Ryan has Bentley more than she does now! Oh and need I mention she wanted to end teen mom to get Bentley out of the spotlight? Uh maci even if he is not on the show or if the show is not abt him he is and will always be in the spotlight stupid! If she gets a spinoff show I will boycott MTV and whichever channel she gets this show from its pathetic! Hell I wish I was lucky enough to have gotten pregnant and got rich from it! Hell no and I know a lot of moms that feel the same! Its BS! Yeah they should've got paid for the show but man it just gets to me how these girls were suppose to be role models and show how hard it is to be a teen mom yet don't have a single struggle with money and are now fame whores! PATHETIC! MTV should have stopped with 16 & pregnant! I refuse to watch anything from these girls ever again! Especially maci oh I'm the best mom for the cameras Ryan u party to much oh look MTV is gone now party time by Benny! She had like 3 or 4 parties for her birthday and she was constantly posting pics of alcohol yeah great role model! If iI were Bentley I would be so embarrassed when I grow up to find out what she has done.

I think the thing with Maci fans though, is the majority of them probably only see her on the show. Me personally, I come to this site to laugh at the trainwreck that is going on with this show. I love the trash and the gossip because well.. it's my guilty pleasure.

But Maci fans, aren't the type of people that are going to be reading a story about Maci partying all night. They are going to be watching the show and going 'wow, Maci is great!'

Same thing goes for Farrah. I don't understand how Jenelle has fans, but whatever.

That's my take on it though. I could be wrong, but I think that's why there are still so many people out there who think she's just the bees knee's.

It really blows my mind that there are people out there who want to meet Maci. She's not a celebrity. She's a 21 year old random from Chattanooga. She has done NOTHING in her life worth meeting her over. Seriously, WHY would you care about this?

They're probably most likely young teens themselves....

What are the odds she flight me out from Colombia? LOL

she's not even a teen mom anymore, what is this spin off show even going to be about? the premis? what will it be called? It's dumb, but I guess the small happiness about it is we get to see adorable little Bentley?

eh, according to the article I read, it's supposed to be a lot about her life without Bentley. So all the partying... They were apparently filming around her 21st.

So, about what she does when Ryan has Bentley? Interesting.

Not only when Ryan has Bentley but when she has him and is always throwing him off on Mimi Jen or her parents! She might have her child one day a week and thay spin off show is going to be something like macis party life or my life without Benny is amazing or all I do is drink and get rich or ha I got pregnant at 16 and now I'm living the high life wont watch it for crap!

This spin-off is very hard to believe.... Smells like crap to me....

Too bad, Bentley is the best part of her segments....at least to me ;)

Sounds like the new jersey shore..they could call it Chattanooga Bore? I bet it will be about as exciting as Bristol Palins stupid show..no one likes you guys get over yourselves!!!

kinda makes me wanna unfollow her on twitter... like please don't make me come there!

I wouldn't bank on a spin off just yet. Starcasm states their source as alltheteenmmoms.com, which doesn't state anything other than "a reliable source." There is ZERO proof of this as of yet.

If Maci really does get a spin off or a new show of some sort just watch Farrah and Gary have nervous breakdowns.

I wanna see Gary, Farrah, and Jenelle locked up in a house together (sort of like Big Brother), but no one gets evicted. The whole purpose is to see who 'lasts' longest. (As they yell, bitch and be ignorant towards each other...).

Great idea but Jenelle would be gone before the first episode is over for assaulting Gary or Farrah.

Anyone have any ideas what the big news is maci has to tell dalis on teh reunion next week? I kinda reckon ryan and maci may have had sex just fpr the hell of it while dalis was away at school so far away? Plus Dalis i sall virginal and Maci is prob a freak in the bed lol nah but seriously they have always have a crazy chemistry of you watch last reunion where it was so obvious even though kyle was there!

I use to really like Maci....now I can't stand her. I rather meet Gary, at least he knows he's a douche.

If you want to meet her just go to her home town or school.