Teen Mom - Maci And Kyle Mean Business; Unfriend Each Other

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Teen Mom's Maci and Kyle broke up again, and this time they really mean business. They are no longer friends on twitter, instagram, facebook and every other social media outlet.

Apparently they both went through and also deleted photos of the other person, now you know that's when things get real.

Sure, couples breakup all the time, but to go through and delete all known existence of you two together seems worse than a divorce.

At least when you're divorced, there is proof of a relationship at some point (wedding photos, etc), but a breakup in the social media age is fierce.

It's like one of those movies where a person wakes up and nobody knows who he is. His wife the night before is like "Woah buddy, stop groping me, I don't know you" then his kids run by and call someone else daddy before they drive off a bridge and wake up to a normal life again (yes, I watch too much tv). Anyway, that's what things are like now.

It seems people upload every photo they have from their phone to one of those picture sites like instagram and then delete from phone.

All you have to do is go through your social media deleting every trace of that person and you can pretend you never even knew one another... well, that's assuming you weren't on a nationally televised reality show together...

Then of course you have the awkwardness of getting back together.

"Oh hey, do you still have that picture of us together at the beach where I'm holding a green mini keg? That was my favorite!" Sorry Kyle, if you want that picture you're going to have to visit Teen Mom Junkies.

Anyway, I'm rambling on this story. In related news, Maci has decided to start following Kyle #2 because she is apparently taking after Jenelle where there are only 2 guys in the world that she can date, and they're both named Kyle. No, she's not dating him again.. yet.. but you know what it means when someone randomly starts following another "famous" person on twitter.

They're going .. to .. get .. it .. onnnnn. My prediction, Maci will be back in love with Kyle #2 within a month.


While the breakup may... suck for them... This article was awesome lol

Agreed. Loved it! This breakup also has to suck for Bentley. Poor thing probably has no idea why this kid just keeps coming in and out of mom's life. Awkward.

I know!! Hope she realizes she can be happy with just her and Bentley, and many great friends too!

Maci dont let others tell you what to do . Just keep your chin up and know that your doing the best you can . Keep your faith up . I'ts hard to be a mom but your doing well . just keep focused on bentley and keep your chin up .


The above commenter is absolutely right. Forget what others tell you to do. The best way to get over a signficiant other is to remove all references to him in social media and then start trumpeting to the world how available you are and how ready you are to have sex with the next available stranger. Start drinking - HEAVILY and keep drinking. That will make the significant other realize what a prize he is giving up. Start texting old boyfriends and tell them you are ready to F*CK. Especially look for anyone who gave you the T-short that said "F*CK ME - I'M FAMOUS". Show everyone that you are famous and you are a celebrity and a star. Rub it in their faces that you are a little bit more special than everyone else. Continue drinking to show everyone that you can party and that nobody or nothing is able to stop the force that is Maci. You are a star, so remember to never stop acting like one. You are a bright, shining star and never let anyone forget it.

Be sure to take photos of everything you do and immediately put everything on social media, so that your millions of fans know that you still rock and that you are a partying force. Take pictures of every drink that you consume for the next month. Show how wild and crazy you are and how Kyle is totally missing out of the Party that is Maci. Hit on everything with male genetalia and be sure to do all of your flirting on twitter, so that your fans are not deprived of every single half-formed thought that goes through your buzzed head - remember that everything you do is very important. Consider posing with hardly any clothes on and invite everyone to admire your beauty. Be sure to showcase your fake breasts, so that people know you have the money to alter your appearance. Go find some popular saying and tattoo it on your body, so that people know that you can locate the most clever phrases that have been said by others and laod your body with more cliches that show that you have sass and attitude.

Cut loose and show everybody how cool you are. Be sure to be loud and dramatic, so that people are impressed with how cool you are. Everything you do is cool, so be sure that you let as many media outlets as possible know what you are doing, so that nobody is deprived of knowing what is going on with you at any given minute.

Remember that your ATTITUDE is more important than any other thing you can do. Learning things in school is pretty useless because it is your attitude and not your knowledge or abilities that really are important. Work on your attitude so that everyone knows how balls-to-the-wall you are about your partying and how you relate to the outside world. Don't waste time learning a skill or trade and always keep in mind that your ATTITUDE is the most important thing in your life.

Be sure to remember where your bread is buttered. Mouth as many platitudes as possible about how your child is the most important thing in your life. Remember that what you say is more important than what you do. As long as you give interviews where you say that your #1 priority is being a good mother to Bentley, you can do whatever you want. Spend lots of time on twitter and otehr social media talking about how much you care about Bentley, even though you really can't be spending any quality time with him while you are glued to the keyboard, interacting with all of your millions of fans who are so intellectually uncurious that they can't see what is actually going on in your life. Realize that you are going to be making lots and lots of money forever, just because of who you are and not what you do. Don't make any plans to save any of the money you are currently making, because you are so awesome that people will just pay you money for years and years for the rest of your life just to have a glimpse into the rockstar life of someone who is so cool as you. The future will take care of itself, so it is pointless to even waste your time worrying about the future. There will never be a day when interest in you and your awesome life will ever wane. You are special and haev nothing in common with those other child stars and reality stars whose careers went down the toilet soon after their TV shows went off the air.

YOU ROCK and never let anyone forget it. Now just get another drink and live the good life (and don't forget to photograph it and publishg it online).

er mer gerd. i loved this!

Maci and her relationships are so pathetic now a days. I really don't think she will ever have a successful relationship until she gets over Ryan. It's so obvious that she still wants him so bad.

She also can't stay single. It's sad, actually. She runs to any guy who will be with her the second she becomes single. Wow.

She's the one who broke up with Ryan several times and he was begging to work things out....He didn't get a new girlfriend until Maci already started dating Kyle

Maci started dating Kyle literally less than a week after she broke up with Ryan. Sorry he couldn't find some new girl in the entire 7 days that Maci gave him before she did.

what show were you watching? his parents made him try to work on it, he hates her.

Based on her comment at the reunion she honestly thinks that because her and Ryan had a blissful four months (pre-pregnancy) at age 16 they would still be together today 5 years later. There is a reason it's called the 'honeymoon stage'. I'm not saying they definitely wouldn't have made it but overwhelming odds are that Bentley or no Bentley they would not have ended up together. I think it would help her out if someone could clue her into this (Lord knows Ryan has tried)

Remember when she acted like she needed to be all concerned if Ryan and Dalis were providing a stable relationship for Bentley? Yeah, well she talks a pretty big game for somebody that bounces around from Kyle to Kyle every few months. And in the words of Patrick Varone, Good thing Kyle didn't give her that baby she begged for a year ago or it would have been a pretttty busy father's day in Chattanooga for Miss Maci. BRING ON KYLE #3!!!!!

IBBB!! Ole!

Love me some IBBB!

Maci had every reason to be concerned. Ryan has introduced his son to all of his girlfriends, which obviously hasn’t been healthy for Bentley. How could Maci have known that it would actually last with Dalis?

What proof do you have to back up what you are saying. Ryan only allow one other girl to meet Bentley on the second season of teen mom Maci fans are freaking crazy. To try to justify Maci bad decisions you guys have to bash Ryan Maci is doing exactly what people bash jenelle and Leah for. Jumping from relationship to relationship but somehow since its maci. Let sugar coated it and make it no big deal. Because she is a great mother wrong Maci is doing what she try to acuse Ryan and Dalis of doing . Maci is the one that is unstable with her relationships if this was Leah or jenelle people would be slut slammed them so hard. Maci is crazy and she is drama queen she needs a man to make her feel complete. That why she is in the situation she is now she breakup with Kyle one to date kyle two. Kyle two played her ass but not before he get a chance to meet bentley.now she was so inlove with Kyle number one again they are back together and inlove now they are no longer together and now she following Kyle two again. Maci can't be alone she has to be in a relationship just like Leah and jenelle trying to find a guy to marry her she should worry more about finding a job . And finishing school and being single I bet in the next week Maci will have a new boyfriend she date any guy that gives any attention she is just like Leah and jenelle but her fans seems to gloss over that. She is just as boy crazed

Couldn't have said it better. If it were Jenelle or Leah people would be all over that.

oh and love the IBBB reference. I miss our TM weeks already and its not even all the way over. Bring on TM2, Babs, and her b*tch of a daughta (that's you)!

Couldnt have said it better myself ! Maci somehow is gets away with all the crap she does but jenelle gets shit on and most of the other moms too.

Jessica I agree. Maci fans are crazy and I have witnessed it myself. It is annoying

Awesome comment and reference.

Let's take bets on what the next Kyle's last name will be.

I think she'll stay with the monarchy theme so my money is on Kyle Noble or Kyle Prince.

I love that somebody else noticed that....bizarre!

I noticed that as soon as I heard it.

The next Kyle will be her ex Kyle Regal....if you look at her Twitter and Instagram she has tagged him in a couple of posts already :X

I love Maci and Kyle together, but if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. In my opinion though, I think Maci needs to stop being a control freak. That's what made Ryan leave, and I'm sure thats part of or the whole reason why Kyle broke up with her again. Such a shame.

LOL, great post! you crack me up

Shit just got real.

Let me just say reading your username just made my day!!!! :)

Glad you enjoy it! The tears I shed when I found out it had been given away, never to grace Kieffah's marijuana-scented body again...

Did they auction it on eBay for weed money? Nah, too classy. They probably pawned it.

Au contraire, mon frère, it was given away to a young fan. I shall leave it to you to decided what is more disturbing, that Keiffer has fans or that someone actually wanted that hoodie.

Ehh, they're both morons.

Is it just me or does Kyle look like he has a halfy. Maybe it's just me.

Kyle has a mini boner for sure in this pic!!!! Boing!

The flag is definitely at half mast.

Thank you. I cannot unsee that now! Ugh!

Boners and min-kegs. The life of a teen mom playa.

I was totally thinking that too. But maybe he's just pulling an Anchor Man and it's an 'optical illusion' of the pants lol

He should take them back to the Pants Store!

It was obvious from the reunion that Maci still wants Ryan. Matter of fact she is constantly making comments, like if she never had Bentley her and Ryan would still be together, or it's be best for Bentley if her and Ryan were together. On the reunion show she even told Ryan she would like it, if all three of them could spend time together every now and then. It's very very obvious she still wants Ryan. But it's also equally obvious that he doesn't want her. He's made it VERY clear. He doesn't even want to be around her. And I agree with the article, why continue going from one ex to the other ex. Both cheated on her, and she keeps going back. She talks about Ryan making bad decisions, but continuing to break up and make up with a child involved is terrible. She just needs to be done with Kyle 1 and Kyle 2 and focus on graduating school, Bentley, and her public speaking. Learn how to be single and then when she's more mature and over Ryan, then start dating, and make sure not to introduce Bentley until she's damn near engaged.

Most definitely she wants him still especially now that he's all grown up and actually being the awesome dad and boyfriend that she always wanted him to be. and shes jealous that another girl gets that from him. I'd be mad and jealous and wish i had him back now that he's a better person.

What's sad is that Ryan and Maci's issues could have easily been worked out with a little patience and less nagging. Dr. Drew always made this clear and I agree with him. She should have let him figure the fatherhood thing out at his own pace. It obviously kills her that Ryan became the boyfriend/father to Bentley that she always wanted... with someone else. It would really hurt me, too.

Now it's too late and I expect that Dalis and Ryan will get married. If you watch Maci's 16 & Pregnant episode, you will see that Maci is almost a completely different person. She was sweet, humble, and responsible... now she is so bitter and full of anger. She tries to act like a hardass but you can tell she needs a hug and some therapy.

I agree!! Whilst I am glad for Bentley's sake that Ryan has stepped up, like you said, he did so with another girl after Maci spent a good chunk of time attempting to accomplish the same thing. I know there is a Anti-Dalis movement going on but I think that if she has helped Ryan mature even just a little bit then she is a keeper!

I didn't really think about it until you posted your comment but Maci has changed so much since her 16 and Pregnant episode! She is like a whole different person!!

While I agree with most if what you said, I think it is extremely unfair to allow a father to take time to figure out how to be a father. The mother has to just do it. When you have a child, it needs its parents immediately, both of them. Regardless of how great Ryan may be now, he was still neglectful for a huge part of Bentley's infancy and there is no excuse for that. Just because he didn't know how to handle the situation doesn't mean anything. He never seeked counseling: Maci did. He should have if even for himself. A new baby is hard to handle alone but Maxim had Ryan there, he just didnt want to help. Regardless of how their relationship was he should have been there for his child.

*of and *Maci. Stupid phone haha.

I respectfully disagree. A woman starts bonding and preparing the moment she finds out she is pregnant. It is not the same for a man especially a young one. He is doing great now and that is what matters. Furthermore, I think she went about it in the wrong way constantly criticizing him. And I don't think they should have moved in together that young. A little space probably would have gone a long way.

I'm just saying that I think it is unfair to all women to be expected to be there from day 1 but then say the father can just come into the baby's life when he wants. It's a double-standard. he should have been there for his child. I could care less how his and Macis relationship was. He could have left but still been a bigger part of his child's life. It's not macis failt that he neglected Bentley that whole time. If that's the case, then absent fathers everywhere could use that as an excuse. It isnt one to me.

I completely agree with you!

A mother just had to do it? Tell that to Jenelle.

"She should have let him figure the fatherhood thing out at his own pace." I do not mean this sarcastically but when you have a child, at any age, you are already an instant dad. Maci did not get time for herself to figure out the motherhood thing. Babies need their parents the instant they are born, 24/7. Taking your time to figure it out is a luxury that teen parents forfeit. Harsh but true and that applies to all parents. Bentley was screaming for his bottle and Ryan was too tired to get out of bed. So Maci had to do it alone too often. This is the reason teens should not have babies. If they do have them then they need to step up immediately. Actually age sometimes is irrelevant. I have seen some teen parents that far surpass some parents in their 30's. Take the time to figure out how to use birth control, because you do not get time to figure out parenting.

Ok, but Ryan was telling Maci to get the bottles and to STFU...we don't see him ever abandoning Bentley. Just Maci.And it is probably better for his son to have time alone with each of his parents rather than have both in the same place arguing.

I think people want to defend Maci so much they are non seeing everything else that is wrong.

Ryan did take care of his son and he was working. Maci we see in school in the beginning but we all know how that has turned out. He saw her being a slacker and even see him mention it in an early episode. He was fed up.

He left her and not his son. The episodes people refer to in which Ryan is just letting Bentley scream..he is either leaving it to Maci or fighting over every single activity they participate in.

I don't understand the argument..him not being an "instant dad" or not being allowed to need to learn it.

First of all, believe it or not but I predicted this. As soon as Maci was done with MTV and that paycheck was no longer coming this pig face was gonna run for the hills. It's so obvious he changed his mind about breaking up with Maci that first time because someone reminded him that he had plenty to loose $$$$$$...that's why he quit his job and stayed unemployed to play daddy to Maci's kid all while secretly hating it and cyber sexing women on the net. This is exactly what happens when you are a desperate female constantly needing a man in her life. You will eventually get screwed over. Focus on your career your son and then think about YOU.

Am I the only one that thinks its awkward that kyle has an ovi boner?? jw...
ps: bout the article loved it! just feel sad for bently with his partying mom nd on again off again relashionship maybe ryan should have primary custody??...dont get me wrong in a big maci fan she just seems more 21 year old these day with out a child nd not a 21 year old with a child...

So because Maci parties when Bentley is not with her, she's an unfit mother? Ryan is finally being a father to his child, which gives Maci the opportunity to enjoy her youth. What is so wrong about that?

Maci has been taking care of Bentley since day one and it's obvious that they have a strong mother-son relationship. How would it benefit Bentley to remove him from the most important person in his life?

i think this is for the best.
maci is obviously a spiteful person, we've seen it before many times with ryan and for her to go and follow kyle regal is a very obvious slap in the face to kyle king in my opinion.

she's also the time to make mountains out of mole hills. kyle's "cheating" didn't really sound like cheating. it sounded more as if he was fed up of maci's constant arguing and attitude as if she knows best that he wanted to talk to someone who made him feel nice. sometimes it seemed like maci made him feel like a less of a man to me.

anyways i can't wait for teen mom 2 and 3 because the teen mom 1 girls have had their 15 minutes (or 4 years) of fame and i'm sick of the same situations over and over again. *sigh*

**type not time

I don't think he's sporting a semi-chub, I think he has a small winky so it won't "tuck" to the side; it's too small, so it pokes out like that. He's gross, anyway. Never understood why she got with him except like some are saying, she's just desperate and goes for whomever shows interest in her.

It does my heart good that we can all set our differences aside to discuss Kyle's dick.

I literally LOLed at this.

Y'all need to back off of Maci. Who cares that she parties when she's not with Bentley, it doesn't affect him. Mixing in mom duties with a strong social life does not make her a bad mother. She's young and deserves to have fun.

I think her partying just isn't helping change anyone's opinion. Yes, it's fine to do if your child is not with you. But she's been a slacker since the beginning of the show. She's not really doing anything to better herself it seems. And Chelsea Houska or whatever her name is, just turned 21 and didn't need to make a spectacle of herself or the event the way Maci did.

Maci is also a ridiculous hypocrite. Why is it ok for her to go out and party and not for Ryan. Yes, he complains he wants more time and when he gets it we see him go out with his friends. BUT it happens after his son is asleep and he has his parents to babysit. Which, he is very lucky to have parents he can trust to babysit.Also, his time falls on the weekend...

She's just mad he's not partying with HER.

I agree. Saying Maci is young and deserves to go out and party went ou the window the second as got knocked up.

So when Bentley is with Ryan, Maci should just sit at home and twiddle thumbs? Get a grip. Having a good time, when Bentley is not with her, does not make her an irresponsible parent!

Actually instead of partying or twiddling her thumbs maybe she should finally finish school or get a real job.

Thanks for your input, Maci.

She is twenty one now you all.... She's not a teen. Grow Up Maci !

I don't know why people think shes not over Ryan, Please he treated her like crap. There always be a connection there because they have a kid together but not a sexual or emotional connection. Kyle cheated on Maci so many times the first time we heard about the cheating wasn't the first time she caught him, who the hell knows why they broke up and for what reason so please stop speculating that she still has feelings for Ryan, he is a complete Di#$ and everyone knows it.

Just because he was/still is a dick to her doesn't mean that she still doesn't have feelings for him. Why in the world would she constantly make comments about her and Ryan still being together if she doesn't have feelings for him?

I love Maci! She was mt favorite on Teen Mom 2. I think her and Kyle were so cute together. I hope they can clear things up and work things out. That would make me happy. I really don't think Maci is still all in to Ryan still. I believe she is completely over him. I mean of course shes going to have some feelings for him still but thats to be expected, because he is the father of her child. Are you guys going to try and tell me that you will never have any feelings for your childs father after you break up? However if Maci and Ryan did ever get back together (whicj I doubt will ever happen) I will be just as happy for them that I will be for her and Kyle, maybe even more happy because it will great for Bently to have his parents together.

And for the boner issue... he definitly has one or half one!! LOL Ughh Everytime I see this pic now thats the first thing I freaking notice. Ewww lol

Firsty, if Maci is your favorite, you'd know that she's not on Teen Mom 2.

But anyway, as for your comment about the fathers. I was never really in a relationship with my daughters father and I would never ever ever ever get with him. I really can't stand him. So I can see things Ryan's point of view. Her dad always asks to do family stuff together, and to be honest, I don't ever want to do anything with him. In my opinion it wouldn't be good or our daughter because I'd rather her not feel any negative energy between us. So no, I do not still have feelings for my child's father.

I don't have anything huge against Maci... She obviously loves her son intensely and he worships her... They seem to have a wonderful relationship and at the end of the day my interest in the teen moms pretty much ends with their kids (100% the real stars of the show). I can't get over how obsessive Maci fans are though. There are definitely huge double standards when it comes to her and the other girls as well as her and Ryan. From what I can tell she openly parties constantly (in many different states) and she still has yet to get a 2 year degree in 4. She seems to always say the right things but I find that actions speak louder than words. I picture all her diehard fans as 12 year old girls who just lap up her every word and worship her (second only to Hannah Montana) and who are lurking on every teen mom website steadily waiting to jump in and respond to any negative comment made about her with a trusty 'well RYAN did this and DALIS said that and Maci deserves to do anything she wants because she is the Mother Theresa of MTV'.

Also, following Kyle #2 five minutes after breaking up with Kyle #1 and all her passive aggressive tweets are just pathetic high school bullshit. The best thing all these teen mom girls could do for their images would be to drop twitter ASAP.

Agreed I truly believe that maci fans are just as crazy as the twilight fans. In their eyes maci can do no wrong Maci has gone from a sweet humble girl to a selfish absorb party loving boy chasing two faced bitter jealous girl. Some how maci fans don't see this she is partying all the time all you have to do is go to her twitter and Facebook account. It is right there in their faces to see maci for who she is without wonderful editing she get from MTV. Maci is very immature especially when it comes to her relationships I think she is still in love with Ryan and that why she still has not find a successful relationship. Ryan and Dalis has nothing to do with this articule but maci fans have to drag them into this post by not stating facts but by repeat what maci has said. But it has already been proving to be a lie Ryan only had two girlfriends. That we all know and saw on the shows that has meet Bentley. But since Maci says it has to be true the hate that maci fans have for Dalis has literally hit a new low. Their are attacking Dalis on starcasm because she went to visit her dying mother and because she has photos of her and Ryan at the beach maci fans are attacking her again. Calling her famewhore they are accusing her of not caring about mother.

I agree with everything you said except the last part. How are we as followers supposed to be entertained by the bull crap and hypocracy if they all delete their twitters? Js

I think Dalis has no right to discipline Bentley. She is NOT his mother. She makes the situation worse not better. She has a big mouth and she needs to shut the HELL UP! I hate that biatch, stay out of it, your a backstabbing cow! Ryan is a complete ahole! He is so condescending and has a smart ass attitude. He's never happy or in a cool mood. He's always angry and annoying. He sucks ass! He acts like Gods gift and he's sure the hell isn't.

Vampyre8...this leads me to believe you are 12 first. Second, when has Dalis EVER been shown attempting to discipline Bentley? And just who is she supposed to be backstabbing? And is it possible that she and Ryan met because she is a model and he is on MTV and actually get along....they've been together over a year now. And the show is over now and she is still there.
You can see on the reunion show how Dalis and Ryan hold hands as if reminding each other, "Don't give in to Maci's delusional behavior." Ya know, supporting each other...like people who love each other do.

Also, she's anything but a cow...and did a really good job holding her tongue and keeping her cool on the reunion. Her saying "Good." when Maci and Ryan were fighting was far better than anything most people would have said.

Normally I don't comment much on here but I don't understand how people vilify Ryan and Dalis when Maci is the nut job in the equation.

You are simply further proof of Maci fans being ass crazy as she is.

I would call this exhibit A in the overzealous Maci fan category. Great call by Jessica above on the obsessed twilight fans = Obsessed Maci fans. Vampyre8 I'm guessing you're team Edward?

I don't entirely disagree with some of the things you said either but I can't take you seriously if you can honestly have that much hate and anger towards people you watch for 10 minutes on tv each week.

If Dalis is a cow I'm a little scared to find out what I classify as........

PS: When did we ever see Dalis dicipline Bentley? I've seen her do nothing but play with him and do no more than a babysitter or older sister would do?

What the fuck? This is a thread about Maci and Kyle breaking up where the hell did that comment come from. Maci is batshit crazy and so are her damn delusional fans.

Maci must be such a high power pain in the ass if MTV gave the spinoff to Farrah and not her. I can only imagine that the camera people and production people must have been so fed up with her act that they must really relish denying Maci the one thing that she was obviously depending on - her own TV show.

Maci has been dropping hints for months about how she would love to do her own talk show. I am sure that in her own mind she was thinking that it would pay much more money for her to have her own show than to be part of the Teen Mom show.

The camera people must have had a difficult time with all of the editing that was required for Maci. Maci is a smoker, but you would never know this from the editing hack job they do on her. They also must have cut out quite a lot of drinking and partying. I am guessing that she was such a Diva that the producers relished being able to cut her off, even as she was giving interviews about how she was working on a deal for her own talk show.

The fact that it went to Farrah probably just sent Maci around the bend. Could you imagine being around her for the last week, since she heard about the Farrah show? Don't you think taht the MTV people were laughing so hard on the inside while they took her angry calls about Farrah's show?

MTV is in the business of entertainment, and they know what sells. Although having your own talk show woudl seem to be easy, it probably requires tons of hard work and late hours at the office, and this type of hard work and dedication is not really Maci's thing. Maci makes it look like she is a hard worker, but she could not even make satisfactory progress on some simple community college journalism associate's degree. How could she be expected to put in the work on her own show? Could you imagine her demands to have her entire entourage getting sinecure jobs on the show with no real reposnsibilities? Maci has to be surrounded by her troupe of yes-girls who reassure her that her every move is genius and that her enemies are terrible people. Her entourage even followed her to the beach in Florida and kept reassuring her that Dalis was a bitch and that Ryan was a fool for not going out with them. Not a one of them was honest to her and asked her why on earth she was stalking Ryan's family on their vacation. I am sure Maci had high paying jobs in mind for each and every one of these "advisors".

Farrah is a horrible person and a diva in her own right, but MTV obviously ultimately decided that Farrah would be better in a spinoff than Maci. That goes a long way towards showing what a pain in the ass Maci must be to deal with.

HAHAHAHAHAHA Maci. Enjoy fading off into the sunset in obscurity. She even tipped her hand to show how desperate she was to stay in the spotlight by paying to fly out some of her Twitter followers if she got one million followers. Maci got a million followers on Twitter adn MTV still wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole. She must be a wrteched, horrible person in real life.

To be honest, I think Farrah has fucked her way to the spin-off show. That is the only logical explanation. I personally would much rather watch a spin-off show with Maci.

KYLE IS NOW FOLLOWING RYAN ON TWITTER! They hated eachother because of Maci. For Kyle to follow Ryan, i think it's his way of saying..Ryan i agree with you now, i fucking hate the bitch too!

And now they just made plans to hangout! Hahahaha i'm loving this. Maci, eat your heart out.

Okay okay okay. Yes, it's dumb that Maci keeps breaking up and making up with her Kyles, but some of you are acting as if Ryan is a saint. He and Dalis have broken up and gotten back together as well. Don't forget that.

Dalis and Ryan don't live together, which is a major factor in my opinion. Bentley isn't used to seeing Dalis everyday and she can just leave if they start to fight. Plus, they've gone steady for at least 7 or 8 months now. I can't even remember the last time they broke up, nor do I remember them ever breaking up for more than like 2 days. Sometimes the breakups weren't even when Ryan had Bentley, so when Bentley came back it wasn't like anything had changed or he heard/saw any of it. Very different situation to me. You can't really compare Kyle/Maci and Ryan/Dalis in that regard of their relationship.

You make a good point, but you can't deny that this situation will always create potential for Bentley to be hurt. Both Maci and Ryan, for all their trying, are still incredibly immature. I wouldn't put it past either of them to go through at least a few more relationships as time passes. Be realistic.

Where's the article about Jenelle moving to New Jersey and away from Jace? I miss the teenmomjunkies articles!

Didn't you hear? She already found and got approved for an apartment, went to NYC, broke up with Keifer yet again, and is not in the hospital, yet again. And now isn't moving to Jersey. She's had an interesting week... Er I mean 24 hours.


..they both still have pictures with each other on instagram.

I like how Maci tries to put the cup out of frame.."cause angel Macy doesnt party like Ryan" "Roll eyes"

I've unfollowed Maci and I'm still following Kyle King and Ryan Edwards!

I feel bad for those boys! Hopefully Kyle # 2 runs as fast as he can away from Maci... she's coming for ya!

[...] was quicker than even I expected, and I’m pretty much an expert at predicting these things.  At the end of my Maci-Kyle breakup post, I had her back with Kyle #2 within a month, and while technically that’s true, I really [...]