Teen Mom - Maci Jokes About Doing Playboy

maci bookout

So recently on twitter, there has been a lot of speculation about Maci Bookout doing spinoff shows and what not. It's possible one will happen, but whatever that's not the point of the story.

The point is, someone mentioned to Maci that they heard she was doing playboy. Her reply:

hahaha dont tempt me

My question is, does anyone even still read Playboy magazine these days? I recently heard Courtney Stodden say that she'd only pose for that magazine, and now Maci jokes about it. I was under the impression that either nobodies or washed up former models/actors like Jenny McCarthy only posed for it these days.

That brings me to another point, allegedly they ended up rejecting Courtney Stodden because she's "too enhanced" (which I assume kills Maci's chances if she were serious).

Who is running that magazine these days? It can't still be Hugh Hefner, the guy is like 150 years old and spends all day pretending he's going out with models.

Looking at the list of recent cover models, that looks like a lineup you'd see on Dancing With The (washed up) Stars, or The Surrel Life.

While Courtney Stodden looks like she's 45 years old, Maci has a ton of tattoos and fake bewbies, neither of them are super pretty, but either one of them would be a heck more relevant than anyone that magazine has put out since like 1995.

Anyway, Playboy is so outdated these days, I think it would only hurt whatever career Maci is trying for. Now if she can land in a Maxim or something, she may be on to something, but don't even jokingly be tempted to go in that magazine, Maci.

Unless you want to be in the same sentence with Jenny McCarthy, Pamela Anderson and Lindsay Lohan.... *shudders*


She is delusional.

Maci is build like a 12 year old boy if it weren't for her implants...

I can see Maci posing for Playboy. She flashed her boobs for Girls Gone Wild during her Spring Break trip in 2010-pre boobs.

I had never heard of maci doing that! The girl is complete trash!!

I think she'd do it in a second if they asked her. I used to really like Maci, but she's becoming more and more of a joke lately. She needs to pull it together for Bentley.

She'd do it if they offered...but they'd never want her. They don't want Courtney Stodden and they aren't going to want some nasty greasy bitch with a nose like a witch and fake tits that don't match her little boy body.

Playboy's market is men. Most men don't even know who she is and it would be no draw for them. I agree - she is completely delusional in this matter and many other ones.

i know who she is and i so whould go see that she is fucking hot as hell haters keep hating

Why would you do that to your pretty skin, Maci? Tattoos shouldn't cover your entire back o_x

her skin isn't pretty it's disgusting. her face looks like she never fucking showers.

I was referring to her back, maddie :] Your back isn't as oily as you face usually unless you have extremely oily skin. But I'm pretty clueless as to if Maci sports back-ne. -shrug-


you've never heard of bacne? if her face it that bad...this bitch has it.

oh wait you said bacne...i stopped reading at your passive aggressive smiley....


Macis body is disgusting a white trash. all those tattoos...really? Im pretty sure that nice men like their woman pure and not drawn on. Her tattoos are ridiculous.

Clearly feminism has utterly passed you by.

No really, her tattoos look disgusting. It has nothing to do with feminism. Sure she has the RIGHT to do it to herself. Doesn't mean it's attractive or appealing.

L, can you read? The comment has everything to do with feminism.

"Gracia" is referring to the part of the comment where "Jill" said, "Nice men like their women pure and not drawn on."

The idea that a woman's worth is based on how desirable they appear to a "nice man" is completely antiquated and stupid.

No, I wouldn't get Maci's tattoos myself, but not because I think a NICE MAN would prefer that I'm "pure." Luckily I married someone who would still love me and find me desirable no matter how I choose to outwardly express myself.

Seriously, I feel so sorry for the 46 people who liked that comment. It's 2012, not 1951.

All the comments about her acne: Acne is not always controllable, I struggle with it myself, it's not fair to make fun of her for it. It's not reflective of her character, that we know of.

Different appearances are going to attract different kinds of people, and men. We can't assume she wants a "nice pure man" like some people might. The whole feminism thing cracks me up these days, because feminism used to be about wanting to be appreciated for what women were naturally, without the pressure to be painted up and fake, and now it's all about wanting to be painted up and fake, and if someone doesn't appreciate your fake appearance, then they're superficial. Just kinda ironic to me. I know feminism is ideally about women being able to choose whatever type of appearance they want, but those are just the big parts of it that I have come in contact with.

But anyway, I don't think it's realistic for people to make certain decisions about their appearance, and then choose to ignore the messages it gives off, or connotations it has, and then act completely offended and surprised when someone makes a connection to things. Judging someone about their appearance that they cannot change, is one thing, but the things that someone chooses to make their appearance, actually says something about themselves. That's why people try to read into it more closely.

Oh really? So now women aren't allowed to have opinions that don't support defaming the human body with ugly and unnecessary tattoos? Get a grip on yourself. Feminism encompasses a woman's right to express themselves in whatever way they see fit, and in case you haven't noticed, the person in question was merely noting what she has experienced during her lifetime when meeting 'nice guys.' While there may be nice guys that like girls who look like they've been painted on permanently by a 5th grader, my guess is she's probably right. But we don't care about reality right? Just cloak your ridiculous notions under the veil of 'feminism,' and you think you've got it all figured out.

And really, "Can you read?" What a pathetic response.

oh and one more thing..she really needs to invest in some proactive. YUCK

wow, jealous much? lol

WOW I see a lot of jealous bitches :) grow up & get a life ladies, stop your hatin hehe

you know people who suffer from ace can't help it! How do you know she hasn't tried proactive? and honestly proactive isnt a cure all acne potion! smh so ignorant


Instead of the awful fake boobs she bought, or all theses tattoos, she could have spent that money on trying to fix her acne problem... Just a thought :)


i agree with you on that!! but maybe she was trying to take the focus off her face and put it in a different area! lol

I don't think that would be a good fit for Maci at all. I understand and I know people change, but that would be a step in the wrong direction. Especially since she has a son. If she didn't, who would care.

Oh my word! I can see it now. One of little Bentley's friends finds the Playboy picture of Maci and shows it to him. Ugh.

If she didn't have a son at 16 no one would know who she was, including Playboy

Exactly my point. No one would care about her then.

They would have to airbrush the shit outta her to make her sexy...especially her busted face. She has the body of a little girl so her only appeal would be towards perverted men. I bet she would do it though to prolong her fame.

Let's see what you look like Alyssa so we can talk shiit :)

Touche Sara...LOL! But I didn't choose to put my life (or my child's life) on TV and subject myself to criticism, I certainly don't take pictures of myself like the one above, and my life decisions are 100% better than Maci's. She clearly doesn't have much respect for herself...I have just enough to cover my shit up.

the only guy i can see finding her attractive are 14 year old skater boys who love women with tattoos. im all for tattoos, i have 3 myself but she went crazy on them and even tho the meanings have been explained i don't think that it was worth it. i mean the bentley ones okay. but like the cupcakes and the huge piece of paper come on.
i bet she'd do it in a second. probably with farrah and jenelle. wouldnt that just be awesome SMH *eye roll*

I don't hate tattoos, but I do hate the STORIES behind tattoos. And the kids' names ones are the worst IMO. Getting a tattoo of your child's name never has any other meaning besides: I just wanted a tattoo. I can honestly say there was never a point in my entire 22 years where I looked at my mom/dad and said: I don't think they love me as much as the moms and dads that have tattoos with their kids names. And it's because "I got it in honor of my child" is the most sad excuse for a "meaning/story/tribute" behind a tattoo that anybody's ever tried to pass off as sentimental or meaningful.

There have literally been times when I read Maci or Kail's twitters and I slowly said "Oh........my......god" because of these stories they came up with for these damn [trainwreck] tattoos. F-ing cupcakes "to honor my mother, father, and brother", a infinity symbol to match my boyfriend that I've been dating for 6 months "because 'our saying' is too infinity and beyond". It's almost as bad as the quote dedicated to Isaac. That's nice Kail. You love your son so much that you want to inscribe a ridiculously cliche quote on your back that's been used a million times over instead of googling for 30 minutes to find something that isn't the same as what 13 year old middle schoolers post as facebook status' when they're describing their boyfriend? Why can't more mothers be like you? Isaac is SOOOOO lucky. [gag] Don't even get me started on Maci's "scribble pad" she calls her back.

Forgot to add: Getting a tattoo to honor a child that has passed away or something along those lines is totally different. Definitely not against those kind that actually have sentimental meaning behind them.

Thanks for adding this exception. I agree about the kids' names in general but my bf's son died and he has his name on him which is totally different. But I see these teen moms that I personally know and ALL OF THEM get their kids' names tatted at like 3 months post-birth lol.

I too think that the tattoo's of the kids names are just an excuse to get one. If there's something that I feel passionately about I try and make that clear through my everyday actions as a person, rather than jumping to get it etched on my skin.

Sometimes I get the feeling that the tattoo is just to convince others. For example Jenelle has Jace's name as a tattoo. Which REALLY shows how dedicated she is to him, right?

To further that point... Pretty sure Butch has all his kids and grand kids names tattooed on himself... Enough said.

I think that in a lot of cases, getting your kid's name tattooed on your body IS just to convince others how much you care. If you really love your kid, then you do everything possible to care for them and give them the best life you can. A tattoo isn't needed.

And you save the tattoo money and spend it on the child.

Couldn't agree more Kaylie...

Which is why I'm getting a TMJ tattoo across my shoulders with some of my favorite posts spread all over my body. At least it would be special and original.

I think this is the perfect time to announce that I have a tattoo on my butt that says " 100% real canadian BEEF "

Really interesting perspective, thanks for sharing. Makes a lot of sense, not sure if I disagree or agree at this time, but I do have to say, just the cost of huge tattoos like this alone, kinda makes you think.....hmm if you REALLY care about your kid, wouldn't saving that money and investing it in something for the kid, or to meet the kid's needs speak much more volumes of love for the kid than spending so much money to just have their name on you?

This is especially true if you're supposed to be a struggling young mother. Don't get me wrong, people should treat themselves every once in a while, and there's nothing wrong with saving up for something you want, be it a tattoo, piercing, haircut, etc. But it really bugs me when, for instance, Maci acts like she's sooooooooo poor when she's had a boob job and her back is all tatted up. That ain't cheap. If any of the Teen Moms were struggling as much as they say they are, they would have not gotten those tattoos/piercings/designer clothes/expensive dye jobs/awful hair extensions and instead put the money toward raising their kids. In Maci's case, as much as I disagree with most of her choices, she does care about Bentley a lot, and she's done an awesome job of providing for him. All the tattoos simply mean that she has a little extra money to burn. Which is fine, but don't sell the idea that you're hard-up when you're clearly not, because I'm not buying it.

WOW.... getting tattoos of your kids name on them are a joke according to you...Well for everyone's info if she wants to tattoo her back or whole body up with stuff that are meaningful to her then so be it...WHY IS IT THAT EVERYONE IS SO JUDGEMENTAL JUST BECAUSE SHE HAS TATTOO'S?? so freaking what if she has them....SHE IS A GREAT MOM TO BENTLEY AND WHO CARES WHAT SHE DOES IN HER SPARE TIME AS LONG AS SHE TAKES CARE OF THAT LITTLE BOY THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS....SO QUIT BEING SO DAMN JUDGEMENTAL ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU WHATSOEVER!!!!!!

Holy Moses Jewels, take a deep breath and count to 10.

I have a feeling that you have your children's names tattooed on you in more than one location.

Fuck yea:-D I was waitin for someone to stand up for maci....Bently's Happy his mom is there every night tuckin him in. She's not on crack or something and shes not in jail.

I have several tattoos that I got in my late teens / early twenties. Only one has any kind of personal meaning.I get so tired of people asking me what each one "means." They act shocked when I say I just liked the picture at the time. Why must they have personal meaning or stories? I will say my tastes have drastically changed over the years, and I wish I never got any tattoos. People should wait until they are at least 30 before deciding to get a tattoo.

They don't shoot girls with tattoos. She could try hustler ;)

Maci is amazing! Fuck haters!

Funny you mention Pam Anderson because oompa loompa Jenelle compared herself to Pam A. the other day as another "celebrity" who showed off her body but was a Great!! mom...yea, Jenelle, you ain't Pam Anderson, not that she is someone to aspire to....and your time is almost up....

Jenelle has said a few times that she looks exactly like Kristen Stewart and a bunch of her followers are like omg u ttly do jnelle omg jnelle looks lik kstew.

Well. if KStew tanned so much that she looked like a Vienna Sausage and dated a drug addict and gave up any future children and had the maturity level of a 5 yr old..Yea, then I could see it..JE is so delusional she THINKS she is K Stew

I've got to admit. . She does kind of look like her but Kirsten is a LOT prettier. I thought she looked like her before knowing she and others thought it too. However Janelle has no lips so looks odd like a sewn up doll or something

Can't wait til her 15 mins are up!! She is annoying and ugly!! Look at her boyish body.. what kind of ass does she have.. all I see are her legs connected to her back.. Eww!!

I get kind of personally offended when people criticize a woman for lacking "womanly curves." I'm not saying for being skinny, I mean for having the "boyish frame" everyone keeps saying so scathingly. I'm probably 35 heavier than Maci (well maybe 30 - dunno how heavy implants are :P) but I too have a small ass, narrow hips, and a straight waist. Being told my body looks like a little boy's pisses me the eff off because I am a real woman with a real woman's body, and not everyone has curves like a Kardashian! Not defending Maci because she's vile, but wanting to throw that out there for any other commenters/lurkers who suffer from "no waist no hips no ass" syndrome lol. We can be sexy too!

Another bitchfit - it's hard to find clothes that fit flatteringly. Tips? High waisted bottoms! Yayuh!

I can't agree with you more! All that 'real women have curves' crap is annoying. Am I less of a woman because I'm quite petite or something? Every woman's body is different for god's sake. Your body shape doesn't make you any more or less of a woman.

In ancient times it did...

What an inane argument. Hip size MAY be relevant but ass and waist? Plus if narrow-hipped women were so defective "in ancient times" then why did that trait perpetuate into the common era?

It was a joke, dude.

Why is it considered rude to point out the eating habits of an overweight person but acceptable to tell a thin girl to eat a burger?

I agree, I actually don't like to use the words "fat" or "skinny" when referring to people, and think it's disrespectful to judge people's eating habits, or make ASSUMPTIONS about it. People are perfectly capable of being healthy at different sizes, and that's between them and their doctors. Maci may not have chosen to be built this way, or be this thin. If it's not because of an eating disorder or something, then we have no grounds to say she shouldn't look that way, and we have no way of knowing that that's the reason she looks that way. I always focus on health, in regard to weight, and people need to respect that their health is their business (if you're not a close family friend) and that they shouldn't try to tell a thin person they aren't eating enough, just like you wouldn't a bigger person.

eh, I'd have to disagree with you a little bit. The majority of "skinny" people in the world, are like that because they ARE healthy, or yes, that is how their bodies are built. The vast, vast majority of fat people in the world are like that because they eat too god damn much.

How is this a story though? She was obviously responding to that in a joking, "yea-right" kind of way. People are assuming that she really is trying to or something.

Who cares? At least it gives us something to come here and talk about :p

Never happen. Maci is took skinny minnie and those tattoos would have to be airbrushed to hell.

Farrah will be in Playboy next year.

Wow so many cheap shots about her body and skin. I'm sure all you people look perfect. Some of these comments are very vicious. Surely some of these count as 'nasty comments about the mothers'?

Guys, come on. It's 2012. It's unbelievable that a group of people chatting about Teen Mom can pour such vitriol on a young woman for her looks! A woman's worth is not based on her body and face, and whether "nice men" will find her "pure". I doubt anyone on here, male or female, would want to be judged solely on what they look like rather than their achievements in life.

I swear, the "pure" comment is like we're back in the 1950's. I am not a Maci fan, but some of these comments take it way too far. They're vicious and they don't add anything useful to the conversation.

It's making me sad seeing how many likes some of them are getting. The thing I like about this blog is you can actually have intelligent-ish conversations with people about the articles. But some of these comments are disgusting. Criticising her body is such a low blow. It truly is sad how so many people can spew such hate.

I'm glad that some people agree with me. Calling someone ugly doesn't make you any prettier and attacking someone for having a "little boy" figure doesn't make you any more of a swimsuit model, it all just makes you a nasty little person.

I know. I honestly cannot believe how malicious some people are being, it's disgusting.

Usually the comments on this website aren't that bad but everyone's just hell bent on being nasty on this article.

What if we already are a pretty swimsuit model? Then can we bash Maci?????

Is that you Dalis??

Lol jk :p

If this blog post was just about general thoughts on Maci, I'd agree with you, but it isn't. It's about Maci being in Playboy and we all know personality traits aren't what people are looking for in that magazine.

I have no problems with tattoos as I have a few, but holy cow, hers are TERRIBLE. Cupcakes? A piece of notebook paper? Good Lawd.

To everyone getting all upset about "nasty comments" towards Maci on how she looks. This is an article about Playboy... Where you are in it basd on your looks. And judge for your looks. So if I ever bought a magazine and saw some butter-faced, acne proned, boyish looking creature, I think I'd want my money back.

That about sums it up :) :)

I guess it's upsetting when it sounds like people personally believe all women should look a certain way, playboy standards, and not making it sound like " Oh, Playboy has unattainable superficial ideals for how the models they photograph look, and Maci won't meet them." People are mostly making comments about as if she ... personally offended them with their looks or something hahaha. That's where it's getting... a little crazy.

*personally offended them with HER looks, (not "their")

I agree. It's like they're thinking 'how DARE she not meet my standard or playboy's standard of how a woman should look, I must rip her to shreds!'. If you think she doesn't meet playboys standard that's all you have to say. I think people are just using it as an excuse to be excessively mean.

The acne comments are really f***ing annoying. Sorry but just because she has acne doesn't mean she doesn't shower. How stupid. I like her more because of the fact that she can go without makeup on TV and not think twice about it. There are plenty of people who suffer from acne and won't even leave the house. It's not something she can help. Honestly, who the f*** says "yea, this acne looks good I think I won't try to get rid of it. Nice."

I agree with the few people above: this is just stupid and catty and disgusting. I also came here for the intelligent-ish comments but this post is definitely not an example of that.

I agree. The first thing I always see people criticizing Maci for is her acne. They don't get that getting rid of acne isn't as easy as 'getting some Proactiv'. Ive had severe acne since I was 7years old, have tried more than 20 prescription treatments, 3 different types of Proactiv, and STILL have severe acne.
Maci isn't perfect, and may have some of her own issues, but it really bugs me that people can't leave the acne topic alone.

For those who think a blog like this ever has or ever will be a haven for intelligent conversation apparently don't know the meaning of intelligent.

Point proven by my last comment which doesn't make sense now that I reread it... you get my point.

Hence the "-ish." We're not saying it's an English lit class or anything Hayzii. Get off your high horse. I'm guessing you know the "meaning of intelligent" and we're just all stupid. Please. You know our point and what we're trying to say.

In my opinion it's not even remotely intelligent-ish. That's my opinion. No need to get all butthurt. :)

How pretentious. I bet you and Farrah would get along famously. Just my opinion :)

Side note: where's the Hayzii impersonator?

Don't confuse my confidence with pretension. :D

1. Having intelligence.
2. Having a high degree of intelligence; mentally acute.
3. Showing sound judgment and rationality: an intelligent decision; an intelligent solution to the problem.
4. Appealing to the intellect; intellectual: a film with witty and intelligent dialogue.

Use an Internet search engine, particularly Google.com: "she spent the afternoon googling aimlessly".
Search for the name of (someone) on the Internet to find out information about them.

I don't think people should be surprised when people act immature on a blog like this, but I don't think it makes an expectation, or any comments about how maybe people should be more mature, unwarranted. People have a lot of excuses to just...say anything they feel without having to be responsible for it.

Surprise surprise! Hayzii is letting everyone know how much better she is than them!

Surprise, surprise! You're still desperate for my attention! Brittany I blame you for mentioning her. ;)

Melissa what's with you and the drive-by comments? I guess you're not used to someone actually responding to you since you usually stalk Heather.

Why are u impersonating me again?

here we go again lol

Everyone just needs to stop feeding the troll and maybe it'll go back under its bridge.

No it seems like people would rather thumbs down than actually comment. Boooooooooring.

to be honest i don't even know where this all came from? is there like tension from teen mom talk? people have disagreed with me before yet never gone this far (please don't start) i'm just trying to get the background info so i can understand better

My main stalker is teensister from TMT. She is one of the main ones that would talk sh!t to Heather. I am assuming she is bored now that TMT is dead. She says almost identical things to me that she did to Heather.. it's hard to understand crazy.

I think "Hayzii" is a troll, and just tries to stir the pot. To the best of my knowledge, there was once a real "Hayzii" who was taken over by impersonators and thats why she no longer comes here. She was driven away by the fakes.

I'm the real Hayzii. It sucks because I can't sign in here. I can still sign into TMT or I have twitter @hayzii but I don't use it much...

Hahaha, alright but I still don't think you're the real Hayzii.

This is just too weird. I feel like an urban legend now or something. LOL

I like big butts and i cannot lie.

I feel inclined to tell you all that i have a significantly large boyish/girl crush on Maci. I find her back piece to be quite inspirational. I've always had a thing for loose leaf... and cupcakes.

Doubt they would cast her.

I'm sorry to all the hippocrates dogging maci but if you cant remember,she was the only teen mother that had all her ducks in a row.... I don't look at her any different than before.. She is a good mother who loves her child!! Tattoos in 2012 are like summer and bikinis... Don't judge her for what some may think is wrong.. Judge her for the smart young mother that she is:)

Please. I'm way too busy writing oaths and shit to care about Maci.

might be best comeback ever....

getting a big ass back tattoo doesn't make someone a bad parent... but it doesn't exactly help either haha

I know plenty of women who aren't "drawn on" and are anything but pure. Heh, I sincerely wonder what kind of "nice" guy you're able to lure in with your Leave it to Beaver mentality and Holier-than-Thou judgements. You're very naive, Pollyana.

Aren't a lot of commenters on here mothers as well? It's crazy that so many women with kids are hell-bent on tearing down another woman with a kid to make themselves feel better about their parenting.

Why does everyone have to assume that everything we do now a days is automatically better just because it's in the future and not the "fifties?" Lord, was everything so completely wrong in the fifties? Hahaha. It kind of amuses me. Someday, this day and age will be the past, too, and we're gonna look back at it and say HOW ARCHAIC! Just because something is old, does not always automatically make it wrong. Just a thought.

I certainly hope Maci never actually poses for Playboy though it seems from her reaction that it is something she would consider.
As for the criticism -- Maci is a pretty girl. Maybe she is not raving beautiful, so what? She has acne, so what? She's skinny, so what? No one is perfect and Maci is far beyond acceptable. Why hate on her?
All the girls on Teen Mom are pretty, some more than others. No reason to criticize looks. Their actions provide more than enough fodder for criticism. And since they put them out there in public, they're fair game.

I doubt she was very serious about Playboy with that comment, I think it was more a thing of "I'm trying to raise a kid on my own, easy money by compromising my dignity and selling my body sound tempting because of how much money you can make, but at the end of the day I'd never compromise my morality like that." That's what I think it was. Just like my fiance always jokes whenever we have financial issues... "Well, there's always prostitution." Haha.

Considering Maci has already flashed her boobs for Girls Gone Wild, I don't think she's worried about "compromising her morality." I think you're looking too far into her comment.

Well, I'm only offering another pathway that going "too far into her comment" might have led to. I don't think it's reading any further into the comment than everyone else is reading by thinking it means that she's going to try and get into playboy. If anything, I think my guess is arrived at by reading less far into it than everyone else.

And the phrase "compromise my morality" was just an example of a reason, among many good ones, why she might not do it, at the end of the day. Obviously, I have no idea what her morals are.

Wow..Is everyone in here in High School? 90% of you guys are being vicious. Grow the fuck up. The mothers that are on this site that are talking trash..take a step back and look at yourself. Sitting over a computer belittling someone doesn't make you god. Also, i'm sure a lot of you aren't beauty queens. So therefore talking trash about her skin/body will not make you any more attractive. One more thing..i'm pretty sure that Maci was joking about that little comment. Get off your high horses guys.

eh, like I've said before, this is a thread about Playboy. The whole point of it is your looks. And personally, I don't think Maci is Playboy material.

Personally I don't find this to be a good enough excuse to justify some if the really awful things people are saying. She hasn't actually done Playboy or even said she'd like to. Stevebeans gave an inch and everyone took a mile. A lot of people don't like Maci and will take any opportunity to bash her I think. Just my opinion though! It's not a good enough reason for me to say such awful things.

I'd be inclined to agree

Congratulations! I guess that makes you better than me!

@Hayzii's toupe's comment below, since I can't reply to it for some reason.

Well, thank you Hayzii's Toupee, you know that's my only goal in life, is to seem better than you, a person I have no idea who they are, or what they believe, so thank you for validating that for me.


It would probably be the lowest selling Playboy issue.....not so much because of her looks...but because she's fucking irrelevant to men ages 21-100.

Sucks how there is barely any updates on here anymore!!! Even Heather clouse seems to be putting up more updates in the past.two days then you guys have last month :-(
I don't wanna go back to TMT!!

Wow I just went on there and there's about fifteen new articles. I didn't realise there was so much news! I like TMJ though the articles are funny.

Wow it's so stupid how a four word sentence turns into a whole article with a bunch of stupid comments! Maci is probably having the time of her life knowing everyone here is getting their panties in a bunch for no reason.

The joke's on you. I'm not wearing panties. Snail trail ftw!

I'm with you. Who wears underwear anymore? Just another article of clothing for some guy to take off.

But in all seriousness. Can y'all like do an article on what's going on with Kieffah and deadbeat mom? I'm sure everywhere will have no problem with an entire thread bashing that train wreck. As it has happened before.

"Before I begin with the story, you’ve probably noticed the lack of updates on this blog throughout the summer. There are two reasons for that. 1) I decided to actually try to have a life this summer since we have like 2 minutes to enjoy it in New England a year. 2) The free time I did have, I’ve been blogging about Big Brother. Now that both summer and Big Brother are winding down, expect to see an increase in stories here!"

That was from 6 days ago and it's now been 5 days since you posted a new story. What was the point in posting that?

Hypothetically Maci gets into playboy with her overbearing cupcake tattoos, and skinny mini twiggy body, and Bentley in a good eight years happens to find a "classic" 2013 copy of playboy, and see's his mother in it, oh how proud would he be ;)

I really hope her five minutes of fame are almost up!

Being a young mother is not easy, far from it. I personally have struggled with being a young mom myself. Maci did what most girls don't have the strength to do. She stepped up and changed her life for her son, despite that dick of a boyfriend ryan. Maci is young and beautiful, so turn off your hater hates everyone. She's a super mom with a SLAMMIN body! Im sure if she wanted to appear in playboy she would dominate that shit!!!

So much body shaming and slut shaming and appearance shaming going on here. You're all disgusting.

Also, since when does having tattoos make someone a terrible person? I have a full sleeve on one arm and a half sleeve on the other so I must be complete trash compared to you perfect little housewives ;)

I don't think it's so much her having tattoo's, I think it's more so the tattoo's that she has. That's just a guess though! I also have tattoo's so I have nothing against them.

This sucks...it looks like twitter is now closed to people to don't have an account? I can't even get updates on my own now. Poo!

Its sooo funny how all u ppl can talk shit about maci... When ive seen ur pic n u ppl look 10 times worse than she dose... I guess ppl like u only wish u had the good good life like maci has... Pitty on u sry losers ya dont.... N sooo wat if she had a kid at 16 i have 1 n its great that she stood up n took responsablies 4 her action... Most ppl cant handle that kids r all of $ n all of work its a full time job... Soo all u haters that r talkin shit on maci can all kiss her ass cuz shes famous n ur not she has it all... N if she wants 2 do playboy she can she has the body n the looks none of u haters have.... Maci enjoy ur life live it up sweetie... U def. Deserve it all if u made it this far.....

I'm guessing you dropped out of school. Your spelling is atrocious.

Back to third grade you go!

Hey guys, not everything negative or criticizing, or critiquing is "hating." Using that word is sometimes evidence of overreacting. If the opposite of "hate," is "love," and love is not ( at least according to what I believe) appeasing someone, telling them anything and everything they want to hear, accepting anything and everything a person does, and never acknowledging negativity, then "hating" is not anything but doing that^^. Artwork is critiqued, because it is a result of choices, and it can be constructive. Maci's tattoos, and what they are of, were her choices, so I think we can have grounds to critique what she chose to put on her, and I think it is possible to make asthetically, bad, tattoo choices. It's her right to tattoo her own body, though, of course. Bashing her on her acne, though, acne is not her choice, we don't have grounds to critique that. One of the greatest examples of love is a parent for their child, and in child-rearing, there is a lot of critiquing and discipline. Not to say everyone is everyone's mother, but just to show that not anything we ever say that is pointing out a negative in a person, means we hate them. Some people refuse to believe that, but I just wanted to put it out there. I have nothing to lose.

Actually being mean is being mean, I don't care if it is about playboy or what! This is the reason why the world is so evil right now, websites with peoople judging others, which isn't your right...never will be. Who are you jealous girl's to judge anyway...I'm sure you all are no 10's. LOL at you children ;) peace-

hahahahahaha hmmm it's pretty judgemental of you to just assume we're all ugly little girls that are jealous of Maci's horribly executed, acid tripped back art. it's an incredibly rare occurance, but it's possible to not like something without being "jealous" of it. I just blew your mind, I know.