Teen Mom - Is This Dalis And Kyle Thing Really Happening?

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So let me give you a little refresher if you've been too busy the last few days with last minute Christmas shopping (oops, Holiday shopping - don't want to offend more people than I already do!).

Ryan and Dalis have decided they're both too pretty for each other, took their respective hair product and went their separate ways.

There were no specific reasons given, only big mysteries based on cryptic messages from Dalis saying people would be SHOCKED to know the truth (doubtful).

Moving on, Dalis and Kyle apparently like the sloppy seconds of both Ryan and Maci, as both ex's were seen together over the weekend.

If that vision wasn't weird enough, Dalis posted some photos to her fan page wearing some KoldNature t-shirts that Kyle has been pushing since his days with Maci.

So is that supposed to be a message that Dalis is hooking up with Kyle? Or is this just some plan to get Maci and/or Ryan jealous? Do they think it would actually happen that way?

I highly doubt Ryan cares who his ex's are touching private spots with because he didn't appear to be the least bit jealous about Kyle when Maci ran to him. As far as Maci, I can see her getting jealous, but not if she actually lands Ryan in the process. Anyone who watched Teen Mom knew she isn't over the guy, and never really was.

Basically inviting yourself on your ex's family vacation to Florida and then bringing all your friends to intimidate your ex's new girlfriend screamed 'not over it'.

Oh right, she did it for Bentley, sure.

I'd be more quick to believe Ryan's family invited Maci and all her friends before I believed that story about being sad Bentley was going to be so far (or whatever excuse she gave, don't remember exactly).

As far as the king and queen getting back together, courtesy of All The Teen Moms, there is a screenshot of someone's experience running into them in public...

ryan-meanI'd like to call bull on this story, but I simply can't.

I've heard from many, many people who have met them personally that Maci is kind of a tough person to be around, and Ryan doesn't seem that far off either.

Both come off as very self absorbed, so posts like this are as shocking as hearing Farrah is mean to her mother.

I'm going to guess that Ryan and Maci are 'official' no later than Christmas, and Dalis / Kyle have a fling but are done with each other by New Years.


Umm apparently Ryan proposed to Maci on Twitter today

I bet he just wants to play with those new boobs she got since they last were together years ago hahaha

Yes. I am sure that he can not contain his excitement about two rock hard, unnatural orbs of silicon.

Maci and Ryan are both terrible people and deserve each other. Poor Bentley is going to spend every night with his grandparents while his parents get drunk and party.

But other than that, i find this whole love square to be pretty entertaining.

I personally don't have a problem with Kyle and Dalis, i think they're actually a good match-i have a problem with Maci and Ryan.

Exactly! Maci and Ryan are so gross. So appropriate for each other!

Wow what a skanky picture. She tries way too hard in her pictures.

Yeah, I really don't want to see any of her "down there" area... was that pose really necessary?

Ugh I agree. I'm tired of seeing these pictures. She has a nice body but the face she makes,I guess it's her 'sexy' face, is so damn ugly!

I think I can see what she had for lunch in this pic.

I am not surprised to see that Ryan and Maci treat fans like crap.

Maci, that should have been a caution sign to you. If he treats a random girl like that, just think about what he will have no problem doing to you. Ryan comes off as very controlling and he seems to have a very bad temper. If i were Maci or any other girl, i'd be very concerned of him becoming abusive.

I actually believe Dalis when she says there is shocking reason they split and i think it might have to do with him hitting her or something.

That thought crossed my mind briefly, but I don't think she'd keep quiet about that. If you dated a pseudo-celebrity and he hit you, would you keep quiet or would you warn every female watching?

Not that it matters, since society seems to worship woman-beaters like Chris Brown.

I think Dalis is in a tough spot. I don't think anybody would believe her if she were to say anything. She is already hated by psycho obsessed Maci fans and if Maci is with Ryan, of course they're going to take Maci's side. Also, people probably wouln't believe her if they think she's trying to do it for attention or money.

That, and if it's anything serious, Twitter wouldn't be the place to air it anyway. We'll find out the truth (or some variation of it) eventually, and hopefully she'll protect herself in the process.

I just saw that Ryan retweeted this one twitter:

"Women are like alarm clocks. They won't shut up until you hit them."

He's such an asshole. And yes, i still think he hit her. Especially after seeing that.

Well, Ryan definitely did do something. I'm not exactly sure WHAT he did, but something very wrong. I shared this on the last article and i'll post it again here. This was a twitter interaction between Dalis and her friend Bailey the other night:

Bailey: so proud to call @dalispaige my friend. Such a lady of class, discipline, and maturity! Her character truly shows in the face of adversity

Fan: @bailey_hixon we'll tell her to get with Kyle ;) Ryan sucked anyways! ;)

Bailey: @Courtneyhauge @dalispaige yeah he did! Her mama never was a fan, awesome how his true colors show just when her mama is her guardian angel

Dalis: @bailey_hixon said perfectly. thanks momma

Bailey: @dalispaige you honestly have no idea how crazy it is. Seeing her watch y'all on tv and how riled up she would get. Priceless. A mama knows

It's pretty obvious that Dalis wasn't lying to fans when she said he did something and every one would be shocked, but it's hard to know exactly WHAT he did. The true colors part could very well add up with your theory of him hitting her, unfortunately.

I don't find Ryan being abusive shocking at all.

I'd more expect the "shocking reason" to be that she caught him cheating with Maci or something.

It is irritating that maci thinks she worked so hard to get to where she is... Always tweeting quotes wtc to that effect.. Uh no bitch got lucky and won the MTV lottery! If Ryan and Maci had to actually live as a family unit it would not end well they both aren't used to putting their child absolutely first instead of friends, traveling, work with MTV and they could no longer lie to themselves that it was only when the other person had the child. Maci had many things that would have overlapped into her time but she chose to devote herself to things more appealing than raising a child like being "ratchet" and "sketchy" lol and trying to find love with numerous Kyles to help fill the hole in her heart that should have been filled with Bentley.

Am i the only one who doesn't understand Maci's use of the word "sketchy"??? Every time she uses it, whatever she is talking about is not sketchy at all. She just recently used it to say she wanted to go ice skating and another time she used it with a picture of Bentley and his friends on some mountain.

I hear ya in Australia we don't really use that word so I looked it up on urban dictionary lol and it made no sense how she was using it


1) someone or something that just isnt right.
2) the feeling you get the morning after usuing a lot of drugs, most commonly associated with extacy.
3) something unsafe
4) someone or something that gives off a bad feeling

haha I'd never thought about how difficult it would be to explain "sketchy", but I guess the best synonym I can think of would be "suspicious".

i.e., you're on a playground full of kids and a dirty, windowless van pulls up with "free candy" = sketchy mcsketcherson

but you could practically see dalis' vagina.

not cute.

And the worst part is that the bottom half of her body looks anorexic. Not pretty!

I used to be all positivity towards these fools. Fuck 'em. Buncha douchebags deserve eachother.

I don't really care who ends up with who. But damn girl just because your single doesnt mean you should show off your vagina!!!

They call it a gentleman greeter for a reason.

She is definitely not in mourning... She hasn't even waited a couple of months before going out and now posting pictures of her crotch...well almost crotch. All 4 of them (Kyle Dalis Ryan Maci) are just victims of this lost self absorbed generation....

I didn't know there could be such a thing as a manly vagina. Weird.

It looks like Marilyn Manson's from the Dopeshow video.

Totally! lol

I understood in the past that she wants to be a sports model or VS angel... but I don't think EITHER shows off their hoohah. This is just trashy.

As for them... well... let's just say, glad I am not either of the 4!

Her parents and pastor would be proud! Lmao

She is really desperate to prove something now isn't she? Even if it means losing herself and her dignity. Sad, sad.

Personally- I think the title should be is the maci and Ryan thing really happening. Not trying to be nit-picky but dalis and Kyle really aren't teen parents so I don't care too much about what's going on with them. But I shall survive, still a longtime fan :). Moving on, that is suh a trashy picture of dalis(who I actually like) and I think its funny how both dalis and Kyle do more with their "fame" then maci or Ryan. dalis with her modeling, and Kyle with his clothing line. But whatever these two do, I'm not very interested lol I think they were both just looking for their 15 minutes honestly. I also think maci and Ryan are a match made in heaven- they deserve each other. Both trashy, mean people who care more about themselves then their son. Plus, they both love "the club" and leaving Bentley with his grandparents, so they really couldn't be any more perfect for each other!

Ps sorry for the sucky grammar and run on sentences, I am the worlds worst iPhone user :(

I'm sorry but I don't see where Maci gets off thinking she is such hot shit. She is a privileged girl who has been handed more opportunities than she deserves and pisses them away in favor of chasing boys and alcohol. I don't understand why so many think she is such a wonderful mom when throughout the series she consistently put her wants ahead of Bentley's best interests. She wants to be rewarded and praised for doing the bare minimum--the girl STILL hasn't got her degree--and if she thinks her life is so hard then she should go spend some time with teen mothers who DON'T have all the opportunities and help she has.

Agree with everything. I literally don't understand why people think she's a good mom- the only explanation I can come up with is that compared to Farrah and amber, she looked good. And Ryan was a dick to her, so she got a lot of sympathy...

Agreed maci fans have her believeing that she is superwoman of the teen mom series. And she is not she just get lucky with the show and its sad that she is not going to school. She should have her degree by now I doubt this spin off will take off. So how is she and ryan going to support Bentley with no real job in year maci would no longer be getting paid club appearances. So what is her game plan

I wholeheartedly believe that Maci had Bentley's best interests in mind for the first season, and even some of the second season. I've recently re-watched those episodes and up until Kyle entered the picture, she truly was a good mother. The turning point (to me anyway) was the move to Nashville. Now that I've watched the scenes over again, I can see that Ryan was incredibly hurt and scared. Did he portray himself well? No, but he was completely correct in saying that Maci was only thinking of herself and not Bentley. It all went downhill from there.

Totally agree Megs.. He wasn't one to articulate in the most respectful manner but you can even see him shaking in a lot of the scenes. It was incredibly selfish and disgusting how Maci decides to take Bentley away from the home he knew and family support in order to get with a stupid hick who only used her for the MTV money and fame.

Ryan is a ass and so is maci they belong together and why would maci want him back. After seasons after season Ryan has said that if it was not for Bentley he would never see or talk to maci again so why would you want this jackass back. And Ryan did this for attention and to hurt dalis and if he could be this heartless and cruel towards someone he was with for a year. Maci also is a attention whore she loves attention so it does not have to be good or bad as long she is getting attention that is all that matters. I just feel bad for Kyle because I think he really did love maci

Kyle didn't love her! Sorry to disagree but the guy used her! He quit his job and in moved in with her while they lived off of the MTV money! He knew Maci didn't love him either which is why he resorted to Facebook and his past girlfriends.

I hate to send anyone to teenmomtalk.com, but there are screenshots of ryan "proposing" to Maci on twitter, and she seems to actually entertain the idea. He says "I just want to get down on one knee and tell you how much I love you" and she replies with "twitter is not the place. Ima kill u".


It's okay Heather, the screenshots are all over the internet as well as still being on their Twitter pages.

Uhm. This actually isn't Heather. I don't hate her as everyone else seems to, but I'm not her biggest fan either. I just figured I'd give a heads up. You should chill out.

Stop crying drama queen I was joking.

My bad, didn't realize it was old news. lol

way to make an ass of urself melissa.

You must be new here.

I just went and looked at her twitter page just for shits and giggles and she tweeted something along the lines of she does not like her picture being taken with out her knowing...um then maybe you should not be a "celebrity" and cancel that spin off..gosh she is one conceded rude girl! I with out a doubt believe she treats her fans horrible..this whole "marriage" shit it probably so people would wanna watch a spin off show..or maybe she will just replace the jersey shore.. Chasing guys and partying all the time..sorry rant over she just annoys me! Poor Bentley he must be so confused with all these people in and out of his life..

Don't worry sweetheart. No one actually WANTS to take your picture.

in all fairness, many people don't want their picture being taken without their knowledge or consent.

Just like people don't want the world to judge them.. Don't be on reality tv then!

Does anyone think that maybe Ryan wants to get back with Maci because she landed that spin-off? Perhaps he wants more TV time.

I agree with that. Also just want to add that he's emotionally all over the place and desperate to get Dalis upset and for serious female attention. He knows he can take advantage of Maci's never dying love for him and so he's playing her like a fiddle. I think it's personally hilarious she's falling for it. Anyone else notice how when she's single she never does "!!!" to anything and when she's happy she does? Pre-Ryan posts are lame; her traveling, being a celeb and being "strong". Now it's all cheery and full of emotion. Loving the attention from not only Ryan, but her ex mother-in-law. All of it makes me want to puke. I can't wait for the inevitable breakup!

yall need a life.

I don"t understand how maci can't see that Ryan is playing her like a fiddle she just being use as a pawn to make his ex girlfriend jealous. Throughout the teen mom series Ryan kept insisting how unhappy he was when he was with Maci I think maci really is insecure and needy after all these years she finally has Ryan attention . I don't think Ryan really over dalis

I think all these negative comments about Ryan trying to make Dalis jealous blah blah! Are just Dalis writting these pathetic comments. Sounds like the same messages over and over. Hmm hater much? I used to think Dalis was an ok girl but after all this drama she is starting with Kyle an stuff shows she's a whore and why would she show her crotch that's not cute. Go ahead Dalis keep hanging with Kyle make yourself look more stupid than you already do. You should be thinking of your mother instead of hopping from guy to guy not to mention all of Maci's guys.

wow so much Maci 'haters'...It is almost scary, what the girls did to you guys ? When we see all your posts..it seems the girl is the next serial killer..she is the Devil..grrrrr..seriously your 'hatred' obsession with this girl you don't know is disturbing..guess it is the new mojo for some, the trash tabloid culture..bash someone when you have no life..it is what it is but it doesn't make it less pathetic..And if these Maci and Ryan get together, love each other, hate each other whatever it will not change your lives..get over it, your posts are creepy..creepy..ugh.

She begs and bribes people for 1 million twitter followers then complains when people want to take a picture of her? Yep, that sounds like typical hypocritical Maci. Did she ever end up flying out those 3 people from the contest out to meet her and Bentley?? It's been like almost 4 months and I haven't seen any updates or planning for it.

I want to know that too. Someone update us!

I hate how she claims she is a model. When do you ever flip pages in a magazine and see pictures of models with cheap, super heavy makeup caked on their eyes? No im not hating, I think shes an alright looking girl. I just hate that she thinks just because she gets some tacky photos taken, that shes a model.

I was a teen mom and my baby daddy was out of the picture. I lived with my mom and went back to school and got my nursing degree. I still went out and did my share of partying. It was only on weekends and special occasions like new years. I really dont think these kids are much different from that, yah they may go out more than the average teen parent but i dont think they are bad parents they may have a sorry attitude towards fans but the onlt difference they are in the lime lite. As for Dalis and Kyle who cares, apparently Dalis alway had a very jeoulos streak for Maci and the big shocker is pprobly that Ryan and Maci probly never stoped being together and she found out. Which is my point they are typical youth and what happens so often when girl/guys find out they are being cheated on esp qith someone they know? They go sleep with the spouse of the person they were cheated on with. Or atleast whores would do this girls who arent would not, and well a guy is a guy.sad but true for most anyways. But i dont care about dalis and kyle eventually maci and ryan willmature and they will always be bentleys parents and i think it would be great for them to find each other again. They were just too young and guys dont grow up like girls do when a baby is involved. I found someone new but it was much later and guys arent really ready for that kind of commitment til they are in their 20's even the ones that stick it out with their teen mom wont start chilling out and doing better until then. Even then guys never really grow up they are the kid in the relationship ans it balances out well togetheras parents if you work well together. She will bring out the maturity and responsiblity in him and he will keep itfun an dlight for her. So for all those hating on the teen moms and maci and ryan unless you have lived it will never know exactly what will you do. And if you habe and didnt do it that way well then good for you, you also didnt have cameras following your every move and every mistake. But its not any different than whats been happening with teen moms for years and years. Everyone has a story some are simmialr and some different but in the end its all the same and history will continue to repeat itself as always.

I saw kyle and dallas yesterday at the atlanta falcons game.