Teen Mom - Dalis Is Ready For Christmas

dalis connell

It seems Ryan's girlfriend, Dalis Connell is in the christmas spirit and that makes all 5 of us male Teen Mom viewers happy. Now the trick is to having Melinda re-create this pose for my personal collection.

I figure this is a nice change of pace story from terrible tattoos, quick weddings, and possible heroin addiction...

(and that's just Jenelle). I know 99% of our readers will roll their eyes, but this is for the 1%! I don't forget about you guys either!


Hey, i'm a straight female and i appreciate posts like this too! Dalis is hot, no denying that. I didn't drool over the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last night for nothing. I'm a girl who isn't afraid to say when another girl is hot. Dalis is hot and Ryan is one lucky dude.

Why is she always in her underwear for pictures? I thought she was a fitness model or something. Oh well at least it's non-Jenelle. I really needed a palette cleanser.

If i had her body, i'd want to show it off too. I'm sure there are lots of fitness models who do bikini and lingerie shots as well.

Her "photo shoots" just usually come off as cheap and amateur to me. Usually lingerie models are trying to show off the lingerie.. not themselves.

Didn't she get mad at Jenelle for posting a photo similar to this one?

Really, all she needs now is boobs. If she got natural looking implants she could actually get paid a lot to model. I normally don't support implants (especially the Teen Mom's) but she is flat as board and could benefit greatly from paying for fake boobs.

She has a nice body but not the prettiest face. Something about her face is off to me. Her sexy face makes me laugh.

She has a prettier face and nicer body than Maci so that counts for something right? She's an upgrade and I bet Maci see's pictures like this and gets so jealous because she still loves Ryan but can't compete.

True. lol

Maci really thinks that she's so hot. She has literally tweeted things before like "I'd be rich if i had a dollar for every time someone tells me i'm pretty" or "People say i'm the only hot ginger they've ever seen" and stuff. It's kind of disturbing how into herself she is. Not to mention the instagram photo shoots she puts on (and her pictures are heavily airbrushed before they are even instagramed, such as her twitter profile picture-it's obvious). And all of her pictures she is wearing heavy makeup because we all know it's a scary site when she's not wearing any. (Ya know, like all those episode where she had no makeup on, unbrushed/greasy hair and lounge clothes on during Teen Mom). But i think my favrorite part, is seeing the pictures Maci instagram's and the one's her friends instagram. Her pimps/wrinkles/old age looks are sooo noticeable in her friends pictures because they don't airbrush them but then you look at all of Maci's and it's like bam completely different person. Nope, not obvious at all.


hahaha a cute ginger kid??? never heard of one, lol (even Maci, uhh dont think so)..Maci has the body of a 12 year old boy, even with fake boobs she still has nothing on Dalis' body, at least Dalis looks like a WOMAN!!!

Wow Chrissy nice body shaming. This is why so many people have issues with their self esteems. Not everyone has to have big boobs a nice ass and a flat stomach. FYI that doesn't make you look like a woman either. Ignorant.

Took the words right out of my mouth Courtland's Fan Base. I'm not defending Maci because I agree that she's really full of herself, but for a long time I felt like I had a disgusting body because of my wide waist and narrow hips. The entire idea that real women have curves is just another standard of beauty excluding some from its definition. I'm just saying it's a sort of hypocritical tendency, devaluing another condition in order to place value with another. I'm hottest when I feel comfortable with my body, but the bashing of "boyish" looking women really irks me and brings up those insecure feelings. It's like, I'm supposed to view every woman with a moderately curvy frame as inherently more attractive and beautiful than me.. I can't fkn change my frame no matter how thin or chubby I get, and buying into that standard is maddening to me! >_<

Right!? She looks like she's smelling a fart here.

I think that if she got breast implants, she would go from being a really beautiful girl to looking like a circus freak. Breast implants never are an improvement (except for maybe someone who needs them as reconstruction after an illness or injury). What most people do not undertand (and especially women) is that all girls are beautiful (or could work a little to make themselves that way). Anytime someone gets implants, they are just ruining something that was already beautiful. Whenever I see a woman with implants,I just feel sorry for them that they felt the need to doo something like that. IF you are beautiful after implants, you were already beautiful before you had them.

dalis is gorgeous! it's so funny how the teen mom guys seem to go for the exact opposite of their child's mother. ryan went to dalis. jo went to vee. corey went to miranda. and all the other ones never really had girls worth mentioning or stayed with the mother (catelynn and tyler) anyways dalis looks amazing. deff a little jealous but i'm happier having curves.

Maybe I'm the only one but I honestly think Leah and Miranda look A LOT alike or at least they did when Leah's hair was bleached. Miranda is a little prettier IMO, but I still think they look similar.

Miranda is much prettier than Leah, but they definitely look like your typical West Virginia girl trying too hard to be glamorous.

Another attractive quality to Dalis is that she is a dedicated student and is working hard to have a nice future. A lot of people think that is really attractive, and I am one of them.

One of the things that i appreciate about Dalis is that she's not just a pretty face/nice body. She is willing to help others get into shape for free. (Even though she's getting her degree in that and could easily charge people for it). She still takes college and track seriously even with being known and appearing on tv. She is still open about her faith. She said that she only does modeling shoots over school breaks because she puts college and track first. She has a job. And on top of all of this she is losing her mother and has already lost her brother. She has so much to her story and she has so much drive but she puts the important things for and doesn't let things go to her head. (Maci and Kyle, i'm looking at you. Even though he's not with her anymore, he totally digs the fame and doesn't even work or anything anymore). She is totally relatable to so many people and i wish she was shown for who she TRULY is on the show instead of given the "we love Maci therefore hate Dalis" edit because she really could be such a great role model for young girls.

Dalis is gorgeous!! she is from the same area that I am from in California. I am pretty sure she went to a super christian high school out here, so it's ironic she does lingerie shots. But if she wants to show off her body that she works hard for I don't see any problem with that. Although I do agree, her expression in this picture is pretty funny, she's trying a little too hard when she really doesn't need to.

I just saw some bio thing that was posted on facebook for her online TTU track profile and it said she went to Santa Clara High School in Oxnard, California and Boyd-Buchanan School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Upon my quick Google search, they are both private Christian schools.

But she is still very open about being a Christian and posts about going to Church and Bible Study at her college and things of that sort so it's not like she's rebelling against being brought up religiously. I hate when people assume that just because you're religious means that you have to live a certain way.

yeah a lot of people give dalis backlash for being christian yet showing off her body. i don't really see the difference between bras and bikini tops. obviously this is meant to be a "sexy" photo due to the look on her face and body positioning, but it's nowhere near the tastless, skanky photos jenelle took on that park bench.

I hear ya...as an atheist pastor's daughter, but it just seems to be very hypocritical of Dalis to talk about her Christian values but then goes ahead and feeds her vanity by letting pics like this be posted.

I understand you're saying your dad is a pastor and you're an atheist but when i first read it i thought you were saying your dad is a pastor who's also an atheist and i was just so confused

So did I.

Especially with religious holiday 'decor' on her near naked body... WWJD? Not pose in Christmas decorations for the sake of your own vanity and self-centeredness lol

She wants to have her cake and eat it to. Like a lot of Christians she probably picks and chooses which scripture to follow so that she is able to justify posing mostly naked in sexually suggestive ways.

yeah that is why i said it is ironic but I don't judge her, because that's her choice.

I think she needs to hang out with Jenelle maybe it would help Jenelle.

I'd do her... with my lady wiener.

*lady boner

Thats a hot picture. I've always thought Dalis was so pretty :)

Dalis is hot. Hate on Maci fans...hate on!!!!! Im a milf btw saying she is hot to trot it!

Proactiv would help a lttle...but never make her as hot as Dalis!

She is hot! Ryan is so lucky! And I'm sure that Maci is super jealous...

She's such a gorgeous girl, and tough as nails to get through her mum's illness and the loss of her brother. Snaps for Dalis, good on her.

Hey there is more then 5 male teen mom viewers, counting me there is probably 6 lol

What would Trya say about this picture? Probably nothing too good.

Thumbs down?
Look at her face! If she wants to model, she should. But this isn't the face of a model, it's the face of an amateur in her panties with a Santa hat on.

i see her as a commercial model. most high end fashion models are "ugly pretty" as tyra says. they have quirks about them which makes them interesting to work with. most of the girls who have won antm have not been thought of as the typical pretty but pull off stunning photos cause they know how to work their quirks. but hey i could pull of stunning photos too with professional hair and makeup and photographers that have appeared in vogue!

There's no doubt she's pretty, but she quotes passages from the bible and claims to be Christian, yet I'm always seeing photos of her in bikinis/ underwear trying to be sexy and there is noooo way she's waited to have sex with Ryan ahahaha

i can't imagine waiting for marriage to have sex. i don't blame all the Christians that have pre-marital sex because honestly it's ridiculous to expect people to wait. i don't care if you're the biggest slut in the world or a goody two shoes Christian girl, you need sex.

but yeah, i agree she definitely didn't wait lol considering Ryan has a child we all know he's not waiting a couple years to bang his girlfriend lmao

lol my favourite analogy for not waiting to have sex is "would you buy a car without test driving it first?" it's totally true. a friend of mine waited 1 year before having sex with a guy and when it came time there was no passion and she felt she wasted a year of her life.

Can you blame her? HAVE YOU SEEN HER BOYFRIEND? I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off him!

But i don't care if she's a Christian who's not a virgin. That's such a dying trend and I'm not sure you can even find too many people who believe in that anymore. They are clearly practicing safe sex so they can have all the steamy sex as they please, i won't judge.

There are lots of Christians who don't have until marriage to have sex. It's not like she's preaching it and acting like she is waiting so i don't see the issue. If having sex before marriage without having a baby out of wedlock and posing in lingerie/bikinis is the worst she can do as a Christian, than i think she's doing something right.

I have more of an issue with Mackenzie who also is very open about being very religious and Christian but she ended up pregnant as a teenager and even admitted to still not be practicing safe sex on the reunion.

Hmm, if you're gunna be religious and post about God and the bible, then post pictures of you in your underwear, it doesn't really go together? Just find it a bit odd ahaha, it's not like she's just modelling some stuff cos her body is really good, she's trying to be sexy. Also found it odd that she took a picture of herself posing before she went to California to see her ill Mother...

Oh and when someone a while ago on twitter commented on a picture of he rand Ryan in bed, mentioning her being a Christian and having sex, she was like how do you know we've had sex? Pahahaha

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