To Spark The Rumor Mill, Ryan And Dalis Split Up .. Again

dalis connell

ryan edwards and dalis split up again

Last night I wrote about Maci and Kyle#2 breaking up over him trying to get some side piece from a groupie, then joked how Ryan and Maci should hook back up.

Well, here is Maci's chance to make it happen because Ryan and Dalis appear to be done for good this time.

Last night, Dalis tweeted two things that made it seem like not only had they broken up, but a reunion after 1 day is very unlikely this time:

- No I dont want to talk to anyone! I just know all of yall are going to want to know why we broke up.. yeah cause he cheated. No more ?'S!!!

- Catching someone cheating #closure #goodbye

It appears Kyle#2 was not the only one with the case of the cheats these days, as Ryan also hooked up with a groupie, and to make matters worse, it appears Dalis caught him doing it.

Ouch. Finding out your bf/gf cheated is a terrible thing, but to catch them doing it is scarring that can mess up a person for life.

Because of how they split, I take back what I said yesterday. Maci shouldn't hook back up with Ryan. She should hook up with Dalis instead! (Ok that's the guy in me talking) ..

seriously though, Maci needs to take some time away from relationships, and I think Ryan does as well.

Between his 3 new moms, guys named Kyle coming in and out of his life, and now Dalis leaving it, Bentley needs some serious just mommy and just daddy time for awhile (and I don't mean at the same time).

Both should stop hooking up and focus on raising their kid at this point, just until things settle down once again.


I agree with everything you said. Dalis is a beautiful, beautiful girl. I don't know why he would cheat on her. I hope she finds happiness and that Ryan and Maci stay away from relationships right now. They really do need to focus on Bentley.

Does anybody else get the feeling that Dalis is a headcase? Don't get me wrong, if Ryan cheated he is 100% in the wrong and that could never be justified, but most people don't just pickup and cheat in a happy relationship.

The only reason I'm saying this is because Maci has sh!t talked Ryan every chance she got over the last 3 years, but one thing she always defended with him was that he never cheated, never ran around on her, and was always faithful. She specifically said that they were extremely trustworthy of each other til the end and that she wasn't surprised that Ryan didn't cheat since she never saw him doing that. If their relationship was even half as crappy as MTV painted it to be, I just think Ryan would have cheated if he's that type of person.

And between these two, who the hell knows what the truth is. I can't even keep track of the reasons that they break up because it's always a he said-she said situation. Something will come out and then a day later it will be like "LOL! Total misunderstanding! We love each other again!!!" I think a once and for all breakup would be good for both those two. Ryan needs to date girls that are closer to his age and Dalis should enjoy life as a young college girl.

If it's true that he really did cheat on her, I hope that's an eye-opener for her and that she'll stay away from him for good. She is a beautiful girl and deserves to be with someone that wants to be with her and her only.

TEAM MACI&RYAN ... ;) Fingers crossed, right?

Maci and Ryan are the Ross and Rachel of Teen Mom! They WILL end up together!!!! And besides, they already have proved they can make beautiful children to populate the earth.

Yes!! They're each others lobster! lol

[...] Connell’s, tumultuous week, it appears the couple quickly got back together again after the cheating rumor got sparked.  Dalis almost immediately deleted any tweets regarding cheating and now the couple [...]

Ryan is too gaood for Maci. More then once on U-Tube videos, Maci is seen cussing and Bentley cussing right behind her. Then she laughs.
She could not leave him at day care but has no problem leaving Bently for Spring break, even though she is not in school, or dates, or girls night out. Bentley still has a pacifier and I understand still has diapers. He is almost 4. Maci quits school to be with Bentley in the summer then puts him in daycare.
She gets mad because Ryan's mom takes care of Bentley when he is at her house, yet she lets every man she meets come in and change Bentley. Of all the moms on the show, she is the worst.

She is the worst Mom on the show? Do you remember Amber and Jenelle? I also consider Farrah a worse Mom than Maci. Farrah shows no understanding of how to appropriately manage a toddler, and moves to Florida to do something she could have done just as well by attending a school where her parents could provide day care rather than leaving her with a neighbor she just met, which she did because she was going out on a date. I don't know who kept Sophia while she attended classes in Florida, but I guarantee you that they did not care for Sophia like her grandparents would have.