MTV Releases Unseen Footage From Maci Bookout's Wedding

Unseen Footage

This may be one of the coolest moments in Teen Mom OG history and thankfully it was captured and released by MTV.

In a new video Maci Bookout and her family are celebrating her special day but in one instance she makes one of the most mature gestures ever.

There are some awesome candid moments where Maci and Taylor are gathering their families together to take photos and the bride even has to take a hold of Maverick to try and get him to stop crying for it.

It built upon the beautiful images fans got to see in the finale however. Maci pulled MacKenzie aside to have a heart-to-heart with her bringing MacKenzie to tears.

Maci explains to MacKenzie that she wanted her to know how much she appreciated her and that she always wanted Ryan to find a woman that would make him happy and treat their son like their own child.

"We are both his mother," said Maci as MacKenzie went in for a big hug, tears streaming down her face.

The touching video ends with Maci and Taylor sharing a kiss under the fireworks and couldn't be any more perfect.

You can watch the special unseen footage in the awesome video below.

MTV Releases Unseen Footage From Maci Bookout's Wedding

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