Maci Meets Dalis - Episode 4 Discussion Thread

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Even though this is super old news if you've followed the blog for awhile, tonight on Teen Mom Maci Bookout will meet Dalis Connell for the first time! If you recall from last week, Dalis is the girl who "has no chance" with Ryan, yet are still together today (wait, let me check....

yup, still together. Tomorrow could be different).

From the preview below, I can already tell I'm going to have a lot to say about this one (so follow twitter!), especially the part when Maci brings like 500 girls to meet Dalis. Who does that? Heck, who flies down to Florida to be near your ex-boyfriend when he's on a family vacation? Sure, he has their kid, but he's their kid..

not Maci's.

As far as I can tell, and through any Teen Mom circles I've spoken with, Ryan is a fantastic father, so it's not like Maci had to be protective.

Ugh, the situation annoys me, but to be fair, Maci even admitted she made a mistake doing it and probably realizes how awful she comes off re-watching it.

This is probably going to be a very cringe-worthy episode for Maci to watch herself on, so I won't be too hard on her. She knows she messed up, but it will still be fun to watch.

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Here is the preview of tonight, and be sure to leave comments below!


as much as i like maci i think she was way out of line on this one. she needs to back off because bentley was obviously having a great time. sorry girl but this was a fail.

What the hell is Maci wearing in that picture? It just makes me laugh at how delusional she is that she actually thinks that looks good. I think she's trying to show off her her hideous tattoos with the see-through lace shirt. At least they photoshopped her skin so I can't see my reflection on her face. What a difference it is to see close ups of her on the show (AHHH!) compared to all the 'shopped pics online. How embarrassing.

Poor Dalis. I mean really... I love Maci, but she was so wrong by going on that trip. Dalis looked a little intimidated when ALL those girls were coming on the beach. I would probably be the same way. Maci should have went by would have looked a little more responsible/mature. I think it was selfish when she said she was jealous that Bently was with Ryan's girlfriend. In case she didn't remember, Bently was around Kyle too. How do you think that made Ryan feel? Dalis is super gorgeous, I'm glad she has stuck around.

I don't think Dalis is that gorgeous, and I find it hard to believe shes's as sweet as everyone thinks. Can't wait for the episode though!

i feel the same way! she wears waaaya too much makeup

Damn, Dalis has an amazing body! People can say all they want the whole argument of "She's never had a kid" but Maci is super skinny and you'd never know she had a kid. Dalis works damn hard for her body and i give her credit-kid or no kid. She has a better body than most people, that's for sure.

Ouch, that was painful to watch. Maci must feel reeeeeeal stupid, given the reaction she was CLEARLY expecting and didn't get. I also have to say I agree with Aly about Dalis, the sweet part at least. I can't help but think her interactions with Bentley are most likely especially pumped up when the cameras are around.

Dalis looks a lot better in pictures than on the show.

I thought the same thing! Her face looked chubby and I don't like her voice. I think she started working out more after she started dating Ryan, cuz she didn't seem to have those abs in the beach scene on yesterday's episode.

Dalis seemed really "slow" in this episode. It seemed like the gears weren't turning as fast as they could be. Maybe it was the Patron, but she doesn't seem to be the brightest crayon in the box!

to be fair, she was probably nervous. i know i would be. she is studying a fairly hard major in college so i don't think she is dumb.

Dalis is so hot wow. I can see why Ryan is with her. They are such a hot couple

Hi Dalis :P

lmfao i didnt even see the name reads "dalisissexy" until your comment made me read the comment again

Omg this episode was so painful to watch.

Maci: What the hell is wrong with her? Does she not realize that she's making herself look creepy? Why does she have to go on their vacation and text him saying it would've been more fun with her instead of Dalis? And wtf at her posse walking up on the beach like some gang, how embarrassing, why did they all have to go? It makes it worse that they just stand there like freaking walruses instead of engaging with everyone else like mature human beings. Maci contradicts herself about Dalis. She says, "Omg I can't believe she went with them on vacation, she better not show up for the photos out of respect" But then turns around and invites her clubbing and says she has to come to be respectful. Um ok. I laughed when Bentley started crying when she showed up.

Farrah: Holy boobs. I can't believe she got implants that big, they look so awkward on her body. I have the same body type as her old body with small boobs and they look normal on me, not like some watermelons super-glued onto my chest. And she really didn't need to wear such a revealing tank top on her first "date" with her neighbor. I cringed whenever she failed at swinging a golf club because of those boulders. She also needs to lighten up. I can't believe the way she talked to Adam on their date. I could see the "holy shit get me out of this" look in his eyes. I also am so sick of the way she treats her parents. I understand where they're coming from about being persistent in wanting to be in Sophia's life because they just don't trust her. She made the mistake of getting pregnant at 16, and they've been stuck dealing with her mistake, I wouldn't trust her either. (Not saying Sophia was a mistake and a hassle, but just the act of getting pregnant before you can be solely responsible for the child). She needs to gain that trust back and she's not doing a very good job at it with her snappy comments and snobby attitude. I wouldn't want to be friends with her either. Her dad has been nothing but helpful and supportive, not once have I seen him snap, yell, get defensive, or scold Farrah so I don't know wtf she's so pissed off about. I feel really bad for him.

Catelynn: What is up with Tyler's Dad's mullet? Ugh someone inform him that it's 2012 because I'm sure he's lost track of the year from all his time spent in jail.

Amber: I can't stand watching her rehab sessions. Her facial expressions and the way she acts makes it look like she's exaggerating her problems or just trying to find more drama in every little thing. Is she that drugged up over there where she can't even keep her eyes open when someone is talking to her?

Ahahaha! This is so true. Thanks for making me smile today.

Ughhhhhh......WHEN THE HELL ARE MACI AND FARRAH GONNA GET RID OF THOSE PACIFIERS......THERE KIDS ARE TOOOOO OLD FOR THAT AND BOTH OF THEIR TEETH ARE MESSED UP.....EWWWWWW. And Maci totally plays herself, most ppl enjoy a break from there kids, besides he's with his dad....she treats Bentley like a girl. Why didn't she use that week for her and Kyle to have some free time....she is so obsessed. And Farrah really needs classes on how to respect her parents....without them, she wouldn't have half the good life that she has.....WATCH YOUR MOUTH MS DISRESPECTFUL......

it was ridiculous and childish how the girls came to the beach. did maci demonstrate her power?
i really used to love maci but now i am so disappointed.

I felt right from the beginning that Maci wasn't nearly as sweet and responsible as she'd like everyne to believe. Reasons being:
•sketchy explanation of her new dodge charger. She claimed her other car broke down and got a rental dodge charger but then she had that car for the whole rest of the season. Now she has a brand new jeep. She and MTV has always downplayed the money she gets from her parents
•despite having no job, she took the summer off of school and work to play with Bentley and Kyle and was renting a house
•decided to betray her loving, devoted parents by sneaking their grandson away to live it a brand new boyfriend. Took Bentley away from his dad and two sets of grandparents. Then there was a breakup shortly thereafter and a makeup but they're not even together anymore.
•selfishly moved quickly before ryan's court proceedings could prevent it then snapped rude LT at Ryan when he called her selfish. Hello! You're taking his son 4 hours away! (2 he's there, 2 hours back). Told Ryan he should rephrase what he said since she controls custody.
•constantly insists she makes great decisions despite; getting pregnant at 16, almost marrying ryan which would have ended in divorce, wanted to marry Kyle and they're broken up now, denies it now but wanted to have another kid with Kyle despite not having a degree or being married, took Bentley away from his family to follow a guy, failed semester after semester by goofing around and didn't have work as an excuse for most of that time, decided to crash Ryan's family vacation, got breast implants despite not even having a career, creates animosity between herself and ryanand lots more that I'm forgetting
•repeatedly insisted ryan's motivation for having Bentley more was for his parents or to
have his child support payments reduced because she'd have Bentley less.Why couldn't she understand and be happy that Ryan is not the deadbeat dad he was when Bentley was an ijnfant?
•she says mean things about perfect strangers I.e. Ryan's girlfriends and even made fun of oine for having breast implants which she has now
•she's a hypocrite and does things she would kill Ryan for doing like having kyle move in with her and Bentley, moving the child away, partying, saying Kyle is more of a dad than Ryan (way out of line), talking trash about ryan's girlfriends etc
•she thinks she's always right

I think MTV was all for painting a picture of Maci as Miss Perfect but now they'd rather show more of who she really is. In past seasons she was always made up and they edited everything to make her look so responsible. When the show first started she always had an excuse when she was shooting without Bentley. "My parents are wtaching Bentley so i can discuss the child support thing with friends." Etc. Ryan was usually to blame for when she was away from Bentley. Now MTV is more interested in showing Ryan isnt so bad and Mac I isn't so great.

Dalis is definitely not as sweet as she seems. She says some pretty snyde things on twitter and she sensors the hell out of her blogs. I understand she doesn't want mean or rude comments, but she sensors anything that isn't in 100% total agreeance with her.

I have a huge problem with how she gives people dietary advice. She shouldn't. For example, she tells people that chocolate milk is "really the best thing to drink after a workout." What?! The study that she tries to quote was done on ATHLETES. Most of us are not athletes, not even close. I'm being a little ridiculous but I guess as a biologist it bugs me that she would misuse research like that. She is not a nutritionist and shouldn't be acting like one at all.

Beyond that, I think she and Ryan are staying together because she wants to prove Maci wrong. She posts tweets that are obviously directed at Maci and if she was with Ryan just for him, I don't think she'd do that.

I agree, but I think Dalis is also in it for the Teen Mom fame. Once TM is out of the spotlight and no one talks about it, she will be gone. Perhaps she'll move on to a TM3 dad?

Yeah since when does Ryan have a twitter and post youtube videos? NEVER. All the sudden he starts doing it when him and Dalis are together. Oh and I personally heard Ryan in person say that he hates being on the show and that it does nothing for him and that it was all maci....

Well actually he does have a twitter, maybe do some research and find it so you don't make yourself come off as a dumbass.

I completely agree.

is there going to be a recap? i know the site crashed yesterday so just wondering.

Ohhh I saw her 16 & pregnant episode, and what a difference in her personalitity. I honestly dont care for her, because she talks to people like theyre 5 years old. Maybe its just that "im better than you" attitude she always seems to have, and wants her life in a perfect order, when really, she had a child young and she cant expect perfection out of her boyfriends, etc,. Oh, and the fact the whole cast is loaded with money, but thats a discussion for another day. Anywho,what a hot mess she made herself look like going to florida. It would be normal for anyone to get a tad of jealousy seeing an ex with someone new, especially when you share a child. I even saw it with ryan a bit when kyle came around. But she clearly couldnt cop to those feelings(granted, itd be hard for anyone to), but her snide remarks just proves my point. I didnt see the "wow" in dalis, but, she probably isnt belittling like maci can be, which ryan clearly could not stand.

I like Maci, granted I don't see her as the same person as she once was. But situtitions can change people. For her to judge Ryan about taking Dalis on a family vacation is wrong. Who was living with their boyfriend...pot meet kettle. I think part of Maci still wants to be a family with Ryan, which I can understand to a degree.

As for Dalis, if I was in her spot and saw a bunch of girls walking toward me to meet me for the first time, I would have acted the exact same way. That was Maci's attempt at trying to show her "status" was childish. Dalis is a very pretty girl. And did seem to have fun playing with Bently.

And look at the difference with Maci and Kyle when Ryan wanted to meet Kyle after Kyle had been living with Bentley for how many months

I'll have to go with Team Maci. She has the right to know who her child is around, which is perfectly understandable. It sucks she had to know a few weeks after they've been dating. But her going on that trip with them was kind of stupid on her part. She needs to look at herself and stop being so controlling and manipulative all the time. that's what pushed Ryan away in the first place.

OK, so Maci shouldn't have gone. BUT she hadn't met Dalis yet and I think any mother would want to meet the father's girlfriend, especially if she is going to be spending a whole week with him (Bentley).

And, I'm sorry, but Ryan and Dalis are in the wrong. Who the hell takes someone on a family vacation with a girl they've been dating FOR A WEEK!? I would never even introduce my child to someone after only one week. I don't blame Maci for being a little over-protective in this situation. It baffles me that people are being so judgmental of Maci when Ryan shouldn't have had Dalis around Bentley after only one week, let alone go on a family vacation with her and his son. Ugh.

it was more than a week. i heard it was around a month.

I still don't think thats enough time. I wouldnt even introduce someone to my parents after only a month.

Dalis didn't look as buff in the episode i thought she looked good then but now she is all nasty and WAY too buff. Even Ryan told her she has man abs lmao

he did? When did he say that?

on twitter

i know this is late, but i really dont care for dalis that much. its nothing personal, she just seems like the kind of really annoying nasaly southern girl who loves herself too much. i tend to cringe when she talks. its good she realizes that maci is bently's mom and isnt trying to be more than a good example for Bently. there is just something about her i dont trust...
and i also dont like ryan, he was a bad father to bently, even tho it has gotten better, it still doesnt make up fo how he acted. and im sorry, but blaming you bad relationship for not being there for you son is a load of crap. just admit you were 16 and didnt want a kid.
maci did cross the line with going to the beach to get bently, that was ryan's time with him. for the most part i like maci, but even then i had to roll my eyes. she tends to be bossy and needs to be in control of everythig.