Maci Bookout Contemplates Keeping Bentley Away From Ryan Edwards

maci bookout

Last night's episode of Teen Mom OG made things a little more real following the report that Ryan Edwards had went off on his ex, Maci Bookout.

Bentley is now smack-dab in the middle of what may end up being a battle to let him hang out with his dad.

Bookout called her counselor for a little heads-up advice.

She admitted that she never asked him about taking drugs but still wants him to get help. The counselor then asks Bookout if she is prepared to limit access to Edwards and his grandparents.

The counselor didn't make things any better by saying that Edwards' parents sound like enablers, which means she would be fighting an uphill battle.

At this point it seems like Bookout may have been going to everyone but Edwards which is kind of strange.

The fact that Bentley is now being used as a threat probably won't sit well with Edwards and it most definitely will not with Bentley's grandparents.

Something terrible is brewing between these two and we're still holding out hope that it doesn't cost Bentley a chance at being able to see both of his parents.

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