Maci Bookout: Expecting Second Child?

maci bookout


So, normally I don't post about things like this, but I've heard this one going around for a while, and I'm sick of writing about Leah, so I guess I'll throw something at you.

Maci Bookout is probably the most well-known star from the entire Teen Mom franchise.

She dated Ryan Edwards in high school, ended up pregnant and gave birth to her son Bentley on the first season of 16 & Pregnant.

At that point she was unaware of how much of an impact MTV would have on her life, and after 4 seasons of Teen Mom, and now a comeback season starting up in early 2015, she's received tons of publicity and notoriety among the Teen Mom world.

Anyway, since things didn't work out with Ryan, Maci has dated a few guys since we've known her. She was with Kyle King for a while and we saw that relationship happen on Teen Mom.

She also dated Kyle Regal briefly, and now she's seemed to have settled down with a guy named Taylor McKinney.

Taylor is originally from Texas, but after their relationship got a little more serious, Taylor moved to Tennessee with Maci, and the two of them bought a home together.

They've been together for a couple of years, and he will be featured on the upcoming season of Teen Mom.

Maci and Taylor have had engagement rumors being thrown around for a while, but during the last couple months, pregnancy rumors have been flying around as well.

There's a whole thread on some parenting website about the girls from Teen Mom, and one source, who we were able to track down, claims that she lives in the same city as Maci and that Maci is expecting a baby girl this time around.

She claims that Maci is around 3 or 4 months pregnant at tops, and that even though she and Maci are not friends, Maci is always polite when they run into each other.

Another source posted online that a friend was at the OBGYN for a prenatal appointment when she ran into Maci at the same doctor's office.

We've blurred out the person's name for privacy, but have also confirmed through them (and their friend) that they do believe this to be true. Here's the screen shot of their Facebook post:

maci post 1 - edit

Neither Maci or Taylor have posted anything publically about expecting a child together, but there are some things that might be indicators of a baby in the works.


Maci had an entire episode of Teen Mom featured around having a baby with Kyle King.

While he was smart enough to tell her to cool her jets, she seemed intent on having another child, and was perfectly fine with trying for one.

2. This season of Teen Mom might be awfully boring for Maci's storyline now that her party girl lifestyle and failure to pay taxes has been brought to light.

If she gets pregnant and shows how good of a mother she can be, she might be able to get the good-girl edit back for any future seasons of Teen Mom.

Also, new babies and pregnancies always rake in the most views on MTV shows. More people watched the episode where Jenelle gave birth to Kaiser than any other episode last season.

3. Maci hasn't been posting about partying or drinking lately, and that's slightly out of the normal.

There haven't been pictures of her surfacing where she's doing a beer bong on the beach, or passed out drunk on the steps.

While this might simply be a transition to adulthood and responsibility shining through, it might also be the fact that Maci is smarter than to drink while expecting a child.

It's been 4 months since her last beer-drinking selfie was posted on Instagram.


Maci hasn't posted a picture of her whole body online in nearly 11 weeks.

If the sources above are true, Maci would only be 3 or 4 months pregnant at this point and it's possible for her to hide it, but since she's so tiny and it's her second child, she might have started showing earlier than the 3 month mark.

There have also been other people commenting on it, but until I see a picture of Maci at the doctor's office, or it graces the cover of In Touch magazine, I'm not sure that I'll believe it.

I'm sure two Teen Mom stars being pregnant in one season would bring in a lot of views for MTV, but it seems like we might just have to wait and see where this one goes.

UPDATE: As of December 29th, Maci Bookout has confirmed her second pregnancy to In Touch.

She is currently 16 weeks pregnant with a girl, and is due in June of 2015. This will be the first child for her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, and the second child for Maci.


On "Being Catelynn", Tyler pretty much called the engagement off after it was revealed he had canceled the wedding, like, a week before it was going to happen. He did ask for the ring back and put it back on Catelynn, but I don't think it was on her ring finger. I think he called it a promise ring or something. So even though he gave it back, he made it clear it wasn't an engagement ring any more. It was kind of messed-up.

"I promise to keep leading you on and leave you with an abandonment complex and cause you to never, ever look for someone who is actually deserving of your love and devotion."

If B&T had any sense they'd stay far away from any wedding that C&T might have. . . and I'm not thinking there will ever be one, unless the MTV gravy train comes a-callin'.

Yeah, if this wedding ever happens, there's no way Brandon and Teresa will attend or let C&T borrow Carly so she can finally be their flower girl (if and when they ever get hitched, I'm sure Nova II will be old enough to throw flowers around). Most likely B&T will send them a gift and be done with it.

I wonder if Catelynn and Tyler invited Brandon and Teresa to Nova II's birth. Ha ha I'm just kidding. Sort of.

Catelynn will probably be insulted that Teresa didn't buy her another bracelet because she invited her to watch her give birth...a gift to watch something that she can't do herself, ya know!

The caption on the picture says something about their 'new baby girl'. These idiots still haven't gotten it through their thick skulls that Carly is not their 'baby girl'. B&T need to get the heck out of dodge.

I think that if a girl or couple do decide to give their baby up for adoption, its easier in the end to do the 'closed adoption-option' Giving up a baby is hard enough i think, to have it 'open' they cant distance themselves enough, so its hard on everyone, the bio-parents, the couple that adopted, and the child involved. C&T and B&T are a perfect example of it getting awkard :-/

I think if an adoption happens, maybe pictures every year or so is okay, but it is too confusing for everyone if the bio parents get to be around the child. I just don't see how it could be okay for anyone involved. Just seeing the child in person and being able to touch them would be too much for me to handle, personally.

I think it's only getting awkward because Catelynn and Tyler really don't want to let it go. I admit, if I ever gave a baby up for adoption, I would probably want a semi-open adoption. Something that can allow me some sort of insight into the baby's life without it becoming a hassle on the adoptive parents or making me feel too much regret on my part. With C&T, it's been five years---six this May---and they still haven't learned to let go. They're still hanging onto this fantasy that one day Carly will come back to them and they'll be one big happy family with her and Nova II.

With a baby on the way and parenthood looming in their faces, Catelynn and Tyler should probably put the adoption in a little box and move on with their daughter until Carly is old enough to decide herself whether or not she wants a relationship with them. I'm not saying C&T should forget about Carly or the adoption. But hanging onto all those feelings, especially with a baby on the way, can't be healthy for anybody. I mean, they've already put Carly's photos in Nova II's nursery. If that's not a sign of delusion, I don't know what is.

They put pictures of Carly, a child that is no longer theirs, in their daughters room? Oh my goodness. B&T needs out of the country now.

C&T should either never have been on Teen Mom to start with, or they should've broken up, like how the girls from TM and TM2/3 are known for having a baby in their teens, C&T are known for being the couple that gave their baby up for adoption.
The only reason they were casted for Teen mom is because the adoption was open, and it just made the storyline that bit more interesting. No Carly-obsession, no MTV.
Catelyn has her own insecurities and annoying ways, but Tyler wouldnt want her any other way, he's a manipulating creep, their relationshit is so unhealthy
I'd hate to be B&T, this is just gonna get creepier

See I find it hard to mock C+T about how they still act like Carly is theirs because I know if I gave up a child i'de be the same, i'de still want the kid and feel an entitlement to him or her. ... but in saying that i would never give my child up for adoption. EVER. It takes very strong people to be able to cope mentally with adoption, and I know I couldn't cope with it.
I know adoption is incredibly SELFLESS .. it is the biggest gift you can give someone. BUT in saying that, i think when C and T made their decision they didn't truly want to give her up. I think Tyler pushed her to di it for the wrong reasons; he wanted to be a kid, immature, not be woken by a baby or tied down etc and this is why he pressured her into it. He turned a selfless act into a selfish one because he coerced someone to give their baby up, did it for selfish reasons and now want her back now they are ready. I refuse to believe Tyler forced her to give her up to "give carly a better life" because if that was the case he wouldn't have wished he picked other parents even though she is happy there because they couldnt post fucking pictures :O How can they advocate adoption when they clearly regret their decision? When you choose adoption you should do it solely for the child because if you do it for yourself you will regret it because your situation changes. I.e. don't do it because YOU'RE young and immature do it because your child doesn't deserve a young and immature parent, don't do it because YOU can't afford it.. do it because your child deserves the BEST and wont get the best with you .... does that make sense? I am rambling .. it makes sense in my head but my head is a bit organised since christmas.

I think Catelynn and Tyler should have only done one or two seasons of "Teen Mom" to show what it was like to handle being a birth parent, to deal with family and friends who felt you made the wrong decision, and to wonder if giving up your baby was really worth it. It was something new that set them apart from the other couples/girls who chose to parent.

However, Catelynn and Tyler should have left the show after they met Carly and got to see for themselves that they did the right thing placing her with another family. Hanging on for another two seasons and being forced to rehash the adoption and whatnot wasn't the right to do, and I think it made C&T regress emotionally. Who knows where they'd be if MTV kicked them off the show after the first couple of seasons.

Hatethatiloveteenmom---I think Catelynn and Tyler's sense of entitlement bugs me because Carly is five years old at this point and they're still acting like they have a right to her because they're her birth parents. I think it's odd to hang onto all those negative feelings when the kid is several years old and C&T are going to become first-time parents next month or so. It'd be exhausting to hang onto the what-ifs and could have beens, specially with a baby on the way. And, yeah, the picture thing was fucking annoying. Oh, my God, was it ever annoying. That also sealed the deal for me, at least, when it comes to criticizing those two. If you're honestly going to sit there and say you would have chosen different parents over PICTURES, then you're not just entitled---you're a spoiled brat.

Yeah sorry that soudned like iw as saying you shouldn't mock them lol, you go ahead and mock them because they do deserve it, they are selfish and horrible and entitled... I just feel like a hypocrite because i would be the same if i gave a child up but i wouldn't give a child up for adoption but if i did i would be selfish too. Makes me feel like a bitch to admit it but honestly i'm not mentally strong enough. I know a great birth mother, she always said she made sure she did it solely for the child and not herself. She hates when pregnant women say "I'm not ready, I haven't finished school, I haven't got a degree, I don't have my own house, I haven't lived life, I am not stable" ... she always said "my child doesn't deserve a low income govt assisted household, my child doesn't deserve a mother with no life experience that would end up trying to live life and party while my baby is with a sitter, my child doesn't deserve to not have nice things or have what they need, my child doesn't deserve to feel stress or sad because of my mistake" ... she basically described C and T .. they throw in occasionally they did it for carly but lets be honest, tyler didn't do it for carly, he was a scared little boy who was terrified of responsibility .. still is!

Haha. Thanks. I wasn't accusing you of anything, just saying why I don't feel bad about criticizing them. Honestly, I don't know if I'd be able to give a baby up for adoption, too. It does take a lot of strength to do that. Also, Catelynn did admit at the end of "Teen Mom" that one of the big reasons why she gave Carly up was to keep Tyler around. So they admitted that keeping their relationship was one of the reasons why they chose adoption. Which is pretty selfish especially since that relationshit has gotten steadily worse since they were teenagers. Then again, it also shows exactly why giving Carly up was the right thing to do---even if it was for all the wrong reasons.

I certainly don't think it makes you a bitch to say that you wouldn't be able to handle giving a baby up for adoption...especially when you say how strong a person it takes to do so. Some of us are NOT cut out for giving a baby up for adoption. Catelynn and Tyler weren't. They each came from broken homes and parents who couldn't give two shits so they have a hard time understanding the boundaries of "this child is not our child." In the first season of Teen Mom when they got their Carly tattoos, they told the people at the tattoo parlor, "Oh yeah, like, we can see her whenever we want as much as we want." It's like all the adoption counseling and explanations of how the open adoption would work went in one ear and out the other.

Same with Salazaar. I thought her Aunt and Uncle were very clear with "this would be OUR baby. We would be it's parents. Not you." but in a kind way. But Salazaar still lets Callie refer to her as mommy and I'm sure that hurts her Aunt. It's like she wouldn't take on the responsibilities of raising the child on her own and BEING a parent, but she still wants the label because she can't respect the boundaries her relatives tried to set. I would never, never, ever give a baby to a close relative like that. Probably not any relative. It just sets you up for a lifetime of "what ifs" and "what could have beens."

I've never been pregnant. I don't know what it's like to grow a human and create that bond. I have no idea if I would be strong enough to do any type of adoption but I think if I could, I'd want it closed but with the option of the kid having access to my identity and a way to contact me when or after he or she was 18 and decided he/she was ready. That way, everyone has grown up a bit and the kid gets the parents I chose for them and I get to learn how to respect the fact that I'm not their parent.

@Rae: Very well said. I agree.

I always found it odd that Catelynn and Tyler said that. Like, geographically, it doesn't make sense. They live in Michigan and Carly lives in North Carolina. Even if they did have less boundaries, it's not feasible for C&T to just see Carly whenever they want to. It was just a weird thing to say.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: If I were Brandon and Teresa, I would have closed that adoption a long time ago. Especially after Catelynn's disrespectful comments on Being Catelynn about Teresa not being able to have kids and Catelynn giving her something she could never had had otherwise.
I plan to adopt some day, and this show has made up my mind that I want a closed adoption.

I think if i was in her place i'd make that comment too, its just coz she wishes she never gave Carly up, so she resents Teresa for being closer to Carly than she can be, its actually quite sad i think

It was completely unnecessary, and the way she said it was so crude and mean. She basically said, "I PUSHED THAT BABY OUT OF MY VAGINA BECAUSE TERESA COULDN'T." And the adoption was five years old at that point! Yeah, Catelynn can be mad all she wants, but she needs to direct that anger towards Tyler to putting an insane amount of pressure on her to give Carly up the first place even though it was clear Cate wanted to parent. But she can't bring herself to call him out or else he may leave, so she says that horrible stuff about Brandon and Teresa. It's pathetic.

I don't feel bad for her. She made her bed, she can lay in it. If her and Tyler weren't so freaking lazy they could have raised Carly themselves, but they chose to give her to Brandon and Teresa and they should be thankful that Carly has good parents. If Caetlynn can't remain civil on national television, then she has no business being in Carly's life whatsoever.

Oh ok, i didnt know in what tone and manner she actually said it, this i have no understanding for, and if i were B&T would close the adoption

I wonder if it says somewhere in their agreement whether B&T are allowed to cut off contact at their discretion, despite the initial open adoption agreement. I don't know a thing about the limitations of adoption contracts, or what would be included in one.

I think some states do require that if the birth parents and adoptive parents agree to an open or semi-open adoption, then they are required by law to keep the initial contact unless the birth parents try to, like, kidnap the kid or something. I'm not sure what Michigan's adoption laws are like, but if Brandon and Teresa are legally required to keep contact with C&T, they're doing a good job limiting how much contact they can have.

If I were B&T, I'd be waiting out the fallout of Catelynn and Tyler having this baby and coming to the conclusion that they are the master of all things parenting and deciding they're entitled to have a bigger role in the parenting of Carly. I hope they have a bomb shelter somewhere in their back yard so they can hunker down with Carly and some spam and s'mores and wait the crazy out.

How could we forget Catelynn proclaiming how deserving she was of a relationship with Carly because she "pushed her out of her vaginal canal." Who says that? Like Teresa should be thanking her for giving birth. I'm sure she's thankful but what is she supposed to do cate, worship you? What a horrible thing to say. I would be livid if I was Teresa and found out that she said that. I couldn't believe it when I heard it.

I hope that once Nova arrives and C&T get a taste of real parenting (e.g. getting up every two hours at night, changing explosive poop diapers, dealing with a sick baby, etc.) they'll realize it takes more than just giving birth to be Mom and Dad. Catelynn seems eager to parent so for her I also hope she's occupied enough with Nova through the years that she won't spend so much brain/emotional power on Carly and start to let go.

LDH, I doubt Tyler will stick around after their kid is born. He doesn't seem to like Cate very much and continues to make excuses to break things off with her (How many times has he broken their engagement??)

I have a suspicion Tyler will take off for a large city and we'll find out he has some old sugar daddy taking care of him.

Well, Catelynn already said that Nova II and Carly will have a relationship and know each other as sisters. Knowing Cate's lack of boundaries and respect, I think Catelynn wants her daughters to know each other as sisters right away instead of years from now, when they're both teens/young adults. She's very entitled, and I think she believes she has every right to Carly even all these years later. I also think she's just biding her time until Carly turns eighteen. Catelynn probably has this fantasy that Carly will ditch Brandon and Teresa as soon as she legally becomes an adult and join her REAL mom and her REAL sister. Like Carly will say, "Thanks for raising me, Brandon and Teresa, but I'm going to live with Catelynn now. She's my real mom cause she pushed me out of her vaginal canal, not you."

I really hope that Nova II's birth will cause Catelynn to sort of move on from the adoption and focus on the baby she actually chose to parent rather than the baby she gave up nearly six years ago. Focus on the present and the now instead of the what-ifs. Hope that Carly will at least want to know you when she's older. Just leave that kid and her parents alone.

Sigh. Cate and Ty have to be the most ridiculous couple ever. They're so far up each other's asses, bragging about how they've been together for 10-11 years, have a house together, went through an adoption and still managed to stay together, are about to have another kid, yet won't commit marriage wise. I just don't get the point of getting engaged and breaking it off a couple times. They were so close before, I still don't get why they didn't go through with it. I must have missed something. I didn't watch them on couples therapy. They just make no sense to me at all. What exactly are either one of them doing (besides filming and having another kid) that is keeping them from tying the knot? They don't have jobs or go to school or anything that I know of.

It boggles my mind that they purposely planned a pregnancy before getting married. Meanwhile, they spent the last four or five years doing nothing but talk about tying the knot. Like I said in another post. if they really want to get married that badly, they can just go to City Hall and get it down and over with. But they won't because Tyler doesn't want to settle down with Catelynn. Oh, he'll knock her up all right, but he won't marry her. He's such a self-absorbed little coward.

I don't understand why any couple plans a baby before marriage. Like, you're not committed enough to marry each other but y'all are committed enough to purposely create another human being?

And it's so stupid, too, because Tyler can always divorce Catelynn if it came down to it. But he can't exactly divorce his daughter. Even if he's not involved with Nova II's life, he'll still have to pay child support for the next eighteen years. It's harder to walk away from a child than from a spouse.

Tyler never struck me as somebody who really wanted kids. Like, he doesn't give the impression that he actually wants to be a father. He also has a really bad temper and tends to freak out over the simplest, tiniest stuff. Maybe he just wants one kid and figured knocking up somebody he's known for the last decade or so is better than starting fresh. Like Amber, I really can't see Tyler being a full-time parent. At least Amber has the excuse that she needs to get her life on track before she can have Leah back even half the time. Tyler's just selfish and self-absorbed.

Omg yes it's like my sister. Her and her boyfriend have a baby and I asked if they planned on getting married l. She said no they had things they needed to work on before something that serious. I'm like umm yall have a fing baby, u can't get any more serious than that.

Wow . sorry to hear that.
C&T are not mature enough to raise a child. Not everyone should have kids.

I don't get it either. People say it's just a piece of paper and yeah that's part of it, it doesn't make the relationship itself any different but it does offer you many legal rights, benefits and protections.

To me, it's fine if a couple chooses not to get married for whatever reason. You don't have to be married to be happy. But catelynn and Tyler have always made such a big deal about wanting to get engaged and married that it's strange that they haven't after all these years. We saw them get engaged initially on the first season of teen mom. Catelynn has had a wedding dress that we saw on being Catelynn. She paid it off and told her mom that she hoped she would wear it someday since Tyler called off the wedding. I just don't understand what's holding them back or what they are so afraid of.

I think Tyler thinks "I can commit to a child but not catelynn" ... which makes no sense, if you have a child you should at least try and make sure they have a mum and dad together but they don't seem to care. I don't see Tyler handling fatherhood well. My money is on he will criticise Cate for not doing her job as a mother (not getting up at every feed and changing every single diaper) and tell her she needs to change or no wedding. Cate will continue to let him change her. He will cheat on her eventually and she will forgive him the first time because he will tell her "well I was still hurt that you cheated on me years and years ago after you went thorugh the trauma of me making you give our girl away" .. she will forgive him but then he will cheat again and leave, she will always want him back and he will always keep her as an option, going back when he is single but not comitting to her ... He is emotionally abusive.

@Extravagant---a piece of paper may not be important to you, but it is important to Catelynn. It's not like she and Tyler decided that they'd rather be domestic partners. Catelynn WANTS to be married, and Tyler keeps putting it off for stupid reasons. They even had their entire wedding planned, and he called it off, like, literally a week before it was going to happen. Then he canceled their engagement (I believe he did this on "Couples Therapy") and then asked Catelynn for her ring back ON CAMERA knowing that millions of people would see it. So, no, it's not like they want to be domestic partners and we're all bitching at them for not being married. Catelynn wants to get married and Tyler doesn't. That's a huge dealbreaker and one of them isn't going to be happy in the long run because of it.

I agree with you ladies about C&T, they gave their daughter up so they could grow up, finish school, and college. Then get married, and start a family. But they haven't done any of these things except finish school, and turn into adults, who are now still engaged with a new baby on the way.
I don't understand that.... but to each their own I guess.
But the way you girls talk about Tyler, maybe it's a good thing for Cate, that they haven't gotten married. She can always walk away, no strings attached.
I personally don't see her doing it, but maybe when Nova starts reacting to Tyler's fits, Cate will find strength in her daughter. But who knows...

@BLANKET, oh wow! I didn't know all of that. Poor Cate. What is wrong with Tyler? If he doesn't want to be with Cate, then let her go, and let her move on.
Cate needs to realize that she is letting him have his cake and eat it too. Tyler is never going to change, especially if he is getting everything he wants.
Maybe after Nova is born, Cate will then see what's really going on.

I'm also hoping that Catelynn grows up and gets the hell out of dodge for Nova II's sake. Tyler explodes over every little thing, and the way he's treated their dogs in the past is appalling. There's no way he's emotionally ready to be a father. It's weird, but he's a lot more immature and emotionally stunted in his early twenties than he was when he was a teenager.

Yikes, if he was abusive towards a helpless animal, what would he be like towards a helpless baby, that cries a lot? Oh my Cate needs to remove her self and her daughter ASAP.

I am not saying Tyler would harm the baby. But if he keeps Cate stressed out, the baby will pick up on that.

Maybe, it will work out for the best, maybe Tyler will grow up, when he realizes that he in fact has to take care of, and love this sweet little human, in order for her to grow. :)

I mean, damn, marriage is important, but getting a divorce doesn't necessarily make you a bad person, there are good reasons for it. Ditching your child, on the other hand, you're a piece of shit on a stick for life.

This show is soooooo good at saying teen pregnancy is wrong... for real.
All these girls are still early 20's, but they are in a better place than most poor students struggling to get by!
Cate is pregnant, Maci is probably pregnant, Amber will be pregnant soon or already is, Gary's girl is supposedly pregnant ... jeezo.

My husband just took me to Chattanooga for the weekend for my birthday, and I hate to admit to it but I was actively looking for Maci. Sadly, I didn't see her any where though. It would be nice to know if she really was pregnant. I guess time will only tell.

Someone on the last post mentioned that the 16&P episodes were on Hulu+ I rewatched Leah's and ended up watching like half of Season 1 of TM2. God, it's like watching old home movies (my obsession with this show is officially unhealthy lol)!

Anyone else have Hulu+ and care to reminisce?

I watched a few of them over Thanksgiving and will probably watch some tonight. I usually try to keep my Teen Mom obsession on the down low so my husband doesn't think i'm nuts. But tonight he will be gone, so hopefully I can stay up late and watch. I love watching the Jenelle/Keiffer scenes. I miss Keiffer.

LOL some wifes have affairs, we watch teen mom in secret.

PS I know it's wives I was trying to say more "wifeys" ... the schools aren't well here.

Haha yeah. I was pregnant when Teen Mom first came on and I didn't miss an episode. I discovered Twitter about the same time and they were the only people I followed on Twitter for a long time. Then I found this wonderful site, and a lot of minutes have been wasted reading everyone's comments :) I love this place.

I got to the "High, high. Ya both high scene a few minutes ago and my day has been made! I can't wait to get to Season 2 Episode 1 so I can here "Well Jenelle..." I think we all know how the rest goes ;)

I feel like I'm at a concert, and the singer just did that thing where they point the microphone at the audience so they can sing the main line of the chorus. Sing along, everybody! "I SEEN YOU WITH KEIFFAH!"

Rock on Deer Cam!

So off topic, but how great would a Teen Mom Christmas album be? I can just imagine Barb crooning "deck the hawlls with friggin holly, falalalalalalalala. My bitch of a daughtah sometimes does molly falalalalalalalala."

That was beautiful, Deer Cam, haha. Joy to the world: "Welllll, Fuckballllll, Jenelle showed up! I didn't...think...she'd show!! Nathan's goddammed druuunk, ya left Kaizuh in tha trunk! 'But Barb, he's so clingy! Just leave me alooooonnnneee!' Whoopsiedoo-oooh! I clocked ya with the tree!"

It's funny how kieffer has "left"the show but everyone still misses him,unless gaythan is locked up again,we probably won't hear from him. Since u guys mentioned him,i was googling him and found this. all the best barbism quotes

That sounds like fun! I have hulu+, so maybe I'll catch a couple of episodes tonight. I don't have it in me to rewatch the shit show that was Leah's marriage to Corey, and the same thing goes with Chelsea running back to Adam every ten seconds. I might just watch all of the Jenelle segments, so then I can have a fun drinking game by myself. Like whenever she brings a different guy around Jace, every time Barb refers to "the weed," every time she gets arrested...I'll have alcohol poisoning by the end of the night.

I had forgotten soooooo much of the show and it's really all just fascinating for me now. Kail was so thin! Leah's hair when she got married to Corey was so.. dar I say it? Cute! Jenelle looks so freaking alive! And Chelsea's friend Megan was a human color! Speaking of Megan, Chelsea did her dirty as fuuuuuuuck over Adam. I had forgotten how shady that shit was.

Oh wait what about megan and chelsea? And megan is kinda ugly and old lady lookin now, looks like has had too much botox and sunbeds. She use to be so cute and beautiful but on her instagram she just looks like a 35 year old woman trying to look young and hip :(

If I remember right from your previous posts, you were never a fan of Chelsea but you have to admit she's made progress since then! I've always liked her, some times more than others, but I'm not one of those blind fangirls that can't admit she ever did anything wrong. Chelsea was and still is pretty damn selfish. Aside from her family, Megan was one of the few people who were always there for her. She did a hell of a lot more for Aubree than Adam was at that time. But Chelsea was obsessed with the faaaamilyyy thing, so she picked Adam over everyone else, time and again. Ugh, I don't want to watch that again. Jenelle's failures are so ridiculous they're comical. Chelsea's are just plain sad.

I haven't seen this in a long time, so Jenelle's 5th Baby Daddy and anyone else can feel free to correct me. But back in Chelsea's more pathetic days, (I think it was the blonde hair era) she was living with Megan in a house Randilicious was paying the rent on. His one rule was no Adam. Megan couldn't stand Adam either. Chelsea moved Adam in, and I think basically told Megan if she didn't like it she could leave?

I kind of forget what happened. There was a period where I wasn't watching "Teen Mom 2" so much. Didn't Chelsea let Adam move in with her even though she knew Megan didn't like Adam? And Megan eventually moved out because of it? I sort of remember that, and, yes, it was incredibly fucked up. Way to choose an asshole over one of the few people supporting you, Chels!

I agree, Chelsea has made a lot of progress, i never expected her to finish any type of education she chose to do, it always seemed too much for her, and interrupted with her lying around and calling her daddy to complain how hardddd everything is :-/ She looks a lot better, she's actually got it all sorted out in her life.
Megan's lost too much weight, it hasnt done for her what it has done for Chelsea

@HATETHATILOVETEENMOM I was referring to what Deer Cam has alluded too. The whole situation with Adam moving in and basically pushing Megan out. Despite the fact that Megan helped with Aubree and was actually welcomed there by Randy who was paying the goddamn bills!

@SEEN YOU ON THE DEER CAM Yes, those are my feelings towards Chelsea. I don't think she's a bad mom or bad person, but I do think she's a brat and annoying. But I could see how she's be relatable and likable to other people, so I won't hold it against you ;) I'd absolutely never want to be her friend or even meet her really, because her whole voice, personality and overall demeanor make my skin crawl. Lol, but let me stop going in on her. Looking back at these episodes is reminding me why I have these feelings in the first place. I watched Season 5 and thought, "She's not all that bad. Maybe I was just being a hater back when I was 17." It has all come rushing back now. I feel like she certainly has matured in the time she's been on tv. But just like Jenelle, I feel she's become better at hiding the less flattering parts of herself from the cameras and the world. For that, I cannot blame her, but I still don't like that chick.

And on this topic! I never understood why in fucking fuck Randilicious got that house for her to begin with. I don't know much about South Dakota, but are there no apartments in Sioux Falls? Under what life narrative do 18 year olds need an entire fucking house? When I was 18 I shared a dorm the size of a tuna can with my roommate and we survived. Randy was renting the house for Chelsea anyway, so what would have been the difference between that and an apartment? He was paying for Chelsea, Aubree and Chelsea's fucking friend to lay around the house rent free. Adam made mention of how Megan wasn't paying rent to Randy. Like Megan's parents didn't even have the decency to pay some money to Randy each month, just as a courtesy?? (Randy is well off, so there's the possibility he wouldn't accept money from his friends. And Megan did provide free childcare. Which in that case is generous of him) That shit still boggles my mind. Like it's great that he's supportive and gives Chelsea the best, but it was such a bizarre and pointless use of money.

I agree with both, Chelsea is a lazy girl that has had everything handed to her in life. She is annoying and babied and can't discipline well but she has made progress since the early days. The behaviour chart to be consistent was good progress but I doubt she would stick to it.

Jenelle's 5th Baby Daddy, I totally get it! There's a lot of really negative things about Chelsea, and I can tell you that in real life, she and I wouldn't be friends. But she's always been the silliest and funniest of the four of them, which is a huge part of why I like her. Kail is essentially Eeyore, moping nonstop. Leah has spiraled way down since the beginning but even in the early days, she was kind of a downer too. Jenelle's entire personality is just gone from all the drugs. Poor thing is just a shell.

Yeah, out of the motley crew we're working with Chelsea is by far the best!!! I don't take any of the stuff she's doing right from her, because it's sooooo badly needed on this show(:

Watching her whole relationship with Adam is so strange looking back. Like Adam was definitely a lazy, mooching jackass, but at the same time I could kind of feel where he was coming from. Chelsea is no saint and sometimes on Teen Mom 2 it's like he is literally the only person that sees through her bullshit. That isn't a reason to be a deadbeat father or constantly go out of you way to fuck with someone's self esteem tho. Adam is so shitty in innumerable ways, but I just wish he wasn't such a piece of shit. For Aubree's sake first and foremost, but also so he would have a leg to stand on when he called her out on shit! Watching S1 back, he made many snide and very true remarks about Chelsea being lazy, spoiled and never doing housework. But Adam was a smelly moochers who did nothing but play COD so his indictments of Chelsea's character fell on deaf ears, because Chelsea is not a total and complete POS like him.

I know the most common consensus in the TM2 world is that Adam was emotional abusive and broke down Chelsea's self esteem and this and that. I do believe all of that to an extent, it's hard to be 17 and think you're in love. But at the same time, women have egos too! Adam made Chelsea look stupid as all hell many times, and I think a lot of their back and forth was Chelsea trying to "win" and undo all the embarrassment she brought upon herself.

I'm sorry for the huge tangent, there's just a ton of TM2 stuff on my mind lol.

When I watched it over Thanksgiving I was shocked at how thin Kail was!!! I didn't like her from the beginning but watching these old episodes makes me hate her more! Even when she a Jo were on decent terms, she was so short with Janet and Eddie, they should have kicked her ass out long before they did.

i dont hate her, ( Chelsea ) and ok, it seems she's grown up a bit since the first episodes, but cant imagine her being fun to hang out with, nor any of the other teen moms, either they've got too many issues and are depressing, or they're boring apart from the fact they had a baby

@ Jenelles, I do like Chelsea, always have. I don't fall for her perfect edit that she gets, but as far as taking care of her kid she is excellent. She even said on the last reunion show that she doesn't discipline Aubree on camera because she is worried about backlash from fans. I would like to think that she does a better job disciplining her when cameras aren't around.

Anyway, I think Megan moved out on her own because of something Adam said to her when Chelsea wasn't there. Chelsea shouldn't have let him move in, but she was a 17 year old single mom who wanted that perfect family life. I think it's better to try and fail than always wonder "What if?" especially regarding a kid and her father. However, she kept making that mistake over and over again, which was incredibly dumb.

@JEREMYS BLANK LOOK I guess I could understand that but I still have several issues with that. Like I said, I don't take any of the good stuff she does away from her. Aubree always looks very neat and speaks well. I love that she's involved in activities and doing weel, like from the bottom of my heart. But I think she has a very fickle system of morality and few scruples. She's been caught in lies and wants what she wants when she wants it. I just don't like that. I don't like any of the broads on this program though, so it doesn't really matter lol. Jenelle, Leah, Jordan, Amber and those other train wrecks are just a trashy headache. But the Chelseas aren't that damn much better by my estimation. See I don't watch these shows to divide them into false dichotomies of good and bad mothers/people. It is just a voyeuristic look into another reality that I find interesting.

I believe you are very right about living without "What ifs", but Chelsea was doing it on her father's dime, against his house rules and at the expense of a really good friend who supported her. That reflected very very poorly on her character to me and it's astounding Randy took such blatant disrespect and her constant flippancy lying down . Throughout the show, I've continued to see a pattern of disrespect, snippiness and brattiness towards people who have done nothing but support Chelsea.

I may end up watching some old episodes since I'm off work this week. I'll never forget how Kail did Janet and Eddie really dirty. How fucking hard was it to just not have a boyfriend and stay at the Riveras until she could comfortably afford to move out with Isaac? Getting back at Jo was priority though.

I also get the "what if I never tried" regarding Chelsea and Adumb. Even so, Randy should have pushed her way harder to have Aubree's last name changed. That's frustrating to me, especially considering the likelihood of his returning to jail or perhaps prison. The possibility of him wanting to play happy family was too tempting though.

Didn't Adam text Megan from Chelsea's phone to demand she pay rent or something or get out? And Chelsea was just like 'Adam-uh!! Don't." but didn't back up her friend or call her to say "I'm so sorry that wasn't me texting and he's being a dick. Completely disregard that because obviously that's not what you moved in agreeing to and you're the one who's been there for me, not him." Or something along those lines.

Two 17 year olds shouldn't have the opportunity to live in a house together with no financial accountability in the first place, but the fact that she just let her skeevy boyfriend who wasn't supposed to be there in the first place make this new rule about how MEGAN should be paying rent when he wasn't doing jack shit and neither was Chelsea was just icky and dirty. She should have chosen her friend in that one. Megan and Chelsea definitely should have been contributing towards their living expenses, but Randy set up the situation the way he did and it was understood that Megan didn't need to pay rent which is why she moved in. Is it opportunistic? Yes. But Randy seemed fine with it and Megan didn't seem like she was maliciously taking advantage of his incredible offer. Adam 1) wasn't supposed to be staying there or living there and 2) should have fucking contributed when he DID start living there.

Randy super disappointed me on that one but it didn't surprise me. Randy should have been like "You broke my rule so you need to start paying all these expenses or move back home and assist me with the process of subletting the place so that you know how much of a hassle it is for me to do all this for you and the value of what I do for you." But he was just like, "Well you know I don't like Adam..."

Meanwhile Megan had to move her shit out of her place because her friend chose her skeezy boyfriend over her AND let the boyfriend treat her like shit and demand that she pay rent. I think the fact that Chelsea didn't stand up for Megan and just let her get steamrollered by Adam was what pissed her off more than the prospect of her financial/living situation changing. Adam had no right to demand payment because it was Randy's agreement with Megan in the first place. And, as I recall, Adam had spent the weeks before the text message demanding rent saying shitty rude things to Megan in her own home and the text message was just the last straw. Adam was a douche and Chelsea was a bad friend. They both sucked there.

Yeah I never understood why he got her a house in the first place... If you can't afford to live on your own then you shouldn't. Maybe he just really didn't want a screaming baby around that badly?

Jace was the cutest little baby!!! OMG I can barely handle it *heart eyes emoji*

I thought at the end of that first season they'd put up an 800 #.. " if you'd like to adopt Jace or any of the kids featured on Teen Mom..."

I would have called. He was adorable. He looks so much like Janelle.

Seriously!!! And Jenelle looks just like Barbara

Jenelles gonna be Barb In 30 years..

I wish Barb was a relative.. or a coworker.. I bet shes a hoot!

Why tf did Kieffer have his hair blow dried in so many episodes of this show?

I don't know but Keiffah was my hands down (thumbs down) all time favorite star of the Teen Mom.
I wish they'd bring him back. Leave the hard drugs, bring the bong business.. Jenelles lIfes been boring to watch since then..

Mine too, he provided some of the funniest moments of the show. The mystery of his whereabouts was also fascinating, how whenever he came to meet Jenelle he seemingly appeared from the mist out of nowhere.

He really did. Between him and Babs..
That's the last time I was into the show..

Then they had Babs sit at the table and explain what her and Mike found when they went to Jenelles house.

Babs is the greatest. I wish she read books on tape. I would listen to them 24/7.

I think they simply met at a party. We need a petition to bring kieffuh back.

scenes with babs and keiffer were by far the most entertaining of any of the 16&p/teen mom franchise. i definitely miss keiffer and his green hoodie...mtv should do a catch up segment with him!

I knew he wore a green hoodie! !

Yeah, I miss him too. Made Jenelles segments less irritating.

Is it wrong that I think Kieffer was probably one of Jenelle's best boyfriends on the show?

I mean, I know he got her hooked on heroin, but I always got the feeling he genuinely cared for both her and Jace. He certainly cared for them more than Nathan does.

I don't have Hulu+ but I do watch old episodes on Amazon Prime! I will definitely do some reminiscing as I am on winter break AND sick. Lately when I've been bored I've been watching different/random 16&P episodes.

On a side note, I made some gifts for my bridesmaids for Christmas.. and when my fiance asked what they were I said, "Oh just some gifts for the girlses.." He was like, "Did you just say... girlses??" Lol! It's getting bad y'all.

Congratulations on getting married! Will you be employing for your all of your bride and bridesmaid needs? ;)

It cracks me up that so many other girls on this site also have Teen Mom/TMJ term slip ups! My husband and I call our three cats "the girlses" at home, but I'm just waiting for the day I make a real slip-up in the real world. I am responsible for writing and sending out all network-wide emails at my place of employment, and I'm actually terrified I will do it there, lol

This is OT but I've been following this girl on Instagram for a few years who got pregnant at 15- she now has more than 66,000 followers. Anyway she's always been really secretive about who the father of her daughter is, but finally tagged him in a Facebook post the other day. Well I did some Internet snooping on him and found out he's 37!!! He knocked up a 15 year old when he was 35!!! That is sick and he should be in jail! I don't have an issue with big age gaps when both relationship partners are of consenting age but holy shit. If I found out a 35 year old man was dating my 15 year old child I'd murder him! And if I didn't kill him he'd be in jail no questions asked!

JESUS GOD. I am 23 and I am going through a breakup with a guy my age... I realized what a jerk he was when I found out he was dating a 17 year old last year ("it was a family friend!") when he was 22. She was a very innocent and religious high schooler and he was an immature but anything but innocent college senior/graduate. I was a really mature teenager, an "old soul" and I still can't imagine what that age difference would have been like and the consequences that sort of relationship would have had on me. BUT KNOCKING UP A 15 YEAR OLD AT 35? That's so beyond the realm of messed up and creepy. You can't make those kind of life choices at 15, and a 35 year old should know that!!!

Absolutely! This girl looks really young to boot. Hell I had my period at 15 but was nowhere close to being done with puberty at that age!

YES. & she gets mad whenever anyone calls her out on it. I'm surprised her parents never pressed charges! Let alone allow her to move in with him while she was underage so she can play house.

Keefah pls come back to the show..
your fans

If you know what their first and last names are and what state they live in you can report him.

I believe she's 17 now- do you think the authorities would still care? I mean, how it hasn't been reported so far baffles me. Here are their facebooks:

If they do a paternity test on the baby and determine he's the father it's undeniable proof of sex abuse/sex without consent (can't consent if you're under 16 in most states). It's pretty recent so I'm sure it would be pursued.

Lyin, When are you going to do a new song? Lol

Extravagant.. there you are.. no! My son didn't get what he wanted from Santa!! My mom and I agreed we'd look elsewheres (online, on sale, after Christmas! ) for his toy. I told him the plan ahead of time, and now he's everyday on my Kindle looking it up on Amazon!!

I know you have girls .. but he likes Imaginex toys. I'm addicted too. I had all the Jem dolls (except ONE!) growing up and if I had the money, he'd have all his sets..

How was yours and the girls? Nice to talk to you again, btw!

Lol aww, that's so cool!!!! Is he being as patient as you would hope for him to be?
It's going to be sooo exciting or him when it arrives!!! "You're the BEST MOM!!"

Mine was great, the girls got what they wanted, by luck! (thank you cyber Monday!) Lol

I'm sorry, you had a hard time finding his toy, but that's why I love Amazon! I had to order my daughter's baby feeders from them. (I don't know why Wal-Mart stop carrying them!)

I'm so happy you're back!! :) :) I wish we could talk somewhere without drawing out a super long thread, I got some very funny ex baby mama drama, I think you would love! Lol

Okay OT but I felt like this would be received well here. Also, I saw someone mention the "ya high high high!" Babs moment in TM2 for jenelle (at least I think I did). Once upon a time (when I was in college and had an abundance of free time), I filmed little parodies of the TM & 16&pregnant episodes. They were on YouTube, but have since been removed (I didn't want potential employers or future students to find dirt on me). I just miss using my creative expression to mock the shit out of these mothers. Especially the episode where jenelle turned down a quick jail sentence to go to a Kesha concert.

That is all. I just had to reminisce for a moment

@Nathan's Childs I want to see them, I think that is something I would enjoy immensely :)

Once I get my goal job (and have secured my job) maybe I'll bring them back! Hang tight

They were HILARIOUS!!! Yes, you should bring them back! After you get your job, of course! :)

I suspect people who go here have watched them. One had over a few thousand views. Not sure how many other people out there made jenelle parodies though

Haha that sounds pretty awesome! You were smart to take them down though, how awkward of a conversation would THAT have been at a job interview?

Haha exactly. Like, they weren't bad or anything. But I feel like it could cause them to hire someone over me
Or maybe they would find them great and use me to be the drama club director! (I want to work in a school)

Hey girlses! I've kind of gone back to lurker-mode, because I just can't stand all the bickering... It's just way out of hand! There's too much petty bullshit going on and we're supposed to be on the same side! We don't have to agree about everything, but the nasty comments and personal attacks need to stop... Save the snark for the 16&P girls!

Anyways... I definitely think there's a good chance Maci's pregnant and if not, she's drumming up attention/interest for TM. It's working, so good job, I guess?

Also, I was looking at baby names and in a list of recommended names (If you like X, you'll LOVE Y...), Kieffer was a suggestion! And Delta was in another list. Made me laugh and think of you all!

Please don't stay in lurker mode! You helped convince me to stay out of it with your kind words a few posts back. People like you are what makes this site great.

At first I was shocked to find out Maci could be pregnant, because I truly thought if she made it this far she would be too set in her ways to have another baby. Now I think I will be shocked if she isn't. I will admit that, although I always found Maci so boring during her segments, I will definitely be interested and tuning in if she is pregnant.

Kieffer and Delta! I can only see Delta as an acceptable name for a fish, a herding or racing dog, or a very quirky mathematician's daughter.

Delta is a great drag queen name too.

Aw, I'm glad to help Empress!! Hope you're doing better. :) I just can't stand all the bickering, sucks the fun out of the hilarious comments, you know? I'll stick around though!!

whenever I see a string of bickering, I just scroll down until an entirely new comment chain starts or a new reply to the original comment is finally visible. No need to just lurk when you can ignore it and still snark on the actual subject matter of the forum, haha.

[…] local girl who spoke with Teen Mom Junkies said she is friendly (although not friends) with Maci and knows she’s “around 3 or 4 […]

I guess this has been confirmed, straight from the horse's mouth, to InTouch.


Thank you! I guess that settles that question... I still find it weird she seems to have known it's a girl well before 16 weeks... I know there's blood tests and stuff, but I would think she'd be plugging that shit in return for free tests! They aren't cheap...
I'm very very tempted to do one myself! Anyone here try the ones you do yourself and mail out the blood samples? Preferably in Canada?

Depending on the ultrasound equipment/skills of the ultrasound tech, you can find out the sex of baby earlier than 20 weeks. The reason why most people don't find out early, is because you don't get to schedule an ultrasound whenever you want. Where I live, they give you one between 18-22 weeks where they check the measurements and everything of the baby. With my first son, I was bleeding at 14 weeks, and they gave an ultrasound and told me it was a boy. They reconfirmed it at my 20 week scan. I'm pregnant right now, but won't find out till 20 weeks because nothing is wrong or high risk (knock on wood lol!)

That makes sense! And I guess in the states you can pay to have one done privately whenever you want, right? So I guess you could do that to find out early? I guess it's better to wait and not have complications though! How far along are you?

I live in Canada and we don't have to pay for scans that the doctors schedule. I know you can pay for 3d ultrasounds though. A lot of times the baby needs to be in the right position to find out. I was just lucky when I had my early one :)

I am 4 months right now. I get to find out the gender in less than a month! Hoping for a little girl since it's our last baby. I already have 2 1/2 year boy :) but a healthy baby will do for us

I'm in Canada too! :) I just meant I believe in the states they can pay privately and get extra ones if they want, but I could be wrong! I'll have my fingers crossed for a baby girl for you! :) I'm barely over 5 weeks, but I get my first one next week to make sure the baby's growing and hopefully we can see the heartbeat. :)

They're at a UT game in that first photo. I recognize that ass-end of the stadium because I had classes down there away from every other part of the school and it blew.


Totally off topic, but has anyone seen nikkole's Twitter feed for the last 24 hours? Hospital selfies, screenshots of texts from Ryan, apparently he's abusive now, she's going to have "strict custody" of her baby. I swear this bitch is always at one end or the other. She craves attention.

What is she even trying to prove?? Those texts make her look like an ass, not him... She's disgusting.

Besides that, she probably txt it to herself.

Lol. How can she brag about getting sole custody of this baby when she doesn't have custody of her firstborn? I mean, Nikkole is Lyle's older sister, pointblank. She may even be less maternal to him than Jenelle is to Jace (and I know those are fighting words). It's only going to be a matter of time before somebody else has primary custody of this baby.

It looks like they've been taken down. Love how the cLouse had to comment about "how good Nikkole looks in the hospital."

I just saw that shit last night and got to thinking about all of her "medical issues." I think she legit has Munchausens. If you add up her behavior over the years even prior to Fakebabygate, she alwayd posted about medical issues, cqr crashes, etc. We all know she feeds on thr attention that these things bring her. I was just thinking about how she's so young and is still going to the hospital all the damn time like she's some chronically ill person when she doesn't apparently have any actual chronic diseases to my knowledge. It just fits in so well with the faked stillbirth, Lyle being labeled as "sick forever" when he was like a year old, and these constant hospital visits with selfies and social media updates. I would not be surprised if she was making herself sick or just capitalizing on minor issues to make herself out to be some massive victim. It isn't healthy or normal to say the least.

She's a classic case. It's pathetic.

Will ambers ex baby daddy Gary and his girlfriend (and the new baby girl they're expexting) be on the show too?

[…] Teen Mom Junkies was the first to report that Maci was likely pregnant. A few days ago, the site posted that Maci was seen coming out of a OB/GYN appointment. The site also noticed that Maci had not posted about drinking or partying in quite some time, which is odd for the liquor-loving reality star. […]

[…] pregnancy acknowledgment comes on a heels of a news from Teen Mom Junkies  speculating that Maci was “3 to 4 months along” along. Maci’s new Instagram posts also […]