Maci Bookout: Expecting Second Child?


So, normally I don't post about things like this, but I've heard this one going around for a while, and I'm sick of writing about Leah, so I guess I'll throw something at you.

Maci Bookout is probably the most well-known star from the entire Teen Mom franchise.

She dated Ryan Edwards in high school, ended up pregnant and gave birth to her son Bentley on the first season of 16 & Pregnant.

At that point she was unaware of how much of an impact MTV would have on her life, and after 4 seasons of Teen Mom, and now a comeback season starting up in early 2015, she's received tons of publicity and notoriety among the Teen Mom world.

Anyway, since things didn't work out with Ryan, Maci has dated a few guys since we've known her. She was with Kyle King for a while and we saw that relationship happen on Teen Mom.

She also dated Kyle Regal briefly, and now she's seemed to have settled down with a guy named Taylor McKinney.

Taylor is originally from Texas, but after their relationship got a little more serious, Taylor moved to Tennessee with Maci, and the two of them bought a home together.

They've been together for a couple of years, and he will be featured on the upcoming season of Teen Mom.

Maci and Taylor have had engagement rumors being thrown around for a while, but during the last couple months, pregnancy rumors have been flying around as well.

There's a whole thread on some parenting website about the girls from Teen Mom, and one source, who we were able to track down, claims that she lives in the same city as Maci and that Maci is expecting a baby girl this time around.

She claims that Maci is around 3 or 4 months pregnant at tops, and that even though she and Maci are not friends, Maci is always polite when they run into each other.

Another source posted online that a friend was at the OBGYN for a prenatal appointment when she ran into Maci at the same doctor's office.

We've blurred out the person's name for privacy, but have also confirmed through them (and their friend) that they do believe this to be true. Here's the screen shot of their Facebook post:

maci post 1 - edit

Neither Maci or Taylor have posted anything publically about expecting a child together, but there are some things that might be indicators of a baby in the works.


Maci had an entire episode of Teen Mom featured around having a baby with Kyle King.

While he was smart enough to tell her to cool her jets, she seemed intent on having another child, and was perfectly fine with trying for one.

2. This season of Teen Mom might be awfully boring for Maci's storyline now that her party girl lifestyle and failure to pay taxes has been brought to light.

If she gets pregnant and shows how good of a mother she can be, she might be able to get the good-girl edit back for any future seasons of Teen Mom.

Also, new babies and pregnancies always rake in the most views on MTV shows. More people watched the episode where Jenelle gave birth to Kaiser than any other episode last season.

3. Maci hasn't been posting about partying or drinking lately, and that's slightly out of the normal.

There haven't been pictures of her surfacing where she's doing a beer bong on the beach, or passed out drunk on the steps.

While this might simply be a transition to adulthood and responsibility shining through, it might also be the fact that Maci is smarter than to drink while expecting a child.

It's been 4 months since her last beer-drinking selfie was posted on Instagram.


Maci hasn't posted a picture of her whole body online in nearly 11 weeks.

If the sources above are true, Maci would only be 3 or 4 months pregnant at this point and it's possible for her to hide it, but since she's so tiny and it's her second child, she might have started showing earlier than the 3 month mark.

There have also been other people commenting on it, but until I see a picture of Maci at the doctor's office, or it graces the cover of In Touch magazine, I'm not sure that I'll believe it.

I'm sure two Teen Mom stars being pregnant in one season would bring in a lot of views for MTV, but it seems like we might just have to wait and see where this one goes.

UPDATE: As of December 29th, Maci Bookout has confirmed her second pregnancy to In Touch.

She is currently 16 weeks pregnant with a girl, and is due in June of 2015. This will be the first child for her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, and the second child for Maci.


Better hurry up Amber. You don't want to be the odd man out!

I wouldn't be surprised if she had a new baby within a year.

I don't know if I can see Amber having another baby. She struggled so much with Leah, and she just doesn't seem like mother material. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Amber doesn't love Leah or care about her. But I don't think she has what it takes to be a mom. I think Leah will remain primarily in Gary's custody until she turns eighteen. Even if Amber does turn her life around a hundred percent---and I really hope she does---I don't see her getting back custody of Leah. She'll probably visit Leah a lot and have her stay with her for weekends and stuff, but I don't think Amber will ever have Leah living with her full-time again.

Tl;dr version: I'll be surprised if Amber has any more children.

That's a very good point. I know that a lot of people on here like Amber a lot, so sorry in advance, but I can see Amber having another kid for the same reasons Jenelle did. A) to trap a man B) to prove how much she's changed and C) to have another chance to have those early mother and child moments that she missed out on.

Jeeze, I really hope not. It's one thing if she accidentally got pregnant and decided to try and make it work. But to plan a pregnancy for any of those reasons is just vile (like Jenelle).

I could see Amber having more kids and getting at least shared custody back. I agree with what you're saying about her not being full time mom material in the past but she was also majorly doing drugs so I see that as being the reason why she seemed disinterested at times. But I guess we will see for sure when we see her in action again because that will really show where her priorities are as a mom.

Yeah, that is true. But I wonder if Amber turned to drugs specifically because she couldn't cope with being a full-time mom to an infant. It doesn't seem like she has/had good coping skills or anything. I don't know. If Amber ever does choose to have more kids, I hope it's years from now, after she's had a very long time to stay sober and deal with all of her demons. Having a baby right now, when she's really only started to get on track, would be a disaster.

OH YOU WILL AYM. God it never gets old.

@Catelynn's Carly Blanket

Well Amber had started abusing drugs a few years before she got pregnant (though claims to have stopped during pregnancy) and things didn't turn into a full blown addiction until after the birth of Leah. I'm sure the stresses of motherhood played a role in her addiction, but I think the pressures of fame, her bad childhood, and her turbulent relationship with Gary were other enormous factors too. I'm not trying to make excuses for her, sorry if it sounds that way. Yeah I think motherhood was a catalyst to her downfall along with other things, but it's just my perception that the other things were maybe the biggest factors overall. I think that now with her sobriety and (hopefully) better coping skills, she can be a good mom.

I also am compelled by that even in season 4 of Teen Mom when she was clearly majorly fucked up, you could tell she always loved her daughter deeply, even if she didn't act like it and put her addiction first. Whereas with Jenelle for comparison, she always seemed to be disinterested in her son before, during, and after her addiction to hard drugs. I feel like Jenelle wants to prove people wrong, and that's alright I guess. Better to be disinterested and feigning it than to be disinterested and on heroin. But Amber seems to be much more maternal than Jenelle.

I'll give you that---Amber is more maternal than Jenelle. And, yes, there were probably other factors that led to Amber's downfall. But I still don't see her becoming a full-time mom, at least not for a long while. She has a long ways to go before she can really be 100 percent better. I'll guess we'll see how she acts in this upcoming season.

Yea Amber is a lot nicer than Jenelle and more maternal for sure, she just can't handle crazy amounts of pressure like a screaming baby. I know Gary on top of it was making it stressful too but shit. I'm sure AYM is a good mom to Leah now that Leah is a child and not a screaming baby.

I definitely agree that Amber needs more time to develop into a full time mom and even more time if she wants to have another baby. Hopefully she'll be one of the few Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 stars that waits longer!

I don't have a lot of major hope for Amber. I think she's come a long way, don't get me wrong. I just think she has a lot of stuff stacked against her and falls into bad habits quite easily. Fuck, she's already got a matching tattoo with another dude before she'd even been out of prison for a year and had released a statement to Starcasm like a month previously that they weren't dating and they were taking things slow but she thought she was in love. She has a very addictive personality.

I don't think she'll go back to how bad it got before she went to prison, but I dunno. It's telling to me that she CHOSE prison because she knew she couldn't get sober otherwise. But, it's also telling to me that right after getting out of prison, she still pulled the whole "I just got out of PRISON because of things that happened between me and YOU, Gary!" shit on Gary. Gary's a douche cannoli all the way but if she couldn't take enough time and self reflection in 17 months of prison to understand that she was in there because of HER OWN decisions, I dunno what will help her understand that.

Am I a horrible person for not giving a FUCK about her recovery and not wanting to hear about gel, and wishing that FARRAH Was on the show over plain old aym? Like when I heard she was sober blah blah I was super happy for her cause I like her, but it is ALL we are going to have to hear about and I just don't. fucking. care.

I respect her for getting sober and knowing when she couldn't help herself. However, I don't agree with her decision to film IMMEDIATELY upon release from prison or her constant focus on remaining relevant via social media, magazines, TV interviews and ESPECIALLY signing on for the original Teen Mom reboot. She knows damn well that the access to money and perks that she received by being part of this franchise encouraged her addictions. Drugs, fame, attention, what I believe to be very unhealthy weight loss and making excuses for her anger issues and violence and I think she's an idiot for throwing herself back into it seemingly without a second of consideration for how it would affect her sobriety and focus on her child who didn't have a mother present for a year and a half during important years in her young life.

Part of staying sober is keeping yourself away from the situations and people that enabled and encouraged your addictions. In that respect, she is failing miserably. I know that's all very harsh and judgmental and I honestly hope she causes me to eat my words by showing that she truly has matured and stepped up (ironically by doing so on television.)

Prove me wrong and I'll respect that.

I thought amber was one of the worst moms I've ever seen. For the first year of her life poor Leah never got to come out of her play pen!! The only time amber even spoke to her baby was to trash talk Gary (yes I know the baby can't understand but still she can pick up on tone) at least janelle left her child with a responsible person when she f-ed off to do drugs... Amber should thank her lucky stars that nothing happened to Leah when she was too high to care for her/ was driving her around under the influence and that none of the dirt bags she brought around her daughter got the chance to molest her..

Sorry for the rant but honestly I think people over look a lot of ambers faults because they want to encourage her to continue to do better.. She has made some pretty huge mistakes and I don't know that a judge will ever grant her custody in the future

When has not having what it takes to be a mom stopped any of these girlses?

I never understood why Amber was attracted to Gary in the first place, call me a shallow bitch, but i really do NOT want to imagine them having sex :-/ maybe thats why she turned to drugs, haha, but seriously, im not a great supporter of therapy, but seems like Aym has too many issues she has to work on, maybe then she can get shared custody over Leah, she has more potential than Jenelle, her mood swings are of the charts :-/

@ Once a Cheato

The thing is if Gary lost a very significant amount of weight, I don't think he'd be half bad. Definitely not attractive, but passable as he doesn't have that bad of a face. Amber on the other hand is haggard. Sorry if I'm being mean but her face is seriously fucked up. She always reminded me of Ms. Piggy. So I don't think she's that far out of Gary's league honestly.

@ Jessica1991
Oh yeah, i totally agree with u on Amber, her face is just weird, and mostly coz of her eyes and lack of eyelids, add to that the humongous fake lashes, and the 'i counted 1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi in the spraytanbooth instead of 1, 2, 3 like Ross' , weightissues, angerissues, etc, and her and Gary were actually a perfect match, but like i wrote, dont want to imagine either of them even having sex, like with my parents, they have 2 kids, so they had sex twice, haha

I wanted to add. Amber started abusing drugs when Leah was still a very little baby. So maybe she'll be a more attentive mother now that she's dedicated to staying sober. But I think Amber gets overwhelmed way too easily, drugs or no drugs. Maybe she'll be a better mom now that Leah's older and more independent. But I don't think Amber can handle another infant.

Totally agree

It's the Stirrups 500! Tune in for 2015's thrilling race!!

Oh God. I'm glad AYM is clean and all but she was a fucking SHITTY ass mom. Leah was the most ill behaved kid because AYM and Gary were screaming all the fucking time. She had so many tantrums and AYM did not know how to handle them without drugses. I will give props to MTV that was birth control for anyone. Omg when Leah went in that candy store and messed up all the displays...and Aym just like fucking sat there...and the people int he store were like wtf...I would have been so embarrassed as a parent. I know tantrums happen but fuck Amber was not good at dealing with them.

OMG. I remember Leah's rampage through the chocolate store, and how Amber literally sat there and did nothing about it. Those poor employees. They probably wanted to yank Leah away from the displays, but were afraid of retribution lol.

Also, this may be off-topic, but I still fondly recall when Amber and Gary were talking about getting married and were taking these dance lessons and Amber was all "DANCE MOTHERFUCKER DANCE". Or maybe that was somewhere else. Anyway, it was hysterical. Still cracks me up along with Amber's pure unbridled joy when Gary gave her Cracker Barrel meatloaf.

My faveourite Amber/Gary moment was the time they moved into the ski chalet looking place and Gary fell through the stairs.

OMG I LOL I LOVED THAT! I loved when he proposed and she's like WAHHHH the wording isn't right!!! And he was kneeling in the sand and he's like my knee is getting all fucking wet. LOL it was SO romantic! Oh God and I loved all his fucking Beatles worthy written songs on the guitar. I mean Jesus he should have won a grammy.

Oh gosh but my TOP FAVORRRRITE ever was when he bought balloons from that lady and she was like you must have really fucked up! And he said "I'm doing this as a nice GESTURE (WITH A HARD G)" and spelled the whole card wrong. His presents were fucking hilarious...they made that show.

OMG and one more...LOL when AYm was dating that pedophile looking guy fresh out of gel, and Gary bought Aym flowers and was like well I know he can't afford any and you deserve something nice. I was kind of like damn Gary, that was ballsy as fuck. Good job. He's horrible but you can't hate him that much cause he's so fucking entertaining.

It's kind of like Farrah. She's the shittiest person, but she's hilarious because she's so clueless. I swear, if there was some kind of Gary and Farrah show, with them as a pair of platonic roomies or something, I would watch it.

It's so much funny as it is sort of fucked up, but there was that one time Amber and Gary were having Easter dinner with Gary's mom, who turned out to have married one of Gary's best friends from childhood. So a guy that Gary grew up with and was presumably close to was now his stepfather. Totes awks.

Or how about the time Amber interviewed for a job at a salon and had to take Leah with her. Leah started acting up, and Amber was all, "I can multitask. I'm real good at multitasking". Then, literally, two seconds later, she goes, "Sorry, I can't concentrate when my daughter is acting up." And she ended up getting the job! Okay, it was totally because of the cameras, but I died during that interview. I've bombed some interviews in the past, but that made me feel so much better about my own job-related fuck ups. It's almost but not quite as good as Tyler's "I LOVE PIZZZZAAAAAA!" in that super girlish voice.

OMG LOL Teen Mom job interviews are so god damn hilarious. Do you remember Aubrey Wolters one for the pizza place? was BAD. She had to do a fake phone call and just totally fucked it up, yet still got the job. And Kails at a restaurant was horrible. "Why do you want to work here." "CAUSE I NEED THE MONEY. I HAVE A SON."- in normal bitchy Kail voice. THEY ALL GOT HIRED THOUGH LOL! Oh Ayms interview at the salon pained me to watch, I felt so bad for her but yea it was hilarious.

Omg and when she took her GED test and failed miserably. "Are there smart pills I can take? I'm serious"

You guys forgot Jenelle's interview at daycare, because she's good with kids and never yells!

My favorite Amber quote - and one of my top teen mom quotes ever - is when she yelled at Gary, "Gary, we're fiancé now!" when he was doing something she didn't like.

I remember Amber's obsession with Marilyn Monroe. Like, MM was her spirit animal and she claimed she was trying to model herself after Marilyn. And then Amber was always wearing this black tutu thing everywhere. That was when her drug use was at its worst.

Omg lol and her phone contact..for herself.... "Plain Old Aym" and she was lying half naked on a sofa or some shit. Yea I remember the Marilyn Monroe thing...not someone you should model yourself LOL i don't remember the fiance thing!? I just know they got engaged like 90999342 times.

1) When Jenelle ran away to New Jersey with Keiffah funded by Babs' hard earned credit and then her voice over was something along the lines of "I think I might have lost my job because I missed a couple shifts when I went to New Jersey." She no-called/no-showed like three shifts, hadn't talked to her boss and was bitching about how they hadn't scheduled her for like a week and didn't understand why.

2) When Gary brought Cracker Barrel to Amber to kiss ass for her leaving him and told her he made the food, prompting her to ask, "Then why does it say Cracker Barrel on the container?"

The "Dance with me MOTHERFUCKER - GOD!" scene was when she and Gary were at that dance club on the beach in Daytona Beach and she was trying to "drop it like it's hot" and it was totally gross! Those two disgust me to no end, together or apart!

That was it. I know Amber told Gary to "DANCE MOTHERFUCKER" at least once. For whatever reason, I wanted to believe she said it to him when they where practicing for the wedding that never happened. Ah, well, such is life.

Oh, yeah, can't forget Amber's quest for the elusive GED. Seriously, what is with these girls and their inability to get even the simplest degrees? Between Amber, Maci and Chelsea, you'd think they were all vying for their PHDs in Neuroscience or something the way they whine about school. Also, there was no need for Amber to drop out of high school in the first place. I think she was only a couple months pregnant with Leah when she left school in her SENIOR YEAR. Plus, if my math is right, Amber would have only been a few months pregnant with Leah when she graduated. There was no need to leave school. I think she was just looking for an excuse to finally be done with it.

I Agree Blanket.
You'd think the kids would be a motIvator to accomplish something.

Guess its that MTV money that made them lazy and (more) entitled. .

Aw looks like the epic thumbs down cunt is back from Christmas. Merry Christmas cunt rocket! And here is to being a coward and never replying. Eat a dick. Eat Gary's dick.

That might be the most repulsive/hilarious Teen Mom themed "screw you" ever.

Unless you're AYM or the "new girl" as Leah would refer to her as. I'm still so shocked how smart Leah was to inform her mom about that! "Dad has a new girl and she has a daughter named Carly" Good Lord! Her intelligence must have come from some distant relative.

I can't imagine it would be too pleasant for them either, but I suppose everyone deserves to have someone.

The logistics of Gary having sex with anyone hurts my brain...and probably hurts them. how are those girlses still alive?

I guess doggie style? I'm sure he has to find a way. This is America. Land of fat people, and people popping out babies. Surely there is a way. The nig question is why would anyone have sex with Gary? He doesn't even have that great personality thing going for him.

Didn't Gary one-time admit that he used Saran wrap in lieu of a condom? Gross gross GROSS. Dude is straight-up disgusting.

Why yes, he did. And then every female stops and thinks about the logistics of that, and vomits.

OK I DON'T ACTUALLY WANT TO KNOW OR THINK ABOUT IT. LOL! Omg the seran wrap, remember rhines face at that? I nearly died.

Rhine was disgusted and amazed that there were people having the sex with Gare Bear. Seriously, who could ever be that horny that they say yes to Gary and his saran wrap?!

Right? My vibrator is smarter than him. And much more attractive.

Lol, the saran wrap-issue, yes, why would he even mention it ??? Must be coz they dont make condoms that little ;-? Usually fat guys have an tiny dick, had quite a fat bf once, i fell in love with his personality, but the first time i saw his dick i was like, where is it ? haha, and maybe im a bitch, but was a main reason for breaking up later :-)

Worst. Conversation. Ever.

Hope you all have the same traumatIzIng Image of a huge whIte and haIry naked Gary seared in your mind like I do and it NEVER goes away..

Been wanting to lose 5 lbs.. easily done now. Thanks. . Ill probably never eat again!

Eh.. maybe that was mean but daggone! Its gotta be uncomfortable and unhealthy to be that big.

Its not hard to change your diet. Drink water. Get consistent exercise.

He's gonna have problems amd he's not getting any younger.. heck none of us are..

O that ginger minge will not be stopped.

Firecrotch alert

I believe she is classified as a Firewhisky Crotch considering her blood is probably permanently replaced by beer at this point.

If she's only 3-4 months pregnant how does source know it's a baby girl?

Yup, my thoughts exactly. Maybe she's hoping for a girl?

That was my first thought, too. I've never been pregnant, but people usually find out the gender around 18-20 weeks, right?

I just found an article about it. It's called matenit21

I'm 15 weeks right now and at 12 weeks they did a blood test that checked for abnormalities (like Down syndrome) and also checked the gender and i already know I'm having a boy. They check for the Y chromosome and its 99.9999% effective. The test took a week to get back, but ya so it is possible to know that early. I'm not sure if she's really pregnant or how someon random people would know what she's having though.

Is that the one where the big needle goes through the belly button?? Ouch.

Nope, red, that's an amniocentesis. The materniti one is just a simple blood draw!

i totally read that as Martini

"Hello Mr. Nipples Galore. I'm a 420 agent. The name is Evans. Jenelle Evans. Faken'...not aborted."

I found out at 14 weeks that I was having a boy. He just happened to be in the right position. The tech told me it was just a guess and that I'd have to have it confirmed at 18-20 weeks, but she was right!

My cousin recently found out she's having her third son and the ultrasound that confirmed the gender was the kid's ass print and scrotum, worm's eye view like he was a fat cat sitting on Plexiglas above a camera. I laughed my ass off.

You can view sex of the baby as early as 16 week, provided that they're turned the right way

It is possible. I'm 19 weeks and got an elective ultrasound at 17 weeks and found out the gender. The sex organs are actually distinguishable at 13 weeks and for an elective the standard is 15 weeks for gender.

We had an early sex determination ultrasound around 14-15 weeks that very accurately predicted boy. In the words of the ultrasound tech, "That is NOT the umbilical cord!"

Every time I see her boyfriend, I think he's Jurmee. I seriously did not see this coming, when the rumors first started going around, I thought it was crazy. Maci doesn't seem to enjoy being a mom, so I kind of thought she might be one and done. But now I really think she is pregnant.

So is it too soon to start predicting baby names?

Lexus. If it really is a girl.

I think I remember reading something awhile back where she said if she ever had a girl she would name her "Royce" *shudders*

Oh lord, I remember reading that too. What a terrible name.

I think I actually prefer Lexus over Royce...

lol one of my best friends is named "Lexes"

I met a girl named Audi last week....

I still think mercedes is the worst trashy.

Mercedes is actually a common Hispanic name well before the car was created.

Exactly, the brand Mercedes was actually named after the daughter of one of their biggest client when they were just beginning with the company.
Cant imagine the same thing for Audi though, haha

Eh, Mercedes I can handle because it's a legitimate name and it's also the name of a very well-known fantasy writer who was born in the 1940s. So there's that.

But "Royce" is just awful. There's something about it that makes my skin crawl for whatever reason. And to give that name to a little girl just makes it even worse. It's awful.

Lol, or maybe Alexus ;-)

I know Mercedes was once a royalty name..If I remember right it means lady of mercy in spanish- which is beautiful...but its just one of those names for me. I'm pretty sure every mercedes I've ever met was just.....trashy

Lol my boyfriend's friend and his wife have a dog named Bentley and a cat named that'd be hilarious if she named her kid that.

I think she enjoys being a mom when the kid is brand-spanking-new and entirely depends on her for survival. I think she gets a kick out of it. Then when the baby gets older and more independent, it loses its novelty and that's when she stars ditching it for the bar.

That's definitely true, she was a good mom to Bintlay in the beginning. Then when she was with Kyle and was talking about having a kid with him, she was going on about how Bintlay was too big and didn't need her anymore. (He couldn't have been older than 3) I still can't imagine her having more than 2 though.

I think Maci will be like Mackenzie and declare this hypothetical second baby to be her last child. Then she'll inevitably get pregnant again either to keep her new man or to get attention. After all, she has no problem ditching Bentley with his grandparents whenever she wants to go out. Like Mack, I think Maci likes the idea of having a kid than actually raising the kid.

Loll Mac. No more babies!!! *giggle* *is on millionth baby* *was pregnant when she said that*

I'm curious if her change is like the rest if the girls..
Maci= Alcohol
Amber= Pills
Cate= counselling (and weed)
Farrah= Sex
And teen mom 2
Jenelle= Weed/Heroin
Leah= Pillses
(Chelsea seems to have gotten over Adumb with new boy, and then there is Kail who has become abusive over the years.)

I see addictions.

Goddammit if we find out at the next reunion that Chelsea fucked Adumb again when she was on a break from this new guy or something, I might finally lose all hope for her and her future. And especially for Aubree's future without daddy issues galore.

Mercedes for a girl.

Both Maci and Rhine's parents legitimately never made them get their shit together and parent independently from them. They're pretty much unpaid, full time nannies and Rhine and Maci continued doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. It was the most "kids playing house" situation I'd ever seen.

She might have had an u/s and they gave a possibility it could be a girl. They did that with my second child relatively early. I don't remember how many weeks but it was before 18.

A lot of it could be because of Teen Mom reboot. If she broadcasts her life over social media, it doesn't leave much for the show. Don't they pretty much have a gag order placed on them? The only people being relatively active are C&T. Or she is trying to give the illusion she is a that same "good girl" from 16&P and TM. Who knows? Yet a second pregnancy would put an interesting spin.

When is Catelynn actually due, by the way? I feel like she's been pregnant forever because of Tyler's tweet recently about what percentage effaced and dilated she was.

I want to say she's due January 11th, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

On her fb account it says she's at 38 weeks, so Nova should be born soon!

Now she is never going to finish that associates degree.

Maybe she can go back to college when this kid starts.

She's still not done with it? It's been 5-6 years. Maybe she actually finished it and we just don't know about it. I find it really hard to believe that it's taking her so long to finish it.
I was still in high school when Macie started college. I've graduated and am now going for my masters degree.
Macie needs to get moving. Either quit school all together or take it seriously.
Also, I'm not all familiar with how schools work in the US, but how can she still be admitted in school? In France, I would have gotten kicked out of school by now if I was still trying to get a 2 year degree 5 years later.

Nah, if she got her AA degree she'd be endlessly bragging about it like it were a Doctorate. She's claimed she would graduate December 2012, May 2013 and May 2013 but still nothing. She enrolled in college in January 2009. She was supposed to graduate hs in May 2009 but went to the alternate accelerated hs and that's how she started college before all of her friends. My sister graduated hs in June 2009 and college in May 2013, in 4 years. Usually a year longer in college for a bachelors is normal so Maci should have received her bachelors by at least December 2013. Instead it's going on the May 2015 semester and she hasn't graduated yet. Idk why she even wastes the money considering an AA in her field is useless.

Maci keeps on changing her major, first it was journalism, then creative writing, then radio and probably something else, I am not defending Maci in any way, but most community colleges are screwed up, I was supposed to finish with my A.S. In human services in 2013, but because of the program at my college was screwed up, it would had taken my 6 years instead of 2, I have befriend many in the program and some have been there for 5-8 years only 2 actaul graduate in the 2 years because there where the head of the departments favorites, I am currently going to graduate with my A.A. In liberal arts this may

Congrats on the degree! Good for you!

As it is, Journalism, creative writing, and other careers in that field are extremely hard to get, because they're not in demand. By all means, everyone should follow their dreams and do what they love, but Maci would be a damn fool not to realize that an AA in that field isn't going to get her very far. The only thing opening any kind of door for her would be MTV, but from what we've seen of her "interviewing skills," girlfriend has the personality of a wet potato chip.

Oh my god yes, she bombed so bad in those after shows she hosted, it made me wonder if she had even taken an interviewing or public speaking class in all the years she's been in school. She just doesn't strike me as someone who would be successful in that field. I think she just thinks she has an edge over others because of her fame. Kailyn also.

I feel like Kailyn might actually be slightly more personable than Maci. There have been accounts from people who have met her, and said she's friendly. She also actually seems to give a shit about school, unlike Maci. I can see Kailyn using MTV as a stepping stone for her career, as opposed to Maci who would use it as her career at it's peak. I totally think Kailyn making it in journalism/broadcasting/whatever is a longshot, but Maci making it work long term is next to impossible.

I love accents, so I don't mean to be rude when i say this but the way she talks is SO distracting. It doesn't even sound like a TN accent it sounds like someone faking a southern accent. It's not appealing for TV but neither is her fivehead.

Lol at her fivehead, that is never not funny :) Sometimes I really think people ham up their accents for tv, though. One their voiceovers, they always sound infinitely more southern.

They do it's so crazy! Maybe Maci also hams up her fivehead for us.

Agree completely, Maci needs the other type of AA.

On the Southern accent thing, sometimes it's a result of nerves or being flustered. Most people with Southern accents naturally have a thicker one than they use in daily conversation because they try to model their speech more on a general American accent so they don't seem like a "hick" or something, but at times it fights its way through. It's why so many Southerners sound more redneckish when they get really mad or nervous or upset. When I was little I had a thick accent and I talked really fast, so I sounded like a little girl Boomhauer and I ended up having to go to speech class because of it and now I can usually talk in a much more understandable way with my Florida Cracker accent and if I try I can almost completely get rid of the accent all together, but if I have to do a speech or something in front of a bunch of people or meet somebody important it starts to thicken up and when I try to stop it it just makes it worse and it's kind of embarrassing. I know a lot of people that are the same way. It also happens when you have to read something out loud because you try to enunciate your words more clearly and it just ends up drawing a lot of attention to the fact that you're pronouncing the words differently than most people do (so that might be why all the Southern girls sound the way they do in their voiceovers). Of course, some girls might just think playing up the accent makes them seem more endearing or something, or like a sweet little innocent Southern Belle.
The amount of mass media in our daily lives also contributes to the loss of distinct dialects of Southern accents, so nowadays a lot of Southerners have a more standardized accent rather than the unique dialects that their parents and grandparents speak. I blame modern country music for the "overboard-ness" of today's Southern accents.
I've been on a bit of a language kick lately, especially concerning the history and the future of the English language and its dialects. lol.

Isn't college publicly funded in France? Or at least somewhat?

You have to remember in the US it's all private so they don't really care. Plus if you drop out of classes at the right time in a semester, you won't get it on your academic record and/or won't be charged for the class. We saw maci strategically dropping classes often on Teen Mom. But anyway the school won't really care unless your overall gpa is too low or you aren't paying the bills. But if Maci keeps dropping stuff to not hurt her grade history then they'll keep letting her back.

Fuck no she didn't finish it! Exactly Deer Cam LOL she'd be posting that shit all over the place.

I don't think she's actually EVER finished an entire semester that she started. Ever.

These girls are all under 25 and most of them are having multiple kids. If they weren't on TV, no way in hell would they be able to afford them.

I have to disagree with you on this - age doesn't have to factor into whether you can support a child or not. I''m 24 and have two children and have no trouble supporting either of them financially as me and my partner both work. These girls are bad examples of young parents, there's lots of us out there doing a good job but we'd all make boring tv, train wrecks bring in the ratings y'all!

Age does not matter. I had my 3rd child at 25 & they are all well taken care of.

As long as you are mature and have the money having kids is kinda your choice. I had my first son when I was 23. Me and my husband were married I was working as an rn and he was in the pipeline field as an inspector. We made great money, had been married for 2 years, and though it was time for a baby. My younger son was born when I was 25. I no longer work as a nurse but my husband is now a chief level 2 (He's the boss of the entire plant) and I stay home. Looking back yea we were a little young to start a family but we felt like we were ready and my kids are turning out great.

I was 20 when I had my daughter and 22 when I had my son. We then had another baby when I was 29. Whoa. It was SO much easier when I was younger. At 20 I was more mature than most of my friends anyway. And my husband and I had been together for 6yrs. At 29 and 7yrs from my last baby, I felt a massive upheaval in my life. It was harder to get up at night and I was more "set in my ways" at 29 than at 20/22. I also had more patience and flexibility as a younger mum. Each to their own. I see lots of 20yr olds now who wouldn't handle kids at that age. But I managed. And I have great kids.

You do!!! Yea shit I probablt would have more energy at a young age, I just wouldn't have had my shit together at all. it's a trade off.

@kail smash - I was 23 when I had my son, and I'll have my second child a couple weeks before I turn 26 too :) I am a stay at home mom as well, my husband is a power engineerer, and we can afford our children. My husband and I own our vehicles, have a mortgage, so I agree that it doesn't matter what age you have the children. It's how mature annd willing you are to grow up

I think age DOES matter, because if I didn't I'd be like Autumn who says 11 year olds can be good moms cause they can mow lawns (lol) but yea like a super young adult can still be a good mom. SOmeone underage, someone who can't even get a job or drive sorry.

Definately don't agree with anyone having a child that young! Especially when they can't even get a job. I meant more like 18-25 lol.

Yea for sure. I just hate when people liek autumn say OHHH age doesn't matter mow the lawn! Fucking god lol. I still think 18 is superrrr fucking young but yea it doesn't necessarily mean they'll be a bad parent.

See.. now thIs is where I get lost.. as easy as it was for you to find out about her.. she couldn't "research" him? He's a major TV star in a small area.. she had to have known somethIng about hIs dealIngs wIth Leah.. ..

Yeah I know guys lie about .. everything..
Eh maybe he did tell her he was divorced.. he statused it.. so maybe.

Welp. That's why I get thumbs downed.
This goes elsewheres.

I don't know what happened..
I was talking to Cheato about Britney. . Again..


In a case like Leah and Corey's, yes. They have twins and one has a serious medical condition. Without MTV, they'd really know what "drownding" feels like. Jenelle absolutely would have ended up in the gutter by now.

However, there have been teen moms for years and years that manage. Some have help by way of family support or governmental programs, and some just make huge sacrifices. My boss's mother managed to send her through private school, for example. You just make things work for the kids and take whatever opportunities you can. Children aren't a financial death sentence if you are smart and work hard.

Exactly. We were Youn. But we've always worked and provided for our own. Our kids attend private school and we take holidays. We certainly aren't Rich. But we get by.

You have some haters meth pipe! Lol

Haha her and I always have the same amount of thumbs down. It's just a stupid worthless cunt that can never reply. Lol what cowards...

It doesn't bother me Macks. I know it's Extravagent and her mate Messer Bush. Haters gonna hate! Get a life ladies *cough, losers, cough*

Jesus guys, stop right there. You don't need to start calling names just for a couple thumbs down. Megan addressed this so please stop. I really feel uncomfortable with you always saying everyone is a cunt, worthless piece of shit, that they should eat a dick, among other awful stuff. Is that really necessary?

Well sorry I'll quit mentioning it. Just wish they'd reply instead of the thumbs down. It is annoying. And people bitch thumbsabout down all the time but WHATEVER. IIt also pisses me off if someone shares a heartfelt story or is being nice and gets thumbed down for no reason..oh and i love being the only one getting bitched at about talking about it even though a lot of other people do too. And not that you give a fuck but I'm uncomfortable being stalked. So there's that. Yell at them lol.

TTB being real, when people do respond it turns into a blathering on and on "well you're wrong for this" or "ypu're stupid for that", and then it ends up sinking into personal attacks. That isn't at all the premise of this site, when one goes on and on about differing opinions the topic is derailed and its a waste of time and bandwidth.

Just take the thumbs down in stride, just know that other posters have a difference in opinion than yours. If the thumbs down are just because of them disliking you personally, who really cares, its the internet and they have no effect on your real life.

As for the stalking claims, you're thirty some-odd years old; you have to know that if someone is threatening your personal safety you can go to the police. The most obvious piece of advice though is don't share your social media information on an open website, I can almost guarantee you your "stalkers" aren't even regular posters on this site, they just read the articles and comments.

You're too old to be complaining about foolishness like thumbs down though, real talk. And then you had the nerve to use the excuse "but im not the only one complaining, why are you just blaming me, they did it too". Combine that with the vitriolic way you manage to curse in every post, you come off much closer to an angsty preteen than someone who has been alive since the 80s.

TL;DR, grow up and get over it.

Im quite a newbie here, and it is quite obvious that TTB gets a hell of a lot thumbs down, even in this thread, someone says something, she/he gets 10 thumbs up, TTB writes 'I agree' she gets 11 thumbs down...ofcourse we're all old and wise enough and stand above it and take the high road, and the occasional thumbs down are fine, but this is just pathetic and aimed at TTB, id get pissed too after a while, just like TTB

Hello. Someone called and I'm here.
Meth Pipe I have no beef with you.
Also, I am technically only one vote.. what about the other 10,15 downvoters downvoting?

Ive been a victim of the DownVote Mafia.
I haven't been here. I was told to "go away" on my second day here after I was being pulled into some stupidity between posters. If you call for me I will come. I was also cussed at, called names, threatened, been racially taunted. I was here 2 days. Apparently, my interactions with a less popular posted really bothered someone.. thus I had an immediate enemy.

I have sat back and been just watching posting patterns since then. I watch the DVM downvoting certain ppl's every post. Its obvious and petty.

I'm not a hater, a loser, or any of the nasty words ppl use. I dont know any of you, except for how you interacted with me. Some ppl were quite nice. Others were not. Such is life.

I also see that any (and all) dissenting opinions are met with hostility, more cussing, threatening, name calling ..
I really want to post here, but sucks when I cannot contribute without the childishness. Others obviously feel this way.. don't wanna upset anyone and feel the inevitable wrath!

Also, I'm surprised at the ages on here.. so glad most are close to mine, but by the way some posters treat others, I would have thought that they were extremely young with no real world experience. Eh, learn something new everyday..

Also .. did anyone ever apologize or admit to the nasty comment to Britney Jewel.. no? Hmm...

It is very sad when grown women are always trying to say how much better they are than these moms, yet they aren't grown or mature enough to be able to post without one cuss word.

*eats popcorn*

J5BD.. come sit by me & pass the popcorn!

What was the nasty comment made to Brittany then ?

THanks Once a Cheato (lol lovve your name) and again sorry for the rants. Exactly it just gets annoying sometimes. No matter whwat I say I can't win. Messer Bush not even getting roped into your crap or reading it. I think Extravagant and your other personality and I have a mutual understanding to just ignore each other. '
LOL and no idea what you're talking about with the Brittany jewel thing. She's a little attention whore who puts her shit all over Twitter and its funny , and honestly I forgot she existed until you mentioned her. I'm not apologizing for shit about that, not to mention 1000 other people talked about how dumb she is.

Reformed, I agree, but do you ever see me share my personal social media on here? No. I shared a picture of my cat once, thinking that it was private and then got the stalker from that. That was MONTHS ago I did that too. That's kkiind of like saying oh a girl shouldn't wear a short skirt if she doesn't want to get raped. I should be able to share a picture of my CAT without being told to kill myself. Thirty something years old, forty somethings years old, whatever I don't deserve to be harassed. So...I disagree. You don't have to care about it but don't tell me it's my fault that I'm being told to kill myself. I did say to myself that if it continues I will go to the police, absolutely.

Reformed makes a good point. Debates are cool, but when they get heated they turn into a weird back and forths of strange non sequiturs and crass insults. There are times that I wished we stayed on topic more. But I also love some of the funny things and cool info that we get sidetracked with. So conflicted!

The thumbs down is annoying, but I don't really mind it. I just wish it was like the "likes" on fb where you can see who thumbed up. That'd be a very easy way to clock tea!

In general, ppl were rude and abusive when Britney stopped by. A wasted opportunity for first hand legit info (since no one believed Forgotten Twin .. wonder where she's been.. )

Specifically, Britney was told to "go kill herself"..

And really people are mad I cuss when EVERYONE on this site cusses? I Love getting the flack for stuff everyone does on here.

Well, I don't mind taking a break until the show comes back anyway.

Its not just the cussing. Its the hostility and mean spirit behind it. You have been disrespectful and hostile to me from jump and Ill never know why.

Your own words prove it.

I know its hard to believe.. but I'm my own separate person..I don't even know Extravagant but from here. I am my own person. I haven't even been on this site in awhile. Your problems with her are just that.

I don't have a problem with anyone here. Ive never done anything to you.
Or any of you for that matter.

TTB so... You are saying it hurts your feelings when someone tells you to kill yourself, but you tell people to kill themselves a bit often? Alright then.

There is a difference between someone saying a cuss word then people like yourself just throwing one of there for no reason. Also, not EVERYONE cusses on here. I sure don't. It looks ignorant.

Keep trying to point the finger and get the heat off of yourself. You are supposed to be 30 years old, act like it.

Who on this site did I tell to kill themself?? MAYBE I said Jenelle should once or twice but that's because she's a shitty person but no one on this site...

I cuss about the situations on the show sure...dont' we all? Yea sometimes i get passionate about the situations and the crappy parenting. But Id on't anyones life on here and I'm cussing about the I didn't realize cussing was so offensive...I've been on this site almost a year and it has never been a problem....

I've never gone on anyones instagram and commented about their body or their lifestyle or that they should kill themselves. So don't put words in my mouth. And if you're mad how I comment about the girls on the show ummmm you should be ranting at everyone. Not me. We're all very snarky on here if you haven't noticed...and that's what used to be fun about the site. Again. Break time and I'm shutting up. But I'm just saying I never said anything like that so I don't know where you're getting that from...

Where did I say you told people on here to kill themselves? I said you told PEOPLE. As far as I know, Jenelle is still a person. It doesn't matter if you think she is a crappy PERSON she is still a person at the end of the day.

Helo. Its not just the cussIng.
Its the calling other posters names, and just being mean in general.

Look you don't have to like everyone but the name calling and nasty talk is too much.

Kids read this site. The nasty name calling and threats are inappropriate.

I dont mind the cussing, usually its said in such a way it makes me laugh, its certainly never done out of 'i dont know what to say so ill resort to cussing and namecalling.
But on the Brittany Jewel thread 'im an extravagant father' was way worse, along with some others, ofcourse its not an excuse to join in then, but Brittany had no business being here, if Maci would suddenly appear on this thread its not gonna be nice either. And im sure Brittany has no new information whatsoever, she would've cashed on it already by now then :-/

Its not snarking at the girls on TV.. its being rude and mean to ppl on here!

I could care less what you call the moms..
But no one on this site is a b*tch, c*nt, wh*re.. you get my point..

TTB, You cannot be in your right mind if you just made an analogy to a young woman being raped due to her outfit to your e-stalking situation. I wholeheartedly agree that you need a break from this site, and maybe the internet in general to get a grip on reality.

As for the cursing, if you cannot accept the very valid criticism of your overuse of swears to address not only the teen moms, but other posters of this site, you're either obtuse or willfully ignorant. Either way, its ridiculous to continually hide behind the actions of others to justify your own. Did your mother never teach you the anecdote "just because someone else jumps off a cliff doesn't mean you should too"? Not to mention that, like a couple others have already said, you have a very malicious and crass way of commenting that goes beyond a few cuss words in passing; you curse like its going out of style and you'll never get to use the words again, or better yet like a teenager out of their parents earshot.

Again, I highly agree that you need to take a break from TMJ, you're getting way too deep into unnecessary drama. And you make alot of great observations and comments when they are on point and free of obscene language.

@ Bush
About the ' kids read this site' they can probably teach us some new words :-)

Well you got me there, Cheato.. not that we'd understand what they were talking about anyways. . Always making up new words.. !

Cheato: I agree Britney is looking for a payday. Don't blame her either! Opportunity is scarce in that area, especially if you do not know what you're looking for..

Yeah she probably already sold all the info she had.. but I bet she knew something she may not have thought was important or newsworthy..
Something, anything!

@ Bush, if you check Brit's twitter her tweets are either about how 'haters gonna hate' or about how 'yeah but he lied to me he said he was divorced' or more crap like that, i remember someone asking her on this site or twitter if he was at least well hung and she said no, well, thats the only 'new thing' she's mentioned thusfar.

Hey Extravagant! How were your holidays?
I'm ready for the new year.. new year new opportunities!

We're cool on Brit. Its over. I wanna be here next time.. you need a "good cop" to your "bad cop"!!

Tyler's Trap Baby... you come across as a very unlikable person. Always so hostile, vulgar and rude. Whether it's true or not, you come across very mean spirited and miserable. I'm seriously shocked to hear that you're as old as you are.

And for the record, you have linked your name to Tyler's Trap Baby. It took me two seconds to find it since you donated to Megan's keurig fund. You donated with your real name and added This is Tyler's Trap Baby! So, it's really not that hard to know who you are and it's possible someone found you that easily. Just saying. You're not as important as you seem to think you are.

Guys, isn't this going a little bit far? I understand where TTB is coming from, everything certain members say gets downvoted and it is quite frustrating. I personally do not understand why people can't comment ... I understand why FB wont allow a dislike button now, it is a form of bullying. Constantly targeting someones post. I have noticed TTB commenting on posts of mine where i've had 10+ upvotes, maybe 1 downvote and then she comments that she agrees and then gets like 10+ downvotes. I'de feel pretty shitty too. I'de also like to add at REFORMED, I understand that someof the things TTB has said can come off as mean but I would like to add that sometimes humour can be misconstrued online, personally I haven't had a beef with anyone on this site, sure I differ with opinions from you all sometimes but it's bound to happen, I for one like the diversity of opinions and ways of life. But honestly I was hurt a while ago on here and it was silly, why should I care what people on here say or do? But in terms of her "not being in her right mind" to compare rape to stalking, stalking is a terrifying experience just like rape is, your personal space is invaded, you do not feel safe and they are both crimes. Also you guys seem to be getting on at TTB for calling names and making fun of people, what do you think this bombardment of posts is? About 5 members against 1? I'de also add that saying she isn't in her right mind, so that can be taken as you calling her mentally ill so things like jokes can be taken seriously online.
Why don't we just get up, shake hands and be friends again!
Also to add I do understand that because I'm agreeing with a certain member I'll get downvoted like crazy but my message is lets all get along .. we all have one thing in common ... teen mom lol.

No one is" against" TTB. She kept on saying she wish someone would comment instead of just down voting. So everyone did. They are explaining for why they down vote her.
No one is just going through, and slaughtering every single thing she says.

And to be honest, I think the point that one of the posters was trying to make about TTBs "stalking" is, she CAN in fact have it stopped, if she wanted it to be. But she keeps on posting here, and implying I am stalking her. When I have told her on numerous accounts I am not.

And the poster was right, TTBs online stalking, is NOTHING like getting raped. TTB can log off, change her privacy settings, and go to the police, before any harm comes to her. A rape victim can NOT, do these things to prevent being harmed.

No one is out to get her here, we are all here for fun, and so it should be just that. Fun. Not rude comments because you have a different opinion, name calling, personal attacks. That's what everyone has a problem with.

@EFather (I love your name btw, every time I read it I laugh) yeah I get that, totally do, but when looking at this post you see it as a gang of people against one, I wish there was a PM/DM on here so people can work it out privately so no one can kinda jump on the bandwagon.
Stalking is still equally terrifying and wow... she can just log off and leave, it isn't that easy. It reminds me of when domestic abuse victims get told to "just leave" it really isn't that simple. It gets inside your head and you don't want to log off because you end up wanting to see what they think and you start to take their word as truth. Some fear logging off because it might make the cyber stalkers come at them in real life and anyway why should she have to delete her accounts and log off, she didn't do anything wrong. Yeah she could block them and make her page private but again she might fear of real life repercussions. I'm sure you aren't stalking her BUT when you are stalked you become paranoid and start thinking of anyone that could do it and can come to the wrong conclusion but that isn't personal it is out of fear and out of paranoia.
I think you guys can work past it :) We have no reason to dislike people here!
PS does anyone know who I am in real life? I didn't realise some of you found out who each other are?

@Tm, I understand what you mean. B

I'm not "crying victim" here, @Hate.. just sharing my experience on the site so far..
I was downvoted the second I said Hello.
I get downvoted ImmedIately when a few posters see my name.

Its hard not to take personally.. if I've offended someone they are more than welcome to tell me.

Otherwise I take the Downvoting as an attempt to drive me away.. but that ship has sailed.


I like everyone here too.
Id like everyone to get along.
We can disagree like adults.

Sorry my phone is acting up today. What I was trying to say is, I understand where you coming from.

But I didn't mean she should delete her account, I think she should either address this person, and/or ignore it and go to the police.

Also, we aren't ganging up on her. It was totally fine when TTB,Meth pipe, and a few others intentionally harassed me, but as soon as some one other than my self and bush, decided to say something to TTB, and Meth pipe, about continually calling me, and others names, after Megan addresses this very issue not once but twice. Now we are against her.

I think when some of the others seen someone else address the issue, they did too.

We all like TTB, and hopefully we can all get past it. Yes, it may seem little harsh, because everyone finally gave her, their opinions, but she add them to.
We didn't call her names, or criticize her. We simply told her how we felt.

I'm not trying to be rude, I hope it doesn't sound that way, I just want everyone to know we are simply just trying to help her.

P.s. thank you, I laughed so hard when Joe said that! Lol

Oh I for hot, I think all the girls that follow each other, always ask for pre mission before they do it.

I don't have any social media sites, so I don't follow anyone. :)

@Messer I'm sorry, honestly i dont pay attention to usernames that much, only if i notice a huge pattern and i know lots of usernames but don't really pin the username to their past posts if that makes sense? I haven't seen this in the past but I went through a stage of not really commenting much. It sounds to me like a lot of you are hurt by the same thing, feeling pushed out and picked on by other members on different teams. I think we could all be buddies again, I think it is kinda clear it is a big misunderstanding. Heck I bet the people doing the downvoting are lurkers and not commenter's, i have downvoted a few people but I tell them I did and tell them why and i've noticed a few other commenter's do this too. I bet those doing the downvoting are the girls on the show (not sure if I'm joking, I'm pretty sure some girls would do that) and lurkers who want to see a fight unfold.
Why can't it just be like how it was in middle school..... yes i'm not even american but it's a mean girls quote and i don't think "why can't it be like it was in primary school" has the same ring to it ha ....
Now someone tell me "you don't even go here" and it will make my sick day!

Hey has anyone heard from TTB? Hopefully she's lurking. I know we got a little stern..
Sucks getting lectured by other adults.
Trust me I know. Because I'm embarrassed too.

My bottom line was , ya done hurt ma fillins and I wanted you to know. . Were good. I'm over it and moving forward..

Spoken like a true Messer ;) ha

@ hate, "you don't even go here!" I'm jk :) lol, I agree about down votes!

Its really me y'all. . Leah Dawn Messer Simms Calvert!

Omg I'd die! Maybe one day she'll show up..

But@Hate I get the "not connecting names things".. its hard to keep everyone straight.

I also agree about the downvoters.. the downvote mafia. These girlses on here are ballsy enough to speak up. Its lurkers.

I don't really comment on this site anymore but I do enjoy reading some of the viewpoints. Honestly, Tylers Trap Baby, you were amusing and witty at you're getting a bit obnoxious. The whole "you're a cunt! You're a cunt! Suck my dick!" is enough to give me flashbacks of high school-level drama. My advice is to calm your shit because you bring up the same irrelevant debate every article.

I'm glad someone said something about TTB. She's really rude to people on here and even when talking about the girls, she takes it too far. Sure, we all criticize the girls but no need to say someone is a cunt or needs to die.
And TTB has been rude like that for a long time. I remember I said something this summer, i wasn't even responding to anyone and she told me to "pipe down". That was really rude and out of line and when I told her that she started cursing.
We can all argue our points without cursing and being vulgar and disrespectful.
I used to comment all the time here but TTB has made this place really difficult these last few months. I only comment from time to time now.

The worst is when she tells people to "suck a dick" because she gets down votes. I don't usually down vote comments but when I see comments like these, you can be sure I use the down vote button.

This place used to be really fun, I hope TTB and others who use the language she does try to be more respectful.

Ok. So I wasn't going to comment again. Just lurk until all the bullshit died off so we could move on. But I feel like I have to say something here cause I am a little pissed off.
Yes TTB and I have become "friends" off of here. We found one another via another site/article and put two and two together on who we were and we are friends. We have never met, both being on opposite sides of the world. And I can tell you she is a lovely person. She is blunt. She is caring and sweet and kind. Strong opinions. But I digress.
The common complaint here seems to be the use of the word cunt. Read further down. It's used by someone to describe Leah as a "cuntasorous" and not by TTB. There's also a comment that starts with "Fucking Fuck!" On here. And Speaking of dicks, someone else on here comments about Gary's being small and other dicks being small and on Gary's sexual functions/abilities. These things can also be interpreted as "offensive".
The way I see it, is if you come onto a public forum, expect to be "offended" There are lots of different people in the world who don't think the same way as you. If you don't like it, scroll on. If you have something to say-say it! But stop being so sensitive and taking shit so personally.
We used to snark on here a lot. Not at each other so much. But DEFINATELY at the girls. And even now some of you are upset by that.
I'm not trying to continue on this debate any further. But I feel like TTB is absolutely being picked upon for her use of cuss language which is unfair. As its all over this site by most.

Meth pipe, maybe you aren't understanding what the posters are meaning.

TTB, uses cuss words, a lot of us do. That's NOT the PROBLEM. The problem is, like everyone has stated, is TTB can not, have a reciprocal conversation, with anyone, about anything most of the time.

If your opinion differs from hers, then "you're a cunt, whore, dumb ass, stupid, and you need to pipe the Fuck down!"

No one is "PICKING" on her. Everyone has simply had enough of the outrageous name calling, she does. It's that simple.

Don't try to pretend that you are innocent at the name calling either. You are part of the fuel to TTBs fire.

You personally have sought me out, and TTB jumped in. That is getting picked on. Especially when I wasn't even posting to you or her.

TTB wanted her down votes to explain them selves, and now they have.

They didn't disrespect her, or call her names. They simply stated how they felt about her excessive urge to call everyone names. no one is picking on her.

Maybe you should take your own advice, and skip over this....

Livvy, don't stop posting because of them. That's not fair to you, or any of us that like having you here!!

I don't have a problem with TTB's cussing. I'm annoyed by the constant hostile remarks she makes about other posters, and I've also noticed a lot of body-shaming comments coming from her as well. One of the reasons I stopped commenting on this site was because of the unnecessary comments about weight, sexual orientation, and rude comments about children. I'm all for snarky commentary (especially when it's warranted *cough* Jenelle *cough* Nikkole), but every post lately includes TTB referring to another poster as a "cunt" or a "fucking whore." There are better ways to communicate, we're all adults here.

Guys this was sorted and resolved.
Have a cup of tea and lets forget about it... I think everyone involved has taken into account the comments and advice .. I for one will be more careful about how I word humour because I think sometimes I can come off as dry or mean when I'm going for funny sarcasm ha!

Not to sound rude, but it seems that everyone has had their say, so can we move on please? Don't get me wrong, Everyone is entirely entitled to voice opinions, but I feel as if it's now progressed into the "beating a dead horse" stage.

A moose just used the phrase "beating a dead horse" lol


....I'll just go back to observing now

I feel like waiting a few days and reading comments and then deciding to reply is better than commenting out of anger. And I don't think it's flogging a dead horse just because I waited to comment. I'm entitled to voice my opinions also.
Extravagant. You say I'm the fuel to TTBs Fire. And I should "take my own advice and on" I find that insulting and like a passive aggressive way of telling me to fuck off. I never started on you. You started on me when your first ever comment to me was something you didn't like and you told me "I feel sorry for your children with a mother like you" Personal attack much? This was back when you were Gotta Be The Motha (which I see you've reverted too on new posts) This was one of your first ever posts. You don't know me! You also told a commenter "go sit on train tracks" Some of your own comments were just as disgusting as any I've ever read by Trap, if not more direct and personal and mean.
My point is you can't throw paper on the fire and then run crying that you are attacked.
I stated above that I couldn't give a shit about the thumbs down and still don't. But I felt like I should be able to give my opinion on what looked like a double standard when certain people are upset about what they deemed to be personal attacks, when they themselves have done the same.

Meth, this is the last time I am posting on this. I NEVER said "to go sit on train tracks" so...., wrong person. Also, you attacked me on many accounts, (go reread the posts), the first time I ever posted because I said "you should be ashamed of yourselves for making fun on a baby's head!", and that is what started this bickering between us.

Yes, I did say that to you, about your children having a mom like you. I found it very inappropriate that you as a mother would make fun of an infant's head. I didn't mean it as you were an awful mother, or a bad one. (I did apologize then, to you and TTB)

I am sorry I said that to you, I had no right.

Also, as Megan has stated, Making comments about the children are prohibited.

I am in no way playing the victim, I'm simply stating the facts. You and TTB were not very nice.

I should've ignore the both of you then. I wasn't being rude when I said you should take your own advice. I ment it for sake of this mile long internet argument. Sorry you took it that way.

I have nothing against you, or TTB, I'm sorry for the bad things I did in fact say to you, and her. But seriously, enough is enough. We are all grown women, we should act that way, and enjoy this forum. God knows we need a little us time! :)

No shit. I'm trying to enjoy my $6 bottle of Andre. Been a long day.

I downvoted this post but I haven't been here in awhile and Im not the Downvote mafia.

Sorry Meth if you don't feel like we heard you or you didn't get a chance to speak. I understand standing up for your friend and the double standard you see. I see one too but from the other side.
Some of us felt attacked. But its over now. No ones attacking now or calling names. Everyone kInda spoke their peace and moved on.

I been splainin this to ma bf and he thinks its silly yall..

I was wondering when any of the regular posters would notice this behavior. It was pretty apparent for me a long time ago, as a resident lurker.

It's good Megan finally addressed it. Something needed to be said.

The interwebz are a jungle. With or without lipstick.

I'm not as special as I think I am yet all any of you psychopaths are blathering on about are my social media and my age and other personal details about me. Lol I can't believe you remember what I sent to Megan on gofundme MONTHS ago and how I addressed myself. I'm here to stay so get the hell over it :) I'll be back once Where Are They Now is back anyway, not much to say about the carrot being pregnant anyway, or Leah's idiotic books, or your idiotic books which are probably just as bad as Farrah's, except they'll never be published. I won't mention thumbs down anymore, even though that is all you miserable ratchet cunts do on the next article. Hypocrites...keep talking about me :) And thank you to the non-assholes, I will try to calm my tits a bit more on my opinions but it doesn't change the fact that anyone cussing me out is doing the same exact thing.. You can all eat shit and thumb your assholes all you would like. I'm here to stay. And I was fucking 4 in the 80's so pipe the fuck down ass hat.

Glad you are here to stay TTB! I'm new to posting buy am a long time reader and you are always hilarious and spot on with most of your observations about the TM girls. Don't let a few bullies try and get at you. I bet it's someone with multiple accounts. I've noticed how certain people seem to reply one after another all the time and it pretty much confirms it for me that one member has more then one account here. Come back earlier if you can. Already you are missed. BTW you are about to be born. Did you see?

I agree that TTB gets overly hostile when someone disagrees with her; she'd done it at me before, but c'mon Extravagant you called me "stupid as they come" for not liking your aggressiveness on the Brittany thread. Your personal attacks toward me and everyone else on that thread were just as bad if not worse than TTB's so you have no room to talk about attacks or name calling. Funny how your tone totally changed since that article... I know I'm late to the party but I just had to say my piece. I also never liked the thumbs idea to begin with. It just encourages stuff like this to happen.

I agree with you Kail.
THESE girls would have a huge struggle in life. Well, the ones who don't rely on mom and dad, or aren't self sufficient. . Or who can't find a rich man.

Here's another thought. .
Some women in their 30s or 40s cannot handle children financially, or otherwise. .

I know you're sick of writing about Leah, Megan, but dang it, I can't help but talk about her!
Did anyone see her fb rant, saying she'll be writing a book? Can you imagine the grammatical errors, even with an editor?
Or her Twitter updates. She said she thought this would be the worst year of her life until the 8th rolled around, probably when she found out she wouldn't lose custody. Jurmy probably cut her a deal too, which could be why he hasn't filed for divorce. She's trying too hard w/ the Christmas tweeting...she spent it with the Calvert clan, and she loves Jurm soooo much. Something has to give. I guess we'll see with the new season. I hate myself for watching lol.

On the topic of Maci, I never really watched the first set of girls. If she's pregnant, it'll come to light in the new season as well. Someone will snap a picture or something. She's a thin girl and can't hide it for long.

I just don't know what to believe anymore when it comes to Leah as there's so many rumours flying around it's hard to know what the truth is, especially when she's a proven liar and nothing she says makes sense. The only people I'd believe 100% are Corey, Miranda or Jeff and they're far too classy to comment on the situation.

While I don't always believe Lea since she's told so many lies, I don't always believe the Sims clan either. They are in a position where they can put out a lot of lies and most people will believe them when I doubt they are all innocent.
Right now when there's a bad rumor about Leah, everyone will believe it. True or not.
And when there's a bad rumor about the Sims, no one will believe it. True or not.
It's like the worse Leah looks, the better the Sims look.

Well, yeah. Because Leah is a cuntasaurus. No shit no one will believe her.

Well I agree that no ones perfect, Leah makes herself look bad which in turn makes the Simms look better. Also the Simms don't like to air all their dirty laundry in public whereas Leah and her family seem to love the drama which again makes the Simms look better. Leah only has herself to blame for the publics perception of her, and also of Corey as the worse her behaviour gets the more Corey is revealed as the better parent.

Well, the bad rumors about Leah come from lots of differentp eople..the bad rumors about the, they come from Leah.

Im undecided what to think about the Simms, one the one hand i really like them, especially Corey ( sigh,haha ) and i like how he seems happy with Miranda, but on the whole Jeff and Miranda seem a bit passive agressive in their tweets, dont really like that, plus Jeff states in his bio " u know me as Corey's dad from TM2 " and has thousands of followers coz of he must also like the attention
None of them needs to do the 'holier than thou' act

I don't really have an opinion on the Simms one way or another. They seem to always be very supportive of Corey's decisions and have gone out of their way to help Leah many times when she didn't deserve it. They have retweeted a few things, but they seem to handle social media pretty maturely considering all the things Leah has said about them.

Ugh, why do all of these girls think the solution to their problems is to "write" a book? Sure they can sell books due to their fame, but after reading a couple of them myself, they cannot write for shit. Kailyn and Farrah's books were so full of errors it just made me upset that they were actually published that way. Just because you have a sad story to tell doesn't make you an author. Spend the money on a decent co author and publisher to help you out, it'll be worth it. I can't help but think that the only reason for these books is more $$$$$$, they don't care whether it's something worth reading or deserving of being called a best seller. Ugh

Also, to me "real" books with real effort behind them are usually fiction - the author had to work hard to create a whole fictional world. Or a well-researched, readable non-fiction book. Not going to lie, autobiographies don't really tend to impress me. Especially when they're sob stories by really young people. If you've lived less than half of your life, how can you really understand your life? How can you construct a meaningful narrative? If any of these girls ever do actually mature, they are going to be really embarrassed by their autobiographies by the time they are about fifty. They're going to realize how self-serving and whining they sound and that they weren't just some ill-fated victim.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I would love to read Leah's tell all. It would be the most deluded passel of lies, it would be hilarious to try to pick through it. And you know in her mind, she would be in competition with Kailyn and Amber and whoever else wrote a book. She would have to make sure hers was the post pitiful and pathetic, so everyone would feel sorry for her.

This would be Leah's book:

hey y'all. My girlses are my life.

The end.

And Corey Tyler doesn't pays me the rights childs supportses for my girlses and poor Ali just needed a willchair and he wouldn't tell them insurance nobodys that I am leah messer Simms messer Calvert almost Kidd. So we had to waits for it and use a loaner which breaked cos it wasn't a $20000 one. Now I have to take Aleeah to get our nells done so it looks like I care about her too. And where's that pot I done put Addy in.....?

We are giving her too much credit. She would print off every TMJ article about herself, slap it in a binder and call it her autobiography.

I envision this as some kind of coloring/activity book, with coloring pages (so you can make Leah's hair any color you want), word finds (you can circle whatever letters you want, and it will be considered right), matching games (you have to match each girlses to her daddy) and connect the dots to make pictures of cheetos, horsies, pill bottles, child support checks and dicks.

We need to make this happen, I would buy that book!

I'm actually rolling on the floor laughing

Thank you for this comment.

Paper doll Leahs and her #AAAgirlses and #dicks

That's just so awesome lol. I was thinking a choose your own adventure type book:
Should I or should I not have unprotected sex with my boyfriend of one month?
You chose unprotected sex and now you're 16 and Pregnant! But the dad decided to stick around so lucky you! Now, I hate to be the barrier of bad news but it's TWINS. Before you know it the babies are born and you're sick of being stuck in the house. Thank goodness it's time to go back to high school. Uh oh, your former lover is there and your legses haven't been spread in awhile.
Will you choose to stay with your baby daddy or go a sluttin'?

Sounds like a fun board game.

ROFLMAO! WE should be the ones writing their biographies. We seriously know them better than they know themselves!

@Do The Kail: Which is sad.

LOL!!! That would be WAY too complicated for her to write. She's probably going to have Ali drawed it out.

The "match each girlses to their daddy" is the best part lol. Nearly died laughing!

I think I will never get sick of hearing about Leah and her nonsense. LOL I'D LOVE TO READ A BOOK FROM HER.

I'm sure it will have pictures

Hopefully some that the girlses drawed.

Well mommy certainly can't drawed her name so Ali will have to

I like books with pictures ;-) haha

I'd like to read her book, but i think that it would be so hard to get through, even if her ghostwriter manages to decipher her redneck-ramblings.
Plus i hope she would spill all in the book, and not leave out names and events, i'd hate it if she'd stay vague and just go on and on about how hard her life is raising 3 kids and one with a medical issue :-/

Countdown to inappropriate touching confession in 3...2...*she needs attention pointed at someone else*...1!!

Cheato I read this as spill "all in " the book.. like having cheetos crumbs and pop can rings and greasy fingerprints on the pages...

Anyone noticed Macis hair isn't dyed Cheetoh Orange anymore and is now back to her natural color? Could be another sign.

I think she is purely based on that episode where she was trying to convince Kyle to have a baby with her - that was at least three years ago (probably even longer ago that that) and she was desperate for another baby then so I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner...although I guess a newborn would take up valuable drinking time....


Didn't she buy a house with Kyle? And try to convince him to father her next child? And now she bought a house with this new dude? And he may have actually fathered her next child?

MACI! Focus on something other than some dude's dick planting a baby in your belly and make some smarter decisions.

You are allowed to dye your hair if you are pregnant. They suggest waiting till the first trimester is over, but it hasn't been proven to cause defects or anything.

Derp I just read this. That makes sense.

Um, dumb question but can you not dye your hair while pregnant? I wouldn't either or maybe just light highlights, but I had a hair dresser who was pregnant and worked in a hair salon and was always around those chemicals. I thought it was odd and kinda dangerous but her kids were fine.

You can. I wanted to get highlights so I asked my doctor (I was 30-some weeks) and she said it was fine. My hairstylist said lots of pregnant women come in before the baby's born because they know they won't have time to for awhile after.

Ah ok. Thank God... Man if I'm pregnant I'm going to have the hardest time not eating sushi. no booze will seriously suck too..

@debras, man i can't help but laugh every time i see your name.

[…] Mom Junkies reports that the well-known reality show star may actually be pregnant with her second child, possibly a girl. While this is all merely speculation at this point, they […]

I guess someone should have a user name call "Maci's trap baby" now, honestly this bf and her last bf kyle r are way out of her league, honestly I can't believe they would want to date someone with a kid. I know Kyle r had a motor cross career and admit to date Maci to get some more attention, I am hoping Taylor is not doing the same,it go to hear that Maci stopped partying for her unborn child sake and hopeful this is a wake up call for her to finish school and to finally move out of the "treehouse" and maybe actually get friends that aren't party people and using her for her fame

I don't think this would be a trap baby, Taylor seems completely obsessed and in love with her. Who wouldn't love a girlfriend who will guzzle beer with you? I think this baby is more of a "zero patience to wait any longer" and less of a trap. We will see how long Taylor lasts though without a drinking buddy. That seems to be their thing.

I've been thinking this for a few weeks now. I think Maci's mom tweeted something about ideas for telling a kid they were going to be a big brother, and a little while after that she said something about keeping a secret and not spilling the beans. Now that people in her town and at an obgyn office say they have seen her pregnant, I think it's actually happening. She's probably keeping it secret until right before the teen mom reboot season starts, then she will "spill the beans" and people will watch the show. I have a feeling this was planned to coincide with the new season. God knows she really has nothing else going on and her last couple seasons of teen mom were sooo boring. How long can you watch someone drink party and whine about not being done with a 2 year degree after 5-6 years?!?!

I just creeped on Macis Twitter and a couple of days ago she said she wanted subway but was too lazy to go out and get I. If you're pregnant, you're not supposed to eat lunch meat because it can cause listeria. So unless she was planning on getting a meatball sub or something she might not be pregnant. Or if her OB is more lenient about to eating lunch meat, but I've been pregnant twice and by of my docs said no subway or lunch meat.

I ate lunch meat occasionally when I was pregnant. I don't know, most people don't follow all the little rules of pregnancy. Or she could get a veggie sub, I had a huge craving for Jimmy Johns veggie subs a lot when I was pregnant.

I really think she's pregnant. Her and Taylor have been together at least two years now and her partying and posting habits have changed drastically just in the last few months.

I'm also leaving on the she's pregnant side. I was just saying that thing about the lunch meat might prove she's not, but I agree with you that I think she is.

I'm pretty sure Listeria is only an issue for meat that has been cured but not cooked - I know this because I craved Parma ham during my second pregnancy but wasn't allowed to eat it. All of the meats in Subway are quite heavily processed and cooked so I don't think that would be an issue? At least all the meats that are served in the UK outlets of Subway, is it different in the states?

It's recommended to only eat lunch meat if it's steaming hot warmed up and no processed lunch meat like in plastic containers or subway. I'm an RN and one of the nurses I worked with had a patient in ICU who was pregnant and ate subway and got listeria. Idr how long she was I'm the hospital, but in the U.S. at least you're not supposed to eat lunch meat while pregnant. I also learned no lunch meat while in nursing school, so maybe it's different there but subway was the first Meal I had after I had my first child bc I had been craving it my whole pregnancy and couldn't have it LOL

Sorry about the typos! I'm on my phone.

Don't worry about the typos as I'm having the same problem! I think the guidelines must be different here, unless they've changed since I had my second (19 months ago), I'll take your word for it though and remember for next time! Maci doesn't seem like the type of girl to read pregnancy books so maybe she doesn't realise you aren't supposed to eat certain foods, or maybe she just doesn't care, she's not exactly the most responsible person in the world - "I gave up drinking y'all, I can't give up Subway too!"

I'm sure eating subway once in awhile won't kill you. It's just like eating ceaser salad, tuna, and fish. Not going to lie, I ate subway once while pregnant. Nothing happened besides feeling very unsatisfied lol (not enough pickles or cucumbers haha). I also read tons of pregnancy books, and am a responsible mother.

That being said, Maci still sucks. She's going to be an old fart with multiple kids and still living in the treehouse.

I used to work for subway, all of the meat is precooked and refrigerated or frozen/thawed. Even the egg for the breakfast subs comes frozen. The only things not prepackaged are onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and green bell peppers. Those are washed and cut every morning. I've only recently heard that lunch meat is not recommended during pregnancy. I had several pregnant customers and coworkers eating it.

Is this a new thing? I have 3 kids (5, 3 and 15 months) and never heard the no lunch meat thing. Then again I always saw an army doc so they're not always the most up to date on stuff.

That sounds like a bunch of baloney. No pun intended.

[…] reality star was spotted by a fan at an OBGYN appointment for prenatal care and as ‘Teen Mom Junkies‘ has pointed out, Maci has halted her party girl ways recently. She also hasn’t been […]

Maci openly drank nearly every day, and she hasn't posted an alcohol photo in four months? Bitch is p.r.e.g.n.a.n.t.

Also I'm pretty sure season five of Teen Mom has finished filming now so if we do see her pregnant on TV it will be for the next season probably.

I'm sure in her mind, that's their hook for next season. Catelynn and Tyler will be the hot story this season, and she can set up the image of perfect Maci, and then the world can rejoice because she's having a kid. Plus, there were rumors that even though Farrah isn't on this season, she might be allowed on next season if there is one. So basically, kind and giving Maci is setting up an insurance policy for herself and the other girlses (including Tyler) to get at least one more season. If only she applied that kind of cunning and logic to her community college career.

I'll be disappointed (I saw that ALOT about these girls....) if maci is pregnant. She was so adamant she would be married before having another baby. And she preaches that crap all the time too.

I'm not surprised. She's been wanting a new baby for a while now to replace Bentley. I don't think she likes kids that are older and independent. She likes the brand-new babies that depend on her and get her loads of attention. And it'll give her another excuse as to why she has to put off getting her goddamn AA.

I mean, after all, Catelynn and Tyler broke every promise they made to Carly before they got pregnant again. It seems like very few of the "Teen Mom" girls really know how to do anything other than getting knocked up or doing something attention-seeking for TV.

LOL im like the opposite. I like the age they can wipe their ass and I don't have to. But then again they usually can also talk. Blegh.

To play the devils advocate, she could have been at an OBGYN office for an annual. But it wouldn't surprise me if she was pregnant again. At this point it wouldn't surprise me if ANY girl from 16&P or TM were pregnant again.

Maybe she was at the hospital for the anomaly that is her orange skin! And her natural black and orange hair. She is a different species so the doctors wanted to study her.

Hallerween hurr and punkin skin y'all!!

For real, she looks like an alien specimen.

I'm a bitch but wtvr I always thought she kinda looked like a man *shrug* I remember when 16 and preg and TM was first on, everyone was like SHE'S SOOOOO PRETTY! I was like WHERE?

I thought she was cute back when Teen Mom first came on, but never pretty or beautiful. She has aged a lot though, fair skin ages easily, add in smoking, drinking, probably drugs here and there, and she will probably look terrible in a few years.

She looks like a goddamn PEZ dispenser. Her big old pumpkin head resting on top of that skinny chicken neck. Yeesh.

But she's not fair ...well maybe she is under her coat of cheetoness. I know red heads normally are but the orange is throwing me off. Tanning beds age you like crazy. i used to use them but fucck that. LOL Catelyn's I'm dying. Yea and not to skinny shame whatever but I never found her 12 year old boy body attractive, although she's probably the type of chick that can eat everything and not get fat so I'm a bit jealous of that.

@Trap She was pretty pasty in 16 and pregnant. Just looking at old photos of her, I am pretty sure she got lip implants or tattooed liner to make them look fuller. Poor girl is a mess.

Tanning does completely eff up your skin. I am fair skinned and tanned regularly for years to fight Seborrehic (sp?) dermatitis. Last year I found some beds that got me super dark and went too often and now I am 25 with forehead wrinkles. Spray tans only for me now.

Lets look at the facts, I've been stalking Macis twitter and IG and she hasn't posted drinking for 4 months but before it was like drink pic, drink pic, drink pic, drink pic, pic of her and her man, drink pic, drink pic, drink pic, bentley pic, drink pic.
She has only had head photos in the last 2 months ish and nothing bellow belly.
The timing is right, well for her, she now lives with the new dude which is when she was like "KYLE give me a baby" plus it would ensure a second season of the teen mom reboot, she knew this was a see the ratings type season that could go either way, her fans are now older and may have lost interest, so C and T being pregnant was good storyline, farrah if she is on is just hilarious at being "smart", Amber brigns the rehab factor and trying to get Leah back, MAci had no good storyline so trying for a baby was her choice of storyline followed by a second season newborn followed by a 3rd season of raising 2 kids.

This was my thought also. She could be there for her pap or other issues.

They might just be doing these things to drum up ratings. I don't get it though, she landed Ryan who was very good looking, Ky looked like a bulldog puppy but got better looking toward the end of their relationship. These last two have looked like overgrown kids. Why do her boyfriends keep getting uglier?!

Oh no...I mean to each their own but KY was wayyyyyyyyyy uglier than this dude. I don't find this dude attractive at all, just average, but like Kyle was NOT fucking human. He just wasn't. And as RHINE said he was slow. And that's coming from RHINE of all people! But I will agree it was all downhill from Rhine.

Kyle King was legit what Bobby Hill would look like in real life. It was unfortunate.

I remember at one point Ky's mom did a home DNA test on Bentley because she thought Kyle could be his bio father. And it's way, lady. Bentley is way too handsome a kid to have any relations to Kyle.

Oh my gosh, that's hilarious. I've commented before that Leah's bio dad reminds me of Lucky lol. Unfortunately for Kyyyyy he lacks Bobby's charisma. Albino bulldog as IBBB's Patrick liked to call him is still my favorite.

LOL that is so true! Dammit Bobby!

Oh my gosh, when Rhine asked if Kyle was slow? He was pretty much saying, "That boy ain't right."

I miss "King of the Hill". I need to watch it more.

Am I the only one who thinks Boomhauer is hot?

Hahaha I totally agree. Rhineee was a total dickbag but Kyle was sooooo ugly! One of the ugliest guys I've ever seen on TV. Bless his heart he seemed nice but jesus god.

Oh my God we're dicks but Jesus he was hideous. Just fucking hideous. Not like that bulldog is so cute it's ugly look just pplain fucking hideous as fuck. Like it almost looked painful to be that ugly. Lollll we're TERRIBLE. But seriously I think of all the "freaks" on American horror story, they have some deformities whatever, they are INFINITELY better looking than Kyle. Mannnnnnnnn can you IMAGINE their offspring? Bintlay is adorable but like Maci MIXED with Kyle....oh my gosh that's just wrong.

Hahaha right?! Sorry but holy wishful thinking of Kyle's mom to believe Bintley could possibly be related to Kyle.

Bring on the thumbs down but can you imagine if Kyle and Maci had a baby and it was a girl, and it looked like Kyle? Poor little thing....shit

Honestly? Kyle's daughter would look like Lori Wickelhaus. Just sayin'.

What if Lori and Kyyyy are biological siblings? I can see it.

I think Rhine was looking for some easy loving. He was a couple of years older than Maci, and really attractive. Then she got knocked up and he was stuck with her. He was way out of her league, though. Then I think she was out of Kyle's league in terms of looks. This guy seems like more her equal. This all also depends on what her hair like at the time, I'm usually not good with remembering how the girls look at given times.

Absolutely. Maci was more natural in the 16 and pregnant days and wasn't so bad looking.

Yeah, poor man's rhine exactly. Maci looks like a skeleton with a wig.

Also this new dude kind of looks like a poor man's Rhine

I can see it. I will maintain that he reminds me so much of Jurmee/Lance Bass. I'm sure Jerm would see her as an upgrade. She probably bitches and moans about the same, and would totally spend his money if she got her hands on it, but she's a bit more chill

Crap on a cracker, I submitted too soon. I also wanted to add that Maci is also lazy like Leah. But Jerm doesn't seem to mind a whiny bitch, it seems like they're his speed. But Maci seems less crazy overall than Leah, and probably not on drugs. And as far as I can tell, she seems to do a better job of not having sex with everyone. So if this doesn't work out with Taylor, and Jerm's buffalo wild wings floozies don't work out, they can get together. Also, that will keep him off the market so that whore Javi doesn't get tempted to cheat on Tyler with him

Yeah Maci's not really a bad person like Leah has become. She's an idiot and self-centered as fuck, but she sadly was one of the better moms. She doesn't seem to bring TONS of men around Bintlay, I mean moving in with Kyle was really stupid, but like Jesus God Jenelle brought all of SC around Jace. Maci seems like she speaks English too so that's always a win over ms. drownding in dickses leah. And even though Maci's idiotic idea of being a journalist is ridiculous, it's better than Leah's stupid pyramid schemes to make money. Sorry if this is not all the way coherent i am tipsy lol

TTB I'm dying at drownding in dickses.

I love that you guys are always making fun of how much of a whore Leah is haha. Lots of other people would be like "OMGZZZZ STOP THAT's SLUT SHAMING!!1"

Because she keeps getting uglier tbh. I thought she was real cute on 16 and Pregnant and like the first season of Teen Mom but her looks are going downhill fast. I think her current boyfriend is a lot cuter than either of the Kyles tho.

Yeahhh. Rhine was right though, Kyle did seem slow... and he was very...aesthetically handicapped...

I bet Mimi Jen is just heartbroken.

Oh God. Yeah no new pregnancy photos to put around the house. How weird that must have been for Dalis...

I'm not very impressed with someone that hasn't passed out drunk for maybe four whole months.
I wish women would first grow up and sort out their shit long term before they bring a new life into their life.

Long time lurker... first time poster (seriously my boyfriend makes fun of me all the time because of my obsession with this site), but I'm really not surprised. These girls have no idea how to survive without MTV money and the fame that comes with the show. Maci especially became a D list celebrity because of the show... why not throw another pregnancy into the mix to make her storyline more interesting and keep her relevant. If anything at least she was a good mom to Bentley when he was little... HOPEFULLY she curbs her irresponsible party ways if she is indeed to be a mother of two

I love the username, hahaha.

I don't think it was discussed much on the show, but if memory serves, both Maci's parents and Rhine's parents were teen parents themselves. It's a vicious cycle of bad parenting choices. Frankly, I think Bintlay will turn out to be a mama's boy like Rhine - just not to Maci, but to Mimi!

I think you're right about them all being teen parents. And I could see how both Ryan and Maci would think being a teen parent is easy because their parents have done well for themselves. Back in their day it was more common to start working right out of high school and stay at that job until retirement. It's still kind of like that where I am from, but I moved a couple years ago and trying to find a job without a degree here is a joke. Places require a bachelors degree to be a secretary.

I imagine that is Ryan and Maci hadn't had MTV money, they would have had a huge wake up call and that associates degree would have been finished a long time ago.

It used to be that you could train and move up in a career regardless of your education previously. Then, a high school diploma was a must have before going into any career. Now, almost ALL of my friends who finished their bachelor's couldn't even get a job regardless of what industry they looked into or how hard they tried so they went back to school and got their law degree or masters. It's insane how much school people have to go through nowadays JUST to find gainful employment in most cases. It's depressing. Especially because you can be very proficient at a job, train with professionals and get your shit together without having to go into $100k into debt and like 8 years of school after high school graduation. I'm not knocking education at all. But I think people should seek education because they want to learn something...not so they can find a job that won't leave them living paycheck to paycheck even with like a bachelor's in chemistry or a law degree. It's like you're fucked no matter which path you take.

Catelynn and Tyler got re-engaged for the 2nd (maybe 3rd or 4th) time on Christmas its the 3rd or 4th post down

If the wedding isn't at Cate's bedside at the hospital, I can almost guarantee it will be a lot of begging and passive aggressive whining to/at Brandon and Teresa to "borrow" Carly to be their flowergirl so they can play happy family with her and Nova Darlynn for the cameras.

What a pair of fucking idiots. Hey, Catelynn? That fuckwit you call your true love canceled your wedding a few days before it was to go on, called off your engagement and asked for your ring back ON CAMERA. The fact that she's still holding onto dreams of marrying Tyler after all that is pathetic. If some guy did that to me, you bet your ass that my parents would do everything in their power to convince me that the guy was no good for me and there's somebody else out there much better and certainly more worth my time and love. I mean...holy shit. Why not get married at City Hall and be done with it? Oh, yeah, because Tyler need Catelynn to work on some things first. At this rate, both Nova and Carly will be married before these two.

And because every aspect of their relationship MUST be on camera and they must get the maximum amount of attention, praise and funding for each step they take (or decide not to take) in life.

I've been hearing for like a month that they're planning another wedding for this summer. But NOW it's news that they're suddenly engaged again. WHEN THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT ENGAGED, TWATS?! Shit or get off the pot.

I didn't know they stopped being engaged. On being Catelynn didn't he take the ring back and then put it right back on her?