Latest Dramz in Tyler and Catelynn's Relationship: Does Tyler Want to Leave Catelynn?

Although Tyler and Catelynn got married in 2015 and the dust is barely settling on their marriage, it can't be easy to start off the rest of your lives together with 2 pregnancies and one kid already in the mix.

After all, so many of Catelynn's mental health issues have been due to the fact that she had postpartum depression.

Me & my beautiful wife ?

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Of course, there's been plenty to talk about in the up's and down's of these two's relationship.

Remember Tyler's cheating scandal? The reported set of events was that a blind item was posted on the site "Crazy Days and Crazy Nights" pointing the finger at a cheating husband on the set of TeenMom OG. However, both Tyler and Catelynn laughed that one off.

Now, scenes from an upcoming TeenMom OG reveal that when Tayler and Catelynn take a skiing getaway trip, they actually wind up battling out their feelings. Tyler accuses Catelynn of being over-dramatic.

Catelynn then asks Tyler if he needs her to be less sensitive. Tyler then asks Catelynn if she honestly thinks he's going to leave her.

Uh oh. Sounds like what started out as an innocent discussion about improving their communication quickly got heated and turned into Catelynn revealing she gets insecure about Tyler leaving her.

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