Farrah's New Sauce Hitting Shelves

When you think of Farrah Abraham, I'm sure the first thing you think of isn't tomato sauce.

But, when you're walking down the sauce aisle of the supermarket very soon, you may just see Farrah's face staring back at you and that will be what you think of.

Remember Farrah's commercial? Well, her Mom and Me sauce is about to hit store shelves.

Farrah tweeted the following pictures, showing her sauce being bottled and labeled (quotes by Farrah):

"Today we're in mass production @originaljuanfan Fans here it comes!!! :) "

"From the processor to the label this is how it's made"

"Label Time:) "

"Box to your local store #location http://www.facebook.com/momandme "

Say what you will about Farrah, she definitely has the business sense that most of the other Teen Moms lack.

As an aside, seeing sauce being bottled kind of wants me to make my sauce from scratch every single time. I prefer to think of Farrah slaving over a hot stove and bottling each and every one by hand.


It's nice to see Farrah doing something positive with her Mom. I don't think this is something I'd buy though. If I recall correctly from the commercial they had, the sauce looks super chunky and I'm not a fan of chunky sauce.

Definitely agree with you on the sauce...looked more like salsa in the commercial than pasta sauce.

Hey dummy, that's not how you wear a hair net.

Seriously, that makes me not wanna try the sauce even more. Have fun taking those hair chunks out everyone!

I thought the same thing when I saw the pic. She's so vain she can't wear a hair net the right way. God forbid she looks less than perfect.

That sauce has got to be made out of the wrist ingredients possible. I'll pass on the preservatives, chemicals, and cancer.


And how would you know?

How much do you want to bet that MTV sponsored her sauce?

Who cares! At least she's doing something with her MTV money.

Why does everyone have to diss her. She is actually doing something good for her and sofia and she is defint=itely a buisness woman. jenelle is in and out of jail with no custody of her child and ur criticizing farrah for a great accomplishment. quit hatin on her cus she is doing great with her life which is prolly more than any of you how many of you have your own pasta sauce line your own book and going to open a restaraunt go hate on someone else.

Because she's a terrible person.

Yeah, getting a job, providing for her daughter, and making something of her life is awful!

Yes Farrah may be a huge bitch to everyone around her but there is a BIG difference between a bitch and a horrible person.

she's a shit mom and her parents do everything for her....she is a shitty person...

she doesn't even live in the same state as her parents

I give Farrah credit. She actually does something with her life than most of the other Teen Moms. She has a college degree which I don't think any of the other girls do, she lives on her own in a different state, and she's a good mom. She just has a major attitude problem. I might try her sauce if I see it one day while grocery shopping. But anyway, congrats to her. What a great accomplishment.

College degree? She got her associates. Which really isn't much of a step above your HSD these days.. Congrats, you did two years at a community college which is really just a glorified high school.

Still. It's a degree that not everyone can get. It's something that people have worked for and PAID to get. So yeah, there is a difference.

Still an accomplishment and not one other girl from the show has done. Most teen moms don't get that opportunity so good for her for actually taking advantage of it.

associates is way better than not having a degree! I dont care for her attitude and how she treats people but she is trying to make somthing of herself! That is all that matters!

There are many associates degrees that pay well. I am currently going for my Ultrasound Technician degree. It's an associates degree and pays about 60k a year. Radiography, Dental Hygienests, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Assistants also pay well.

Also, as I recall Farrah is in Florida pursuing her Bachelor's. I think its great that Farrah is making something of herself, unlike some of the other "Teen Moms."

I am the only one who wanna try it?

Good for her I guess. But who is really going to buy this shit? She should work on her restaurant idea....but then, who would want to work for such a bitch. Moronic horse face.

Now I guess we will know what Bitch in a Jar tastes like...probably vinegar...

I give Farrah credit. This is quite an accomplishment. I for one am willing to actually taste the sauce and see for myself how it is before bashing it like everyone else! One's personality has nothing to do with their cooking skills!

I think I'd rather buy food from a nice person than a mean one, just saying.

I'm sure you research the personalities of the manufacturers of every food item in the grocer store, right?


I research all foods I buy.

Food is food. If it tastes good Ill eat it. Dont rly give a shit if theyre mean.

Stop hating, ok? I know you're sad because she's doing better than you. If she wasn't doing anything you haters would complain about that, this young woman is taking control of her life and doing WAY more than any of you haters. That's why you're mad at her I suppose. Anyway, stop hating and do something great with your life too so you dont feel so bad maybe:-)

Both Farrah and Debra are delusional if they think that they are marketable enough to plaster their face and voice all over their products. That only helps with major celebrities who are already associated with their products (ie: Michael Jordan and basketball shoes, Rachel Ray and cooking products, Martha Stewart and craft supplies.)

I think that they could have had a good thing with this secret family recipe sauce had they had enough business sense to leave out their egos and market this in a way that appeals to the consumer. Sure, Farrah's "doing" something with her MTV money - she's wasting it on all of these terrible, half-assed product lines that NO ONE will buy.

If Farrah's face is cheaper than Paul Newman's face at the store and tastes ok people will buy it. The only people ignorantly boycotting it without tasting it are the people way too involved in reality tv.

And better her wasting her money on marketing a product that could maybe possibly be successful than on drugs, spring break trips, or full back tattoos...

Yeah, no. Marketing is huge when it comes to selling product, because not everyone buys stuff just because it's cheap.
I mean what is her sauce? When I hear pepper sauce I think of hot sauce. Is it salsa? Is it pasta sauce? If I saw it on the aisle I would have no idea what it is.

Again, this is a terrible idea.

In order for it to be sold in stores all of that information has to be on the label. If people are confused all they would have to do is pick it up and read it. Not to mention it would be in the same aisle next to other alike products so that would solve that mystery.

I don't understand the point in judging her and the sauce like this. If this was anyone else no one would be saying anything but since it's a reality tv star everything she could do is automatically wrong. People need lives.

Everyone hating on her are obviously jealous. She has been through a lot and has changed her life for her and her daughter, all you guys can comment on is her hair net. I highly doubt she wore it like that the whole day, I bet half of you would do the same thing for a picture. Good job Farrah! Can't wait to try!!

My only issue is that the brand name seems to lack grammatical correctness. My instincts are that "mom and I" would be better even though it would kill the alliteration. Thoughts?

It is probably ketchup and chili peppers.

I honestly would never spend a done on something she has done. She has the worst attitude n acts like she is gorgeous.. I would say omg she is... but she is not pretty to me at all and then the way she acts make her more yuk. I wish someone would bring her back to earth n give her a mirror to see how ugly she is when she cries n how yuk she is when she treats her parents like pop.

I do agree that its good that she's doing something and making money but I dont like her as a person. She rude, disrespectful, bitchy and snotty to everyone so for that I won't be buying her sauce.

I wish her nothing but good luck & much success on whatever she does, BUT, I too think she is a shitty person. I wish I could shake the shit out of her. She is always snapping at her parents & just so fucking nasty for NO REASON. I sat & watched this last episode twice so I could see what would make her be so nasty to her parents. I saw nothing. Her parents are showing her support by asking to take Sofia for a while & all she has to say is "Mom & Dad, I got this." Instead she is just so salty in all her responses & comments. Uuuugggghhhhh That chick boils my blood!

I got an idea Farrah, how bout you quit being such an ungrateful bitch to your parents and show a little gratitude that they WANT to help you, many many girls ur age don't have that support. You make it hard for me to watch.

This is not a good idea, Farrah!

Pasta sauce is hardly a niche market. My local grocery store has a whole damn isle dedicated to just pasta sauce. The ONLY way she's gonna be able to sell any is if she prices her sauce the LOWEST in all stores.

Why on Earth would I buy her sauce when I have dozens of other brands/flavors to choose from?

P.S. I make my own sauce ;-)...all organic. Sorry Farrah, I won't be buying yours.


Price: $16.89


$24.36 total for 16oz of a sauce I don't know what to do with. There is no way this can fail. Bye bye MTV money.