Farrah's Family Gets A Little Saucy

Teen Mom's own Farrah Abraham has decided to go the way of Emeril Lagasse by jarring up some of her tomato sauce and having it hit the shelves.

According to the ad, Mom & Me Premium Italian Hot Pepper Sauce is good on just about anything, from use as a tomato sauce to cleaning mildew out of your shower.

It is excellent served on bruschetta, chips, noodles, eggs, hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, bread dipping, or for any dish that needs spicing up!

If you are a Farrah fan, you must be in heaven right now. A book coming being released next month and now you can eat her food too! Farrah is really taking her culinary endeavors serious.

She recently posted a poll on Facebook asking if she should open a restaurant in Florida or California. Florida quickly won out.

You can check out the ad for her sauce here (If nothing else, you get to watch a super cute video of Sophia):


so nice to see sophia without a passy

That is so great and Sophia is such a beautiul little girl! But ..... what up up with those mathching shirts? Who's idea was that??

Love that it's gluten-free :) wonder just how mainstream this will be!

Wow so monotone lol...Her Mom needs to put more energy or something in there. Was a pretty blah commercial besides adorable Sophia of course!!

I don't think I'll be trying it or reading Farrah's book for that matter lol. No offense to her.

Sophia. is. so. cute! Seriously, she's such a gorgeous child! I love peppers, especially hot peppers, so I really want to see this being put on shelves or sold online so I can try it! It looks delish!

That voice over needs serious work. I can imagine the death stares that Deborah was getting from Farrah when she messed up the words.

[...] is a writer, as she just finished her book “My Teenage Dream Ended”, sauce maker, matchmaker, photo taker, and umm, I’ll say pizza baker to finish that line (her skill at [...]

[...] may just see Farrah’s face staring back at you and that will be what you think of.  Remember Farrah’s commercial?  Well, her Mom and Me sauce is about to hit store [...]

I was expecting to hear Farrah go "SHUT UP MOM" at the end of the voiceover :P