Farrah Abraham Shows Off Her Solid Relationship With MTV

amber portwood

Well, while one of her co-stars threatened to leave Teen Mom OG due to unfair treatment, Farrah Abraham continued to showcase just how solid her relationship with the network has been.

Abraham took to Instagram to post a photo of her daughter Sophia, holding a gift that is presumably from MTV.

"Thank you @mtv great to work with you almost 10 years now look forward #2017 @sophialabraham loves her projector ! #mtvfamily," read the caption of the photo.

It seems strange that all of this support towards MTV is coming on the heels of Amber Portwood's decision to maybe leave the show.

Since the announcement, Portwood's wishes may have been appeased as she later tweeted that there were some positive changes being made.

The relationship between MTV and Abraham seemed solid after the network worked hard to make sure that Abraham and her father were okay following the Teen Mom OG reunion that got a bit rocky.

That being said, it looks to all be in the past and Portwood apologized to her fans for her actions.

She did explain that when someone said something as hurtful as calling her husband a pedophile, she couldn't help but to stand up for him.

On thing is certain, things are certainly in a strange place for the future of the show, however, as of right now, all parties seem to be on board for next season.

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