Farrah Abraham Posts An Emotional Tribute To Derek Underwood

Derek Underwood

Continuing in the tribute of remembering Derek Underwood with a special video, Farrah Abraham reminds us that she is stilling coping with the loss.

"In loving memory of Daddy Derek 12/28/2008 we love and miss you and we wanted to share this video with others who lost a loved one around the holidays," wrote Abraham in the caption of the Instagram video.

"Much love, strength and success in 2017 were so excited to continue our journey God has blessed us with."

Eight years since the loss of Underwood and Abraham is still keeping his memory alive year after year.

It shows a caring and loving side of Abraham as she strays away from the harsh words she has been dishing out to her co-star Amber Portwood.

Despite her somewhat villainous role in the off-season of Teen Mom OG following the reunion special, she is using her voice as a way to show others that you can get through a loss and move forward, without forgetting that special person.

The video also featured Abraham and Underwood's daughter Sophia who has been joining her mother in keeping her father's legacy alive.

So, with all of the negativity in the rearview, it looks like Abraham is going into 2017 with a clean slate.

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