Farrah Abraham Forced To Lower The Price On Her Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was forced to lower the price on her Hollywood Hills home after no bit at the $1 million price tag. It looks like flipping houses may not be in Abraham's wheelhouse.

"Back in July, she listed her home for sale and was asking for $879,000, which was only three months after she initially purchased the property," according to ComicBook.

"After there was no interest in the home for three months, Abraham did what she thought anyone would do in a situation where no one wants to buy something you're selling, and she upped the price to a cool $1 million."

After no one showed interest in the property for $1 million Abraham lowered the price to $849,000, which is reportedly what she paid for the house including $100,000 in renovations.

So, Abraham is now trying to break even. Anything lower at this point would reflex loss on the home.

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