More details emerge about Mackenzie McKee's stolen sex tape that was definitely actually stolen and this situation is not at all made up

Vivid Entertainment


As previously reported, Mackenzie McKee insists that her sex tape was stolen and she is doing everything in her power to prevent it from getting out.

She is so committed to making sure it stays private that she flew out to Los Angeles to speak to Vivid CEO Steve Hirsh face to face to sort things out.

Mackenzie confronted him right outside the Vivid offices in an authentic encounter that Speidi and Courtney Stodden can only dream about.

Not only is Mackenzie dealing with the huge stress of the potential leak of her sex tape, but she's having problems with her husband Josh over the tape.

There are reports that he thinks Mackenzie is in Los Angeles to film a NEW sex tape with Vivid, and that he has moved out of their house as a result.

This is only the second time someone from Teen Mom has teamed up with Vivid for a "sex tape", and the formula is already predictable and old.

  • Step 1: Find a Teen Mom girl in a "committed and loving relationship" (Mackenzie and Josh/Farrah and James Deen)
  • Step 2: Get a hold of their "personal" sex tape footage (Mackenzie's "stolen" cell phone video/Farrah's "privately recorded" full-production sex tape)
  • Step 3: Use Vivid's sister company TMZ to let the world know they've got the footage
  • Step 4: PROFIT

In Farrah's case, she at least managed to score herself a pretty good paycheck from the whole thing (though it was at the expense of what little credibility she had).

Mackenzie will forever have to live with the fact that she is trying to pull the same thinly veiled "unauthorized" sex tape stunt that Farrah did, all in a desperate attempt to win back the small amount of fame she experienced during Teen Mom 3.

I can't help but think that once again, Mackenzie will be out-shadowed by the original!

UPDATE: July 10th 2015

Mackenzie has returned from her trip to L.A. and shared this tweet with the world today:


Oh okay, Mackenzie. You admitted the other day that someone stole your sex tape, then you flew to L.A. to do a photo op at Vivid headquarters, but now there is apparently "#NoSexTape". Maybe she's once again drawing inspiration from Farrah "I Don't Do Porn" Abraham.

Oh, and check out the cherry on top of this very unoriginal publicity stunt sundae...

Mackenzie decided to take the time to do (another) beach photo shoot during her trip to L.A. which is once again THE EXACT SAME THING that Farrah did amidst her sex tape "rumors." Vivid, really, couldn't you at least TRY to be a little original this time around? Check out the photos (courtesy of Starcasm).



Now with Farrah's version of the "let's run along the beach for publicity while people speculate about my alleged sex tape" photo shoot, one of those photos actually ended up being the official cover for her video.

Assuming that everything in Mackenzie's scenario will continue playing out the exact same way Farrah's did, I made my own version of what could be Mackenzie's cover for her sex tape (warning: my photo editing skills are about as legit as Leah's drug abuse denials):


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You feel bad for her? Why??! She's an attention whore like them all. Poor josh and kids. They are the ones I feel for.


I was just coming here to say that this better be sarcasm...

I think the whole post was written in a sarcastic way but it got weird in some parts so you weren't the only one lost thinking exactly the opposite of what she meant

Definitely! In hindsight, I think the sarcasm was laid on a little TOO thick at times. I think I'll go back and make some parts a bit more clear. Oops!

Overall, this was a good article Andrea! Some people don't like too much snark but come on, Andrea was saying what were all thinking.

My general rule is that if someone has snarked before, I err on the side of sarcasm. If I were reading an article written by, say, Jenelle or HC, I'd believe that this was true sympathy and ass kissery.

I also believe that anyone who wrote an article here that WAS genuine ass kissery would be virtually flogged and ripped to pieces because I've seen some people get VICIOUS over even a tiny bit of non-snark, haha.

I find it a little suspect that she's not very torn up about her fiance dumping her, more so than how she's not really showing much grief whatsoever about a "leaked" sex tape either. God this whole scenario has been done to death, when will everyone stop making half-assed attempts to seem innocent in a situation where they're the goddamn catalyst for the whole thing?

Are they not married anymore? Isn't Jawsh her husband?

They were married? My apologies. I couldn't keep up with any of the Teen Mom 3 girls after the season ended except for maybe Briana and her hoodrat drama, and I pretty much fast-forwarded through Mackenzie's segments when I could... she's just so uninteresting.

Yeah, they got married after Teen Mom 3 filmed. You know, about the same time she removed her own IUD and then got knocked up again? Her wedding dress was trashy as evidenced by the fact that, around the same time, Farrah wore the same dress to a stripper/porn event.

For Vivid to release the tape that Mack is trying to sell, Josh would have to be on board. If he up & left LA & moved out of the home (reportedly) I would assume he wouldn't sign off on the release. So that leaves Mack to have to rely on someone else to film a NEW porn with. $10 says James Deen isn't willing to play around with Teen Mom crazy anymore after the Farrah 'sex scandal'.

Lol I agree James won't go near any of those bitches after Farrah.

Farrah has that effect on people.

If this porno is in the works, I figure that either the split is all for show and they're still "happily" married and they'll "reunite b/c wer ment 2 be" OR they split a while ago (probably around toilet ring time) and they're both selling their sex tape to pay for their divorce.

Is Josh smart enough to pull the whole "i'm leaving her cause she sold my soul" stunt? Does he even care? He seems like he doesn't care about anything she does, he's forced to be in her music video, he was also forced to be on her instagram all the time.

Mackenzie and Josh were married two years ago. Remember, you can buy tits, but you can't buy a functioning brain.

It doesn't even look like she bought boobs either. I know she did, but they don't look different than she has no husband, a bad nudie film for zero dollars, and still no boobs.

I completely forgot she got new boobs until I read your comment. Are these pictures post boobs? I can't even tell.

These chicks go to some shit surgeons. They either have a refund gap from hell or you can't tell anything was done. They need to go see that foxy Dr. Dubrow! That man can do some pretty titties!

well before that she was completely flat, just check out her pre-boobs instagram pictures. She was flat as a wall, and now she at least has some boobs. Don't worry, after the tape is released she'll replace them with triple Ds because "she needs it for bikini competition"

I was thinking the exact same thing. Where's the boobs? Even if she wanted to go small, she went EXTRA small. I would be pissed to have gone through surgery, pain and paid good money for some barely there tits.

She got some shitty titties and she has cankles.

An Italian neurosurgeon is planning a brain transplant on a Russian patient in 2017, so you might be able to buy a functioning brain soon.

Not if you crash your KIA before putting it on your insurance, though. ;)

Oh man it took me far too long to recognize that this was written sarcastically


Same. I was confused until I read the comments.

Yes! Mac and Jawsh are actually married. But probably not for long.

He's THIS close to flushing himself down the toilet to join his wedding ring and the sweet release of death.

She's worse than Farrah, imo.

Her inability to manage her diabetes, desperate famewhoreness, faux good girl attitude, and voice make it impossible to tolerate her. She's married with multiple children. Get yo shit together.

Farrah's an out and out bitch and doesn't give a shit who knows it. I do wish she was smarter, though, because she's not wrong about Maci. If she could put together a coherent shut down, it'd be amazing.

I agree, Farrah has "i'm a bitch and I know it" written on her face. Besides denying to do porn, there's nothing that makes me hate her a lot. Mac is playing innocent and she's got to be the biggest hypocrite. The other trash teen moms, Jenelle, Amber, Farrah, they never tried hard to build up the good girl image, but Mac is trying too hard. I can't wait when people retweet her tweets about having morals after the release of the tape.

Lol @ this title. It'll be interesting to see if Josh signs off on it though, if he moved out and everything then he's probably pretty pissed at Mackenzie and doesn't want everyone seeing his junk. Also, Jenelle was offered 1.5 million, so I'm thinking Mackenzie's is like $500,000. I mean no one knows who she is compared to Jenelle.

It just kills me Jenelle was reportedly offered that much.

Jenelle. The walking roast beef ad complete with complementary sauce.


Vivid never confirmed how much they offered Jenelle for the video though. At least not from The Ashley's post. They just said they offered Jenelle the opportunity to work with them and make a tape, but not that they offered her $1.5 million. I seriously doubt they would offer her that much and she would turn it down. $150,000 sure because she makes more than that per season, but I don't see her turning down $1.5 million.

That's a good point, I still have a hard time believing she could turn down any money though. I have to wonder if the failed STD test rumors are true.

I STILL don't believe they gave Farrah $1M plus royalties. No fucking way.

Think I read they get 20ish plus a percentage on the back end (literally for our Farrah lol) no one not named Jennifer Lawrence is getting that kind of money for banging on camera.

This title is magic.

West Coast peeps, please clarify something for me. These chicks act like hanging out with Steve Hirsch on camera is something that happens by accident. Are y'all just ever out and about in LA, taking pics with your friends, and when you look at them later, are you like, "Fucking Steve got in the frame of every one of these!" because I suspect I'm being lied to.

haha I grew up all over LA and Hollywood and I can assure you these little photo shoots are as planned as any other celebrity photo shoot, no one in the area I'm sure even knows who the hell MacKenzie is, trust me anyone who was on a failed reality show ain't gonna be getting any kind of attention anywhere in or around LA...I know exactly where vivid is located and it's not a very popular neighborhood for paparazzi to be just hanging out in and taking pics of just randoms that go in and out of the building for all they know she is just some random newbie to the porn scene and no one gives a shit. thsee photos were definitely taken by someone trying to amp up MacKenzie NOT by interested papparazzi.

I KNEW IT!!! Lying little river rat!

*Rodeo rat.

Right? I live here too and can honestly say neither me or anybody I know would give a single fuck if we saw one of the Teen Mom girls out and about. Which is why I smirk every time I think of Catelynn and Tyler being here for a reunion and pouting because nobody is asking them for a photo.

The thing about LA is that most of the people who grew up here think they're too cool to make a fuss or ask for a photo when they see a celebrity.

Although I fully admit that there have been several instances where I've seen somebody I love and tried to take a sneaky "Neil Patrick Harris photobombed me!" selfie.

I stand corrected, Rae! Just googled Miami and she's about as far away from the Red River as she can get.

I'm friends with Mack on fb (don't judge me, it's so I can judge her) her latest status update reads;

So happy to be home. Exhausting week, but my feelings are a little hurt by the comments of other MTV Stars. #IHaveMorals #NoSexTape

So I can't wait to see this play out.....

#IHaveMorals #AndFreeTitsPls #WWFAD

How did you manage to be friends with her on FB? I would love to be friends with Leah on Facebook, it would be so entertaining.

I just added her one time when TM3 was still on, and she accepted me. I was friends with Leah too. But when the cheating shit went down, I said my piece on one of her ranting status updates and she blocked me. It was a sad day.

What pointless hashtags, damn. Like, maybe I'm getting old, but wouldn't those sentences make a lot more sense as, you know, normal sentences? Who looks through a "#nosextape" tag?

"Pointless hashtags" is just redundant, haha.

If Josh left will we see more of MacKenzie driving around "looking for him"??? Let's hope she doesn't get into another fight or total her car. I doubt he left though and I'm sure theres a sex tape. This woman will do anything for more fame to avoid getting a job

Maybe that's how the sex tape starts? With her driving around looking for Jawsh. And when she can't find him, she finds someone else. But I'm still thinking the tape only has her in it. Pleasuring herself. Jawsh is too stoned all the time.

"Excuse me, Mr. Meter Reader! I can't find my husband and I want to save our family!" "Hey there, little lady. How about we EXPAND that family??" *cue the music.*

She is kidding no one. Everybody knows she would love to have a sex tape released because she LOVES attention.

Also, since Mackenzie is irrelevant I wanna hijack this post to repost something that @Bulletproof Maci, y'all said in a post earlier but it was at the bottom so I don't think many people saw:

Bulletproof Maci, y'all!
July 9, 2015 at 7:01 pm

It took me a whole three minutes (if that) to find Kail’s new address. I won’t post it on here, but they bought it for $290,000 and they still own their old house that they bought for $210,000.

Wow, how this people manage to not work a single day in their lives and have the money to buy two houses... like...isn't javi always arpund in the house? what happened with the benefits, I mean, the military? what does kail do besides tm2 of course?

I found the house fairly easy too. It blows my mind how she complained about people finding her old house, then posts pictures with pretty identifiable features of her new house, like no one has access to

She's got to show the world Jo isn't the only one with a sweet new pool. ?

Her new house is way uglier inside than her old house. Ugh she's an idiot.

& yes is must be nice to have no job and afford two mortgages. We bust our humps to pay for our one house. I cannot wait for this show to be over and this bitch has to either go back to dental assisting or use her "Film degree" at the hottest production companies in Dover Delaware.

So they have two mortgages now, wow. I thought it was dumb of them to buy that house in the first place, and Karl is always gonna be upgrading trying to make herself happy, or Javi upgrading trying to make her happy. Upgraded ring, upgraded house, etc

I want to cry so much. I looked for the cheapest house in my area, and it was $390,000. It was some POS foreclosure built in the 60s.

The idea of having one house with a $200K mortgage literally makes my chest tight. Having a SECOND mortgage on top of that for almost $300K would give me a stroke. What a dumb dumb.

I know it just won't happen soon enough but one day these guys all will be off air and out of money. Then the world will come absolutely crashing down and it will be harder for them than many of us because we all know what it's like to work for money and be responsible with it. Not many people out there can juggle two 200k houses.

It's just sad the kids have to suffer due to their stupidity. All of the moms except Chelsea have done little for their lives except running around acting like idiots.

Yeah, he's not in. Or even active. I mean I know it's the chair force, but damn this dude is always traveling and on twitter.

Lmao i found Jos house as well. They bought it for 180,000 and its hideous on the inside ?

I just bought a 600 square foot condo for $180,000...... Knowing that you can buy a four bedroom house like that in the U.S. for less money hurts my soul!

Man houses are so cheap in many parts of the US! I live in Auckland, New Zealand and our average house price in my city is $800,000. My husband and I have given up on owning a house where we live, only problem is no jobs elsewhere.

Omg! A house WITH a pool for under $200/$300K?!?! I wish. Wow.

If they had perfect credit (which I doubt because they are young), so we will assume its "good" their loan payment for the old house would be about $1400-1600 a month. Their new house would be about $2200. So they are paying around $4000 a month in house payments.

Also, if they got a VA loan, I'm pretty sure it states that they can't rent the house out for 6 years, or sell the house for 6 years because of the benefits that come with a VA loan (no or low down payment, low interest, they approve almost anyone). Now those rules may have changed since I was in banking, but I doubt it.

I love the tone of this post, it's hilarious! "Find a Teen Mom girl in a committed and loving relationship (Farrah and James Deen)" just about killed me :D
Also, thanks for making me remember Speidi and Heidi's ridiculous "calling the paps, sitting in a chair in the middle of the pavement and crying while wearing perfect makeup". They were not nearly as annoying as Kardashians, if we only knew back then...

I don't want to watch Mack's muscular hobbit body go to the rodeo... But I know I will if given the chance...
I hope Josh isn't gone for good, I was really hoping for another miracle baby and more toilet drama. James and Farrah were always my favorite TM couple anyway though

Can they call whatever Teen Mom spin off is made next Toilet Drama?!

I think Mackenzie is lying about why Josh left or that Josh is just using that as an excuse to finally leave. If she and Josh made their own sex tape that just "somehow" got in Vivid's possession, surely Vivid would've sent Mackenzie's manager an email with proof that they have the video and a monetary offer in exchange for Mack and Josh's permission to release it. That email would be proof enough that she wasn't going to LA to make a professional tape. If Josh was going to leave her over the tape, he would've left when the info first came out. I think he was just waiting for her to leave the state so he could pack his shit and run for the hills. I wonder if Grangie went to LA with Mack or if Josh had to wait for her to be out of the house so he could leave. I would imagine Grangie wouldn't let Josh leave without a big scene. Hopefully Josh either left the kids with someone trustworthy or took them with him.

Oho, my dear Antichrist. Read this article to find out about "how that tape could have gotten in Vivid's possession," and Mackenzie "Trying to keep Vivid from releasing the tape."

At this point, I really don't know what Jawsh's role is in all of this drama, but considering the way things are playing out now, all of these reports of him leaving, etc. are probably just ways to keep Mackenzie's name in the news. And here we are talking about her! Just what she wants! She really IS Farrah Abraham Jr.

You're operating on the assumption that Josh can read. First mistake.

The pics weren't here last time I commented. Hey Mack, Farrah may look like a horse but her beach pics even turned out better.

Yeah I did an edit/update tonight!

And it's fucking brilliant. I'm still laughing at "GIVE ME ATTENTION Teen Mom."

I love you Rae!

Right back atcha!

does this girl own any decent clothes??? wtf is wrong with her country bumpkin ass going to LA for a meeting looking like she just rolled off the hay wagon...yee-haw mackinzie, yee-freaking-haw

Yes. Sad. Also, isn't she sporting the "BroHo" hairdo that you guys were talking about Maci having a few years ago? Isn't that skunk thing kind of passe?



And those classy platform flip flops......eeeek!

Those are her business flip flops for when she needed to lay down the law to Steve Hirsch.

OMG the updated pictures...this is so Farrah it hurts. Except Farrah's at least looked...believable. haha. I am waiting for this to come out just to have ridiculous stories and tweets from her.

The fucking porn title/cover is hilarious. "Herp derp derp GIVE ME ATTENTION."

My coworker was talking about the premiere of TM2 and I had to jump in. I ended up mentioning how Mackenzie was following in Farrah's footsteps. She didn't know there was a TM3 and asked me when it was going to be on. That ship sailed and!

Sorry, Mickey. Guess you're not an MTV star.

Andrea, that poster killed me, you're the best. Do you guys notice how, her pose is the same as Farrah's? Can't wait for Farrah to comment on this idiot.

It looks like Mack has some weird lump on her right thigh in that first bikini picture. I have a lump like that too, so I guess it could be caused by working out? Maybe I'm just crazy and my hypochondria has finally broken down my barrier between fantasy and reality.

Maybe she finally got a fucking insulin pump and begged them to shove it in her leg so it wouldn't show during her "fitness" modeling.

This idiot can't even get her story straight. One minute her sex tape was stolen, and the next there is no sex tape. Pathetic.

That poster is gold! Well done!

One minute it was a tape made so she could look at how sexy she is, the next it was a leaked tape that she made with her boyfriend, a porn star who's in a stable relationship with someone that isn't her. De ja spunk.

Deen and Stoya 4-Eva!

here what's gonna happen: she's gonna work with Vivid to release the tape and she will say they released it without her authorization but they have "compensated" her for it already, so that's why vivid owns the tape now. She's dumber than a rock, she thinks we don't know that everything vivid does is legal.

Is anyone else having problems with the up/down votes? I have to click on mine a million times before it works, or sometimes there's like a minute delay with it working.

I guess one person isn't having a problem with the downvote :D

off topic but according to reports maci is filming in tennesee and farrah has been seen with a film crew so it looks like more teen mom og is happening

Lordy, I hope those pictures aren't potential cover images for her tapes. She may have a decent body, man titties and all, but she is one busted bitch in the face.

This will probably sound mean but I think Mackenzie just looks so bulky in these pictures. Not fat or chunky or anything, but she looks like if she was walking on a floor above you it would sound like an elephant was up there.

She's a very squat little human. She's definitely not fat or anything but every muscle she has is worked out to an extreme for a girl her size. I just hope she doesn't go FULL body builder or anything because I don't think her health or her bone density could handle that extreme.

1. This is absolutely planned and calculated
2. mac- you have to get your hair done professionally now.

I don't know what CA or OK laws are, but I don't think it's legal for Vivid to release a sex tape of anyone without, you know, signatures. And is "#NoSexTape" already an proper hashtag on Twitter, or is Mackenzie trying to make it trend?
During the OG reunion, Farrah and her family once again were stressing that she had been taken advantage of and even implied she was sexually assaulted somehow. I don't know if they were talking more about the events before, during, or after Farrah made the porn, and I'd never be the type of person to doubt a woman who claims she's been sexually assaulted, but I'm a bit confused how her "trauma" could have taken place before the release of the tape. There's no doubt there are seedy people in that business, but I can't imagine Vivid et al manipulating me into making a porno with a well-known porn star.

A bigger question is how hasn't that bitch been slapped with slander? James Deen made it perfectly clear he was hired to do a job, nothing more. How can Farrah just keep running her mouth about these abuse allegations and NOBODY says anything to her about it??!!

James Deen is too busy swimming in all his money in a Scrooge McDuck pool to bother suing some whorebag who's too stupid to know the word "elaborate."

Anddd this is why it pisses me off when people say Farrah is "sooo real". Just no.

Farrah said point blank she was drugged and raped "more than once" during her promotional tour with Vivid. At Vivid sponsored clubs and Vivid OWNED clubs. After she pulled that out of her ass (along with every dick on the planet) Steve Hirsch presented her with a challenge: Take a lie detector test about the alleged assaults/rapes and Vivid would pay her a MILLION DOLLARS if she passed. But fail and she had to return all the royalties from both of her pornos. Farrah never responded and was quickly slapped with a cease and desist letter saying they'd sue her ass into oblivion and back if she kept saying she was raped while under the security protection of Vivid.

Does anyone else read James Deen's blog? He's actually a smart, business savvy, funny guy, and seeing him talk about the others that he works with and becomes friends with is actually a pretty cool glimpse into that world. The stars all seem relatively down to earth and I'd rather hang out with them than any of the TM girls.

I'm a 28 year old Deenager :-D

Oh my god. Is that what they (we) are called? I love it

Farrah #2 ughh. Lets hope shes not doing a backdoor video as well >.< And her pics running on the beach... Didn't she get implants?! Anyone know where they went?!