Catelynn and Tyler: Pregnancy Update Again

catelynn lowell


Catelynn Lowell is around 30 weeks pregnant, and she and fiance Tyler Baltierra are gearing up for the arrival of their daughter. Over the weekend, they chose to have a baby shower to help get some things ready for their new baby. There were lots of gifts, including clothes, blankets, and toys.

Guests from all over showed up, including both Tyler and Catelynn's mothers, and Dawn, the adoption counselor that we've grown to know over several seasons on Teen Mom.

MTV was there to film the entire event, and several guests took the opportunity to pose with the crew.

We can look forward to seeing more of the details of the day on the upcoming season of Teen Mom in early 2015.

Here are some pictures from the event that Catelynn shared on her Instagram account.

catelynn2 catelynn3

Catelynn and Tyler had been pretty secretive about the name of their unborn child, although they did reveal that the name contained the letter V. Most people assumed that the name started with V, but it turns out that the V is actually in the middle. On Sunday, Catelynn's official Facebook page released pictures of the baby shower, along with the caption, "Princess Nova coming in January 2015" which revealed the name for their daughter.


This sparked a decent amount of discussion in the Teen Mom world because Teen Mom 3 star, Briana Dejesus named her daughter Nova on the 4th season of 16 & Pregnant.

The name was unique to the show, and now that Catelynn and Tyler have chosen it, it seems like Briana has some jealousy problems.

Briana shared a screenshot of Starcasm's article sharing that the baby's name would be Nova, and simply captioned it "welp." One follower said that the fact that Catelynn and Tyler chose to name their child Nova had to be annoying considering that they're all on the same Teen Mom platform.

Briana agreed and said that it was more than annoying to her. While she did reply to some comments explaining her frustration, she later deleted the picture and her replies to followers.

What do you think? Does Briana have a right to be mad about Catelynn and Tyler's name choice? Should Catelynn and Tyler have gone with something different?


In the next update, we will hear that Dawn the crazy Christian has kidnapped Catelynn's new bundle of joy from the hospital. Mama April will be the first to sell the story to Us weekly.

That was my first thought-that Dawn plans on stealing the baby.

And that Briana's mom has thrown a shoe at Butch and Butch has eaten her and she looks even more surprised than she does now. Gosh now that I think about it they should date. Butch has to get his freak on yall! UGH

butch and roxanne should totally date! i would pay money to see that.

Call MTV.


It would be the most violent relationshit ever. One is on crack and smells babies, the other throws vases, hates men, and always looks surprised. God damn that would make some good TV. Can they just have a dating show for all the single parents? Babs is too good for everyone though.

Except Randy. Babs could retire and relax and Randy would treat her like a Queen!
Babs is retiring meth pipe, I love this twitter account

There's this Korean reality show I'm obsessed with called We Got Married where they pair up celebrities and they live as if they were married. MTV should do an American version, Teen Mom edition.

Babs wouldn't be able to deal with Chelsea that often though. To be honest I like Randy but I'm kind of over his "schtick"...the way he engages in gossip and over-enables Chelsea is starting to annoy me. Obviously that's his kid and it's up to him but I can't imagine Babs standing for that crap without some harsh words hahah.

I'm still advocating for a Babs Serves the Real where she goes around telling people how to get their life together.



Oh heck no! Babs wouldn't play that game! " What,what's wrong with hur? Whut YA mean she didn't graduate? My jenelle was on drugs, but I made damn sure she graduated!!, I, I, I just neva Hurd such a thang...."

Nipples! Someone commented "on fleek" on that Babs twitter post!! Nooooooo!

I saw that meth pipe, my first thought was that it was a commenter on here but maybe its someone who actually uses that word. Barbara is the queen though and she deserves to have nice things

Como se dice "we keepin this one!" en Espanol? Oooooh THAT'S right...No va=doesn't go!
I'll bet they feel all smug like no one else will catch that joke!

I forgot to add that I thought Nova was actually a cute name when Brianna used it. But I'm willing to bet Husky Kitties to Bratz Dolls C&T ripped it because they think they are being cute.

Lmao at husky kitties, and bratz dolls! I automatically thought of Chelsea @ husky kitties, and Leah@ bratz dolls!

Se dice esta si nos la vamos a quedar!

This is Tyler's theme song for Caitlyn. "The bigger she is, the more I like her, the more I like her, the more I feed her, the more I feed her, the more she eats, the more she eats, the bigger she gets, the bigger she gets, the more I like her!"

Brianna, stfu. You are a has been and (unfortunately) C and T are still relevant. Get the hell over it. You're not the only special snowflake to ever use it.
I think they should have picked something else, but only because "Nova Baltierra" is a mouthful.

But praise Lawd Jesus it wasn't "Savanna" ;)

Vision would have been cute. I could have seen then naming her that. I wish they would go away already though. It's so obvious they only got pregnant to start TM1 back up.

Vision? Lol was that autocorrect?

I certainly hope not!

Shit. Yes autocorrect. Vivian **

Hahaha I would like to make a case for Vision! It sounds like a name for the next Kimye baby.

Kanye: my baby's name is vision! Because he/she has a vision for the future. To be the BEST. Because he/she comes from the BEST. That's ME. BECAUSE I'M YEEZUS.

Kim: we named our new baby Vision because like...Kanye say he/she's a vision because she/he's sooooo gorge. *takes selfie*

Kris: my favorite daughter Kimmy and her wonderful husband Kanye' named my precious grandchild KVision, because we're all just visualizing how much money we're going to make off of it.

North: can I go live with Brandon and Theresa?

I was like ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? Although the name Vision is cracking me up, definitely a Kanye name...

Haha oh god, Kanye will see this and the next one (if Kimmode allows it) will totally be called Vision. Vision West. Because Imma musical genius, yo.

Seriously, B&T should save North from her idiot parents and dress that child appropriately.

When Kim and Kanye had South and East, I think they will have Go.
Go West (will hear the petshop boys for a whole day now).

Nickname = 20/20

LOL! Laughing so hard at VISION. HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

I was thinking they might go with Olivia. Definitely not crazy about Nova. Wasn't when Briana named her daughter that either. These girls really need to learn how to take the high road on social media so they don't constantly tweet and delete. Instead of "welp," how about an "it's a great name, right? :)" then maybe you (really all of them) can stop looking like such jackasses.

Totally been a creeper on this site forever. This one finally got me to comment. I am laughing so hard at this I am crying. I can totally see someone thinking they're so cool, naming their kid 'Vision'.

Will there be any name that matches Lowell-Baltierra?

Caitlyn and Tyler should name their kid 'Anita Mann'
Then Brianna can name hers Anita Mann II (too)

I don't care for either Briana or C&T so my opinion probably doesn't matter. However, I think it's extremely stupid when parents get into name game battles. There are millions of people in the world so what if someone you know of names their child the same as you did. Consider it a compliment.
Briana needs to get over herself
C&T need to dissappear

This. Exactly this!

Love your name!

I love your name too :)

My favorite name on here is Kailyns Too Pregnant For This! Too funny. I also like whoever made up Kails Sweet 16.

Thanks guys. Haha. Gotta' love Jenelle and the inspiration she gives us!

I cannot judge people about names since my daughter has an usual name (I named her the last name of my favorite author-she does go by her middle name Amelia so I am not too insane). There is not one female in the US that has her name, per the societies associated with the author,but I would never go on social media and declare that I own that name. You know C&T picked that name to cause trouble-gotta stay in the limelight.

ive got to know what this name is...

Telling it would give me away. Oh well, everyone I know is aware of my Teen Mom addiction. Her name is Faulkner after William Faulkner and we call her Amelia after our fav aviator. I wanted to make sure she would be annoyed with me later in life for her name.

Oh I love that name Unnecessary Letter.

I am quite classical with names, I like Emily for a girl, or, since I am irish, Niamh or Aiofe.

For a boy I like Kai or Liam.

Glitterpants we are Irish as well so many in my family call her Emma. If she had been a boy her name was going to be Atticus Fergal. She feels that she dogged a bullet on that one.

Apparently someone does not like my kids name or the Irish. That is so sad for you. At least her name isn't Faulk"z"er.

I would be mad if someone stole a name they knew I wanted before my baby was born, but if your kid has already been named it then I guess you just have to remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I do think it's kinda weird that the chose the name because it is so unusual and had already been used by another teen mom.

Most childish tantrum ever. Briana, you don't have rights to that name. Shut the fuck up.

I want the thousands of people that had baby Nova's before her to post on her twitter and go WELP

Catelynn and Tyler should name their daughter Welp. Welp Baltierra. It has a ring to it.

I am very surprised about the name they chose. I thought they were gonna go for Genevieve. Which is in the top place for my babies name. I have loved that name for years. Nova is a little odd though. I wonder what the meaning is behind for them. Brian, girl bye. She is trying so hard to stay relevant.

I think you're giving them way too much credit with a beautiful name like Genevieve. Totally not trashy enough for them.

Although to be fair Jordan named her kid that and she is pretty trashy lately. I love the name Genevieve too but my guy friend once told me it's a common name in porn and strip clubs lol. I would argue but then Jordan is a stripper so yea....I hate when names are ruined like that! I really liekd Savannah and I've heard the same thing about that name :(

this is probably the nicest party that catelynn and tyler have ever been attended. although i'm sure butch and april's wedding was a close second...i'm sure that was one classy event!

That has to be the most childish reason to be frustrated by someone. I mean, really? Did she throw a fit saying, "they stole my name! I CHOSE THAT NAME! IT'S MINEEEEE!!!!!'

She does not own the name Nova *eye roll*.

And I have no idea how them both being teen moms means that they need to choose different names. I mean, wtf? It makes no sense to me. There are millions of Aidens, Isabella's, etc.

Didn't Briana's mom technically choose Nova's name in the first place? If that's the case, Briana didn't really name her daughter by coming up with it on her own.

If it was up to Briana, her name would have been Bliss. Nova will be thanking her grandma oneday!

I agree! Briana is general is just nuts. All she is is a coach potato. She has nothing better to do than look at her twitter and cause unnecessary drama for attention. Too bad no one cares either way and we find any and all temper tantrums amusing!

I beg to differ. She worked for Hooters for 5 minutes once.

Sounds crazy but I like bliss. To me it's better than nova-I only think of the car when I hear it

My niece gave her daughter the same name as my daughter. I have no problem with that at all. I don't own it. Apparently we choose a nice name, it is liked.
At family gatherings it can be confusing but we don't mind that.

my cousin's daughter is named Riley. i told her that my first girl is going to be Ryleigh because my son's name is Ryder (and yes, i am THAT mom). she's totally fine with it!

How many freakin' Aubree, Aubrie, Aubreys are there by now in this franchise? Not to mention all the Aiden/Kayden/Kay'denn or whatever the f.

Nova is such a strange choice. It fits Briana's daughter, with the middle name Star and the coven she's raised by, lord knows that child is lucky if she doesn't end up on a pole.
I figured they'd go with something more normal, like Victoria or Olivia.

I surprised Briana is not on a pole herself with the stuff she posts on twitter

That would require leaving the couch.

Briana is so jealous of the fact that Teen Mom 2 is getting ready for a sixth season, the original Teen Mom is coming back, and no one cared about the girls in TM3 to watch anymore of it!

coven, lol
Tyler asked this facebook fanpage to delete everything about the babys nane

This is so fucking stupid - here's an idea, if you and Catelynn want to keep the name private and share it when you are ready to do so, DON'T SHARE IT WITH ANYONE! The people around them aren't exactly the best when it comes to being discreet. Besides, do they really think the world cares THAT much about their trap baby's name? This isn't a royal child. And now that it's out there, why are you running around trying to keep it secret? Just like locking the stable doors after the horses bolt (to BrandonTreesa's house - way less smoke and stupidity there).

I'm confused, didn't they announce her name publicly themselves though, via the baby shower album on facebook?

I don't think they run that page

I used to follow that page, and at one point they did not run it. April did.

Uh, TOO LATE, TYLER! The cat's out of the bag. And your baby mama already freaking announced it! Uh oh, Catelynn, looks like you'll have to go to counseling to work out your problems regarding invading Tyler's privacy! Get ready to take the dogs to the vet after he takes out his anger on them.

I'm in the minority here, but I understand a bit where Briana is coming from. Obviously catelynn can name her baby whatever the hell she wants, but since nova is s fairly uncommon name, there's a chance they heard it for tr first time watching teen mom 3. That being said, I don't think she should be having a public freak out, but being slightly annoyed in her own home is understandable. It'll be a little tacky if cate and Ty act like they invented the name nova like they act how they invented open adoption.

I would be annoyed too
To bad i named my daughter Sophia its such a common name

HAHAAH. Speaking of names, I love your user name.

Thank you! Y love yours too !

No I'm with you. I am definitely the opposite of a Briana fan but I probably would have been a little bit annoyed too. Plus Briana made a couple of annoyed tweets and deleted them. it's not like she completely lashed out or anything, unless there were some really terrible tweets I completely missed.

Agreed 100%. Because what are the odds that they heard the name nova before tm3? If I was Briana, I'd be a little annoyed but I'd definitely keep my mouth shut about it because at the end of the day, it's not a big deal.

I love how Brianna is having a titty attack because some one is name there kid the same name it, not like she was on national television about her pregnancy, her baby and her parenting. I remember Maci got pissed because some from another season was rumoured to named her son, Bentley as well. Luckily Chelsea is not like that because every other season there is a baby name Aubrey/ Aubree/ Aubri

I was just about to comment on that. Seriously, there's like like 4392423 Aubrey/ee/ie/memememe variations since TM2 started. Brianna is probably just bitter C&T are still "in the spotlight" (as annoyed by that as I am) while she's a super-has been.

16 and pregnant even had a mom named Aubrey( the trashy bi-curious party girl), I hope Maddy is the last one to name her kid Aubrey and also no more Noah's, aiden's or Peyton's on the show as weird as this maybe I like teen mom because I actaul like the names the girls give their babies, and of course some are questionable I just love to explore new names

Brianna needs to quit her whining. We picked our daughters name Isobel (from a Dido song I loved) and 3 months before she was born the stupid twilight movies started coming out. Get over it.

I was thinking it'd be Veralyn... get it? Carolyn? Ha.

Briana is a dumbass. I wish I could've seen her pissy comments. Attention seeking, much?

Also, I think Nova is a terrible choice on their part because of the implication that this is the "new" daughter, of course referencing Carly. I think everyone wishes they'd just move past it already. Hanging onto Carly isn't good for them. Put that time in their lives in a little box, put it away, and start anew without clutching at chances to bring back that time. It just seems that after five years they shouldn't be making a "new" Carly - not to say they shouldn't have a kid but not seeing it like some replacement ordo-over. Seems really unfair to the new kid from the start.

That's a good point but I think you're giving them a little too much credit about thinking the meaning through.

I don't think it's deliberate but to me it seems indicative of some subconscious gnarliness.

Plus they have pictures of Carly in their baby's bursery! WHY? I'd love to hear their explanation of their reasoning for that.

That's exactly what I thought. Nova = "new" / do-over.

Oh, my God. Like, obviously, this poor little trap baby is going to learn about her older sister eventually and how they can be siblings when they don't live together and all that complicated stuff. But, really. Putting Carly's photos in the nursery? It's already bad enough their house is covered with her photos and they canoodle under a giant blanket with her face on it. But leave Nova II out of of it. She already has to deal with growing up in Carly's shadow for the rest of her natural life. This is just too much.

Sadly I can see that being the case - her living in Carly's shadow. I hope C&T focus on this kid and don't subject her to comparison.

I remember there was this reality show a few years back where a couple gave their first kid up for adoption, but a closed adoption, and ended up marrying and having kids of their own. They wanted to find their first daughter and she ended up being only 8 miles away. Difference was their children didn't know about the adoption if I recall correctly. Idk it just seemed like a healthier dynamic than C&T's in spite of the similarities.

Like, obviously, Carly and Nova II are going to know about each other eventually. They share the same biological mother and father, which I think isn't very common in adoption situations. We obviously don;t know how Carly will react to the adoption situation when she gets old enough to understand it, but it may help her out tremendously to know that she has a fully related sister out there.

However---and this is just my opinion---I'm not sure if Carly and Nova II should meet each other as children. Carly has a younger brother, and it might confuse her why one sibling lives with her and her parents and the other one doesn't. And Nova II is undoubtedly going to grow up hearing "Carly this Carly that" and possibly even being compared to Carly both physically and mentally. It's got to be hard on anybody growing up in his or her sibling's shadow. For Nova II, it'll be even worse because said sibling doesn't even live with them and isn't legally considered her sister. How can you cope with your parents constantly comparing you to somebody who's not even that involved with your life? Who barely has a relationship with you?

Like I said: Carly and Nova II will probably meet and want to meet each other, but I think they should do it when they're teenagers/young adults and have a better grasp of this situation. Having them meet up with each other every visitation may end up confusing them, and may leave both feeling resentful in various ways. Nova II's not even born yet, and Catelynn and Tyler are already putting Carly's photos in her nursery. They truly have no clue about boundaries at this point, what's appropriate and what's not. It doesn't bode well for Nova II at this point, and it doesn't bode well for the adoption on a whole if C&T insist on forging a relationship between their daughters as quickly as possible.

I don't think that B & T would ever allow Carly to think/call "nova" her sister and I hope C & T don't allow that either. It would be so confusing to a child. It's not like she knows C & T as her mom and dad at all.. I thought she just knew them as family friends or something.. She called them Catelynn and Tyler when she spoke to them. I don't see why they can't let them play together but leave the "sibling" discussion for when she is much older..
I honestly think in some situations closed adoptions must be WAY easier for everyone involved.. C & T made a mature decision in choosing adoption but have made so many immature/ selfish ones since..

I vote she goes by Nova II from now on

I agree. Letting them play together as friends is harmless. But I think Brandon and Teresa need to keep tabs on Catelynn and Tyler's behavior and intentions. The fact that they've put Carly's photos in the baby's nursery is pretty unsettling to me. I really do think they might try to force a sibling relationship between Carly and Nova because "they're siiiiissssstttteeeerrrrs!" Now when Catelynn said that Nova and Carly will have a relationship, maybe she just meant that they would know each other growing up. But this lack of boundaries makes me suspicious that she wants them to know each other as sisters from the get-go. We'll see how this goes very soon.

Carly's like a ghost, haunting them forever. Nova will grow up feeling like she can't ever live up to the perfection that is Carly.

Love the Nova II remark lol

There is no "eventually". Poor little Nova is going to be hearing about her sister Carly from day one. Her picture is already in the nursery! Nova will be inundated with Carly this and Carly that because her parents are immature and can't move past the adoption. Yes Carly will always be their biological child and nothing will ever chant that but C&T "s attitude needs to change or else Nova will always feel like no matter what she does, she'll always be in second place!

There is no "eventually". Poor little Nova is going to be hearing about her sister Carly from day one. Her picture is already in the nursery! Nova will be inundated with Carly this and Carly that because her parents are immature and can't move past the adoption. Yes Carly will always be their biological child and nothing will ever change that but C&T "s attitude needs to change or else Nova will always feel like no matter what she does, she'll always be in second place!

Sorry I don't know how this got posted twice. My phone has been not well lately.

Oh, I know that. There's no hope for this kid if her parents are already putting Carly's photos in her nursery. I meant that eventually Nova II and Carly would meet each other in person. Eventually beacuse I do no think Brandon and Teresa will be so keen to introduce them to each other when they're children and don't quite understand the adoption beyond "My parents are not my genetic parents but they're still my mom and dad anyway/My parents had a baby before me but she doesn't live with us she has another mom and dad." From the moment they revealed their pregnancy, Catelynn and Tyler announced that of course their daughter was going to have a relationship with Carly. For some reason, I don't think Brandon and Teresa are as sold on this idea. The situation is already complicated enough. Shoving Nova II into Carly's face and going, "See? This is your sister except not really" is only going to make things worse. Hopefully B&T will talk some sense into C&T before their eagerness ruins things.

Could you imagine poor nova (probably) growing up in poverty after the mtv money train is over.. With parents who fight or are broken up.. Drug addict grandparents..
Meeting her "sister" who got to grow up in a stable loving environment..
I'm going to guess she will be asking C & T why they couldn't have given her to B & T!!!

I'm still a bit on the fence with C&T having a baby, because they expressed their reasons so many times for giving up Carly to "I wanna finish college", "I wanna get a degree", "I wanna get married". They haven't done any of that. However, I think they will be good parents compared to some of the other deadbeats on this show.

I don't like the name Nova at all.. I just don't see it fitting in... Catelynn, Tyler, and Nova? That makes me think they took Briana's kid lol. Briana has no right to get fussy, she doesn't own the damn name. Has she noticed how many Aubree/I/Y's came out of this show?

I was really hoping that C&T were gonna name their child something along the lines of Violet, Violette, Vivian.. something classic and beautiful. At least they're not naming her April like how they wanted to do with Carly (if they kept her).

I wonder if April likes this fucking name...hopefully she will inform us.

I DON'T EVEN LIKE THAT FUCKING NAME. Hahahahaaa I'm sure she does cause it's kinda trashy.

Oh god Brianna, shut the fuck up! You didn't invent that name.

I went through that with my sister. Growing up, I always loved my sons name. When I was pregnant and we decided on his name, she flipped out. She wasn't pregnant and she doesn't own my sons name and she didn't invent it, unless she wrote the bible.

Idk, I sort of see where your sister is coming from. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I don't really think she's wrong either. I had my son and daughter's names picked out since I was little, George Peter and Lydia Mae. I was very vocal about these names. My cousin had a baby and he texted me asking which middle name I had wanted to use for my daughter - and it turns out he was asking me because he named his daughter Lydia Mae. I didn't freak out on him, but privately I was annoyed and a little hurt. I get you can name your child whatever your heart desires, and there are thousands of Lydia Mae's running around, it does bother me there will be two sitting around our Christmas tree.

I'm getting my 12 week scan in 2 weeks (eek!) and I've had my potential names picked out for years I love classic names so if shes a girl I'm thinking about Isabella/Grace/Poppy and if it's a boy he will be Freddie/ Teddy(my boyfriend isn't sold!) or Oliver whatever I decide his middle name will be George, as it was my Dad's (who passed away three years ago) and my granddads (who Is probably my favourite human) middle name. I've told my brother of my intention that if he's a boy his middle name will be George and he's furious because he wants to call his future son George (his wife isn't pregnant) and he's never ever stated this intention to me. So now I'm kinda torn I love the idea of this name passing onto my little boy but I really don't want to get into it with my brother over a name. I know how he is and he would seriously flip out, I understand the importance of the name but why can't both boys share the name as a middle name? And I am pregnant now, argh so much stress hahaha
Also what do you guys think of Dorothy as a little girls name? I really don't think I like it but my boyfriend is in love with the name, the more I hear it the more it grows. I was just wondering what the generally opinion was?

I love the name Grace!!! It's such a classic beautiful name. I'm pregnant right now too, and if I have a girl, grace is one of my top names.

Dorothy is ok. It's not a common name for little kids anymore, but it's also still a really nice classic name. With my son, I was so adamant I did not want to name him his name, but my husband loved it. Slowly it grew on me and when I first held him in the hospital, I knew that was going to be his name. I love it now. I think you can't go wrong with a Dorothy or Grace :)

Dorothy is my great aunt's name and I always liked it b/c we call her Dottie or Dot, which I think are great nicknames.

Poppy is a great name! ;)

Gee some doesn't like the names Dorothy, Grace, or Poppy.... Go down thumb actual horrible names. These are all older names, but still 100% better than made up, horribly spelt names!

My aunt has 5 kids and 2 of them have sons with the same middle name after their deceased father. One of childless cousins has the dad's name as his first name, and another married a guy with that same middle name, so it's safe to say there will be 2 more boys with the same name. There can be more than one!!

My husband is a 'II' (not a Jr.). He has a son from his first marriage and wanted to name him the 'III', but his ex was totally against that. My FIL passed away a few years back and shortly thereafter my BIL and his wife had a boy and his middle name is my FIL's first name, which obviously is my husbands first name as well. It really hurt my husband that his brother never even brought this up to him before the kid was named. I've always said if we ever have a boy, I'm all for naming him the 'III' as long as my stepson is ok with the fact that he is the firstborn & not named after Dad & Grandpa. But it's quite the sensitive subject between my husband and his brother, especially since when anyone asks, my BIL makes it clear he's named after his grandpa, not his uncle.

I like Dorothy. Especially with the middle name Anne. Its becoming less common, but is so pretty.

Yeah, I'd say your brother has no grounds to REALLY get upset about the boys sharing a middle name. A first name might be weirder, but they can both have the same middle name :).

Recently a relative of mine had a baby, and had the first and middle name picked out, then all of the sudden, her husband's cousin (?) that they hardly have a relationship with, expressed that he was displeased by their choice of middle name because it was the same middle name as a baby they had recently lost. She ended up not using it, because she didn't want to upset this guy, even though she loved the name. I didn't think that was reasonable of this guy to express that to them. I mean, what, are you trying to completely forget a child that you had? Are you afraid to be reminded of them? I'm not really sure of a legitimate reason for this, especially if he isn't even really THAT close to the family. Even if he was, I am reminded of a woman who named her daughter's middle name after a friend's baby whom she had lost, as a sort of memorial.

My two cents on C and T's name. I was kinda disappointed that it was something that wasn't within the same franchise already as an uncommon name. I imagine it is a little weird for Briana, I'd feel that way too. Wouldn't publicly do anything about it of course haha. Its definitely unsettling to think about the child living in Carly's shadow. It would be so uncomfortable to be Brandon or Teresa right now.

C and T better consider that Brandon and Teresa probably don't want them to tell Carly that she has a sister. Especially if its not in the plan for her to know who her bio parents are, which it should be, because that's too confusing. If they have a relationship, that'd be great, but C and T better really really get it through their head that they cannot tell Carly confusing things about her parents or siblings, and especially not start acting all "parenty" to Carly. And then, if the girls grow up and get mad that their parents "lied" about who everyone was, I could see that going sour too......oh gosh, its just a mess. I don't think any of this mess even occurred to C and T. It probably is to Brandon and Teresa. Its awkward all the way around. They're creating so much potential drama.

Actually, I have no idea if the baby the man lost, was "recent" or not. I don't think it was like within the last year or not. Not sure.

I can understand people worrying about kids having the same first names, but middle names, really? How often does anyone except Leah actually refer to someone by the middle name? I couldn't tell you what a single one of my cousins middle names is.

My dogs name is Charlie, and my sister in law named her baby girl Charlie still. Who cares lol. We call them Charlie the dog and Charlie the baby. My family

Pressed enter too soon haha. My husbands family all have middle names and first names as the same. There are so many michaels in his family :)

Our daughter has Grace in her name too, we loved it :)

Anyone else bitter that the name isn't Varly Butch??

PS. I start fertility drugs again in December!!!!

@ RED, Good luck I hope all goes well for you!!

Lol @ getting downvoted for saying good luck. Really now?

Good luck and baby dust, Red! ;).
And I'm incredibly disappointed it's not Varly. Though Nova is a crappy name IMO, Varly might have been better. Lol.

I wanted it to be Varleigh Darlynn sooo bad lol.

Good luck on your treatments! I'm going through fertility stuff myself but mines more on the surgical side to remove endo. After that my doc thinks i'll have a much better chance of conceiving. I'm using an alternative kind of fertility treatment where theres a higher focus on figuring out whats wrong and correcting it. So far I like them better than my old traditional RE.

Omg I almost laughed until I pissed myself at "Darlynn"

I have that too. Severely. Along with another condition. I've had 2 surgeries this year. We think the other condition may be the reason I can't get pregnant but you can't do much with that besides fertility drugs. I wish you the best of luck.

Good luck to the both of you!

What about Novarly ?
Goog luck Red!!!!!

This is totally off topic but I am amazed there hasn't been any katniss's, peeta's, or gale's yet

Good luck, Red! I have a friend with PCOS and is starting that processes as well.

Haha thats my other condition I was referring to. It's a process alright.

She has to start with taking birth control and try to regulate her cycle. Plus, lose weight and be on these different medications. It takes a strong woman to go through that. I could not begin to imagine.

I didnt want to speculate above, but there are surgeries that can be done for PCOS in order to get the ovaries to behave correctly. I know one is ovarian wedge resection; if your ovaries are a bit too large they remove a wedge in the middle and suture the sides back together. Another is ovarian drilling, were they place small burr holes into the ovaries to get them to function correctly.

Both of these methods were used back before the advent of artificial insemination, when PCOS was referred to as Stein-Levanthal syndrome. The reason that most doctors shy away from these methods now is because theyre costly in both time to learn to do the surgeries well and time it could potentially take to conceive.

Sorry about the tangent and all the superflous info lol. Ive been on the long walk to mommyhood for 4 years now and while it sucks, it definetly gives you a very good knowledge of the reproductive system and how frigging amazing it is! But on a serious note if you can, get opinions from lots of docs in lots of backgrounds; what my prior RE told me was improbable and impossible my new one is disproving. Hugs and baby dust!

I had no idea!! My diagnosis of PCOS is actually relatively new, so I don't know THAT much about it. Thank you for the info!!

Good luck reformed, both of ladies remember it WILL happen! Then you will have the daily job of turning food into ADORABLE little BABIES!!!

@ReformedTMTreader, do you know the names of the procedures?? I'd like to ask my OBGYN about them next time I see her.

@Red Ovarian wedge resection and ovarian drilling, but beware of the "those are antiquated methods" speech (even though reproductive endocrinologists in the UK often turn to those methods before going the IVF route).

Fertility care in the states has really turned into a big business; why fix you when they can make you come in continually for more and more invasive and costly procedures? That being said, nothing is ever 100 guaranteed to work, some women still might require Artificial Insemination to conceive. I just feel like I want to at least give my body a chance to heal and do it on its own before going any further.

Waahhhh we need a forum so we could PM and chat a bit more in depth lol. Im one of those posters who hates tangential commenting in threads but here I am doing it my self. Hell im gonna give myself a downvote lol.

I have pcos too. I'm not trying to conceive, just trying to get my insulin regulated. I read that the supplement inositol helps with pcos. There's lots of reviews on the Jarrow Inositol powder. It's $10.00 with amazon prime. The reviews have been really positive for helping to conceive, and I have taken it for just a few days and have lost 2lbs a day since taking it and gotten rid of my sugar cravings.

Do you have low blood sugar levels?? Mine are low, and for the longest time I wondered if that was just pointing to diabetes(which runs in my family) but apparently that comes with PCOS. I'm already on a medication for it. I'm not familiar with the one you're talking about, but if its to lose weight I definitely shouldn't take it. I've been in recovery from Anorexia for almost 18 months now.

@red, yes they just tested me last week and my insulin was low but not low enough for metformin. Everyone in my dad's family is diabetic and my doctor said pcos almost always develops diabetes so I'm doing everything I can to stay healthy.

Inositol isn't for weight loss. It regulates insulin, helps your liver function better and a lot of the reviews say that as soon as they took inositol they ovulated. I am not infertile so I can't offer any insight on the ovulation. But I have gained about ten lbs this year and it seemed like just looking at a carb or sugar would make me gain. But since taking it, the thought of a carb or sugar makes me nauseated and I have steadily lost pounds so I'm pretty confident that it's regulating insulin.

A lot of the reviews say doctors recommend taking inositol with your diabetes drugs. They also say to make sure you're taking frolic acid too.

Yep, metformin is what I'm prescribed. I had no idea PCOS could lead to diabetes. It runs in my family so that does concern me. I'm also taking a complex B vitamin and prenatals.

@BlankLook 'taking frolic acid too'. I think you mean Folic Acid. Frolic is what you do to GET preggers...haha ;-)

I'm SUPER bitter!!!!!!!!!! Nova sucks. Awww good luck to you!!! Omg what if you have octuplets? If you do you must name one Varly or Butch!!! :)

Wow you're lurking on here at the same time as me :D

Is it past 2 am there?? I'm laughing too hard at these comments to sleep.

Haha it was past 2am!

HAHAHA, multiples already run in my family, so we've prepared ourselves for the idea that twins or even triplets are possible, I don't know what I'd do with myself with EIGHT. At this point though, I don't care if I get one or ten. I'll take what I can get. But yes, if I have 8 babies we'll work a Varly in, ha!!

Seriously though, we've had our names picked out for a bit already. If we have a boy he will be "Jacob Adam" and if we have a girl, the middle name will be "Quinn". I haven't sold my husband on a girls first name yet. I'm gunning for "Kendall Quinn".

Ooh ooh ooh! I vote Harley Quinn! I'm such a nerd...

I know what you should do it it's octuplets. Duh, reality show! Come on Red lol.

Good luck and baby dust!

Loved Harley Quinn until my BFF named her dog that lmao

My husband wanted to use Quinn. He referenced it to Glee. I thought of Daria. Lol. I had Arabella Quinn and Sophia Quinn. I also had Emma Quinn (OUAT/Glee).

Kendall Quinn is nice. Heavy on the "k" sound but I do like it. It's a unisex name without leaning heavily to one gender. Like Maxwell Drew (girl) or Dana Kelly (boy).

Yep, I totally got "Quinn" from Daria, haha!! It's a nice name. I like "Kendall" just because it sounds cute, and also we have a double "L" in our last name so it looks nice. Also, I think "Kendall Q" is just downright adorable.

Nice! Kendall Q. is adorable!!!

Jacob Adam is really handsome too!

Actually, going with the "name-stealing" discussion. I have a boy name picked out. It's pretty much set. And my brother likes the name too. He told me if I don't get to use it, he would! Lol. Which might be likely since my husband only seems to produce girls.

Thank you!! Jacob Adam will actually be Jacob Adam Jr. that is my husbands name, and in my opinion he is the greatest man on earth aside from my Granddaddy :) So if anybody deserves to have a child named after them, it is my husband.(My Granddaddy deserves it too, but I'm not sure "Milo Levelle" works in this day and age, haha)
Another plus to my husbands name is that it is pretty classic. My first name is something I consider to be a "Fad" name, and will probably sound funny when the our daughter is 20. I think his name will still sound okay when he is older.

Well someone likes the down vote button! Fluff off with your down voting self!

Red, when you have your daughter, PLEASE name her Varly!!!
Best of luck to you!

"Mom, why is my name 'Varly'??"

"Honey, you were named after a white trash couple on a reality TV that was obsessed with their daughter named Carly that they gave up for adoption. The girl half of that couple trapped the guy with another baby, and when it was announced the name of the replacement baby would start with 'V', I was apart of an internet forum that was hoping the name would be 'Varly', but it was not, so we are all living vicariously through you!! Your middle name 'Butch' comes from this white trash couples father!!"

Make sure to include the fact that the white trash couple were actually step siblings during much of their relationshit
Ps, good luck with your fertility treatment and i really hope you get your positive

Omg I am cracking up. Imagine you announcing the baby name and then having to explain it to your parents or friends. The reactions would be priceless.

Humpfrrrr hihihihi, you guys...
Okay, uhhhh.... I'm typing this whispering, almost not audible... (whispering) I got my second daughters name from a 16&p show.
One of the moms (don't remember who) was considering the name Audrey but either she or her mom thought it was too trashy.
I only knew one Audrey in my life and everyone thought that was of a posh name. In high school kids actually teased her she was posh and felt better than others because of her name. So I felt really safe, it's not a trashy name here.
Who knows which mom this was? Please don't let it be Nicole. (Giving your child a name that was too trashy for absolute trash...OMG...).

Oh and Red, good luck to you! I really hope things work out. They have for multiple friends and family, with fertility medication.
We have had to wait for years too, it's not a very pleasant situation to say the least. Good luck.

I think of Audrey Hepburn. But, no, Sabrina Solares named her daughter Audrey.

Thank you, I can sleep again ;-).
I googled her, poor thing, they are calling her Octomom's little sister. Nobody deserves that ;-).

We have a delirious down voter here today by the way. Nothing better to do I suppose, sorry your life sucks.

I get down voted almost every time I write something personal, haha, doesn't bother me, but it does make me scratch my head a bit.

When it is time to explain to little Varly where her name came from I will host a TMJ party and you are all invited. Trap Baby will be the speaker, its only right.

Aw, I assume the downvote is because somebody is sad I'm having trouble getting pregnant. Thank you, love!!

Ooohh! Good luck red, I hope all goes really well xx

Again with the downvotes on luck wishing? Whoever you are, go shrivel up down whatever little black hole you came from

There's some pathetic little turd lurking around who is downvote happy. I bet it's Nikkunt...

I reckon it's Mackenzie. She was having a whinge on her FB today about people who don't know her calling her a "whore". She also made mention of her exploding uterus again too. Countdown to the pregnancy announcement.

Whoever it is, how sad and boring their life must be if they have nothing else better to do than thumbs down every comment just because. I'd almost pity them if they weren't such a heifermuffin.

Nikkunt is genius.

Nova zenon balterria. Keeping it Disney

Zoom zoom zoom!

Those were my favorite movies when I was younger! I set my dvr to auto record whenever they are on.

I know right, it's amazing how a smell, taste, sound, or movie/tv show can take you back to a different time, and place! That of course is the single most beautiful thing about our memories, nothing or no one can take them away! The Disney channel back then was awesome, I can't say so much now....

totally agree

I know right.... Disney back then had relatable situations or at least an awesome one that you wish you could have the chance to be in, and good lessons learned. Now they have all of that singing, and dancing, and sadly, the stars grow up to be addicts, or well just like at Miley! What a shame....

OMG I loved that shit!

Prepare to be jealous; I have almost every single Disney Channel Original Movie on my external hard drive, which I have hooked up to my Smart TV so I can watch them whenever I like.

I'd be willing to share, but everybody I know in person just thinks I am dumb for having all those haha.

The jokes on them red!!!

Prepare to be shocked; I have 60% on... video and I have a working video player...
Worked as a volunteer at a charity shop.

You ladies are so LUCKY!!!! I envy yous too's "as Leah would say", we should start an old Disney channel!! Oh muh gaaawwd how awesome would that be!!! I bet Corey Tyyylerrrr would watch it, while Watson's fruit loops in his underwears!!!!

While EATIN' fruit loops, in his underwears*****

Almost started a new rumor there... I heard Corey had a guy called Watson in his underpants!

Omg!!! That makes it even funnier! Okay so Corey Tyyylerrrr, and Watson sitting in "the" UNDERWEARS, watching the old Disney channel, EATIN' fruit loops!

I think the reason that the Nova-name stealing is more pronounced is that these girls both belong to the much more exclusive teen mom club, with only 12 girls in it, as opposed to the whole 16 and pregnant crew with about 50. There have been at least 3 Aubrey's (Chelsea's Aubree, Taylor Lumas' Aubri and Hairline Maddy's Aubrey...we need an Aubreigh to complete the collection. Anyway...) and it's not even talked about. Plus, Nova isn't a common name. But, in the end, Briana really has no room to complain about this. Her child will likely never meet little Nova Butchetta Baltierra, and they live on the opposite ends of the country. I'm surprised Briana was even able to read that they were using the same name. Maybe Roxy read it out loud to her, or broke it down into smaller words.

This all reminds me of one episode of boy meets world (I think it was early high school, not sure if Corey and Topanga were even together yet) where a bunch of sitcom shit happens and long story short, everyone at school thinks they had sex and they're all slut shaming Topanga and Corey does nothing. She said to him, "I want my good name back Corey" and he said something like, "well, some people would argue that Topanga isn't the best name to begin with."

That was a GREAT show!! Eric was so funny! Didn't Topanga, and Corey actually get married for real?

Unfortunately not, but they did kinda reboot the show recently on the Disney channel with Cory and Topanga as the parents with a 13-year-old daughter (Girl Meets World). It's cute and childish, but I'm hoping it ages nicely into something as wonderful as BMW did!

@ jenelle i'm going to look into that, thank you so much! Do they have a teacher on there like Mr feeny? I adored him

Cory actually plays the teacher now! And of course the daughter has a Shawn-like rebellious best friend and a nerdy, Minkus-like classmate.

@ jenelle, I'm going to watch it, lol it sounds interesting! Thank you!

Briana you selfish bitch the world does not revolve around you. I've seen plenty of little girls named Nova- born before and after your child- and you have no claim to the name because you were on a stupid TV show. I'm sure C&T barely know who you are.

That being said, I cannot picture C&T's offspring as a Nova. I follow this amazing photographer on Instagram (she's the head of the Fourth Trimester Bodies Project which is AMAZING) and her daughter is named Nova. So that's just who I picture when I hear that name.

C&T still look 16. And not in a they have great skin and havent aged way but it a "we havent emotionally or mentally matured" way.

Im sure I will get downvotes, squick at the last post where they were chatting up different names for different races.

A. Trash is trash regardless of color, so whatever crap name is fit for ghetto Briana is just as fit for trailer park trash C&T.
B. Race does not equal ethnicity. You can be white from Mexico, black from the UK etc etc...white Juana's and black Bretts definitely exist
C. Many names now associated with certain ethnicities were originally from others. For instance, Tyrone is actually an ethnically Irish name
D. Name your kid whatever you like and can pronounce. I'm Dominican (latina) but have an awesome Ashanti (Ghana) name, because my mom loved it!

Sorry just had to get that off of my chest :D

Yea Tyrone is the name of one of the counties of Northern Ireland, also it's my neighbour's son's name.

No downvoting here, I get what you're saying. I got downvoted on one of my posts for using the word thug. Apparently it's racist, even though I know thugs of like every color. Even met an orange one once :-)

I agree with this. It was mildly annoying to see people calling Nova and "ethnic" name. I'm not even sure what that means when nova is an English word with a Latin root word and we live in an English speaking country.

The name itself isn't ethnic, no. But, it does conjure images of a certain race or ethnicity. Probably in large part because we see the name used for Briana's daughter. And, I try to say race or ethnicity because I am not sure how they see Nova. It's not meant to be bad or insensitive. That is just how people associate certain names. For example, if you see the name Sakura, what do you envision? Japanese. But the bearer of that name is Irish. It's just one of those things.

Girlses, I see your point but you seem to have missed mine. If we're working off the example you gave me, the name Sakura would indeed conjure up thoughts of some Japanese or East Asian. This is because the name is indeed Japanese or at least mimics Japanese phonetic structure (I'm no expert and had never heard the name before). My argument was that in an English speaking country, like the United States where our dear Teen Moms live, a name like Nova which is taken from an English word would not necessarily make one think of someone "ethnic" or "exotic" (I am referencing words used in the last post, not trying to put words in your mouth). When I hear Nova I think of a show on public access television. I think of a significance test in statistics. I think of my middle school science class. The name in and of itself is in no way foreign or ethnic. This is coupled with the fact that it is not historically used by any ethnic group in the way a name like Tyrone (another example from the last post) has been. I understand certain names are common for parents of certain ethnicities to use, but that is not the case with a more unique name like Nova. Bottom line is I don't agree with your point of view, although I understand your sentiment. When I heard the name Nova for the first time I didn't relate it with any racial or ethnic group because it is just an English word. The same Gweneth Paltrow named her child Apple. They're just nouns.

Sakura was a bad example. As I said, I know Nova isn't ethnic. But, we are linking it to race/ethnicity because of TM3 and how it seems to suit her. That was my main point I was trying to get across. It seems ethnic because that is where a lot of us have seen it used as a name.

Ack. Sent too early.

I do get what you are saying though. It isn't ethnic. It isn't link to a race/ethnicity/culture. There for it should not be. But, to some, it is. It's a point of agreeing to disagree.

To me nova will always mean Chevy nova and the trashy rednecks who name their girls after a car.

Please names can not be "stolen". I actually get excited when I find someone with the same names as my kids. If you must know Trevor and Trenton. Not to werid but not super common. My husband and I discussed if we were to have a thrid son we wanted to name him trey. My husbands cousin just had a boy and guess what name they used, yuppers trey. But I don't care if I have a 3rd boy I'll probably still keep the same name. Hell my cousin is named after my mom and my best friend named her daughter after me. (Kinda funny when we get together cause we both turn when she says our name)

I had a friend who was the third child in his family and was named after his dad but was called Trey because it's three in cards or dominos (or Americanized French). It would make that name even more suited for your third boy (if you had one).

My nephew's named Trey.

It's really annoying when people get competitive over baby names. Nova may have been unique to Teen Mom, but it's not the first time I'd heard the name. There's even a book/movie character with the name Nova Lee (NovaLee?). That book's been out since 1995...Briana was probably a toddler. Who cares if someone uses the name you gave your baby? Has she even met Catelynn and Tyler? I have a feeling they care very little about Briana...why does she care what they do?

Don't answer that. She's butthurt because they get another season on TV and her show got cancelled.

Novalee Nation, I looove Where the Heart is! Thats my favorite Natalie Portman film. My favorite character was the mom who named all of her kids after sweets lol.

Brownie, Praline, Baby Ruth...

Don't forget Cherry!

LOVE that movie!! It used to be my favorite in high school!!

I just watched Where the Heart is the other night!!! Makes me teary eyed everytime! SUCH a good movie! I flipping love Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd!

That movie never gets old. Billy Bob Jack wtvr reminds me of Adam or Blake on TM lol :(

The high school I went to has a daycare and one of the little girls was named Nova. She's actually older than Brianas Nova and coincidentally was born to teen parents.
We also had a Kane, Leo, Arianna, Rae Lynn, Bradly, ect.
With using Brianas logic, Amanda Bynes has every right to be pissed at me and my parents. I don't like the name for a baby but this is just dumb.

I love the name Leo.

I have a brand new nephew named Leo!! I thought I wouldn't like it at first but it fits him well.

In all honesty, I'm a little pissed at the Bynes family for taking my totally-normal, Waylon-Jennings-inspired name and giving it to their nutjob of a daughter...

I feel like Amanda is a common enough name not to really be associated with any specific celebrity. However, I feel I must defend Amanda Bynes as clearly she is suffering from some very serious mental health issues and I hope she can get some real help before she ends up hurting herself.

Wasn't she diagnosed as schizophrenic? Or was that just speculation?

@jenelles eyebrows I wasn't speaking in terms of her recent actions just making a point and using her as an example:) isn't she engaged or something?

@a nonny she was and then her mom said it was because of all the pot she was smoking and she was totally fine and took her off her meds. I don't think they have their legal rights over her anymore either and are leaving everything up the courts or the state.

I thought I remembered reading that somewhere. That's such a stupid thing for her mother to do. I mean, I know it sucks to have to admit that your kid has a problem, but admitting it and fixing the issue is way better than sweeping it under the rug and her going off the deep end and hurting herself or worse. It's a real shame that they won't get her the help she needs. She's clearly got some problems and needs more than just a time out.

You too huh? I know she makes us all look lik psycho paths!

@nonny she was doing really well to the first time around with the meds. I'm not really sure how her mom came to the whole 'pots the problem' conclusion. I feel bad for her father though. Amanda accused him of molesting her when she was young and you can tell that really strained their relationship a shit ton more.

@mutha Jenelle I'm only crazy because growing up I heard "MANDA MANDA MANDA MANDA SHOOOOOOW" from my elementary school classmates.

@ farrah, I heard A-MAN-DA! then you are the light of ny life!.......

Briana has no right to be pissed. Girl doesn't own the name‚ they aren't her best friends‚ theyre not going to run into her anywhere- they don't owe her anything.
That being said- we recently picked out a name for our newborn and every time one of us suggested a name that someone else had used the response was typically "oh yeah‚ well let's pick something else." I could only see being like "Oh well‚ using it anyway" is if I was heart set on the name and I mean really really in love with it. Tyler and Catelyn were heart set on Nova? Really? Nothing else would do? Right...
On a side note Princess Nova sounds like a character in a bad sci fi fan fic.

You can't trademark a name, no matter how stupid it is.

Oh well. At least it isn't Tinleigh. Nova surprises me coming from them though. I thought they would have done something more traditional.

Good lord Briana. Baby names aren't bars of gold to be hoarded. Get over it.

Since she named her baby that first, she could take it as a compliment if anything...All this shows is that she's bitter she's not on tv. Well maybe if you did more than sit on the couch and whine about men you woulda got renewed. Mackenzie was keeping that show somewhat enjoyable, single-handedly.

(P.S. guys if my typing/grammar is off it's because I had a bad injury and am on meds, my apologies).

UH OH, are you okay? Your typing is great!

thanks. :( I tore my calf muscle pretty severely and it's been terrible. I got bad advice from one dr and then semi-okay advice from another, also went to ER. They briefly thought I had a blood clot and they didn't find one but I'm paranoid that I do have one, (because I'm paranoid like that). Anyway..really hoping this gets better soon now because it's been about 3 weeks dealing with it. It would probably be better by now if it wasn't for the bad advice. I'm heavily medicated currently, super bored because I can barely walk, stuck in bed all day, and in a city where I don't have any friends, except 1 guy that tried to hook up with me all last year. So lol yes that's my current life in a nutshell. Sorry for the rant but it's just one of those nights.

Yikes, that sounds painful (and sorry about your friend situation). Well, us Junkies are your friends! I hope you feel better soon.

Aww, I'm terribly sorry to hear that, just hang in there, you are moving your legs around pretty often? As long as you make sure to do that, then you shouldn't get a blood clot, I know it doesn't make it any easier not to worry about it though, just remember we are here for you! I hope you feel better really soon!!!!

Aww, thanks you guys :)
I'm currently just trying to catch up with my studying, and use this site as a break when I've had enough! My school isn't the friendliest environment (only moved here for school) so yeah that's why it's like that. Hoping my leg gets better within the next few weeks. You guys keep me laughing :)

Hang in there felon!, what are you majoring in? Nooooo, felon I'm hide you from the world Bobby Baueshay!!!

I'm in law school. While it's not craaazy competitive like I sometimes I heard, the people are very full of themselves and not too nice (except a few here and there of course). The environment is very highschool-ish.

*I sometimes heard
Wish you could edit on here!

I'm sorry, it's kinda high-schooling on here also! But hey at the end of the day, you get some good laughs out of it. And if the others don't want to take any initiative in getting to know you, then screw em' they aren't worth your time. Just keep studying, and be who you are! I happen to like you!

Thanks You gottah be the tha mutha Jenelle!!! However perhaps you just got off on the wrong foot. There are random downvoters on here but otherwise it's good fun :) don't worry too much about it. Re: School, i do just try to do my thing and study and not worry anymore.

Btw noticed you mentioned the disney channel..PLEASE tell me you remember Pepper Ann..I've been looking for that show on dvd for years hahaha

@ felon, I do not believe I do.... but then again I forget EVERYTHING. I have to remind my rememberer to remember on a daily basis... I sadly do not succeed, lol. But I'm going to look it up and see if that does anything for me..., have you tried amazon? They have a lot of older things on there

@ felon, I looked it up, and yes I slightly remember pepper Ann! She was so cool! And I found something that said Disney doesn't plan on releasing a DVD of pepper Ann. But YouTube has the episodes on there.

Omg Pepper Ann was awesome! You could prolly find a bootleg DVD on Ebay or something but yeah I'd love an official release with bonus scenes or something! That and Recess!

Your name!!!!! Hahahahahahaha Cheater Cheater!! Hahahah

I will admit. If I ever had a boy, I was going to name him Bentley. And, yes, I got it from Maci. Now, if we ever have a boy, Bentley is pretty much set as a middle name. I have even gotten a few potential girl names from TM (all A names).

I did find it odd they chose Nova because my mind went right for Briana. But, honestly, because one girl used it doesn't mean they can't. Briana doesn't have an right to that name. Jayz and Beyonce couldn't even get Blue Ivy copyrighted. I would like to hear why C&T chose that name. I do see Briana's point in a sense it was meant to be unique and some else uses it within the same group. I tried to avoid that with my daughters.

Hopefully not Alianna and Aleeah :P I jest.

I actually really like some of the names on the show. I like Bentley, Lyle, Preston, Lukas Todd, Layla and Eden (although probably for a girl). These are names I probably wouldn't have considered until I heard them on another child and like the sound of it.

I am guilt on half of that statement! I like Aleeah but spelled like Aleah. The other two are Aubree and Adalyn.

Those are 3 good ones! :) Adalyn is my favorite of the three

I do not like the name Layla. My sister in law is pregnant and they talked about the name Layla until they looked it up. It means something like Lady of the Dark, and my brother pretty much squashed it after that. He's not naming his daughter something that almost sounds like "prositute".

I like the name Layla because I followed a mom's cancer blog about her daughter Layla Grace Marsh, and since I fell in love with the little girl and her story, I fell in love with the name too.

I also try and keep meanings of names into consideration, just for when my kids are 12 and looks their names up and don't hate me when they see it :P I liked the name Kennedy for a girl until I saw it meant "ugly head". Nova is Native American for "chases butterflies" which makes me like it a little more!

I've always liked Layla, but it was impossible with my ex's last name as it sounded natural on the pole lol but once I figured out I wasn't into the idea of having kids,mi suggested it to a friend who ended up using it :-D so my baby name got used after all and I didn't have to go to the trouble of having one!

It's a Persian name and it means dusk. Sometimes, loosely translated, it can mean "dark beauty" but "dark" as in how people say dark/mysterious. It doesn't mean lady of the dark, but I guess I can see how they got there..

I love the name but I know about a trillion Leila/Layla Grace's.

Layla is a pretty name but all I can think of when I hear or read it is the Eric Clapton song: You got me on my knees, I'm begging darlin' please. Great song, but not the most wholesome of connotations.

My dad wanted to name me Layla so badly because it is his favorite song! We even danced to the piano exit of the original as the father/daughter dance at my wedding. Although my husband and I probably would not have found and chosen the name independently, the sentimental value has me absolutely sold on naming my first daughter that.

I have actually never met a Layla or Leila, but I know it isn't a terribly uncommon name.

But Lyin Damn Hustlah, you are completely right about the connotation from the song. I always wanted to ask my dad if he knew the backstory, but I can't bring myself to break his heart over his favorite name and song, lol.

The Empress, I bet your dad would be thrilled if you named your daughter Layla. Don't break his heart!! haha
I love that you guys danced to the end of the song, I might have to steal that idea some day.

I met one Layla... She worked at a topless bar LOL so that's what the name reminds me of now

I'm not really a huge fan of any of the "16 and Pregnant" names, but I did love the name that one girl had. Kianna. She was the one who wanted to give the baby up for adoption, but her football-playing boyfriend---who was, like, fifteen and couldn't even drive yet---was all like, "No way am I giving up my son. My father was never there for me and I want to do things differently blah, blah, blah." So she kept the kid and one update later we find out that her boyfriend is in jail for, like, twenty years for breaking and entering and beating up some old lady. He had talked a big game about doing things differently from his own sperm donor and then winds up spending his son's entire childhood and teenage years behind bars. Kianna was pretty trashy, too, since she had gotten pregnant again, lost the baby and wound up getting arrested for some stupid thing. So, yeah, the name is still pretty but there's a whole lot of trash behind it.

Oh, and she named her son Kayden but then spelled Kay'den because extra apostrophes are where it's at, ya'll!

Oh yeah, armed robbery guy! She'd said she wanted to be a "vettrahnaryan" lol

wait whaaat I didn't know they ended up like that. Was Kianna the one who wore lots of different contacts? I can't remember for sure but the one I'm talking about was pretty likeable. Sad it ended that way.

(Was that the same girl who lived with her mom and kept pee in the fridge or something so she could send it to the lab? If so, I expected more).

Kiana is a cool name! I also really like Kiara because I'm a 5 year old that watches the Lion King 2.

I actually like Aliannah but the best, but I hate how Leah spelled it. Like it looks like it has too many letters in it. Aliana is more visually pleasing to me.

That's the thing with the names Leah picked out for her kids. They're actually sort of nice names but she fucks them up with the spellings. Adaline is a nice name. Adalyn, to me at least, isn't because of how it's spelled. Same with Aliannah and Aleeah (as somebody else said, it should be Aleah. The extra "e" is just obnoxious).

I though about that too. If the girlses had been Aliana, Aleah and Adalyn, I think it would have looked a lot nicer.

I love Arianna! I used to love Ariella because it's a Hebrew name (I'm Jew) and it means lioness but my friend said it reminded him of areola :(

Some of the girls did pick really nice names. And some picked good names that were just not really to my taste, but still solid choices. Some of my favorites that thwy used were Audrey, Sophia, Preston and Henry (Henrique). But I will be the first to admit, my name style is really conservative/boring. (My #1 favorite name is Joseph). For a fun trip down memory lane, as well as an opportunity to scratch your head and wonder why, scroll through the episode descriptions. They have all the babies names, and some of the second (and third) babies too.

My pics. With spellings as is...

Boys: Bentley, Isaac, Brody, Liam, Noah, Gannon, Tristan, Drake, Lincoln and Sebastian

Girls: Sophia, Aubree, Leah, Summer, Brooklyn, Aniyah, Arabella, Audrey, Laila and Genevieve


I thought I was the only one who liked Gannon :)

I love the name Lyle too- Lyle Thomas was my favorite name of all of them.

Ohh I wanna play:

Boys: Austin Carter (That was suprisingly Aubrey Wolters choice), Blake, Landon, Jace (I know I know), Weston Owen, Aidan, Brody (my favorite), Issac, Liam, Noah, Joshua, Jamie, Henry, Preston, Chase, Tristan, Rowan, Drake.

Girls: Jocelyn, Brooklyn, Sophia, Summer, Leah, Genevieve, Giselle (Felicia's second daughter, iMAYA or MYA but not Miah. I guess I'm pickier about girlses nameses.

Ones I hate:

Rylee (so many of them had second ones named Rylee lol)
Adylnnynynynn wtvr

I have a friend named Lyle and he's a hoot so it's a shame Nikkunt had to pick it for her little brother son. Being the child of a loon and a convict aren't positive traits.

Love the name Arabella, but could choke Alex for bastardizing it into Bellie.

Me too!

Boys: Aidan, Lincoln, Isaac, Brody, Liam, Noah, Joshua, Rowan

Girls: Giselle, Arabella, Audrey, Genevieve. I did like Leah, until Leah Calvert gave it an association with sluttyness.

I hate Rylynn and Ryley (too may ys) and Za'karia and Kay'den (punctuation marks don't belong in names!)

2 years ago I wanted to name our son Lincoln, but my husband hated it. I'm glad we never used it because it so ridiculously popular right now

I'm so glad I wasn't a teen mom for the simple fact I used to love the name Zeke on a boy. We had to have fake babies for psychology class and I named it Zeke and was dead serious how much I loved the name. God I was dumb. And then for a girl I loved Felicity which isn't terrible but kinda cheesy now that i think about it. I'd like to think my taste in names has improved.

Zeke the plumber!

I'm so embarrassed to say where i got it. There was this movie The Faculty and I was IN LOVE with Josh Hartnett like so fucking in love and his character was Zeke and I thought it was so "bad ass."

If it makes you feel any better, I loved that movie and named a rat Oscar after the one in his character had! Did we just become best friends?

Liar! Isn't it because you had the hots for Macks hot brother? His name is Zeke isn't it??

Ohhhh yea I forgot about him! Except i'm not sure he was born whent hat movie came out LOL. Dr. that does make me feel better!

I cannot stand it when grown women throw a hissy fit over someone naming their baby the same name. It's so ridiculous. I had a friend who wouldn't tell anyone her sons name until he was born because she didn't want someone to 'steal' her baby's name. She ended up naming her kid Nick.. Chances are a million other baby's will have that same name, so you aren't inventing it!

When people asked me what I was naming my son, I told them our ideas. I could care less if some other baby had the same name. That's how much I loved my sons name :)

Batshit Creepy Dawn. Good to see Tyler is still wearing comically large gaudy looking watches still. Fucking Skeletor.

Briana: Doesn't she have bigger fish to fry. Like posting photos of mangled male genitals on Twitter?

cracked up at "mangled" LOL

Not a huge Caitlin/Tyler fan, but Briana can go eff herself. She is the most annoying of the annoying.

Why is Briana so pissed anyway? It's not like she put much thought into her daughter's name anyway. She and Roxane were talking about names and Roxane mentioned "Nova" and went into this spiel about what it meant and the beautiful imagery it invoked, etc. etc. She had clearly put a lot of thought into this name and was genuinely excited about it. And Briana was just like "Yeah, whatever, cool. It's done. That's her name." Like, it's a name that really didn't mean anything to her and she just went along with it because she wanted it to be done and over with.

Also, Tyler's an idiot for asking that mentions of the name be deleted. Seriously, dude. Like somebody else said: he and Catelynn don't exactly associate themselves with people who can keep their mouths shut. Remember a couple years ago when April sold a fake story to the tabloids about Catelynn being pregnant again? Those are the kind of people they're dealing with. And it's not like people are beside themselves about this name. It's a terrible name for a child, but that's about it. People talk about it and move on. Tyler really needs to get over himself.

Really, what does he want? He and Catelynn can't quit flapping their gums, they probably told Butch who blabbed to his entire cell block, and of course they had to tell April the name to make sure she fucking likes it, or maybe some of their other shared relatives and it winds up on the internet (along with the rest of their lives, big whoop). So now that the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows, are we supposed to just take it down, stop talking about it and pretend to be surprised? No one cares that much.

I bet they're being all high and mighty because they want to "own their own experience" and are trying to be all controlling and annoying about it. To be honest, I know we're all here discussing it but does anyone really care? We usually talk to make fun, and that's about it. Soon they're going to ask to cover all the surveillance cameras in the delivery room like Jay and Bey (which was also ridiculous by the way, sorry to any Bey-Stans out there).

Re: Brianna. She shouldn't be that upset because they won't be pronouncing it like she does "NOE-WAAA". That is entirely your own Bri! [And no I'm not referring to her accent (if she has one?) but I'm referring to her annoying whiney voice and lack of proper annunciation.]

I can actually see Tyler pressuring Catelynn to give the baby a different name out of petty bullshit anger that everybody knows before he was ready to tell the world. Like, he's the kind of guy who would do that, I think, because he's so full of himself. If Catelynn felt comfortable enough telling everyone now but Tyler didn't, then that doesn't speak highly of their communication skills (but we all knew they suck when it comes to communicating to each other). Unless Tyler gave the okay to reveal the name and is all butthurt over something completely different and---like always---is taking his anger out on those who don't deserve it.

Being a felon's not illegal- Over hearing about/discussing either girls lives.. Irrelvant attention whores. I agree with everything you say here, and I'm really liking your username more so than anything right now.

Haha thank you! It's old but a classic to me :D

What the fuck does WELP mean?

Whenever I saw welp I mean "well ok then." So I'm assuming she was going for something like that.

Big gulps, eh? Welp, see ya later!

Makes me think of a bitch having puppies lol

Thank god someone asked that question...lmao that was my first thought ..WELP??? huh

What Ever Lame P..?

Uhm.. no, it means "well..."
So glad I wasn't the only one..

But I think Braina really ment What Ever Lame Puss...

meant... sorry...

Is it just me(I'm not wearing my glasses) or is she standing on the toilet to take a belly picture?

Scratch that... I see it's the toilet paper roll. (I should probably get my glasses)

Catelynn does love sitting on the can.

Being photographed around toilets does seem to be a favorite passtime of hers.