Catelynn and Tyler: Pregnancy Update

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Last month, we shared the news that Catelynn and Tyler are expecting their second child together, and this morning, the folks over at All The Teen Moms shared an even more exciting update from these two! Cate and Ty had their first ultrasound, and their baby is measuring in at 9 weeks and 2 days.

All The Teen Moms also shared an exclusive picture of the ultrasound, and it appears that things are going just fine for baby Baltierra.


Catelynn is reportedly due sometime in January, and even though she hasn't exclusively sold a story about the pregnancy, she's been talking to other Teen Mom stars under the radar about her pregnancy.

While she and Tyler are very excited for their newest addition to the family, they've received a lot of backlash for not being married, not finishing college, and being in a relationship where they are unsure of whether they're wanting to be with each other for life.

If Teen Mom comes back to MTV sometime within the next year, you can bet that Catelynn and Tyler's second pregnancy will be something that would draw in viewers.

They were criticized for their role on Teen Mom before since they weren't actively parenting their daughter, Carly, but with a new child, and constantly struggling with the adoption of their first child, the emotions might be enough to show some drama that viewers haven't seen before.

A week or so ago, Farrah shared her opinion on Catelynn's second pregnancy saying that these two were making bad choices and that she couldn't imagine going through all of that again.

Catelynn took to Twitter to share her thoughts on Farrah's unwanted opinion by saying:

catelynn tweet

Catelynn and Tyler will be the first couple from the original Teen Mom series to have a second child, and the baby will make its arrival more than 5 years after they were filmed for 16 & Pregnant.

Over all, I'm anxious to see how this whole thing plays out. What is your opinion on this whole ordeal?

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But will they get married?

No because staying on TV is more important. Thus, trap baby.

No they both need to work on themselves first.

I thought Catelynn was the only one who had to work on herself. Tyler is pretty much perfect, isn't he?

Yeah his Lance Bass spiked hair and big Mr. T medallions and the fact that he had to tattoo his last name on his back to remember it makes him just 100% perfect.

He always reminded me of Beiber

Rae you're back!! I've been wondering where you've been. You disappeared for a few weeks. Glad to have you back!!


I am glad to see you are back, but I am disturbed that you don't quite have your facts straight - the back tattoo is obviously not for Tyler, himself, to remember his name, but rather for any person who is standing (or kneeling or crouching) really close behind his naked backside to be able to know what to call him. There are all sorts of situations where someone standing anonymously behind him could not know Ty's name, but would need to call out his name in order to make a command or express a feeling of ecstasy.

. . . Tyler would definitely want an anonymous stranger grunting out "hey you", when he could be addressed by his proper name.

It is too bad that this had to happen to Catelynn right now . . . just when the swelling was starting to go away from her last child.

haha this made me laugh so hard. So true.

*Ninja thumbs you up* I know...she just lost a ton of weight lol kinda sucks...

Perhaps she can commiserate with Kailyn, who has experienced similar swelling to her fingers . . .

God maybe I should stop working out and eating healthy and trying to lose weight, and get some swelling on my fingers so that some guy upgrades my Forever 21 $5 ring to a Gary's Walmart ring.

(But seriously young girls think like this)

*Gets rewarded for swelling fingers and being a total cunt*

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! I feel for Catelyn. I was in a relationshit like that. Was like a little puppy cause I didn't want to be alone/really loved him and just put up with so much of his shit. So stupid, it only comes to bite your ass in the end. She's young she'll learn soon as I did.

Me too, its easy when you're super young and have been with someone for so long you don't really know anything else. I look back at the relationship I was in during my late teens/ early twenties and I'm like Wtf was I thinking I can't believe I put up with so much.

Same here o_O Was with the guy from age 17-27.... the dating world was rough after that holy shit. I wish I could talk to Catelyn and tell her she needs to just be on her own, she'll be so much happier even though it doesn't seem like it. Gosh it gets lonely every now and then but it's SO much better than putting up with some asshole saying "you need to change" or yelling at the dogs lmao.

The only thing with being alone for a while is I am SO used to having things my way now that I can't imagine another person telling me what to do or...just compromising. Ugh that's gonna be rough

While I do think it is a pretty dumb move considering they (well actually Tyler) weren't ready for the marriage commitment but the life long commitment of having a baby with someone is ok, Farrah is the queen of bad choices and denial and needs to keep her stupid plastic faced opinions to herself. She has absolutely 0 room to talk and rarely has a coherent thing to say anyhow.

Plus NO ONE gives a single shit what she thinks, she has no credibility.

Her and her neck mole has a sads

Just because she is an idiot and a louse of a person does not mean that what she says is not true.

And even if she is truthful about anything, no one will ever know because she can't properly form a sentence.

The cunt that cried wolf or "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHASOIDSA" as quoted from her porno


I have noticed something weird with Farrah's recent statements. She appears to have gotten some instruction and lessons about public speaking. I know this is weird, but really pay attention to some of the latest stupid things she has been saying. It seems like she has gotten some coaching or lessons, because she makes just a TINY LITTLE BIT more sense than she used to even a few months ago. Someone must have gotten to her and helped her with a few concepts, like how to make a logical point and not have wild, random variations in her logical processes. I am not saying that she isn't a complete fucking nutjob or anything like that, but she honestly does come off a little better than she used to. I am not kidding - if you do not believe me, look at some of her most recent statements to the public, and then compare them to ones she made up until about 6 months ago.

I know this is crazy, but this means that someone actually must have pointed out to her that she sounded like a complete freak. It also means that she must have actually listened to this person, taken their advice and paid someone to help her improve herself. It is definitely unbelievable, but it is obvious to me that it actually happened and she actually must have listened to some other human being. I am guessing that it was her manager or someone told her that she was about to fade into irrelevance unless she made herself more presentable. If you do not believe me, check it out for yourself.

CM: Does Farrah only say the word “like” every third or fourth word instead of every second word now? I highly doubt she would employ anyone to assist her in any way, because as we all know, Farrah is the best dam mum/woman/daughter/girlfriend/human being in the entire world. And everyone should like totally like use her as like an example of like how to like behave in like high society like she like does. Like.

That British ghost writer on Being Farrah learned her to say wordses

As over Farrah as I am,I actually might be more over Tyler and Caityln. They've gotten a little to big for their britches. I'm tired of them acting all high and mighty when they do nothing but sit around the house all day eating pizza. Neither one has gotten to college or became a social worker. They're too busy milking the MTV bus for all it's worth and for some reason they're still getting away with it. Their 15 minutes of fame is past up.

Absolutely agreed. I know they both work at a old people home at the SAME PLACE. Can you fucking imagine living with someone, dating them 10 years, and working at the same place? I did that for a little bit and holy shit we were sick of each other.

But it's true love so what do I know. *Facepalms inside of Caitlyn's womb*

That goes for the whole lot. All eight of the Teen Moms (TM3 doesn't count) have overstayed their welcome. They are not "struggling teen moms." They have more money than I do.

They work with old people? Those poor people are already close to death they have to deal with them during the few days they have left? That seems cruel. They probably tlak their ears off about their relationship drama and how much they miss Carly...

LOL right? They're probably smacking themselves with bedpans just to get them to stfu, or pretending their deaf so they don't have to hear about Tyler's Adventure out of the closet

Farrah said she felt "sad" for them making the poor choices that they did cause she knows the strug is real. She can probably relate to adoption since she let's creeper Michael parent Sophia.

An extreme serial killer-esqe version of this: it is like Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy calling the Boston Marathon bombers shitty people. While one is "worse" than the other, we must remember that all are scum of the earth and one criticizing the other doesn't even make any sense no matter what the context. It's just a big old bunch of deplorable people criticizing other deplorable people.

Catelynn being slightly less of a famewhore than Farrah doesn't mean Catelynn isn't a famewhore willing to sell her kid out for fame if she could. In fact, it's easy to argue the only reason Catelynn is bringing this child into the world is for television ratings and to stay socially relevant. I mean, seriously, who else can actually justify bringing a child into the world after their fiance says: I'm willing to have a child with you, but I don't love you enough to commit myself to you through marriage. I mean, talk about a glaring red flag. One of the most binding commitments you can make to somebody is marriage. The only MORE binding thing is a child. So I've never understood people who say they are ready to have a planned child with somebody but claim they are not ready for marriage.

I totally agree. The way I see it, having a kid with someone is essentially fiscally tethering yourself to someone for the next 18 years, and emotionally attaching yourself for life (I don't have kids but I imagine having a kid with someone must majorly impact the way you feel about them). I don't see why a couple would be want do that unless they were ready to get married.

Yes marriage is not something to be taken lightly and no matter how hard everyone tries, there will still be people who get to a point where they are better off apart (although as evidenced by Leah especially, I think a lot of people don't realize that marriage takes work and hence throw in the towel too soon). Life will always be a gamble, but why not try to make your odds the best they can be?

The thing is that Farrah is actually right about what she is saying. It is not ideal to have a child when you don't at least try to give that child a stable, two-parent family - that is the substance of what Farrah said. Catelynn and Tyler are also not addressing the issue when they mock Farrah's own personal decisions. Just because Farrah's own decisions are not solid or stable for Sophia does not mean that what she is saying is wrong. The way that they dismiss the subject of her statement because of Farrah's own irrelevant personal actions smacks of disingenuity, smugness and ignorance. Although this may be controversial, it is nonetheless true that it is better for the child to have a stable, loving, 2-parent home than to not. While many children do not have the benefit of this ideal and still do well in life, every possible statistic shows that children with both parents do better academically, are less likely to go to jail, are less likely to suffer from depression, low self esteem and other mental issues, etc. Obviously, this cannot be avoided in many cases, and both parents can still give their best efforts to raise a child, but this is not what Farrah was saying (although it was a bit convoluted in the typical Farrah style, and she had to of course list all of her own ridiculous, alleged accomplishments when making her statement, the meat of it is still, nonetheless true).

This pregnancy smacks of desperation to remain relevant for the possibility of a TM1 reboot and also of being a trap baby to keep Ty in the relationship. Babies born with a ready-made purpose tend to not have the happiest lot. This is incredibly selfish of both Ty and Cate, and no attempts to deflect the criticism to Farrah will change that fact,

Straight from the horses mouth ;) And you know what? I totally agree. You should be her translator because her variety of English did not make sense before.

Those two have always been at war. I think the fact that Cate even replied shows how immature she is. If she was really as mature as she says she is she wouldn't have even replied to it or acknowledged Farrah's statements. That's just adding fuel to the fire.

Farrah is an actress. I'm surprised nobody figure it out.

"Achievements / Awards

AMTC Acting / model graduate anticipated January 2013

2010-2011 MTV’s Top rated reality show

2011 Us weekly Magazine featured cover, most sold 2011

2011 Life & Style Magazine featured cover, most sold 2011

2009 American Miss Pagent “ Miss Teen Iowa” Ranked 9th for state

2009 Barbizon Graduate: Acting, modeling, and self improvement course

2008 Metropolitan Community College Credited Acting Class ---> I this this is where she learned how to cry.


Barbizon hahahahahahahahahaha

HAHAHAHA she thinks "herself" is two fucking words. She never ceases to amaze me at how LITTLE EFFORT she puts into anything she slaps her name on.

I feel like I'm the only one that just finds these two to be intolerable. They are such huge famewhores and I can't stand it. Their situation is really not that much better than it was 5 years ago. They have their own house, but nothing else is that much different. I just find it amazing that they can't see their inability to commit to each other in marriage is a huge red flag and a glaring sign they are not ready for the commitment of a child to bond them forever. It is so obvious that it is a replacement child for Carly. They didn't even have a child to take care of, so why has neither of them made any sort of progress in their education? I mean, seriously! What the hell do they do all day???? I haven't been able to figure it out. I swear they literally must just sit around their house and find ways to bring Carly into the conversation? I can just see it now:

Catelynn, 1pm: We just woke up, where should we go out to eat dinner tonight? Chinese or Mexican?

Tyler: I bet Carly likes tortilla chips. Let's eat Mexican.


Tyler: What should we watch on tv, Housewives or Toddlers and Tiaras?

Catelynn: Eden always reminded me of Carly, let's watch Toddlers and Tiaras.

Tyler: Good choice. It's the Fresh Faces 60s Pagent. One of my personal faves! I bet Carly loves this episode almost as much as I do.


Catelynn: You won't even marry me, do you think we're ready for another baby?

Tyler: Carly wants to be a big sister, Cate. She told me in a dream while we were playing dress up. We both wanted to wear pink sparkly dresses and crowns and we decided we needed to have another baby so that somebody could play the prince.

Oh no I find them intolerable too. Loved them in 16 and p but then it just got old, not to mention an ugly side of Tyler with yelling at the dogs, and watching Caitlyns neediness and crack whore of a mother and rat tail dad Butch gets kinda old. I never need to see Butch (or any of them) on my TV. LOLLLL at the Carly conversations good Lord.

Catelyn: "Honey I just took a shit on the toilet"

Tyler: "Oh baby, I bet Carly just took a shit too. I miss her so much." :( *Watches gay porn*

See now April and Butch is where we differ. A "Parents of the Teen Parents" show is something I could get behind. Crackhead soulmates April and Butch, Drunk Suzi, Sassy Janet, Midwestern Mom Mary and her hair feathers, Wire-Rimmed Glasses wearing Mrs. Shirley, Can't Speak in a Normal Way Tanya, Pushover Michael, and Crazy Christian Deborah to top it all off.

The only people worse than the teen parents are the people who raised them. Getting more in-depth back stories behind all these grandparents filled in so many gaps as to why their children are as psychotic and as horrible at decision making as they are. Even Maci's mom, who seemed pretty normal, has revealed herself as your classic case of "I was always a best friend first before I was ever a parent to my kids" and it explained so much of why Maci is the way she is. Ryan's parents are the only ones that have come across as adequate to me after 5 years. They both seem so likable so I find it so weird they raised such a lackadaisical, emotionless person. We'll put them on the teen grandparents show, too, just to try and find out what it is they're hiding. I bet Ryan's adopted or some crazy shit.

Ughhhh no air time for someone that says he loves drugs more than his children. I will so give you the other ones though. I fucking love Janet. I want to see her new single life that must be awesome. OH GOSH NO! NO MICHAEL EVER LOL!!!!!! I'm laughing so hard

Lol. I'd like to see this actually. They should do specials for all the parents and really ask them in-depth questions about their parenting philosophies and stuff. I'm sure it'd give a lot of insight.

Except Ryan's parents raised a shitty man-child too. They may seem nice but they've babies him and they way they tried to push he and Maci together was weird.

Deborah was one of the scariest women ever to grace my television and I had a roommate that watched the Kardashians so that says a lot...

Her singing and her baby talk was the stuff of nightmares

That would be amazing! I would definitely watch.

omg, yes! I would watch that in a heartbeat! i bet it would only go an episode or two before april and suzi were throwing down over butch! he seems like smirnoff suzi's type...

That would be a very informative show, how not to raise a pregnant (or impregnating) teen. Totally agree about Maci's mom, she obviously thought of herself as Maci's friend instead of her parent which is why she allowed 16 year old Maci to date 19 year old Ryan without any monitoring (3 years is a lot in high school!) Ryan's parents are the typical parents who always give in to their child which is why Ryan has grown up to be so selfish and needy.

Most of the others (caitlynn, amber, jenelle for the most part)! either had chaotic family lives or absent fathers (Leah, Jenelle) which also leads to the perfect storm for a teen pregnancy. Honestly, I think this type of show would be more educational than anything teen mom could offer at this point!

You forgot Babs, she'd be AWESOME on a show like that!!!!!!!!

I vote for just a Babs show

Spot on as usual Trap!! Babs really is the best thing to ever hit the teen mom industry. (side note you sound so much like another poster that was on here i bath my kids, I haven't seen them in a while though did you change your name?)

Because of Babs I am extra nice to the Walmart ladies who slice my lunch meat. Even though they aren't very nice at all. But you know how much meat I would buy if Babs were there? All of it. All of the meat...

I am nice to the Walmart ladies too cause of like, like extra nice. HEY it's a job! I don't look down on anyone like that, at least they are working. God when Jenelle said that I wanted to punch her. She's such a disrespectful cunt.

BUT YES I want a Babs show so badly. Did you see on the Babs instagram they posted a pic of Leah's new hair cut next to Nancy Grace? LOL

@TrashTV I forgot nobody. Babs is too big of a star to but thrown in with those degenerates. Being Babs needs to be it's own spinoff show/special like......yesterday. I'm not sure what MTV is waiting for but Babs and Pirate Mike for sure need their own spotlight.

Trash- YES I am Bathmykids! I have ADD with the names because there are just so many good ones! I think I'll keep this one for a while cause I'm sure we'll be mother fucking hearing about every mother fucking thing about mother fucking Carly 2.0.

Oh God, you just made me remember the shot of Catelynn pissing on the pregnancy test in the Being Catelynn special. Lord have mercy did we really need to see that? At least they had the decency not to make us watch her wipe and flush, but I bet the camera person saw it all. Have some boundaries people!

I can not IMAGINE the camera crew coming in.... me PULLING DOWN MY PANTS....sitting on the toilet...pissing....and the whole FUCKING time someone is filming it.

Throw up forever.

I thought the camera crew wasn't allowed to film you in the bathroom? It was like the one place of refuge if you were having a meltdown or got overwhelmed with filming or something.

Yea I remember Leah or Junelle saying that. Omg then...was Catelyn just like hey!!! Come film me pissing? No I bet the crew was like well you're taking the pregnancy test so can we film it???? Those bitches were PUSHY on the Being Dad special. But they are just trying to get ratings...I could NOT handle that shit.

That's exactly what I thought of lol. That was sooo awful when they showed us and unnecessary. They didn't follow her in there when she was throwing up so why do it when she's peeing.

LOL! Right on all counts! I don't think you're the only one who finds them intolerable. I really used to like them a lot; they seemed so much more mature than most of the others. But my sister said a mouthful when she called them "self righteous." Now I can't see it any other way.

Perfect. Thank you.

Absolutely NO CLUE why they chose to get pregnant again, unless it is for drama and a new season of TM. They did not present themselves as a stable couple on "Being Catelynn," and many wonder whether they'll even stay together. If one of the main reasons they gave Carly up was stability, are they really in such a better place today then they were then? Sure, they may have a house and some kind of income, but at least back then they seemed to be crazy about each other. Now? No way.

They are pregnant with me!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHA best comment ever.

Tylynne. All the way!

What do you think they'll name me?

Somebody mentioned it had to be a name that rhymes with Carly, so best I figured was Farley, Barley, Marley, Harley, or Gnarly.

It'll be like Farleigh or Barliegh or something haha

MARLEY!!! haha

My stomach hurts from laughing.
Other possible names:

Butch Jr.
April Carly Butch Baltierra

I could just see them meshing both of their names together and being like ITS THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF BOTH OF US CAUSE WE'RE PERFECT

@trap...might sound bad, but I actually like the sound of Tailyn...and I love the name Marley, but prefer it Marleigh

Bet they'll go with Charly ;)

I kinda like Marley too but I think of the dog. Tailyn bahahaha it's so much like Kailyn though. Oh yeah Charly is a good one. It will be named Charlotte but call it Charly. Just like Carly's name is Caroline but they call her Carly. I watch this shit way too much.

It just makes sense since this baby is Carly 2.0. It's the closest they'll get to Carly without actually naming her Carl the second.... lol

I think of the dog too, I love that movie! I personally wouldn't use it as a name for my kids (which are hopefully a looooooong way from existing), but I like the more "classic" names, favorites being Genevieve (liked it well before the show...) and Guinevere (like the song by Eli Young Band..), so Marley doesn't fit too well!

I'm going for Marley because we know how much they love the ganja...

Often times many people decide to honor their relatives in the naming of their children. I would like to see Darl Lynn (or butch) if it is a boy and April if it is a girl. I like the wholesomeness and traditional nature of this method. It would also be cool if they named her Brandon or Teresa, so that when the siblings are playing together, they can feel like the big, happy family that they are going to be.

Darl Lynn is is real name? I feel like I just discovered Santa Clause isn't real :(

Trap Baby, it is. I don't know if you remember the scene from way back when where they were making the scrapbook for Carly which said,

"This is my father his name is Darl"

Complete with a pic of Butch smoking a cig. Lol

Yes. Merry Christmas. I got you an eightball, but before I could wrap it, it shrank to a gram.

LOL Kiki did it really? Like that was his picture? If I were Carly I'd look at that and thank my lucky stars I wouldn't be around him. He looks like he smells. My mind might have blocked out his real name because Butch is just too wondrous.

and LOL Conspiracy Man... GOD you know what disgusted me the most about Butch? Is when he got out of jail and kissed the ground. SO FUCKING embarrassing, and was trying to reenact soldiers coming home from war who were kissing the ground.

YOU WERE IN JAIL FOR CRACK. YOU ARE NOT A SOLDIER. Like the ground does not want to be kissed by your dirty lips. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself. And your kids.

Tylers Trap Baby -

Perhaps he was just trying to get a gummie off the ground (just on the odd chance that someone might have dropped some crumbs of blow on the ground outside the jail).

Will they name you Carl in honor of Carly?

If you're a boy, that is..

I do like Catelynn and Tyler. I think their involvement in Teen Mom should have ended on the first season though. It was a different view of a different decision that the other girls made. The adoption was still was new enough to show the effects of on a young couple. Adoption: The First Year. And with their families, it definitely was an eye-opener. After that, it did get old, I will admit.

But, I feel (and I think a lot if people do too) that this is just a way for Tyler to have a baby. He isn't invested enough to marry Catelynn because he's "batting for the other team". He just hasn't completely come to terms with it. Even my mom picked up that vibe and he was there for Catelynn's sake. If he would have left, Catelynn might have followed in her mother's footsteps. Just a theory. They both yearn for a child and what better way with no strings attached. What is that movie with Madonna where she is pregnant with a gay guy's baby? A predictable drana-comedy.

That's what I'm saying and I think the fame has gone to their heads. He's just NOT into her anymore, gay or not! (But he's gay and we all know it)

See? Even their Trap Baby knows that Daddy's gay! Poor Ty... he needs to just come out already.

Exactly. While Caitlyn was sleeping I was in the womb awake and totally saw Tyler borrow Catelyns clothes and prance around to Baby Baby Baby Ohhhhhh by Bieber and then put on lipstick.

He blamed it on the dogs and then yelled at them because of all his built up gay angst.

I don't think they should have been on Teen Mom at all. It made them dwell on Carly and their loss in an unhealthy way. If anything it completely turned me off from thinking about adoption because they were so fucking miserable.

Agreed. We know the producers goad them with questions that are cut out. They're probably sitting there perfectly fine (or as perfectly fine as they could get, considering) and the producer goes, "How does it feel to be coming up on Christmas without Carly?" etc., etc. They process of filming this show forced them to dwell and stagnate emotionally, though I guess that's true for others on the show, too.

I agree. I think Cate and Ty never really got over giving Carly up for adoption because of Teen Mom. Not that I think you can ever really get over giving your child up for adoption but it forced them to dwell on the fact that they didn't have her constantly. If they hadn't been on the show they hopefully could have come to terms with the fact that they did the best they could for her.

And Brandon and Teresa could take the bars off Carly's window and stop the laser alarm surveillance finally.

I don't think they've ever considered the fact that Brandon and Teresa might have been a little more open if they hadn't appeared on teen mom. Mind you, I don't think they've ever considered Brandon and Teresa much at all!

Oh gosh Rae LOL. Can't blame them with someone like Butch lurking around. Tyler's mom seems so sweet though, I do feel bad she hasn't got to see her yet.

At first, their involvement in the show portrayed adoption in the beneficial light that it should have. As time went on, they did more and more of a disservice to the concept of adoption, and the damage that they caused was immeasurable. They are responsible for considerable damage to a sound and honorable solution to teen pregnancy.

These two are insufferable. Farrah had no room to talk, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's wrong. I don't think you need to be married to have a baby necessarily, but when you've planned a wedding and then broken it off because the dude isn't sure he wants to be with you, it's probably not the best time to get pregnant. It's a terrible decision.

They act like they're heroes for choosing adoption and they've been on a pro-life crusade like it's somehow more honorable to put yourself through hell than to either terminate the pregnancy and move on or raise the kid you gave birth to. I'm not slamming adoption as a valid choice, but I hate when people act like it's so much more noble than either of the others. Self-righteous is a good word for them.

I kind of hope the original girls come back on though, because I think it'll be kind of interesting to see it play out.

Holy shit did Farrah kind of make sense for once?

Not possible.

Thumbs down from Deborah

I loved their 16 and pregnant episode. As much as they are intolerable now, it takes a lot to give up a child. They weren't famous when they gave Carly up, so it really was done to make her life better. I find that amazing and no one can ever take that away from them. But like everyone else is saying, Tyler called off their engagement, told Caitlyn it was basically her fault, and SHE needs to change everything. He acts like he has done nothing wrong. That bothers me. She deserves so much better than someone who thinks he MAYBE can spend his life with her. That's not the kind of relationship a baby should be brought into!

Aside from how much of a hot mess their relationship is, it always makes me cringe when one of these girls announces their pregnancy before 12 weeks.

It makes me cringe too! I waited till I was 12 weeks to tell everyone. The day after, I started bleeding. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing and I have a healthy 2 year old. But geeze these girls should wait.

Hmmm I get being excited though...but yea I'd be worried to announce it too soon at the same time. (I've never been pregnant except with food so I don't know). Now i know this rule thanks to this site haha

I think it's because most people don't get ultrasounds till after the first trimester. For me, I wasn't supposed to get one till I was 20 weeks, but I had the bleeding. So I got one at 12 weeks. I definately wouldn't be shouting it out that in pregnant at 5 weeks! I wanted too though :)

I see..... I totally don't mind other peoples ultra sounds but I think I will have a major issue (this is just me personally) posting my uterus to facebook. A lot of my friends do it and I just can't imagine doing it...I know it's amazing and everything but it looks like an alien to me most of the time and it just seems really personal!

But at least my uterus won't explode like you know who

@ trap baby I completely agree about posting sonogram pictures on fb. It's not something for the world to see. I mean, if I ever go get a colonoscopy, I don't intend on putting the pictures of my intestines on fb. Why is it okay for a uterus to be on there?

Because a uterus is a house for a baby, which is cute by nature, and a colon is a house for a turd, which is not cute according to 99.99% of the world.

The sonogram picture is kind of a way to legitimize the pregnancy imo, what if someone just looked fat, said they were pregnant and had no picture, no positive pee test... would you believe them?

Lol well if my friend posted that they were pregnant without the sonogram I would simply say congrats and not wonder if they were lying... They don't need to post a sonogram to legitimize anything to me. But I guess the TM girls do... *looking at Nikkole*

Courtland's Baby-

In general, yeah, I'd believe them. I don't normally assume people are lying if they say they're pregnant and I don't ask for proof.

That said, I don't have a problem with people posting ultrasounds.

I don't have a problem either, I just personally could not....I just don't want my uterus on people's phones, computers, or anywhere in the public eye lol. That's just me though! I'm not being an "internet bully". JS....

@Trap Baby...come on now, who are you trying to kid? We all KNOW you're an internet bully! LOL! Especially when you call people pussies for thumbing you down! How dare you?! ;)

I remember when we found out about my pregnancy, we only told our parents and siblings and people we HAD to tell. I had to tell my boss and my partner had to tell his boss, I had such a hard time and because I have a complicated medical history it meant my partner had to take time to care for me and he needed his boss on side.

Neither of us were 100% happy about having to tell people outside of our immediate family and they didn't tell anyone until we had the 12 week scan and said "all is ok we are happy with you telling people" Anything could have happened in that time and I had two early ultrasounds before 12 weeks. That and I was really, really rather unwell and had to be off work.

I'm excited to start a family with my husband but I'm TERRIFIED to tell people when it happens. I just worry my mom is going to have a lot of pushy shit to say about "how are you going to take care of a baby?" or "This is a huge mistake." I don't need that. But I have to tell her so hopefully my husband will be there with me and she'll have to be nice instead of showing him her dark side haha.

Oh Rae, I was TERRIFIED about telling my parents, especially my Mum, I thought she was going to flip her lid in a manner so spectacular you'd see the fireworks from the north pole! I could just hear the "How the hell are you going to be a mother? how are you going to support this baby? where are you all going to live?" etc etc etc

(Which to be perfectly frank is the grilling my OH and I gave ourselves! We weren't living together at the time and although that was the plan always, we were waiting to buy a little bit later in the year... but that's extra info)

In reality, my mum probably found it the hardest of us all not to tell the whole world I was pregnant. She was (and is) SO excited about having a grandchild, every time I speak to her she's bought a new sleep suit or something small for the baby and she's getting so much joy from it. BUT I like to think my Mum did her job right, because even though I'm a grown adult, my first thoughts were of how I was going to be sure my child had a stable home, a stable mother and father and a safe environment to grow up in.

I hope that when it all happens for you, your mum pleasantly surprises you too xx

Same with me, my boyfriend and I weren't living together yet when I got pregnant and place where I worked closed for business and I was so scared to tell my mom ( shes kind of an intense person too) but I was pleasantly surprised, she was nice and supportive

* the place where I worked

PS I hadn't seen you post in a while - hope all is well with you xx

Yeah I've been...busy. Disgustingly so. That's so cool that your mom is excited instead of judgmental!!! Yay! And congratulations!!

Same here, Rae. My mom raised me telling me to not have kids. She said more than once that she wishes she'd aborted my brother and me. When I got serious with my fiance, she started throwing in the "You'd be a terrible mother," stuff just to warn me. It made me cry right then and there (it started at restaurant!) and my brother had to step in and tell her off. My mom can be a major c-word, but I chalk some of it up to mental illness.

Or she's just a raging twat. That's horrible.

I would never announce that early. I finally let the cat out of the bag at 11 1/2 weeks. I was so excited, I couldn't wait till 12 weeks exact. I suppose being a public figure you break the news early, get paid, if the unfortunate happens you break that news, get paid, and if all goes well you put baby pics up for sale, and of course get paid. Caitlyn and Tyler looked like a real hot mess on couples therapy. I don't believe you have to be married to have kids.... but I do get a bad vibe when you have been together for like 100 years but still cant commit. Sounds like someone doesnt want to buy the cow b/c he gets a lotof free milk. Just sayin.

I do hope she has a healthy pregnancy and baby. Carly is a real cute kid, and im sure this little goober will be too.

Uggh uggh uggh I wish this wasn't really a thing. I know plenty of wonderful couples who have made the decision to parent outside of marriage, but not after a failed engagement. When Tyler was like "I'm going to need that ring back" at the end of the special I wanted to scream at my computer "RUN AWAY CATELYNN YOU IDIOT!" I mean, what kind of asshole asks for an engagement ring back when he's the one who broke it off? And then she stayed?! And now they're having a baby?!?!?! There is very little doubt in my mind that Tyler is so deep in the closet he's picking out Catelynn's outfits.

He should start doing a better job, then. She always looks like she jumped out of an unpopular volume of a JC Penny's catalog.

That's why Tyler wanted her to lose weight. So he can dress her up in the hottest fashion trends

Remember when he flipped out at her for not washing his outfit for the speaking engagement....? That was so awkard

Hahaha I just laughed out loud and woke my husband up! Tyler obviously has a very poor sense of style as we can see by the way he dresses, and more importantly, accessorizes himself.

Do you know what my husband accessorizes himself with? A beard, a paycheck and smelly work boots. Not every fucking fedora that Hot Topic ever sold or gold chains walking around like a bulimic Eminem wannabe.

I'm so pissed. I really wanted these guys to prove people wrong. And actually make it. Maybe not as a couple. But by finishing college and being better than their parents expected. I think they probably think they've already "made it" so are ready for a baby. Maybe it's a good thing in the end. Maybe Catelynn will love this child so much that it will open her eyes to wanting more for the kid and herself and she will leave Tyler. I feel sorry for Carly. They haven't kept one promise they made her. I bet Brandon and Teresa cut ties after this baby is born.

I still think they've already cut ties. She favorites HORRIBLE tweets about Brandon and Teresa which is beyond in appropriate. I think it's because they already closed the adoption because neither Tyler or Caitlynne can get it through their heads that they're NOT Carly's parents.

I would agree with you except I feel like for sure they would've been bitching and cursing their names if that was the case. I'm sure they'd go on some kind of rant about how they gave them two children that they couldn't have on their own and now they're closing the adoption. We'd know if that happened. Unless Teen Mom is coming back and that's going to be their storyline and they can't say anything yet.


I am sure that Brandon and Teresa can't wait for this new little bundle of joy to join their family. They are probably getting Carly all excited about how much fun she is going to have with her baby sibling when they all go on family vacations together with Ty and Cate. Meanwhile, Ty and Cate have certainly made incredibly wise decisions with their money, and are not going to wind up broke like Maci. They don't need no stinking education. They have invested their cash in better vehicles than Maci, and have not blown through it like banshees. Ty and Cate are probably set for life, and they will sail off into old age hand in hand with Brandon and Teresa as two halves of one family. Even though Ty and Catelynn are not going to get married, Ty just loves women so much that he would never do anything to hurt Cate and there is no way that he will ever move on to another WOman. Can you really imagine Tyler with another woman? Try it yourself and try to picture it. In no way can I see this ending badly.

Does this work if the "woman" I'm picturing him with may have appeared in "To Wong Fu Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar"??

Best movie ever...

Patrick Swayze as a southern belle: "GET YOUR HAND OFF MY DICK, BUDDY!!"

Can we talk about for a second how Kail is bitching about Jo keeping Issac for Father's Day because her and Javi went to the Bahamas? LIKE REALLY. Jo replied to someone else saying if you think the beach is more important then celebrating Father's Day with your kid I feel sorry for your children. Grow the fuck up Kail. If Jo kept Issac for Mother's Day she would probably shake Javi's head and shit herself.

Kail is so petty! She would have thrown a total bitch fit if Jo decided to keep Isaac for Mother's Day and then told her she could celebrate it "any day of the year". Ugh, she needs to get over herself.

In my opinion, there is nowhere else that boy should be on fathers day! He should be with his DAD! Javi still gets fathers day, they have Lincoln and he can do stuff with Javi another time. Kail needs to stop insisting that Javi is AS important as Jo because he isn't!

Eh. While I do usually think a child needs to be with his father on father's day or his mother for mother's day, in this case, I think it would have been good for Isaac to be in the Bahamas with his mom.
It would have given Isaac the opportunity to travel somewhere new. Sure it was father's day and while it's nice to have a day dedicated to fathers, he could have celebrated another day with Jo. It's not like Isaac is away every father's day. That was a particular situation.
With that said though, Kail should not have commented on that on twitter. The decision to keep Isaac home for fathers day was Jo's and Jo's alone. As it should be. It was worth a shot to ask to bring Isaac on the vacation but as soon as he said no, it should have been the end of the conversation.

I get what you're saying but if that had been Issac being kept from Kail on MOTHERS Day she would have a heart attack. I think that's so wrong. Jo said being with your kids is more important than being at the beach and I have to agree.

Or maybe Kail shouldn't have been selfish enough to book a vacation for Fathers Day weekend. She's so passive aggressive I wouldn't put it past her if her if she did that with the intent of keeping Isaac for herself on Fathers Day.

Wait, she's bitching about her kid being with his father...for father's day? Lolll she is so desperate for Jo to disappear so Miley Hamlips can take his place, she is unprecedented levels of selfish.

Miley...Hamlips....BAHAHAHAHAHA! Well done.

LOL!! Miley Hamlips?!?! I. Just. Died. LOL!!!

That is exactly how I feel! She wants Javi to be isaacs dad so bad, it's pathetic. Quit bitching that your sons real father is in his life...

Exactly! She acts like its the worst thing ever and how hard her life is with having Jo involved in his own sons life. Heaven forbid that Jo enjoys spending time with his son and cuts into HER time.

Everything has been taken down now. I tried to find it cause I'm a little confused myself but there's nothing there.

Hmmm maybe go on Jo's that's where I saw it

I already tried that lol it's gone there too. I guess she must have realized how petty she sounded and took it off, although I wonder why Jo took his off.

It was on her twitter. She probably realized how much of a bitch she came across as. It was obviously Jo's time with him and his son should spend it with his dad. If it was Mother's Day, she would be pissed and she knows that. I can't stand how she tries telling everybody they are good, when she is still pulling this stuff online. She's probably worse offline

I found where Jo retweeted his sister:

"So my brother is apparently a bad father for having his son on Father's Day .... "

Oh damn.... lol well I love his sister now. Kail is fucking ridiculous.

I agree with you guys. My ex and I do that. Actually its in our custody agreement that our son spends mothers day with me and fathers day with him regardless or who's weekend its supposed to be when those days fall on.

I cant believe Kailyn would be made that Isaac is with Jo on fathers day! In her sick twisted mind she must REALLY believe that Javi is Isaac's dad. I mean, trust me, if anyone could EVER wish their kid had a different dad, its me! LOL! But, that still doesn't change facts.

Mothers day was the worst for me when my mom liked nearby. My dad's birthday in May 9, and mothers day is first weekend of May. The custody orders said I would be with my mom one year, and my dad the next, despite living primarily with my dad. This lasted about a year, and my mom moved to Vegas from Topeka...but all kinds of things were messed up like that. I remember one time my friends mom told me to call my mom from her house, because my psycho step mom wouldn't let me call her. On mothers day. Psycho freak was a lot like Kail...

Ohhh someone really doesn't like us pointing out how unbelievably obvious it is Isaac should be spending fathers day with his own father! SHOCK!

I don't really care for Kail but the only thing she has said on Twitter and Instagram is that she missed and wished Isaac could have come to the Bahamas. She defended Jo against that same random chick who attacked Jo saying he isn't a bad parent for wanting his son on Father's Day.

Eh she was like WELL that's what co-parenting what Jo is like!! :( Not really defending in my opinion but who knows it's Twitter

She was being passive agressive about it. We all know she meant it as a diss. How ridiculous is it for her son to spend Father's Day with his ACTUAL father?!? It's not. It was obviously Jo's time with Isaac or he would of been with kailyn. She is always trying to control what Jo does with Isaac.

Wait I checked again she did say he could have celebrated Father's Day any day of the year before saying he wasn't a bad parent. I guess she is still a passive aggressive bitch as usual.

Exactly! She does not know how to just be nice. It's either being a bitch, or being passive agressive.

Jo retweeted his sister saying "So my brother is apparently a bad father for having his son on Father's Day .... ", so I'm assuming Kail called Jo a bad dad because he wanted Isaac on Father's Day. Kail is such a psycho, I can't wait until her and Javi divorce and Javi can see the wrath of Kail. Maybe it'll wipe the smirk off of his face that he always has when Kail is complaining about Jo and saying how great Javi is.

Jo has a sister? I thought it was only him and Junior (aka Kails babysitter)

I'm not sure Farrah is in any position to pass any kind of judgement whatsoever - she is hardly winning mother of the year!

I just think Tyler is desperate to stay on TV and Catelynn is desperate to keep Tyler. I think after the whole "I don't even want to be engaged" deal from Tyler she was probably clinging onto him like flies to honey!

Dumb move on her part - really dumb. I think this baby (as well as a desperation and trap baby) is supposed to be a "replacement" baby for Carly, which is incredibly unfair on that little baby and also going to be a great disappointment to them when they realise that even when they have this baby, they still feel the same about Carly.

I still think that Catelynn needed to be asking some really serious questions about the relationship when Tyler backed out of the engagement, especially when he decided he wanted to have another baby. That initial lack of commitment would terrify me!

I'm not of the school of thought that you have to get married to have a family and be a happy family. I think many families achieve a happy committed relationship and raise very happy kids without a marriage certificate. However - to raise a happy well balanced reasonable respectable kids it takes dedication to the family and a loving committed relationship that works in much the same way as a marriage. I do not believe that Catelynn and Tyler have that relationship whatsoever.

As it's been mentioned having a child with someone means you are in their lives for the next 18 years financially and as a parent regardless of your relationship status, after that you are still linked to them, you'll still have to see them if not as frequently as you did. That isn't a level of commitment to be sniffed at and taken lightly at all and these two are taking it incredibly lightly to fix a myriad of problems. Not cool.

Babies do not fix relationships!

Come on guys... Tyler's not trying to fix their relationship.. he's just trying to have a baby. Catelynn will do whatever it takes to satisfy that boy to keep him around as long as she can. And whatever makes a homosexual man stay near a female for as long as possible she will do just that!! ;) That's one thing she can give him that those cute boys can't!

Exactly, Catelynn is trying to fix the situation with another baby. "it's ok, we're having a baby" "it'll all be ok when the baby arrives" "tyler will love me more for giving him a baby"

it's sad and will end in heartbreak.

Oh man that's so sad... I'm sad for ME

Oh honey I'm sad for you too! They are big grown up adults, they reap what they so, but your the little trap baby that'll be stuck in the middle of it all!
Poor kid!

Agreed with everything you sasid

I think Catelynn and Tyler are just replacing Carly for themselves. I am sure they will love this child, but I cant help but feel like this baby will be like Carly 2.0. This way, they can post whatever pics whenever they want to over their kid online and stuff.

I really wish they would have went to college and got married like they said though. While I agree with them that when they had Carly they weren't able to parent her given their situations and parents, their main reason was because they wanted her to be proud of them when accomplished their goals.

Does anyone else think that maybe Catelynn and Tyler asked April to sell the scan and sell the pregnancy story because their in some sort of contract with MTV but still want to make some sort of money from it. I just find it hard to believe that Catelynn and Tyler would sell the story about wanting to get pregnant but wouldn't sell their actual pregnancy unless they were in some sort of contract. I really hope I'm wrong I really wouldn't like to see the return of the original a Teen Mom.

I would rather see being dad turn into a season than watch the original teen mom come back

Same here cabbage patch, I actually really liked all of the dads on the being dad special, it was nice to have the focus on them for a change, they seem to have matured a lot more than most of the girls have in my opinion. As long as they didn't feature Adam 'I'm a good guy really' Lind I would enjoy a series of the dads.

Hmmm I thought it was a little boring but I really loved seeing it from the dads perspectives. That and I'm in love with Corey a little. And Jeff.

It definitely looks like a planned pregnancy. On being Caitlyn she offered to buy her sister birth control, but apparently couldn't provide any for herself....??? I think this whole pregnancy will make them very financially stable. Lots of $ around every corner

Yessss. I was browsing through pictures of foot tattoos and I found THIS. It's like a pack of wild children trampled him.

Can't wait to see how they try to make a new tattoo for the new baby mesh with their other tattoo for Carly.

Oh wow... if someone wants to put something on their body then thats fine but really those are horrid lmao!

HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA! It looks like a bunch of stamps you get in elementary school. Omg that's gonna be me with cats though.

Is it just me, or is the Farrah porno insult getting old? She did it, we saw it, we barfed in our mouth a little...maybe even alot. Im just over it and the mental image that comes everytime it comes up. I think F likes to throw shade at the other girls to make herself look like she has it together. The one positive I can say about F, she has one hilarious kid.. "you look evil mommy" that and the look on her face. lollol.

I'd much rather throw shade at her for not knowing what's in her fucking book she "wrote", pretending she lived in a giant house with a guest house during Being Farrah when it was easily proved that that house was a show property. Oh and also fucking up her poor kid for life and using her dead ex-boyfriend as an icebreaker with everyone on the planet.

The fact she can't talk is a lot funnier than her getting rammed in the asshole. But I still will always laugh at her getting rammed in the asshole and then turning around calling herself a "professional business woman."

Uh, what exactly do you think professional business women do at home?

Not make "sex tapes" with porn stars I'd hope? Lol

You would hope! But even if they aren't filming it they are taking it in the asshole, usually from some guy you wouldn't look twice at. Some people are just nasty that way.

Well hey that's fine, just keep it off my news feed LOL! Whatever people do in private I don't care lmao. Farrah just has no problem being a complete whore on camera.

Oh and her denying it. And her saying she was pregnant. And saying James's Deen's dick was small because we all say it and maybe it's small to Farrah because she is a dirty pirate hooker, but to us normal people that don't fuck for a living that thing was huge.

Courtland's Baby -- anal sex in no way makes someone nasty. Granted, it's not something I want to do, but it is a perfectly normal thing to do, and I see no reason to disrespect a woman for engaging in it. Disrespecting women or calling them "nasty" for their private, sexual choices is just counter-productive and mean. Now, FARRAH is nasty because she made (bad) porn and then lied about it, made demeaning comments about her co-star to cover her tracks when he said nothing but nice things about her, screams at her parents who are raising her daughter on a regular basis, thinks she is God's gift to humanity, tries to get sympathy over a loss she obviously never cared about until she realized she could gain fame from it, wants to put a copy of her porno in her daughter's memory box, etc. etc. A business woman "taking it in the ass" in her own private life is not nasty and, frankly, none of your business.

Whatever Alexa, don't get so fucking wound up, eh? Anal sex is nasty and that's what makes it so appealing to so many. As for Farrah, judge not lest you be judged, or so the bible thumpers would have you believe.

Alexa agreed lol. SOme people like it, some people don't who cares what they do in their own home!

I wish I cared about these two. I don't. She's a stage-4 clinger and he doesn't give a crap about her. So glad MTV is going to put more money in their pockets. MTV has done a great job enabling most of these teen parents.

I think T&C both know their relationship won't last, and both know a baby is not a good idea at all, but they just want it. They probably tell themselves "well, we are doing a million times better than our parents were when they had us, so that's great!"

Too late now anyways so I hope the baby is healthy, happy, and brings their family so much joy.

The thing that really bothers me is how early she shared the news with everyone. I'm 7 weeks and we are keeping our lips sealed until at least 12 weeks. If I were in the public eye, it would be much longer I'm sure. But I suppose most people who get KU at 16 probably don't have the best impulse control.

Congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy!! I hope you are feeling ok xx

And really...doing better than April or Butch in comparison is just snorting a smidge less cocaine and not going Full April on the meth and booze.

(CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy, though!!)

"THAT DRESS IS FUCKING UGLY"- April on Caitlyn's wedding day. Such a loving mother.

Awww Thanks guys :) We are extremely excited! We have planned and waited for this baby for so long. It's hard to keep it to ourselves because we are just so happy!

I think that is why I have always been so fascinated by 16&p and TM shows. I have always wanted to be a mother, but put a lot of pressure on myself to put my ducks in a row. So it totally blows my mind the idea of having gotten pregnant in high school, or thinking it okay to have kids when you really shouldn't. I was always SO concerned with contraception, even after getting married. I've been married 3 years and we have worked so damn hard to be as "ready" as anyone our age could be. It will be hard, but man am I glad I am not 16! Or in Caitlynn's shoes either!

I keep asking my husband to let me get a duck and he said not until we own a farm or something. I have no ducks to get in a row. :(

Dude. Just get it. I always say do what you want and apologize later instead of asking for permission. But then again that might be why I'm single.

Congratulations Snarklark!! Hope you don't mind me asking, are you finding it difficult to keep your news under wraps till you're in the 2nd trimester? I have really shitty health and found out pretty early on I was pregnant. Once the doctors confirmed it and I had my first scan (at just over 6weeks) we told our nearest and dearest then told others the news just a few weeks later. Everyone was in agreement that we should share the news incase something happened (I take tonic clonic seizures and with them comes a slew of other problems that are kinda scary) so paramedics and/or doctors +nurses would know how to proceed safely. I was both terrified +elated, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops lol, so wondered if you felt the same or I should just chalk it up to my shitty impulse control! Haha

No, I don't mind!

There have been a few rare occasions in the past 2 weeks that would have been perfect times to announce to my husband's family. We rarely are all together so we thought about it. We are just so excited, but know that for us waiting makes more sense for a lot of reasons. But yeah, it is hard to contain the news.

Our main reason to wait is we both prefer to grieve in private. If something happens early on, it would feel a lot worse to have to tell everyone right away. Some people need that support, but I know myself well enough to know that I need privacy and to deal with loss with my spouse. Another thing is that I am already dreading everyone treating me like I am disabled. I hate being asked "how are you feeling" and nosy questions, so I want to prolong this secret period as long as we can. I also love having this special little secret between the two of us.

On the same subject, neither of us have any health problems or need to be concerned. Of course, things can always go wrong, but we have literally done everything possible to promote a healthy pregnancy. I have also been managing my symptoms really well so far. I have dedicated myself to making this as positive of an experience as it can possibly be, even though some days really suck. I am being very proactive. I have eaten only whole foods, force myself to eat through nausea, drinking fresh ginger tea (for nausea), exercising lightly every day, meditating, going to the chiropractor, etc. So far I don't think anyone has any idea really and most the time I feel ok.

No one in either of our families could keep it tight lipped. That is just not possible. It is more complicated because I work with an uncle of mine so it would get back to work eventually as well. Our first scan is Wednesday (nervous!) but we aren't planning to share for another couple of months. Hopefully by the time we share I am not feeling so icky!

Good luck with your pregnancy!

Oh, and I found out very early, too. At 3 weeks 4 days, and 7 days before my missed period. We used natural family planning for a long time prior so I knew exactly when I ovulated, which helps. The line was so very faint, but it was there! I didn't get a super dark line until about a week and a half later.

You know, I definitely have to agree with Farrah on this one (never ever thought I would say that). Catelynn and Tyler are being completely selfish and not thinking of their future child. They can't agree whether or not to make a lifelong commitment to each other yet decide to make a tiny human who will need them for the rest of their lives. I've never understood why people see having a family through rose-colored glasses. Raising kids is hard work. Keeping a relationship together is hard work. Put those two things together and you've got a lot of hard work ahead of you. If you don't want to put in the hard work regarding your relationship, then why would you want the hard work of maintaining a relationship on top of the hard work of raising a kid? Why not just adopt on your own? Or get an egg donor? If you did that, you would have your child all the time, not every other weekend and two weeks during the summer, like Tyler is going to have when he leaves her ass.

If I were Brandon and Teresa, I would have closed that adoption a long time ago. Tyler and Catelynn don't know their fucking place and they are waaaaaaayyyyy too big for their britches regarding Carly. She's not their daughter. They are not parents. They have no rights regarding her. They are so fucking lucky they even get to see her at all, and then they have the audacity to complain about putting her pictures up on social media?? Fuck off.

^ Amen!

I think they both realize the relationship is not meant to last, but just can't help but make their lives more complicated than need be. Some people are just that way, I will never understand it. It would be the same mentality that someone takes on when they risk a pregnancy at 15/16 years old... in the back of their mind they know it is not right but they are okay with screwing things up for themselves. There are accidents, but most of the girls on the 16&p shows have eventually come clean that they used no birth control method.

Now they will be a part of each others lives forever, and the eventual breakup (a few years from now) will hurt even worse. But a child will give them a reason to still stay in each other's business and help them heal from choosing adoption for Carly.

I don't think they will be bad parents, I just think they are making life more complex than it needs to be. I feel like Caitlynn should have moved on a loooong time ago but has self esteem issues that make her think Tyler is the best she can do, or that the history means they have a future. Wrong.

I know..... These ass hats don't even know if they want to get married but they are ok with bringing me into the world. And you can't exactly divorce your kids. Although maybe when I'm older I'll get emancipated. Fuck this shit.

Also I don't want to be on fucking TV. My hair isn't spiky enough and my mom "needs to change"

Like Farrah has any room to talk about ANYONE'S life experiences.

I will say one positive, and that is for Carly.

It is very rare for an adopted child to have a full blood sibling that they can meet and have a connection with later in life. Often the hardest part of being adopted (even if it not nationally televised!) is feeling like you don't have a real family. No telling what the future will hold, but I do think that could be a great healing gift to have someone there with both of the same biological parents.

But I wonder if I will wish I was in Carly's normal family? (God sorry I love talking from the fetus's point of view)

Yes, that is so true.

There will surely be times that Carly looks at them and says "well if you could sort it all out, why didn't you keep me? I'd rather be with my bio family" even if she did really get the better deal. And the kid #2 will be all "my sister gets nice vacations and her parents are well educated, nice people with normal family. Why didn't you give me to them?!"

There is really no way to win. Maybe their second child will be a boy, so hopefully they can't compare him as much to Carly.

Grass is always greener. Oh god they'll find ways. Wow this is what Carly would have looked like if she was male!!!!! UGH

I'm sure C&T will try and reconnect with her when she turns 18. And if B&T close the adoption I bet C&T will try to put Carly against them. I hope Carly has a wonderful, idyllic childhood and that her being adopted combined with all the weird drama her birth parents broadcasted to the world don't fuck her up too much as a teen. I have a lot more hope for her than Ashley Salazar's daughter. I hope she has a happy and stable life.

this is non prego news have ya'll seen the new trailer for teen mom 2 ? if not here it is :

what do yall think

Hahah!!! We think alike! I just wrote that too :)


1. Jenelle: What are you going to teach the new baby
Jace: To kick you in the face HAHAHAHAHA....he's so fucking psychotic....

2. Aubree needs some fucking discipline

3. Issac "Mommy stop yelling" He's smarter than his own mother lol

4. Nathan's laugh will haunt my life forever

Oh man, I wanna see it!!!! Get it together mtv canada!

Trap, did Jace really say that?!? That kid is so screwed up because of jenelle. Sadly, he is going to grow up, do drugs, not listen, and knock up a million girls. It's sad!

I want you to see it too!!!!! Yeah...and Jenelle STRAIGHT UP SAID TO HIM Mommy has to do more jailtime, and Jace said "I will help you" :( so sad.

Aubree threw the most psychotic temper tantrum I've ever seen too...

Doesn't surprise me that Aubree is having crazy tantrums. Chelsea acts more like her friend, than her mother. She's spoiled and she's only 5ish. Poor Jace. He would of had such a different life if he had been adopted. He doesn't deserve the life Jenelle forced on him. I can only hope that she doesn't screw up this new baby. (Not calling him kaiser hahaha. It's such a stupid name)

Amen. Yep I'm going to Kaiser tomorrow to get a shot. I'll never look at my medicial provider the same again.

*jace needs help now before we know it he will end up on the news when he is older about going on a murdering spree..that's sad to even think about.
*Nathan needs to shit the fuck up and not worry what babs does at night when she is home. if she wants to drink wine every night to unwind from work and taking care of jace then let her be. at least she has a job and doing what her bitch of a daughter should have done from day one and take care of the kid.
*Aubree needs to be disciplined or she is going to end up a spoiled brat like Chelsea
Leah needs to just shut up and leave Jeremy alone and let him work and if he has to work out of town let him thats how he make the big bucks

Leah is "drownding" in debt. Did I hear that right? And Adam is just bricks. Hey, dude, you almost killed two innocent people! But that has nothing to do with your parenting.

On another note, the new trailer for teen mom 2 is out. I can't watch it because I'm in Canada though :(

Guys. I love you all. I have been sitting here giggling for ages. My 4yr old keeps asking what's so funny. Hahahaha. Thanks for always making me smile x

You always make me laugh too! <3 Seriously this site is the best.

Thanks Trap! Apparently not everyone likes me though! I'm getting all your thumbs down now. I Am heartbroken. NOT! Hahahaha

Oh I know, if you agree with me or even say "Yeah" they (HC and her scentsy minions or whoever) get mad and thumb those people down too. It's really fucking stupid but hey fuck em let's keep pissing them off ;)

Tyler and Catelynn are my favorite couple from 16& pregnant. Honestly, I wish they would have gotten married first before getting pregnant again. Just try to do things the right way the second time around, ya know? But congrats to them. Hope she has a happy and healthy 9 months.