Brandon and Teresa Threaten to Cut Ties

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We've seen the struggle for Teen Mom OG couple, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra to maintain a healthy adoption since they placed their daughter Carly with Brandon and Teresa Davis back in 2009.

The couple has publicly had issues regarding Brandon and Teresa's rules for things, and even though this was supposed to be an open adoption, it appears that things might not be ending up that way because In Touch exclusively revealed that Brandon and Teresa have threatened to cut ties with the Teen Mom couple if they don't start following the rules.

The main rule that In Touch talked about was posting pictures of Carly on social media.

Honestly, who can blame Brandon and Teresa for wanting to keep their child out of the public eye, especially when they didn't sign Carly up for any of this? Since Catelynn and Tyler were on the first season of 16 & Pregnant, there's no way they had any idea how much the franchise would've blown up, or that Catelynn and Tyler would be picked for 5 seasons of a Teen Mom spinoff and still be filming about their first child nearly 6 years later.

Catelynn and Tyler have been pretty vocal about not being able to post pictures of Carly, especially on Teen Mom, and I can imagine that it's annoying to the people caring for the child when all they're seeming to want is a sense of normalcy.

As far as we know, Brandon and Teresa don't have any intentions of cutting ties with Catelynn and Tyler immediately, but if I was Catelynn and Tyler, I would sure get my act together in order to save face with my daughter's adoptive parents.

The rumor mill has been stirring for a while, and I'm pretty sure we'll be getting a taste of Brandon and Teresa this season, but there's no for sure yet.

It's also probably not the best time for this threat to come out, considering some of the things that MTV has filmed for this season are several months old, and at this point, there's no guarantee that Catelynn and Tyler weren't complaining about the adoption rules while MTV was filming.

It's also unknown as to whether Catelynn and Tyler have pictures of Carly up in their home, so even something as little as an MTV decision to capture the photos could send Brandon and Teresa over the edge.

Brandon and Teresa ended up adopting another child after Carly, so now they have a son and a daughter, which is great for them.

Catelynn and Tyler welcomed their second daughter, Novalee, around the first of the year, and it seemed like the adoption relationship was going well at that point because Brandon and Teresa gave Catelynn some of Carly's baby clothes as a gift.

For now, we're unsure of what sparked the issues, but hopefully the four adults involved can find a way to reconcile and work on their relationship without cutting ties all together.


B&T did not choose to have their child on TV. They have been sucked into the MTV vortex unwillingly. While they have nominally participated in TM, they haven't courted fame or publicity. They are her parents, not C&T. Kim is not her grandmother. All of this was laid out on the line, and C&T have chosen to go against their wishes. Move on, and give Novalee Nation the love and attention she deserves.

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks they named their baby after the girl who gave birth in a Walmart.

But I agree. Brandon and Theresa did not sign up for MTV. Catelynn and Tyler did. Carly is Brandon and Theresa's daughter, it is up to them if they want her on TV. They've made their decision clear that they want no part in Teen Mom, and Catelynn and Tyler need to respect that.

As I've said before, I am shocked that B&T haven't closed the adoption already. Catelynn alone has crossed so many boundaries, it's shocking the nasty things she's said and gotten away with.

It's really a lesson for adopting parents.
If MTV is there filming,find another agency

When I helped with the younger classes at my old dance studio, there was a girl in the 2 year old class named "Nation".

Wow. That reminds me of the little sister named Liberty Bell in Juno.

I know someone in real life with a daughter named Liberty Bell :(

Here'sa pic of CCarly recently! She is sooooo cute!

I'm happy Catelynn and Tyler keep posting photos of Carly. Maybe B&T will keep their word and close the adoption once and for all. Just keep falling for the bait, C&T. Carly is cute, but I feel weird looking at her photo knowing all the shit that's going down because C&T can't keep their business off social media.

Also, I think she looks a lot like Catelynn now. She was Tyler's twin a couple years ago, but she resembles Cate even more so. Huh.

are we sure this is atually carly? where did a fan account find it? or did c&t deliberately post a photo after being asked not to by carly's PARENTS.

and if it is, i'm sure b&t are not pleased that it's been posted. this would be my last straw.

if the adoption is closed at any point and c&t continue to post photos of carly or bad mouth b&t, do b&t have any legal recourse available to them?

It has to be Carly because it looks just like her. Remember this picture of Carly with C&T, B&T and her adopted brother and his biological mother. WOW that was a mouthful! Lol

It certainly does look like and probably actually is Carly. That mean either c&t disregarded b&t's request or some fan found a photo of her. Either of these would have me at the lawyer's office (or wherever you need to go to close an adoption) ASAP!

So if these fans are finding these photos of Carly, are C&T reposting them? That's still the same as sharing her pictures when you were asked not to, you guys. This whole thing sucks for Carly because she knows C&T as family friends. I'm not sure if she knows they're her birth parents (probably not at this young age), but I do wonder what would happen if B&T close the adoption and later tell Carly who C&T really are. Would Carly be mad that they prevented her from having a meaningful relationship with her birth parents? Or would she be relieved that they were looking out for her wellbeing when C&T clearly weren't? This is what pisses me off that C&T act like it's life and death if they can share photos. They're only focused on what they want, not what's best for Carly. They're denying her privacy and possibly jeopardizing her safety to satisfy their own desires. They are not good parents at all. Good parents don't throw their child under the bus just to prove some stupid, meaningless point to others. C&T did the best thing giving Carly up to another family. I can't imagine how dysfunctional they would be if they actually kept her.

Carly looks just like my stepdaughter did before she started losing her baby teeth.

Is that the lightening or is carley a ginger ? Either way she's so cute ! I was looking for recent pics when this story broke and couldn't find any.

That's because, if Catelynn and Tyler were respecting the wishes of Carly's actual parents, you shouldn't be able to find any recent pics at all. The fact that Javi's DSL found one so easily and on a Teen Mom dedicated twitter account is either them being inappropriate or someone being SUPER creepy. Either way, it must upset Brandon and Teresa.

I don't blame C&T for fans posting pictures. They can control what their crazy fans do. If they find pictures of Carly and post them they can't control that. I get upset when they post pictures of her themselves blatantly disrespecting B&T and their rules.

I think sharing photos that fans are posting on fan sites or whatever is the same as blatantly disrespecting B&T. I'm sure it wouldn't kill C&T to ask their fans to stop sharing photos of Carly ASAP. I blame them for allowing the situation to go as far as it has because they like their fans encouraging their delusions that they're still Carly's "real" parents and they somehow matter more than the people actually raising her.

I felt a little uncomfortable looking at this too... but I am glad you shared it! She is incredibly cute. She actually could pass as B&T's biological daughter because she doesn't have any super distinctive features and has similar coloring to T.

She looks happy. You can see it in her eyes. That is what matters most.

While I understand Cate's struggles cause she was coerced into adoption but seriously, focus on your new trap baby. How hard is it to have a relationship with BT while keeping everything off of social media? I never understood people with social media adeekshun.

Completely agree. Why do you care if the whole world gets to see her? You get to see her and your close family members get to see her. Who care if your "fans" get pictures. It's not their kid. They should be happy that B&T want to protect Carly from the media. The rest of the TMs are not doing their kids any favors keeping them in the limelight like this. They're going to have to deal with their parent's idiotic decisions on camera. Other kids will probably tease.

Exactly. I don't understand why C&T think their fans should see Carly every waking moment. That's insane to me that they consider this so important they would have placed Carly with different people over it. I highly doubt this was even on their minds when they were giving Carly up, that it was some kind of dealbreaker. "Oh, if you don't agree that we should share her photos, then we'll be placing her with somebody else." As if any normal person would be okay with their daughter's face plastered all over the internet for millions of strangers to see.

Catelynn and Tyler need to back off and deal with Novalee. This isn't about grief or not getting over it. This is about a couple of overgrown kids who think they can call the shots and are learning the hard way that they can't. Hope bashing Teresa's infertility was worth it, you guys. Hope you're happy that you publicly said you would have given Carly to a different family. If contact does end, then C&T will have nobody to blame but themselves.

CCB, do you think B&T know about you? (;

Lol. I'm their spirit animal. And I'm also a pretty vocal C&T critic. I'm not adopted. I've never given a baby up for adoption, though I do have a couple of friends who are adult adoptees. SO I don't know why these two piss me off so much. I guess it's just irritating on a human level that C&T have said and done some pretty trashy things about/to these people who seem really nice and really decent to let them have a relationship with their daughter. It's just annoying that Catelynn and Tyler think they can get away with their behavior and that B&T will roll over and let them do whatever they want. Lol. They irritate me so much. Hence the endless snark.

Oh no, I meant do you they think know about them C&T canoodling under you? I would be extremely weirded out if I found out my parents cuddled under a blanket that had my face on it lol ^.^

+1 for canoodling!

LOL! I totally misread your comment! Haha I'm sure they know about my amazingly awkward existence. C&T have no shame when it comes to the giant Carly blanket.

The Carly blanket is so fucking creepy, why would anyone own something like that, where do you buy them. They had it on their bed at one point too so they were probably sexing each other under it

That pissed me off so hard when they keep saying "Uhm, we gave them something they would never be able to have on their own."

They get it, assholes. The couple of weeks I've been grieving over my ordeal as been torture. I can't imagine all the emotional turmoil those two went through until they were able to adopt Carly. They aren't ungrateful, they just want to experience normal parenthood.

Red, I totally agree. Brandon and Teresa chose each other. They didn't pick Catelynn and Tyler as the bio parents...Catelynn and Tyler picked them. B & T didn't sign on together to co-parent with two 17 year olds for their daughter's entire childhood. They want to parent together without the world watching and without all the strings attached that come with staying up at night wondering if that's a tree hitting their window or Butch and his luscious mullet creeping through a window screen down the hall to smell their children.

Nipples, any walmart photo center can make you a blanket with a picture on it.

About freakin' time! B&T need to cut ties and be done, because if it's not posting pictures, C&T will find something else to whine about - Nova not being able to see her 'sister', or Carly attending the if-it-will-even-happen wedding, not attending Carly's kindergarten graduation or something else equally trivial. Don't leave the door open for these two to cause drama, B&T. Move along and be done with them.

As for C&T, I know that they will end up trying to manipulate B&T to allow them to see Carly through Nova, by telling B&T, "But we've told Nova she has a big sister for the past 3 years and she's asking about her and wants to see Carly!!!1!?1!" I wouldn't put it past them to stoop to something so low, and end up making B&T look like the bad guys when they shut C&T out. This whole thing is just so super messy and needs to be over with.

Oh hi there C&T.

Damn. It's about time they did something about it, honestly. Some of the things Catelynn and Tyler have said and done would have made me close the adoption years ago, to be honest. It's more Tyler than Catelynn. He seems so angry and self-righteous about the whole photo thing. I think if he wasn't involved, then Brandon and Teresa wouldn't feel the need to make this threat. I think Catelynn is more willing to follow their rules. But as long as Tyler is in the picture, then it will impossible to maintain some kind of healthy relationship.

I think B&T wanted to have some sort of contact until Carly was old enough to make the decision herself whether she wanted her birth parents in her life. Their son may still have a relationship with his birth mother/relatives, so I'm sure B&T didn't want Carly possibly growing up resentful that her brother gets to know his bio-family and she doesn't. But this probably wasn't an easy decision to make, and I'm sure B&T carefully thought over all the pros and cons before deciding this is the only way to go. I wonder if other things were going on besides the photos-thing, and if we'll see it on OG. I just never thought this day would come, especially since the show is coming back.

I agree. They need to address the issue. I wonder though if this is as dramatic a story as it seems. Are they really threatening to cut ties or are they just saying you guys need to respect our rules more and the media turned it into something bigger then it is. I feel like B&T have been saints in this situation. They have such patience. Look at all the crap that C&T have said about them and they're still allowing them visits with Carly.

yes i'm wondering if it's more than the photo thing. If I were them I would have cut ties the second tyler mocked my infertility.

That pisses me off so bad. I found their adoption video, and they seem like such nice and genuine people. I really feel for them.

I couldn't finish it. It actually made me sad, because they just wanted to complete their family. I'd bet they did a lot of soul searching when Carly came into their lives, but they were willing to take the trade-off for one hour of television. And now here we are six years later, and sickos are trying to harass him at work.

Aww! I know these things are supposed to show families in the best possible light, but that was so sweet it made me tear up. I'm SO GLAD Brandon and Teresa got the family they hoped for and deserved. C&T, please step off Nd let these beautiful people have some peace.

I hope the two couples can get along for Carly's sake.

However, from everything I have seen so far it appears that Catelynn and Tyler do not understand boundaries in regards to Carly. I feel like if they had a better understanding of what happens when you cross those lines, then their relationship would not be as tense. Maybe it's just a pipe dream, who knows. They have shown to be extremely immature in the past...

Either they're too stupid and they'll never understand if they don't understand by now or they're too selfish and don't give a shit and feel entitled to this stuff. Despite which one it is, it would stress me out to have to cater to that when all I'm trying to do is be a mom and raise the child my husband and I adopted.

I don't blame b&t for not wanting her pictures posted, I don't even use social media and I'm not famous. I send pictures to my friends and family, which is easy when you have text messages and email. Its honestly not a necessity to post pictures on social media. We still don't know how being on the show will affect these kids later on, they are all still young. I imagine some will struggle with it and some will have an easier time. They were born on TV, literally. I think Carly deserves a normal life

Why do I have a feeling there will be sociological studies done on the children of MTV in the next decade or so to figure out how fucked up being broadcast on TV for the first 5-6 years of their lives caused them to be. Except Kaiser and Jace. That we can probably mostly blame on the drugs and fetal/sperm alcohol syndrome passed on from Nathan and his boozy swimmers.

Thanks Megan ! I was wondering about this on the last post but I guess since I was a late commenter no one saw it lol I wonder if the pics are still up somewhere

Oh never mind I was under the impression they posted them straight to instagram or tweeted them out. they could have pics hanging up in their house while filming I'm so excited for this new season.

Lol. I wish I had read this comment before posting my own! Anyway, yeah, C&T's walls are practically choked with photos of Carly, and I'm sure they're probably recent pictures, too. I'm sure they were caught on film, and Catelynn and Tyler got indignant about what they want in their house. I'm sure B&T aren't against them having photos of Carly up. They just don't want the pictures to appear on camera because they feel it disrespects their and their daughter's privacy.

Lol that's ok and yes lol it's probably exactly that. I can't see C&T like it's OUR house and WERE not posting them. Like that's NOT the point you (C&T) are making an avenue for her pictures to be seen. It's negligence when you don't purposely do something BUT you didn't take the steps to prevent it from happening when you knew it was a possibility.

If that's the case, couldn't MTV just blur the photos out? I bet there is more going on than that.

I didn't even think about MTV blurring Carly's face out, unless they're not going it because they're a shitty network with double standards. I do think there's something else going on, though, and if we'll see it in OG or not.

True I dont think mtv cares enough

I watched an episode of that awful sexploitation show "Raising Asia", she's an accomplished competitive dancer.
In one scene,the producers had told her they couldn't film because of all the trophies and photos of competitions in the room, copyrights probably.
They asked her to take them down because its too hard to blur them out.
It may be similar here,with blurring of photos. Pixilation costs money, and Empty Vee wastes money on bonus babies and fake rehab stays.

I think that C&T need to tell MTV to respect Carly's privacy and NOT get those pictures in the camera. Like tell them to move the pictures if they're getting in the shot. I feel like MTV purposely makes sure that they get in the shot just to add the controversy. You know they're loving the drama between C&T and B&T. It's adding to their ratings. They're probably encouraging all the argument. Not saying that it wouldn't happen anyways but I bet they wouldn't be as vocal about it on tv if MTV wasn't encouraging it all the time. It's such a bad network that only cares about money.

Trash- agreed and MTV - funny user name ! But I haven't seen that show.

Thanks.You have a funny user name as well.
I'm sure the options will increase with the reboot.
And of course the producers are starting shit. They know how absolutely boring C&T are, and how arrogant. Makes perfect sense.
Everybody's job is on the line, so they're going to amp up the drama.

This whole messy situation can benefit MTV in a couple ways. It pumps some life into C&T's boring-ass storyline and will make people interested in watching them again. If B&T do close the adoption, and the show continues on for another year or so, then MTV will get to show the ramifications of having a closed adoption and coming to terms with no contact with the child you gave up whatsoever. Of course, MTV will probably act like none of this is C&T's fault, but they can't lose in this. So they won't try to stop it or do any kind of damage control. They suck.

Being as how B & T are legally Carly's parents don't they get a say so? I would think that MTV wouldn't legally be allowed to show a picture of Carly without written consent from B&T. Couldn't B&T eventually sue MTV if they were to air her face without their consent?

I'm not sure about the legality of it, since B&T did agree to do "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom", and even appeared in some magazines to get their story out there. So I'm not sure if MTV would be breaking some sort of law if they continued showing Carly's photos without her parents' consent. Even if there was no legal issues, though, I think MTV should still respect B&T's wishes basked on the principle of the matter.

If that's the case, can't MTV just blur out the newer photos like they did with all Gary's Aeropostale man-teet smuggling/hostage shirts?

So according to a comment on the last article, B&T made this threat after C&T posted a recent photo of Carly. Is this true or not? Because if it is, and Catelynn and Tyler really did that after being asked not to, then they're bigger idiots than I realized.

I think Tyler is the immature bitch here, Cate seemed ok with the policy

I agree. Catelynn doesn't give a shit about the photos and whether or not they can share them. She's just happy she can see Carly grow up. I think Tyler has a lot of control issues, and he's pissed that his status as a birth father does not give him the control he craves. He's going to wreck everything, and then Catelynn won't get to watch Carly at all.

You hit the nail right on the baseball-cap-is-three-sizes-bigger-than-his-head there: Tyler is a control freak. The fact that B & T gave them a boundary pisses him off to no end. His behavior with Catelynn, his family, the dogs, everything screams out control freak to me. In addition to being a douche nozzle and a crappy dresser...

I'm sure he'll just get a sleeve of batman themed tattoos of Carly's face at different stages in her life all up and down his arms and legs in order to assert his control as her birth father once and for all. That'll show 'em.

Lol. Considering that Tyler likes cheap, crappy tattoos, B&T won't have to worry if he gets Carly's face tattooed all over his scrawny body. It probably won't look a thing like her in the end.

What photo of Carly did they put up recently? Was it an old picture or a recent one? I don't remember this and I feel like a bigger deal would've been made if it was recent. If it was an old one I'm split on this. On one hand it's B&T's child so if they don't want pictures of her up then that's their prerogative but on the other hand everyone saw Carly when she was younger she was on the actual show. All you have to do is google her and picture of her at that age pop up. So if it was an old pictures is it really that huge a deal? Again I don't know on this one it's a grey area I guess. But at the end of the day they still need to respect B&T's rules.

I'm actually not sure if they shared a recent photo of Carly or not. That was my assumption based off of somebody else's comment on the last article. Catelynn did just share a baby photo of Carly placed next to Nova's, so there's that.

I think B&T were okay with the pictures at first because Carly was just a baby/little girl. But now she's older and is most likely in school and various activities. I think they don't want people to recognize her as she grows older thanks to her birth parents' insistence that their stupid fans know what she looks like. But you're right: at the end of the day, C&T have to respect B&T's wishes.

It's not just recognition, either. It's a safety issue. I always ask my friends before I post a picture with their kid on it anywhere outside of my private facebook account and for the most part, I never ever do that anyway unless it's for like redditgetsdrawn and it's a gift for them. It just makes me feel skeevy putting kids faces out on the public internet for all to see when they're not my kids. There are creeps out there and it's not my call on whether or not those kids risk being exposed to them. It would be an issue for me as an adoptive parent even if Catelynn and Tyler WEREN'T in the public eye (mostly because of Butch-showing-up-a-phobia.) Catelynn and Tyler being on MTV all the time and having crazy stan fans seals the deal that they shouldn't post newer pictures of her without explicit permission.

Yeah I saw that pictures. She was a newborn. Her and Nova do like alike in that picture. I don't think anyone would be able to recognize Carly now based on that picture though so I wonder if B&T would be upset about that one.

I'm not sure if they will get upset since the photo is from Carly's newborn days. But they did ask C&T to stop sharing photos completely, so I'm going to assume that they meant ALL photos, not just more recent ones. If I were C&T, I wouldn't even share Carly's baby pictures just in case it might go against B&T's wishes.

This is C&T we're talking about though. We're lucky they didn't just go on posting all they wanted anyways.

You know, I hate to say it, and bring on the down votes, but I sorta kinda in a small way feel bad for Catelynn. No, she hasn't made the best decisions by any means, but I do feel like she was coerced into the adoption and then Tyler's faults kind of get put on her because they are together. I think we all saw in the Catelynn special that she is showing somewhat more maturity regarding the situation (i.e. I don't care if we can post pictures) so I want to believe she would try her best to follow the rules B&T have laid out at this point. I think that since she's had Novalee maybe it's clicked to her that birthing a child is completely different from raising one. Yet Tyler continues his rants against B&T. I hope Catelynn sees this and tells Tyler to shape up or ship out. Regardless of what B&T decide, they are Carly's parents and their wishes must be respected. But I have a hard time feeling any amount of sadness for Tyler.

I think everybody agrees that the issues C&T are having with B&T are mostly Tyler's fault I do agree that Catelynn seems more mature about the situations now that she's a mother herself. Like I said in another comment, if Tyler weren't in the picture making so many demands, then B&T would be more open with them. But because he is, then they have to close themselves off more and more to protect their privacy and their daughter's privacy as well.

Wow! I give Brandon and Teresa a lot of credit for the grace and patience they have shown to Cate and Tyler through the years, and I don't blame them a bit for placing boundaries and expecting them to be respected. I do wonder about the timing as well - is this something that happened after filming, or are events that happened during filming (and may now be hashed out and over) just trickling into the tabloids to up the ratings for the premiere? Or are they filming new material and these are the most current developments? I'll guess we'll find out in time.

I do want to say that although I don't agree with the way Cate and Ty have behaved in the years since their debut episode, I do have sympathy for them. And yes, I say that despite how awful they have acted because I think they are not necessarily bad people, just people who acted a badly at times. I feel worse for Cate because I do think she was coerced into adoption, both by the agency and by Tyler, and I always cringed at how horrible her family treated her for her decision. I think she needed resources and counseling that she never received, and we are seeing the results of that in her behavior today. I also do feel for Tyler for the same reasons, but he seems to have less self-insight into the situation than Cate does. He also has some very real control issues regarding the people in his life, which is frightening to watch develop. I think he has become very manipulative, which is a kind of abuse, and it scares me to think where that can lead. I think neither of them really understood what an adoption really entails, and I blame the agency for that. I've definitely learned about adoption practices since watching these shows, and some of the situations are truly appalling. If these two had not been on TV, forced to talk endlessly about a painful event they never properly processed and moved on from, and had had better support resources things might be very different today.

If I were B and T, I wouldn't hesitate to cut ties because they need to do what is best for Carly, and C and T ultimately need to respect their decisions. But it makes me sad for everyone involved, like we're seeing all the worst-case scenarios playing out.

I think Catelynn and Tyler both never stood much of a chance because they kept people like Butch and April around even after the giant blowouts they had with them over the adoption. Their parents weren't parents. I have no idea where Catelynn's dad was during most of her life and I'm assuming Kim had some major flaws that are given a good edit (except big slip ups like when she called Brandon and Teresa!) because Tyler didn't wind up like he did just from Butch considering Butch was in jail most of the time. When you're around that kind of toxicity, especially as a child, it does a number on your brain and your development.

I'm not making excuses 100% for their immaturity. They're to blame for a lot of their issues but the bedrock of it ALL is that they were both dealt a really shit card in life and, if MTV hadn't come along, I'm pretty sure they'd both have major substance abuse issues at this point based on simply genetics and what they grew up around.

I totally forgot Kim called B&T - no wonder Tyler doesn't understand boundaries! I probably would have closed the adoption right then out of sheer panic.

if i was b&t, i would have closed the adoption long ago. i can understand that they maybe wanted to wait until carly was old enough to make her own decision, but c&t have shown on numerous occasions that they aren't mature enough to follow the terms that b&t, as carly's parents, have set out. it's too bad, but i can totally understand why b&t would do it.

because C&T can't comprehend that they are not Carly's parents. they think they are her mom and dad, and they just let B&T take care of her because they couldn't afford to. I don't understand how they can give lectures and shit about adoption when they clearly have no clue what adoption actually is.

"they think they are her mom and dad, and they just let B&T take care of her because they couldn’t afford to"

Bingo. This is exactly why B&T should have closed the adoption long ago. I really hope they do it soon.

It sucks that only three girls from "16 and Pregnant" have given their babies up for adoption, and two out of those three situations have gone so completely south. Ashley is fucking nuts and C&T can't follow the simplest rules set out for them without making a huge deal out of it and insulting their daughter's adoptive parents. It seems like Lori is the only one who has any kind of positive relationship with her child's adoptive parents (I'm assuming, since unlike the other two, I don't think she really talks about the situation online). I know adoptions are really bittersweet, but it just seems like this perpetuates how negative the whole thing is and may make teenagers think twice about making that choice.

Lori. Sigh.

Who in their right mind would adopt a baby from someone who was appearing on 16 and Pregnant? After seeing how it turned out for Brandon&Theresa, I think that would be a major turn off for most couples no matter how desperate they were.

Well look at Alex Sekella's friends' parents who were willing to adopt her child while she lived next door with that random woman who needed a roommate? I'm sure part of that was wanting to help a girl in need but a bigger part of it was desperation for a child. People will make all sorts of concessions and settle for a lot of things to get a child if they want one badly enough. And that's not their fault. It's the fault of the people that prey upon it like MTV and Dawn from BCS. She, as an adoption counselor, should have said, "oh, you want a closed adoption but the bio parents want an open adoption? This isn't a good fit, let's find someone else." and been done with it. But she didn't because it was convenient and B&T were willing to compromise more than C&T were so B&T got railroaded by MTV and C&T being entitled assholes for years. (That and a fair bit of Catelynn and Tyler simply not understanding the concept of an open adoption because of, once again, their adoption counselor.)

Of course they were complaint! It's sort of their thing (some real working on yourself territory) and they better chill. B&T have been saints, but they are WASPs to the nth degree. If they decide they've had enough, C&T will be frozen out forever.

I agree with you except that Brandon and Teresa are from NC and seem more like rich lake front dweller baptists than protestants. I could be wrong. I grew up in NC in a town that developed into a rich, lake front town as I grew up and there were very few true WASPs in that area, to be honest. When I think of actual WASPs, I think of like rich country clubbers from New England, haha. Brandon and Teresa will just eventually freeze them out the same way, though, the only difference is there will be a "bless their hearts" at the end of the Dear John letter.

Good! That is their full right and I would understand it completely. As her parents, B&T are allowed to do anything in their power to protect Carly. I also think C&T really overstep their boundaries often, by still referring to Carly as their own.

And here we go- I get it's a baby pic but still

Godammit. Gotta love how they're proving to the world that Novalee is just Carly's replacement. And of course there are people saying that B&T are selfish for not understanding Catelynn's sacrifice. I'm sure they understand it very well. They're obviously grateful that Catelynn chose them to be Carly's parents. These people are crazy, I swear to God.

Literally a day and a half after being "allowed" to show novas face they shove it right next to Carlys. Typical for them - and I don't even hate them I just think they are immature.

"But the fans want to see the resemblance." - Tyler

I guess it's really tiresome for him to keep telling Cate to work on herself, while he still has a long, long way to go.

Fans can google. Tyler REALLY just ugh. I hope this baby gives cate courage to stand up for herself and stop just agreeing with him.

I saw this. It was an edit that someone made. She reposted it I guess to show off how similar they look. They actually do look quite a bit alike. I wonder how B&T are going to react to this?

If I was then I wouldst be happy but they have a St. patience. Imagine just wanting your child to be perfectly normal them having to deal with this but still wanting to not cut them off only for Carly's benefit.

I don't know. The main reason they don't want pictures posted of Carly anymore is because she's getting older now and they don't want people to recognize her. If we were to see Carly walking on the streets right now we wouldn't know who she was based on her baby pictures. People change how they look from when they're babies to when they're older. I think now that she's older she's not going to change enough to be unrecognizable later on. So I wonder if they care about baby pictures that everyone has already seen. I'm not saying they don't care but they might be ok with it because everyone's already seen these.

We literally twin, we're thinking the same way all over this post lol. Our comments must have posted seconds apart I said them same to jenelles feathers. I'd be pissed I would have ended it.

Ugh. I can't even. I don't know what's more annoying - that they continue to ignore B&T's wishes or that they continue to refer to Carly as 'theirs'.

You get nothing. You lose. Good day, sir.

Both are equally upsetting. 1st I was gonna say them calling her their's but now just imagine ravenous fans stopping them on the street or trying to take pics cuz they recognize her from tv.

That is what I don't think C&T fully understand. Posting more recent pictures online, no matter how 'lovey dovey' and proud it makes them feel, exposes Carly when her parents do not want her to be out there for all on the internet to see. It is not a betrayal to C&T - B&T have set these rules for the protection of Carly from internet strangers. If anything, if C&T truly LOVE 'their daughter', they need to respect the boundaries that have been put in place to protect HER.

It is one thing if C&T decided to keep Carly - fine, go ahead and post as many freaking pictures as you want. (Not what I would do, but I cringe at pretty much anyone posting pictures of their kids on any social media. Period.) But B&T are Carly's parents and they get to decide what is or is not good for their daughter.

To me, Waiting, this is the problem: While THEY have been seen on the show, Carly really hasn't, and it could really confuse this little girl if people start approaching her in public, wanting her photo or asking her questions. B&T are her legal parents and have every right to NOT want this to happen, and C&T don't fully grasp the fact that it's not their decision for Carly to lead a public life or not. Just because Maci, Farrah, Amber, et al. allow their kids to be public figures doesn't mean that this is what B&T want.

Agreed jenelles and nikkoles this is just ALL types of wrong and not ok in the least. They are delusional and lucky B&T didn't cut them out- like I've said before I think they ONLY reason B&T keep the door open is they want to be able to tell Carly if she asks about them ( like a lot of adoptees do ).

*Tell her about them and if she wants to be involved with them she can be but on the other side (not sticking up for them) is in the beginning it seemed like a totally "safe" adoption to keep open B&T saw 2 young kids and probably have like a love for them like a black sheep of the family type love like how you would feel for a cousin on drugs- they they are family and you have this bond so you don't wanna cut tie and say your dead to me but they are getting pushed to that point. Again they are St.s for dealing thus far.

Her little groupies got super upset because I said that Carly wasn't her child and she shouldn't be posting pictures. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I can't believe what Catelynn wrote- "This is a crazy picture they look so much alike its nutts! Love my children soooo much you BOTH are my world!

It's as if she is raising both of them. It just sounds weird to say that they are both her world! Can't she just enjoy being the birth mom of Novalee?

"My children." I get that she "grew" both of them, but Carly is not her child in the same way that Novalee is. I'm sorry...that sounds backwards and harsh but it's the truth. It's possessive and creepy and inappropriate to post a picture like that and refer to both the child you placed for adoption and the child you're raising yourself as your children in one sweeping declaration. To me, that's a swipe at Teresa, whether intended or not. Teresa is Carly's mom, not Catelynn. Same with Brandon as Carly's dad rather than Tyler.

Also, they don't even look alike except that they're both new-ish human beings who are also Caucasian. Different eye shapes/spacing and different noses and mouths.

Yup to all of that! I think Catelynn said it as a swipe at Teresa too. It's like she had this new baby and thinks Carly is hers again too. Catelynn is saying "Look at me Teresa! I am ready to be a mother now see? Now Carly can come spend the summers here and we can be a big happy family" Catelynn is delusional! I hope B&T put C&T in their place soon.

Also with them posting the pic of young Tyler and Carly and Novalee and Carly comparison pic-I feel like they are saying "Look at how much Carly looks like us and her sister so don't forget where she came from B&T."

On one couch is a mature grown couple.
The other couch looks like 2 smug,bad attitude,know it none indignant children.
Nice freakin chain 1995.

Tyler looks like such a douche in that picture, he's like a 12 yo wearing his dad's clothes. The chain and shoes are really ugly too

Agreed. While none of the 8 Moms& partners have any style, these 2 are the worst dressed by far.
Consistent hot messes, mainly because of Tyler. He lowers their bar.

if his dad were MC Hammer.

One of the BEST names I have ever seen here!

Nah, if he were wearing his dad's clothes, they'd be covered in a fine dusting of white powder.

I have a cousin who's adopted, with a very similar story to Carly (her mom was a teen mother in a bad living situation, although she was not in a relationship with the baby's father. She even ended up having another baby girl (whom she kept) about two years after having my cousin). The adoptive parents, my aunt and uncle, tried to raise my cousin really well, but she has bipolar disorder (like her birth mom) and often acts impulsively/erratic. As soon as she turned 18, my cousin decided to reconnect with her birth family, and SURPRISE, her birth mother welcomed her back with open arms, invited her to move in, giving her all sorts of gifts, telling her how she was with her "real" mother and sister now, no rules, no boundaries, trying to be her best friend... My cousin has basically cut all ties with my aunt and uncle and only talks to them when she needs money. As far as we know, she's living in a shady apartment with her birth mother, biological sister and whatever guy her birth mother is dating that week. I hope Carly is smarter than that, but if I were Brandon and Teresa I would constantly have this fear in the back of my mind.

I totally think Catelynn and Tyler may try to lure Carly back to them when she turns eighteen. They've already said that they want her to stay with them during summer vacation when she gets older. So, yeah, I think they'll try to sink their claws into her once she becomes an adult and they're no longer under B&T's restrictions. It's a very real, very scary possibility.

Summer vacations?!
Now this is getting ridiculous.
Butch better check his stash.

Yes, they said in either Season One or Season Two that "Maybe Carly will want to come and spend part of her summer with us when she gets older...". Along with when Tyler told one of their friends "Oh yeah, we can see Carly anytime we want to", that's when I knew they were getting carried away. I really think that when Dawn the 'doption counselor laid out to them what open adoption was, that they heard what they wanted to hear. They also probably looked around online and only saw the sunshine and rainbow stories of the adoptive parents inviting the birth parents to babysit, go on vacation with them, come over for the holidays, etc. These scenarios are EXTREMELY rare. They were and still are in denial over the fact that adoption means they are no longer the parents - the adoptive parents are and as the birth parents they should be thankful that the adoptive parents are open to share what they are comfortable doing so with them.

I am sure that numerous people around them have told C&T that Carly is NOT coming to spend weekends and vacation with them when she is older - but I don't think they are capable of realizing that, grieving and moving forward. It's a shame because a good therapist could give them the tools to work through the fact that they are, at best, a distant aunt and uncle to Carly. Then I think C&T could really move forward with their lives and start ACTUALLY LIVING, not simply living for the next time they get to see Carly.

Sometimes, I wonder if they really believe that this adoption is just them allowing B&T to rent Carly until later on? Seriously.

What a sad story, better close it Teresa!

If I were B&T I would have done a closed adoption from the start.

Don't get me wrong open adoptions are a beautiful and wonderful thing and can also be healthy for the child when he or she gets older. Because that child won't have to wonder were the biological parents are. They won't have to feel like their parents hide their biological parents from them and so on.

However when open adoption is abused by the birth mom/ dad I actually feel its more harming to the child.

Let's face it C&T aren't your average birth parents. They were/are in the public eye. I fully understand B&T not wanting Carly to be in the media.

But I feel if I were B&T I would have done the one episode for MTV/ C&T because someday it will mean a lot to Carly to watch that & it will also hopefully make Carly more greatful for B&T as well as C&T ( thank you for giving me a better life)

I feel like after B&T did the show C&T assumed they were going to be able to have a speical open adoption like they did the show so they won't mind if we share photo's.

But if B&T wanted her out of the Media they should have agreed to that one episode and then closed it.

Its important in a since that the open be open but it's completly unhealthy that C&T more or less trash talk B&T...think about Carly.

I say all of this but then I will say I love adoption. I have kidsof my own but I someday also would love to adopt because I just see so much need for it.

*** Didn't B&T change Carly's name?? Or was that just hear say?

I don't think B&T ever changed Carly's name. They picked it themselves and C&T let them since B&T were going to be Carly's parents. That was before Catelynn and Tyler got really inflated egos and started acting like backseat parents.

Maybe it's confusion over the fact that Carly is their nickname, and Carolyn is her proper name?

Oh okay, I thought I read somewhere ( years ago) Carly was the name C&T gave her and B&T changed it.

I'm Glad to know that is false.

My two cents as a birthmom of ten years with a great open adoption, it is hard because on one hand you want to share your child with the world. They are apart of you and it is a complicated thing that you don't just move on from. I find that I often compare my birthson to my daughter that I do parent. See who hit which milestone first. See how they look alike but different. With that said my open adoption relationship is possibly the most important relationship in my life other than my children and my husband. Just as if my husband asked me specifically not to do something my son's parents are treated the same. There is give and take but in all honesty I don't post pictures of my son for everyone to see. His parents aren't on social media and choose not to have him on social media and out of respect I do the same. I would be lying if I said I didn't post pictures privately to a few support groups I am in but I am also not a pseudo celebrity and no one would repost my pictures because I am not all that important. I get wanting to share your child out of pride but that is something that you gave up when you placed your child.

Can I ask you a question, since you are in a very similar situation? What do you think of Catelynn and Tyler posting pictures of Nova and saying things like "We love BOTH our daughters" or hashtagging "ourgirls?"
I understand that biologically they are siblings, but that's it. I fear that it may have a negative impact on Nova growing up, constantly being compared to the child they gave up.

My daughter is too young to understand her biology although my son is just starting to grasp his story. I treat him more as my nephew. The relationship between my children is more that of cousins. As they get older and want to define their relationship that will be to them. With that said my son doesn't need me to be his mother. He has a mother and a father. My daughter does need me to be her mother. I don't want to miss out on my relationship with my daughter because I am only focused on the child that I placed. I don't know I really do think they need to grow up a little in realize that while open adoption is beautiful and amazing and I will always be my son's mother he doesn't need me to be his mom. All that will happen if I try and take that role is damage to my daughter and damage to my relationship with my son and his parents. I think a lot of their issues come from they have never truly accepted Brandon and Theresa as Carly's parents.

Thanks for sharing your story, MBS.

You have to keep in mind that adoption is my life. I work for an adoption agency. I live it everyday because it matters to me. Part of my job is teaching healthy boundaries. It is really hard for a lot of birth parents to accept that their role as parent isn't the same as the adoptive parents. Adoption isn't coparenting. While every relationship is different and every relationship will need different boundaries it is so important to realize that once those papers are signed you give up the right to make day to day decisions for that child. You give up those rights to people who are ready and prepared to make them. You give up your rights so that your child can have a better life and it is important to realize that while it hurts that is the life you wanted for your child. I think with Cate and Ty it is hard because they are pseudo celebrities. I know I have had some not so pretty moments but because I am not on tv my son's parents will never know about them and that is a good thing. I think they need a healthy outlet for their grief and I think that part of the problem in their relationship is that there is no privacy in any part of this adoption and that is just shit.

Thank you, MBS. It sounds like you have a much healthier adoption, and it is nice to hear good stories instead of the dribble Teen Mom shows us. (Ashley Skankazar, anyone?)

I also think they should have kept more parts of their adoption private. I agree with an above commenter that it should have ended with Cate's 16 and Pregnant. It was heartbreaking, and real, and everything it needed to be. If Catelynn and Tyler wanted to continue to Teen Mom, they should have done so without including Brandon and Theresa.

I don't think anyone foresaw the show being as big of a deal as it is. I think when they initially agreed to be part of it they thought it would be a one season gig. Now five years later while they want to uphold the promises they made to Cate and Tyler it is becoming more and more difficult to deal with the show and it's ramifications. They do seem like good people and I do think they have very intention of honoring the promises they made to Cate and Tyler it just has to be difficult having the whole world know their very personal business. They also have adopted a second time and they have promises to that birthmother to keep as well. Not to mention the time and effort it takes to raise two kids. It really doesn't seem like they are asking a whole lot. They don't want their child on social media. That is a fairly normal request of adoptive parents and even more so when they have thousands of followers.

If I were b&t I'd close the adoption ASAP, move states and legally change my name. Then when Carly is 18 let HER make the decision of if she wants a relationship with c&t. My guess would be she wouldn't. Let her watch her 16&p episode and teen mom... Let her see how disrespectful c&t have been to her mom and dad and how trash-tastic her bio family are. She won't want any thing to do with them!

C&T's issues with boundaries are ridiculous.
They seem to have confused Open Adoption with a situation like Babs and Jenelle have with Jace. You do all the work, pay for everything, take care of the kid's daily needs, but I get to claim them as my child for attention on social media and pop in for a visit any time I want.
It doesn't work like that you idiots, you say you gave up Carly to have a better life, well let her have that by not driving her parents to insanity.

Catelyn's episode of 16 and pregnant was great. Really real, maybe the best episode there has been so far. But it should have stopped there. I feel like catelynn and tyler were never able to move past the adoption because of teen mom. They were forced to relive it everyday. A traumatic event like that, reliving it every single day, you'll never get over it.

Even if the cameras weren't there you relive it everyday. IT isn't something you just forget. All you can do is learn healthy limits and healthy ways to think of it.

because C&T can't comprehend that they are not Carly's parents. they think they are her mom and dad, and they just let B&T take care of her because they couldn't afford to. I don't understand how they can give lectures and shit about adoption when they clearly have no clue what adoption actually is.

Yet she just posted a comparison picture of Carly and Novalee on Instagram...

Yeah, that's the one that everyone got wicked mad at me because I said that Carly isn't her daughter and that Brandon and Teresa didn't want them posting pictures. Oh god, I got over 100 notifications of people trying to tell me I was wrong and I didn't know what I was talking about. Good times...good times.

To be fair, Catelynn didn't make it. It was another site who took a picture of Carly from the Internet and compared the two together.

Which, it was bound to happen eventually. There are pictures of baby Carly already on the internet that can be easily found. So, I am not sure how B&T could prevent that. Maybe a big media outlet but not a fanpage.

Catelynn did post it though with a gushing message about how "her" children are "BOTH her world." Emphasis on both.

Even Brandon and Teresa eventually run out of patience, even if it takes them twenty times longer than the rest of us. Being Catelynn would have been the final straw for me.

I will chime in on this subject. My mother in law does adoption. Most of the times, she does closed. However, she recently did an open one because one of the kids were her son's who was in jail.

The kids see their birth mom on their birthdays and Christmas. Well, the birth mom still calls them by their birth name. Not only that, she tells them "I'm your real mom, come to me!" Eventually my mother in law and told her enough is enough.

The bilogical mom tried going to a judge to get more visits among other things. The judge basically said, "they are adopted,they ate not your kids anymore!"

I wish C&T would realize that. They may be the birth parents, but they no longer have a say. B&T are the parents, and there is nothing you can do about it.

I'm just surprised B&T haven't done this sooner... It always seemed to me that Tyler wanted someone to raise Carly and then when it came to important events ("upcoming" wedding for example) wanted to play house. Open adoption does not mean on certain days/holidays you can play with the child's feelings and life because it suits you.

Love your username!! Everyone on this show needs to call Dustin! haha

I'm so happy everyone agrees that C & T need to step back.
So many of their stupid fans have said that B & T are being selfish. They have a right to be! Carly is THEIR daughter. They've raised her. They have every legal right to tell C & T to back off.
Yes, biologically C & T are also her parents but thats it. She doesn't call them mom or dad, they don't provide for her. They provide for Nova.
They (and when I say they, I mean Tyler) need to realize that B & T know whats best for Carly hence why they've been raising her and why they are her parents. Carly is almost six years old and that's way too young to be suddenly exposed to all of the shit that comes with having cameras shoved in your face.

Yeah I don't get those people that think that b&t are selfish either. What are people thinking? c&t should be just as thankful to b&t as they should be to them for providing their child that they love so much with a safe stable and happy environment. They seem to think that b&t owe them but they don't realize that they owe b&t. What kind of home would Carly have if they kept her? She'd be subjected to arguing and drugs and illegal activity. How often have they had Butch living with them and then April coming in and screaming at them. That's not a healthy environment for Carly. B&T saved Carly from all that and C&T should be grateful instead of think that B&T owe them for giving them a kid. They don't owe them anything. C&T got pregnant too young and couldn't take care of a child. It was their choice to give Carly up and it was a good choice. You can't expect that every adoptive parent is going to owe some huge debt to birth parents for adopting their children.

I have mixed feelings honestly. On one hand they want privacy and are just trying to protect Carly but on the other hand they are doing magazine covers and what not. It just seems odd to be so back and forth.

It's not really back and forth, though. I think they only did a couple magazines when Carly was just a baby. They appeared on some kind of small-time adoption magazine and then on "People", which I remember seeing years ago when Carly was a newborn. It's not like they're plastering her face all over every magazine they can find. They only did a couple gigs to get their story out there and that was that. No more. They are not looking for any kind of fame, nor are they using their daughter to achieve that kind of fame. C&T are the ones who want their fans to know about Carly's every move. It's getting ridiculous.

Really, take out attention whoring or not, Carly is their daughter and they can do whatever they want, regardless of how C&T feel about it.

Yeah I have wondered why they put themselves on magazines too when they clearly want the privacy for themselves and Carly. They haven't done one in a while though. I'm pretty curious to see how beautiful Carly has gotten but I understand why they do what they do.

ANyone else hate the thumbs down votes Hahaha!

Y'all want to hear something really messed up. Someone found Brandon's business website because it's got pictures and a small summary of all of their employees, it has the location of the business and a phone number to call. I think he works in insurance or something. They've been encouraging people that live in the area to visit the office and people who don't to call so they can tell Brandon that he's being unreasonable to C&T. This just blew my mind! What is the matter with people?! This is probably the reason that B&T want the privacy to begin with! I hope no one actually listens to them and does it.

Holy shit that's insane. Some of these "fans" are so unreasonable and sick. They're friggen reality TV "stars" for christs sake. We don't know their ACTUAL lives. We don't know what they actually do and say on a day-to-day basis.

Plus, Brandon and Teresa are pretty much reality TV show cameos at this point. That's like thinking you know Bruce Willis because you only saw him on a couple episodes of Friends.

WTF?! That's seriously fucked up. So the guy adopts a kid and then 6 years later gets crazy, psycho fans wanting to call and come into the office to tell him he's being unreasonable! That's sick! Hopefully no one tries this. If they do, I hope Brandon is in a building that has some sort of security. Although I don't know how likely that is if it's a smaller business. Imagine adopting a kid and then having to look over your shoulder your whole life for these people.

I remember seeing a Tweet from a fan once that referred to B & T as losers. Catelynn favourited it.

Wow that is insane. I am not a "lawsuit" person but I hope he sues MTV for every dime he can get to move and start a new business. That is insane. I also hope B&T have a way to protect themselves from any crazed fans that decide to show up at their house. Those poor people :(

Maybe i'm insane since I typed "that's insane" twice...

Nah, it's just THAT insane.

From a legal standpoint Brandon would have a tough time doing that as he and his wife signed off to be on the show and receive the initial publicity (the People magazine article when Carly was a year old, etc.) that came along with it. I totally understand that no one intended for the show to take off like it did; at that time I believe they said they agreed to some of the publicity as a way to show teens that there was another option to teen parenting and abortion. The magazine article included their last name and that he was a financial advisor, so while this behavior on the part of so-called "fans" is beyond inappropriate, he can't turn around and sue MTV because there really is no grounds for that. The best Brandon could do would be if the harassment became enough of an annoyance would be to file a police report, track phone numbers and potentially bring up charges through the prosecutor, along with restraining orders. I would think Brandon's office has a sharp support staff that screen his calls effectively. For the "local" psychos that might come to visit, his office is private property and he can have them escorted out if they have no relevant business being there.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me given the IQ and logic of C&T's "leg humpers", but the irony of it all is that these "fans" who supposedly care so much about C&T AND Carly are willing to potentially jeopardize this man's way of earning a living and supporting his family. I'm sure Brandon has spent years and years building up his clientele and business. If they are all so "gun-ho" (as Catelynn once said) on C&T having a relationship with Carly, they are driving B&T to close off this adoption last year. If C&T had any brains and got wind of the harassment campaign, they'd be doing everything in their power to stop it before it started. But I can't give them that much credit, sadly.

Just because they signed on for a season or two and did a magazine cover doesn't mean MTV has the right to continually use their image (B,T& Carly). As Carly's parents they would have to give consent for her image to be used, which would be renewed each year. If her image is used (on teenmom) without their permission they have grounds for legal action.

I just googled Brandon and Teresa and the first search option was "Brandon and Teresa North Carolina" and his business website was the first hit :(

Yup its such easy access. I'm surprised they haven't had this problem before now. Not to mention who would go to the trouble of trying to figure that crap out?! That just seems nuts to me! I would never think to go try to look up where someone works. Like how di you even come up with the idea?!

That's terrible!! I feel so bad for them, they had no way to know that it would end up like this. Freaking C&T are so stupid for not understanding boundaries and causing this! They're toing to make B&T close the adoption

I feel like if C&T came out and told the fans, "We've agreed with B&T that posting photos of Carly may threaten her well-being. Please stop harassing them" or whatever, then the "fans" may listen. Not because it's the right thing to do, but because the almighty Catelynn and Tyler decreed it. But they won't discourage any of this behavior because they like their "fans" being on their side and telling them they're awesome parents and whatnot. And when the adoption does inevitably close, C&T will probably allow those people to continue bashing and harassing B&T without accepting responsibility for their actions. Poor Brandon, poor Teresa and poor Carly. They don't deserve any of this, and C&T are really shitty people for not realizing how much harm they may be causing their daughter by acting like this. That's what's really stupid about this whole thing. People say they're awesome parents for giving Carly up, but they clearly aren't since her privacy and safety is not one of their priorities.

That is fucking FRIGHTENING. I mean, do these "fans" seriously believe Brandon will listen to any one of them (if they come into his business, and they may not---people love to be crazy online, but then chicken out when they're asked to bring their insanity into the real world). Nobody can justify that kind of behavior or attitude. I do wonder how C&T will react if they hear about it (if they haven't already). I bet you anything Tyler will act like Brandon deserves it for being "selfish". This adoption is NOT normal by any means necessary. Nobody should look at this and act like, yeah, every adoption situation is just like that. MTV should kick Catelynn and Tyler off the show for this and this alone. It's obvious that these people are being encouraged to act like this. It's been unhealthy for a really long time, but this takes the cake

Horrifyingly, it's the scary dangerous crazy ones that have no issues with bringing their insanity into the real world, though!

Been lurking and readin without commenting for a while, but this pisses me off so much I had to comment. Where the hell did this person do this? That is seriously sick and messed up. These fanatic teen mom/reality show fans seem to have some serious issues. But disagree with them and you are th crazy one.

PS love everyone's comments on here always. Thanks for all the laughs constantly!!

That's crazy. I would wanna pack up and move asap. Ppl are crazy. How easy would it be to find Carlys daycare/school/church and swipe her up. It only takes a second.

Cate posted a picture of Carly on Instagram today. It was Carly and Novelee comparison of how much they look alike and how much she loves both her children and how they are her world. Well they do look alike, but she shouldn't be posting the pictures online! It blows my mind. C'mon! Listen to B&T!

Has anyone seen the blind item about the Teen Mom star (Jenelle) that is doing drugs and hooking up with an MTV crew member?

I'd believe it's Leah over Jenelle. Jenelle would have let the cat out of the bag on twitter by now. Leah just makes sure the cat gets smothered in the hamper so it's deader than fuckin' Fort Knox, again.

totally off topic, but debra has also had enough of maci's ant-christ attitude!

Did you see all the Michael comments on it?

Is that the real Michael, does he have nothing better to do with himself than stick up for his ex wife and daughter and call people "preverts". I agree with Debra though, Maci does have a self righteous, judgemental attitude

I honestly dislike both girls. Farrah is an unbearably bratty whore and Maci is a party girl that pretends to be a goody-two-shoes. And both if them have a tendency to blame all their problems on other people while acting like they're perfect.

Yesss. I love it when Michael graces Starcasm with his presence. It's always flat out gold straight from the Moron's Ass.

As for Debra, it must be exhausting walking around so offended all the damn time.

I'm not going to harrass Michael online (probably) but Jesus christ.

"Ugh you and no one can say that. Any morals including being conceived without marrage can cause negatives in ones lives. Sophia had a wonderful home life and is loved ... And separated from Farrahs past Adult work. Your assuming and you should not with out facts.. Which you have none"

All I want to say to that is: "If being conceived without marriage is what does such negative damage to a child, what is your daughter's excuse for her selfishness and stupidity? Seriously. Her parents were married when she was conceived. Are you saying you're just a bad parent or she's just a bad egg to begin with? Because she's the definition of negative in everyone's life."

I don't understand how they can be so holier than thou this long into their existence and not realize it by now? In the same post he's telling people they have no right to judge and his ex-wife is telling a girl that her bad attitude is affecting others, Michael is basically saying that everyone born out of wedlock is fucked. Except Sophia because she has the perfect Farrah in her life, apparently. Hippocrates.

First of all, gross, second of all, Debra and Mikehooollle should let Farrah fight her own battles. They're all a bunch of loons.

I'm just going to go along and agree with everyone else on this matter. B&T should have closed the adoption a long time ago. It's amazing how much they've put up with over the years. But as long as the adoption remains open, it's just going to be painful for them to remain battling over all the small things with C&T that is just common sense for most of the world. As long as that adoption remains open, it'll be hard to shelter Carly from all of the drama that 16&Pregnant and Teen Mom has caused and will keep causing. That girl deserves so much more than that.

On another note, it's sad to think that C&T would probably have nothing against it if B&T decided to post a photo of Nova on any social media.

C&T are selfish fucking assholes. They know they are psuedo celebrities with thousands upon thousands of "fans" and followers. Do they realize that posting picture of Carly means people will recognize this child and more than likely approach this poor child and her parents in person? They are putting her at an ACTUAL LITERAL risk and they don't even give a shit.

One day Carly is going to watch 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom and get one look at Butch and April (and C&T for that matter) and say THANK FUCKING GOD FOR MY FAMILY. And for C&T to want Carly to stay with them during the summer when they let Butch the insane drug addict live with them?! Holy delusions batman!

You know the sad thing is they think that's normal. That's what they grew up with so in their eyes its not a big deal. Look at how Cates been getting custody of her siblings and raising them for her shitty mother. That's how things work in their family. The best thing they did was get Carly out of that situation and they don't realiW that. They think that they jusy gave her to a family that could provide better. They were only thinking about the financials not about the stability of the environment.

I didn't read all 100 something comments so I don't know if someone already said this,
I know that B&T had no idea that 16 and preggers would be huge I feel like since they knew that they would be on tv at least once they should not have agreed to adopt Carly. I know that if some people where in their situation they wouldn't want to be on even one episode. I know that B&T have no control over random people posting pictures but I feel like they shouldn't be mad at C&T for that. I think they do have a right to be mad at the things C&T have done.

I don't think B&T should be blamed for any of this. They did one episode of "16 and Pregnant" and maybe figured it would be nice to show their daughter someday when she was old enough, to let her know that her birth parents did love her and want the best life for her. To let her know that C&T did not just give her up and then resume their lives like she never happened. That it was a very difficult decision to make. I also think they thought the same thing about "Teen Mom". Carly is in an unusual position as an adoptee where she'll get to see and know exactly how her birth parents were/are because they chose to be on TV. It could be very useful to show her when she's older and wants to learn more about the situation beyond "My birth parents gave me up".

However, I think B&T's main issue is how C&T are acting on the show, not necessarily the show itself. C&T are using their pseudo-fame to launch some sort of attack on B&T, and we already know they're using the show as a battlefield of some sort to do that. Teresa did say on the sneak peek that if it weren't for "Teen Mom", she and Brandon would be much more open with Catelynn and Tyler. I think they're not against the show itself but the fact that being on it for so long has changed Catelynn and Tyler from a pair of genuinely sweet kids who wanted the best life for their daughter to a pair of fame-hungry attention-whores who are self-entitled about the role they are allowed to play in said daughter's life. I don't think C&T ever understood the ramifications of the adoption, but they weren't this arrogant six years ago when they first gave Carly up. So, yes, I do agree with you. I don't B&T are mad at C&T for being on the show per se. I think they're mad that C&T are using the show as a platform to insult and criticize them for setting up some well-needed rules.

Dumb question, but which sneak peek showed that? I've seen a couple people refer to B&T being in some of the previews and I haven't seen them, even though I thought I watched all the videos. I think I missed something...

It was shown during the "Getting to Know Catelynn" special that aired about a month ago or so. They showed a meeting/confrontation between C&T and B&T. Tyler point-blank asked them, "If we weren't doing the show, would you be more open?" and Teresa basically said yes.

I agree with everyone that B&T should close the adoption. C&T have continuously crossed the line and abused their privileges in their open adoption. I wonder if B&T have already decided to close the adoption so C&T are posting as many pictures as they can before they legally can't anymore. Either that or Cate n Ty are going crazy now that they had Novalee. Catelynn posting a side by side of Carly and Novalee and saying that she loves her children and they are both her world is just too much.

I wonder if the adoption has already been closed. C&T were relatively quiet on Instagram and now all of a sudden it's "LOOK AT CARLY DOESN'T SHE LOOK JUST LIKE TYLER AND NOVALEE??!?!?!?!" Like, where did that come from? They stopped posting Carly's photos after B&T asked them to about a year ago or so, but now it's Carly this and Carly that. So, yeah, either Novalee's birth has made them really hyperactive or the adoption is going to be closed soon, they know this, and they just don't give a shit anymore about the rules.

I just feel like their "fans" are enabling this behavior. It's as if they think they can get away with it because they feel they are right

The fans enable C&T who enable the fans. The fans feed C&T's superiority complex about how they're Carly's true parents and how B&T should be groveling at their feet for letting them raise her. The fans convince C&T that because B&T aren't doing this, then they're selfish assholes. In return, C&T feed the fans' frenzy by continually posting photos of Carly even after explicitly being asked not to. They favorite peoples' tweets about how much B&T suck and call anybody who disagrees with them a "hater". C&T may have some power to ask the fans to stop their harassment, but ultimately, they buy into each others' madness and delusions.

Damn. If I were still in college, this could have been a really good essay on power struggles and whatnot. Maybe if I go back to school.

I can't even look at facebook fan pages anymore. The comments make me sick. "B&T are horrible for keeping that sweet baby from C&T" and "They're lucky they have a kid. They better have more respect for C&T"

No. Just, no. They should be thankful, grateful, perhaps even humble... But at the end of the day, Carly is their child. If they want to put her in modeling or take her to good morning America they can. Or, they can keep her out of the limelight of they want. They can literally do whatever they want and C&T can't do or say SHIT about it. I can't imagine how hard adoption is... But when you make that choice that. Is. It. You aren't god-parents, step-parents, co-parents NOTHING. You combined DNA and created this life to give to someone else.

Boundaries. That's what C&T need to learn. Healthy boundaries.

If B&T dont want Carly's pictures to be posted then why did they go and put her on a cover of a magazine for millions of people to see? They should have just went with a closed adoption with someone else if they wanted to be picky about every little thing. C&T just want to share the amazing gift they brought into this world. Just like any of us who post pictures of our children. They prob feel like its the only thing they DO have of her.

Bottom line is that B&T are Carly's parents. They make the rules. Its their choice if they want to put Carley on a magazine cover. C&T are lucky they get pictures and that B&T still speak to them after the shit they have said on teen mom. C&T don't need to share pics with their obsessive, weirdo "fans" and have every pic of her all over the Internet. They need to focus on nova. Any maybe getting an education and bettering themselves like they said they would before they had another bab...oh wait. Nvm.

Brandon and Teresa can have Carly's pictures all over the place if that's what they want. You know why? Because they are Carly's parents and they make the rules. C&T need to respect that. If they can't, then that's their fault, not B&T's.

That's like me allowing my kids to be on a magazine and then having some random relative/friend we don't see often (like once a year) sharing the pictures they see of my kids (the whole twice a year they're sent) all over social media for God knows who to see and them arguing it's ok because I did one small time magazine.
Carly is not in any way their child. C&T signed over all rights to her, including the right to display her picture to the world. I totally get B&T's stance. If I emailed/mailed pictures to someone and they instantly put them on their social media delaying how cute their baby is I'd be pissed, creeped out And incredibly hesitant to send them more pics.

Declaring **

Funny thing, you're allowed to "be picky" about everything regarding your kid. She is B&T's kid; they make the rules.

Seriously. Since when is being "picky" a bad thing when it comes to your children's wellbeing? I don't understand how anybody can justify this level of harassment. "Well, B&T should expect it since they did the show years ago." Fuck that shit. Nobody should have to put with this, regardless if they were on TV or how many magazine covers they did. That is messed up to think that B&T are somehow at fault for what's going on.

It doesn't fucking matter why B&T put her on a magazine! God, that's what all you little C&T fans cry when confronted with the truth. B&T are her parents and as her parents, they get to make the decisions. NOT C&T. If they don't want those two idiots posting pictures of their child on social media, then C&T better damn well not post pictures! They don't get to just do what they want because Catelynn pushed her out of her vagina. Do you even know what the definition of adoption is? B&T wanted a closed adoption from the start, but switched it because they wouldn't have gotten Carly otherwise. And being picky? It's called having rules darling and most good parents have them. Boundaries and rules are in place for a reason and B&T are the ONLY ones who get decide what happens with Carly because they are the only set of parents she has. See, you actually have to parent the child to be called her parents. Take a seat.

*drops mic and walks off stage*

I'm going to ask a slightly unrelated question because I'm really interested in everyone's input. I apologize if I'm obnoxious for doing so...

Do you know anyone who was adopted and didn't know until later in life? You see that in fiction/on television all the time, but I want to know if that genuinely happens. As genetic testing becomes more and more inexpensive and common, it seems almost impossible for parents to keep that secret from their child.

My cousins found out they were adopted at 6 or 7, as soon as they were old enough to understand it but young enough to not feel shocked by it.

Just to add... my cousins are different races than my aunt and uncle, so they wanted to make sure the children understood before anyone made comments about it to them. I don't know what the ideal time or way is or anything, that's just the closest instance of adoption to me.

I had a friend who was adopted at birth in a closed adoption. His birth mother was white and his parents are also white. They were under the impression that they were adopting a white baby, but he came out brown and curly headed as can be. His parents didn't care and just wanted the baby they had been waiting on. They said that in a way it was better because his mother was adopted at birth and didn't know until her early teens. Despite the difficulties of an intra-racial adoption, it would be clear that they loved him before they even knew him and he would never feel deceived or lied to about where he came from. I know he loves his parents, but it's obvious that the closed adoption has kinda fucked with his sense of self. So yeah, idk how to wrap this up

This has nothing to do with anything, but I'm just curious. Did his birth mother insist on a closed adoption, or was it a mutual agreement? Also, long ago was this? I feel like in today's age, in the Western world---particularly the United States---closed adoptions are pretty rare because I think most birth parents expect some sort of contact.

Well he's 20 now, so this happened almost 21 years ago. As to everything else,I really have no clue. We're no longer friends because he's kind of an emotionally abusive asshole, so I cut him off when he did some pretty fucked up shit to my boyfriend and a younger friend who I consider to be like a little sister. But when we were still friends he opened up and told me pretty much everything he knew about his birth family, which is really nothing at all. He has no clue what their names or ethnicities are or anything like that. He and his parents didn't really seem to discuss it much. I think that's what has kinda screwed with him. From what I gather, his birth mother either didn't know he would be born black or was trying to hide it so his parents wouldn't back out of the adoption *cough* Teresa *cough* So it sounds like it was supposed to be a closed deal, otherwise that might've come up before he was actually born. But that's all he ever really told me. I'm told by an ex of his that he's extremely guarded about the subject, so idk why he felt comfortable opening up to me about any of it

I've known a few adoptees growing up. A couple already knew they were adopted since they were very young and weren't all that phased by it (the one was a classmate who was a different race from her adoptive parents, and the other was my brother's best friend who was actually adopted by his aunt and uncle after his mother died and his dad ditched him). My best friend growing up didn't find out she was adopted until we were preteens. When she told me, I didn't believe her because she tended to lie about every little thing. I was surprised when it turned out to be true. They all had pretty normal childhoods except for my friend, but that's less because she was adopted and more because her mom had a lot of mental issues.

I went to school with someone who found at at 14/15 that who she thought was her dad wasn't actually her dad. I also know a man who found out at 30 that his "mom" is actually his grandmother and his "sister" is his mom... Both seemed to feel more betrayed and confused but not entirely damaged.

My dad was adopted and to this day his "parents" have not told him. we found out through a family friend after my great-grandpa passed away. His "mom" gave him away to my moms mom one day at the grocery store. She said "You can have him, I don't want him anymore". Very sad, luckily my dad was pretty much raised by his grandparents and they gave him the love and stability he needed.

I know people who were adopted and didn't find out until later. They felt more hurt that their parents didn't want them (no matter what people said, they always felt unwanted by them). Two did get angry that it was kept from them, but eventually everything worked out. I also know that even when you put it closed and for the people not to be able to know who you are, that doesn't work either. My dad's cousin had a child back in the 60s when she was a teen. She asked for all records to be closed. About 5 years ago, the child (now adult) showed up on her doorstep. While she welcomed him with open arms, it was difficult for her to reopen that door. It used to be very common to find out back in the day too that you were adopted as in science class in school, they used to do blood typing as part of a lesson in dna, etc. A lot of kids were finding out they were adopted so they actually ended that procedure in schools. Strange random fact for ya! :)

Thats how Switched at Birth started! One chick was in Science, and was showing her parents her blood type. Her dad said something to the effect of... That can't be right, your mother and I are A positive and then they found out the kid was Switched at birth by accident! I used to love that show.

C&T are such brats about this, they are lucky B&T have been as understanding as they have been.
I think C&T (mainly Tyler) are confusing open adoption with a situation like Jenelle's, Babs took custody, she raises him, is with him daily, feeds and clothes him, takes him to school, but then Janelle gets to still call herself his Mom and pop over there for visits so she can take photos to put on social media.
There is absolutely no reason they should be putting Carly's picture up..SHE'S NOT YOUR CHILD! She is B&T's! They don't get it, they seem to feel they still have rights to her and they have way overstepped their bounds. And the new baby is just gonna add fuel to their pity party that Nova can't see her sister waaahh..what don't you idiots understand?

I'm joining the party a bit late so excuse me if anything I'm about to say has already been said.
I think it would be way easier for B&T to be more open with C&T if they weren't on the show. With the show comes publicity but it also takes away the sugar coating C&T do with B&T. Think about this, if B&T only see C&T one time a year that gives C&T the opportunity to "fake it" for B&T. They can pretend they are great well adjusted people for a day see Carly and then go home, wrap up in their giant Carly blanket and unleash the crazy. B&T would continue to think they are good people and be proud of them for their achievements. With the show B&T get a chance to see all the good, bad and ugly that comes along with C&T; that kills the entire charade that I honestly believe all of the "adults" involved would like to have going.
My father that I grew up with is my biological father but my mother is my step-mother. (My mother passed away when I was an infant and my step-mom came into my life around my first birthday.) I always knew that my step-mom wasn't my biological mother and that wasn't a big deal; my biological parent's wedding picture still hangs in my Dad/Step-moms house in honor of her. Anyways back to topic...I remember anytime someone would point out that my Step-Mom was in fact Step I would get upset and annoyed. That is something that people throw into conversation without tact, I've witnessed it my entire life. I could see how a child who is part of a "high profile adoption" would feel pressured to talk about it on a regular basis. C&T did not just invite the public into their lives they invited it into Carly's too. I think it would be a good plan to let us forget about this poor little girl a little bit. Maybe if she would stop being brought up on social media that would give her the chance to fade away and hopefully forget about this a little bit.

Reading comments on another site...these "fans" are completely delusional!! Saying that C&T should fight to regain custody of Carly.

This one just floored me:
Jennifer ramirez

March 20, 2015 at 8:25 am

I think they would win custody of their child…. Seeing that this couple went through an ordeal….. and over came so much !!!! Mentally she could say she felt like she couldn’t keep her because of her parents…. And now that she went to college has her own place she feels the lost of her daughter….. She could also state that she did ask for an open adoption and she feels they have not respected that on the grounds that she should be able to post pictures and things of the daughter she never truly wanted to give up if she was living with stable parents herself…. I truly feel she needs to hire a lawyer from NY and take them to court….. End of story…. Her birth daughter….. Her rights…. She human and has feelings!!!! She was 16 at the age and didn’t know any better!!!! teresa is a spiteful manipulative person… End of story!!!

Here are some others just for a good laugh:

Oh god, now I might have to go fight with them. It's Friday, my period is a week late for no good reason (sorry if tmi), and I need an outlet. I fought with her Instagram followers yesterday and got called a slut, a retard (sorry for the word, just reiterating), hardheaded, a moron, a bitch, etc...all just because I posted that she shouldn't be posting pictures of Carly...I loved it! Oh and they all apparently convinced themselves that I was in highschool and lonely...I'm 25 with a good job and a boyfriend (and a cat! You're never lonely with a cat around!)...clearly they were sooooooooooooo right :)

I really want to fight them, but I don't know if I have the energy. Or the time. Or the sanity to actually sit here and try to make these morons develop common sense and decency.

You're right, it would be exhausting. Instead I just posted "Idiot" under everyone who was being one and posted one little comment about how C&T aren't her parents and don't get to make decisions regarding Carly.

Ok so some of their comments just became to much and I also had to throw in my 2 cents. I know it will be like arguing with a brick wall but I couldn't resist.

It took everything I had not to just unload on all the stupidity that is there! I mean these people really think C&T have a snowball's chance in hell to gain custody of this child?!? One look at the show and their social media accounts would say not no but HELL NO!! I mean I know the system isn't the best in the world, but I just can not fathom any judge saying "sure you're family is completely nuts but hey you gave birth to her so here you go!" If this happens I loose all faith in Michigan's competency. (I think that's where they still live)

I really don't know if C&T would be heartless enough to actually sue for custody of Carly. They seem like super control freaks, and I could see them wanting her back so she can have a relationship with Nova. If they do try and take B&T to court, I don't think they could ever redeem themselves. I have heard of birth parents suing their child's adoptive parents when the kid's, like, ten, but I think those cases are pretty rare. And I think it'd also be pretty rare for a judge to side with the birth parents and let them have the child they haven't been raising at all. I mean, Ashley Salazar already tried---and failed---to take her aunt and uncle to court after she gave them Callie the second time around. Hopefully C&T have better sense than that, but I doubt it.

Slightly off topic but has anyone ever heard of the baby Veronica case? If you have I would love to know your thoughts on it.

I heard about the Baby Veronica case, and I honestly thought it was bullshit that they wanted to place that little girl with her bio-father solely because he had some Native American blood. The guy was an asshole, too. After he got the girl's birth mother pregnant, he basically told her he wasn't going to help her raise the kid and even wanted to sign away his parental rights once Veronica was born. But then when he found out she was giving the baby up for adoption, he all of a sudden changed his mind and wanted to be a dad. Well, dude, what did you think she was going to do once she learned she was going to be a single mom? I'm glad he let the adoptive parents take care of her in the end. NA blood or not, I feel like that's where she belonged. It also sounded like the birth father wasn't all that mentally ready to be a parent.

I heard of one couple who adopted a child who was, like, 1/8th Cherokee or something. After they were told to give the kid back, they ended up literally leaving their house in the middle of the night and were basically living life on the run solely so they wouldn't give up their baby. And it wasn't like either of the birth parents had changed their minds. They were running from the government. It's really scary that kids, including teenagers and young adults, are being ripped away from their families and forced to live in reservations to preserve what little Native American blood we have left in this country. I'm all for preservation, but not when it comes to destroying entire families. Just my two cents.

CCB, you are one of the few people I have talked to about that case that thinks exactly what I do.
The bio dad tried to pull a Jenelle, give full custody to the bio mom so he won't have to pay child support or raise the kid. He just wanted to stop by and see the kid whenever it was convenient for him. Then she gets adopted and he pulls out the "I'm 2% NA give me the kid."
I'm all for NA family staying together, but that guy tried to use the law to take a kid he didn't want to raise in the first place.

Holy shit. I don't know whether to laugh or cry over this stupidity. ADOPTION IS NOT LIKE CUSTODY! Once you sign away your parental rights, that's it. They're gone forever and you'll never be able to get them back, certainly not six years after you gave your child up. No matter what C&T try to do, they will never be legally recognized as Carly's parents. If something ever happened to B&T, it's not like Carly would go back to Catelynn and Tyler. These people are delusional, esepcailly if they think they're helping out C&T by posting this crazy bullshit. If anything, they're only reinforcing B&T's thought process that cutting off contact may be the best thing to do.

I fully believe Catelynn was coerced into giving Carly up, but that doesn't matter at the end of the day. Catelynn still signed away her parental rights. Brandon and Teresa legally became Carly's parents. End of story. Besides, B&T had nothing to do with the pressure Catelynn was under to go through with the adoption. That was all on Tyler and Dawn. They should be held responsible for the adoption going through because they both really wanted it to happen for different reasons.

I feel like C&T only chose B&T because they were wealthy/upper-class. Coming from poor families, C&T only saw the financial aspect of placing Carly with Brandon and Teresa. They didn't think about whether or not they were a good fit emotionally. They just saw, "Hey, Carly will get tons of Christmas gifts like we never did." I don't think they put a lot of thought into choosing Carly's parents---not saying that B&T aren't excellent parents or a good match for Carly, but they weren't really a good match for C&T. The fact that C&T also chose a couple who initially wanted a closed adoption also wasn't smart. I blame Dawn for misleading them, and I blame C&T for behaving like this and putting their own wants and desires about Carly's privacy and emotional well-being. If they keep going at this rate, she'll never want a relationship with them. These "fans" are also only thinking about C&T. What about Carly? How will she feel knowing that people wanted her ripped away from the only parents she's ever know? I can't even fathom how that must feel.

Judging from their adoption video, they seem comfortably middle class to me.

For whatever reason, I thought they were upper-middle-class. Oh, well.

They may be better off than they appear. They may be choosing to live below their means. I noticed that their neighborhood doesn't seem to be as affluent as I would have thought, and the vehicles nearby seemed older. I may be biased, though. I don't live in the U.S., and I have always lived in areas where keeping up appearances was very important.

I never really comment on these sort of things.. but this is completely unacceptable. From C&T, and their "fans"

I'm sorry, but if I gave my child away to an adopted family, I would definitely do everything I could not to do anything stupid to potentially cut off contact. We, as the fans, should not matter if we get to see Carly or not. It's none of our business; it's not our daughter!

I feel absolutely terrible for B&T. As loving as those two are and good hearted people, they do not deserve this. C&T need to keep their damn mouth shut, or they'll lose Carly for good if not already. I don't want to repeat everything that I've already read here, but I hope that something resolves and everyone will stop being so bat-shit crazy.

Also, I googled Brandon's business website and they apparently live in the same city as I do... I'm not a crazy fan, I have not seen them or Carly anywhere. I, for one, RESPECT their privacy and I hope that every precaution will be in Carly's best interest and safety.

I have a question because I honestly don't remember. Hasn't Carly only been on 1 episode of teen mom or were there some I forgot? I remember the visit they had at the park or something, but I don't remember any other times she was on there. The only thing I remember is C&T getting pictures a couple times and showing those. Also, I totally agree that posting the pics of Carly as a baby is completely different than posting them now when she is recognizable. Has B&T put her in the public eye in recent years? I don't really remember. Also, have B&T even been on teen mom that much? I remember phone calls, etc. but not many appearances. Just curious as the stupid fans make it seem like Carly and B&T are constantly on tv so they should be able to post pictures.

Brandon and Teresa were heavily featured on "16 and Pregnant". Then I think they started making appearances about once a season in the "Teen Mom" series. They asked not to be filmed for the fourth season, and only had MTV show photos of themselves and Carly. So, yeah, they've been on the show per se since the beginning, but only in incredibly small doses. They also made it clear last season that they were done with being filmed, and with Carly being filmed as well. It was clear they wanted to move on, but C&T and MTV seem intent on dragging them back. I know B&T will show up in "OG", but that's only to set the record straight with C&T, not to have a meeting with Carly like they've been doing in the past.

Can I Ask YOUR ladies'opinion? It seems like an appropriate topic to post it in.

When my parents were 16, they had a baby. My mom's parents pretty much forced her to give the baby up for adoption. And to break up with my dad. Two months after the baby, she ran away out of state with my dad and they got married. She got pregnant again a year later and had my brother. Her parents did not speak to them four 5 years, until I was born. I Did NOT Know I Had A Sister Until I Was 18. My mom said she didn't tell me because she didn't want me to think she was a horrible person. There was always a real grainy, crappy newborn picture that hung in every house we ever lived in. I grew up thinking it was of me, turns out it was of my sister. My mom bought a disposable camera and snuck one photo of her before they took her away.

I did some sneaking and found my sisters name. she lives 30 minutes from me. Her Facebook is very sparse,but she looks just like my brother and I. her adoptive mother died a few years back, and her dad is elderly. (She's 30). She probably has no clue that she has full blooded siblings, and birth parents that are still married 30 years later. My mom is torn on what to do. My dad and brother say "I believe on nurture, not nature, let her be".but my mom always says that she doesn't want to die without seeing her, and knowing she had a good life.

Sorry it's a novel :( I really have no one in to ask advice to.

I'm going to dissent (somewhat) from a lot of people here. Yes, I think Tyler's being a wanker about this, and T and C in general need to be more respectful of boundaries and understanding of what rights they actually have in this situation (i.e., none).

That being said, I don't think Brandon and Teresa should close the adoption. Sure, they are within their rights to do so, and Tyler and Cate have absolutely broken their rules. But ultimately, that sort of decision shouldn't be based on what any of the adults want- it should be about Carly, and I don't think you can make the argument that being cut off from her birth parents is what's best for her. And if it did happen, I think there's a very good chance she would end up resenting her parents for it when she gets older.

People say things like, oh, when she sees Cate and Tyler on TV, she'll think they're trash and want nothing to do with them. And I think that's very, very unlikely. I suspect she'll be happy she was raised in the situation she was, and grateful for her adoptive parents, but Cate and Tyler are still her biological parents, and nothing's ever going to change that. We can't expect the kids on this show to view their parents the same way we do- it's like people who think Isaac is going to want nothing to do with Kail when he gets older. That's 100% projecting. The fact is, Kail is his mom, and he's not going to hate her just because we do. And Carly isn't going to view the people who gave birth to her the way we view them either. From what I've read, one of the biggest issues adoptees have is feeling rejected/abandoned by their birth parents, so I don't see the fact that they still openly love and miss Carly as a negative thing. They just need to do it while respecting Brandon and Teresa as her parents.

Basically, I'm just hopeful that they can work this out, because I think that's what's best for Carly in the long run.

After reading everyone's opinions on this, I feel like yours is the one that most closely mirror mine. C&T need to show more respect and learn some boundaries, but idk I'm just not that moved either way

I think we all hope that B&T and C&T can work it out. But at the end of the day, B&T have to make the call they think is right for their family. And if they feel that Carly's privacy is being threatened, then they have every right to close the adoption, and I feel that should be respected. Carly is much too young to make that kind of call on whether or not she wants to have a relationship with her birth parents. Maybe when she's a teenager and understands the situation better will she be given the option to re-establish contact with C&T if that's what she wants. B&T have to act on her behalf and give her a voice. I'm sure they won't oppose Carly wanting a relationship with C&T when she gets older. But right now they feel that the situation is getting too out of control and their daughter's privacy and possible safety are being threatened. I mean, C&T's crazy-ass fans are encouraging each other to harass Brandon at work. C&T are only fueling the fire by reposting photos of Carly. This situation is not normal, and I don't blame B&T for wanting to cut off ties in an effort to protect their family. As for how Carly will react to "Teen Mom", it's hard to say. I just don't know if she'll appreciate C&T using "Teen Mom" to insult and criticize her adoptive parents.

I agree with you SWJH and J5BD! I don't think any of these kids are going to grow up hating their parents (except maybe Jenelle's kids....) They all love their children. (Again except maybe Jenelle) They all are trying to do what THEY THINK is best for them.
I think C&T think that if they don't go on about how much they miss Carly then one day she'll think that they gave her up because they didn't want her. I also think that's why they're so obsessed with bringing Carly up. I think part of them feel guilty about having another kid when they gave her up so they keep bringing her up to assure everyone that they still think about her.
I'm not a Maci fan at all but I think Bentley loves her and no matter how many party adventures she goes on I don't think that's going to change.
I think Leah is always going to love both of her parents. I think even when she grows up and sees the way her parents treated each other she's still going to know that it was all because they loved her. She's attached to both of them so I don't think it's ever going to really change.
I know a lot of people hate Kail for telling Isaac that she misses him when he's with his dad. I think in her eyes she's trying to reassure him that she still loves him and isn't going to forget about him just because he's gone and she has Lincoln.
Everyone thinks that Leah is a shedevil and her kids are going to run to Corey's family and look at Miranda as their new mommy when they're older. I don't believe that either. The girls have are close to both families. They're not going to hate either side. Aubree might grow to resent Adam one day just because of the way he's always treated her. I'm just not convinced that she's going to jump on board the Cole's my new daddy train nor do I believe that Cole's the one and they're going to get married and have a family. Everyone has decided that Aubree's going to be fine because she's got Cole now and he'll be her male influence. He and Chelsea have only been together for a few months. Remember when Leah dated Jeremy for a few months and everyone went on about how they would never last and it was stupid for them to have a baby. I think that Aubree is always going to love Chelsea though. I can see them have a Gilmore Girls relationship and be best friends growing up.

The thing with Kail is that she doesn't just tell Isaac she misses him. To me that's not even a big deal; Jo has said it too. She's had time taken away from Jo. The only reason Jo even has as much time as he does now is that he's had to fight through the courts to get it. Kail has legit said "It makes me sad when you go to daddy's house" and that crosses a huge line for me. She said on the show that a reason for her marrying Javi was so that if the airforce takes him somewhere, she can take Isaac with her. So with Kail I would definitely not blame Isaac for resenting her someday for all the time he won't get to spend with his father. If my parents were split and my mom pulled the crap that Kail does I can promise you we would not be speaking today (I'm super close with my dad though). I agree with most of the other stuff you said though. I'm sure Carly can see one episode of TM with Butch and thank her lucky stars instead of resent C&T. Don't even get me started on the whole Chelsea-can-do-no-wrong thing. Nobody's seen this guy and action and he's apparently man of the year because Chelsea says so, because she's the picture of honesty and integrity right? But I agree that Aubree will have a close relationship with her. I don't know about Leah and the twins. I'm sure they won't resent Leah but they could prefer Corey's house for the stability. I think if Amber stays on the right path and putting her daughter first Leah will see that her mom messed up and she's doing everything she can to make up for the time lost. I really dunno about Maci and I'm sure Sophia and Farrah will prolly have an even worse relationship than Farrah and Deb.

Thank you for agreeing with me about the Chelsea thing!!! I think the way people lift her up around here makes me hate her even more. Nothing she does is considered wrong. Like if she and Cole were to get pregnant right now everyone would be jumping for joy happy for them but what would be the difference between her getting pregnant and when Kail and Javi or Leah and Jeremy did it? Nothing. No one's even seen Cole yet and everyone thinks like you said he's superman. I get really frustrated with how everything Chelsea does gets swept under the rug but something some of the other girls do that isn't as big a deal is turned into the end of the world. If we're going to give one of them grief then Chelsea does the same thing then we'd better give her grief too. Just my opinion.

Hopefully the adoption isn't closed unless there's some kind of real danger to Carly. It'd be totally selfish to close the adoption if it was just a matter of feeling disrespected. If my child had a relationship with her birth parents, no matter how angry I was at them I'd have to put the child first and consider how she'd feel if I told her I refused to ever let her see them again because I don't like them.

I am a long time lurker but I had to comment ... This is an awful picture of date and Tyler does he have on bell bottoms??


I don't think these two have ever really grasped the concept that Carly is NOT their daughter anymore. She is Brandon and Teresa's daughter - not theirs. I think they think that B&T are some sort of really nice babysitters who are taking care of "their" baby. I am not being cruel and I am speaking from experience. I gave a child up for adoption many many years ago and never had the expectation that I could drop by or co-parent in any way whatsoever. When she went to her new home she was with her parents for life. I was not part of that picture. I dont think its a good idea to bring a child up with two separate sets of parents. its confusing and not fair to the kid. She needs to know who her mom and dad are and they are Brandon and Teresa- not Catelyn and Tyler.