Blow Up Dolls and Sex Toy Awards: The Life of Farrah Abraham


I would like to say that the things Farrah does genuinely surprise me, but ever since the first James Deen porno came out, things have been pretty predictable.

Last night, Farrah was at a party for the AVN Awards in Las Vegas. In case you're wondering what the AVN Awards are, they're basically awards for people who are in the adult film industry.

The awards show has several interesting categories, including "Best Anal Sex Scene" and "Best Group Sex Scene" just to name a couple. You can read more about the categories and nominees right HERE.

Our dear Farrah was nominated for two awards of the night. The first was "Best Celebrity Sex Tape" for her role in Farrah 2: Backdoor and More.

Her other nomination came in the category of "Best Product Line for Men" which featured items from her sex toy line molded specifically from her lady parts.

Farrah ended up winning the sex toy award and shared a picture of her trophy on her Twitter account.

Since Farrah has become such a prominent figure in the adult film industry, she's expanding her endeavors, and rumors has it that the blow up doll in that picture at the top of the article is going to be making an appearance in her toy collection sometime soon.

While the doll is simply a prototype for now, and there's no place for you to buy it, Farrah still made headlines while posing with the doll at the awards show.

As far as we can tell, Farrah's parents spend a lot of time caring for Sophia, and Farrah has also hired a nanny to care for Sophia when her parents aren't available.

Farrah is making pretty good money from all of these appearances, and even though she isn't returning for Teen Mom's 5th season this year, her father has hinted that they might be filming for something new.

michael1 michael2

Michael claims that he can't tell any details of why the family was filming, but our sources seem to think that Farrah and her new boyfriend are being filmed along with her family for the upcoming season of Couples Therapy but if I were you, I would bet that we'll see Farrah back on MTV within the next year or so.


"Just got REAL" as in she's finally ready to admit to the world that she's a REAL pornstar? *clap emoji*

It was a leaked sex tape!!! Can we talk about how it's a "celebrity" sex tape? No bitch. If I said that name to anyone that doesn't watch TM or jack off to horse porn no one would know her name.

James deen was the celebrity haha

Ok that makes sense.

Exactly what I was thinking! Celebrity? In her own asshole. Go away Farrah.

Is ATM ever OK?

And it wasn't leaked. It was designed and produced and released into the porn market. Not one fucking thing that happened before, during or after that porn came out was a surprise to Farrah.

Congratulations to the first non-pornstar pornstar actress to win this porn award!
Well done love, we all know you had to make a huge ass out of yourself, screw your way up and then have your ass screwed out of yourself.

I wonder how real porn actresses see her.

She also made a huge ass of her ass that creepy old men can screw.

She got classy wall decoration out of posing with a corpse!
I think that was her way of saying 'open and willing to do anything'.

"And anyone. Or any goat. Actually, I'll just bend over and you can send whatever you want my way."

That doll is so scary lol. Do people actually have sex with blow up dolls?!

There's a foot with a vagina mold. Men will stick their dicks in whatever.

I know. Weird right. I've always wondered if people actually have sex with blow up dolls too. I just can't imagine what would feel realistic about it??

I don't know if people would have sex with this blow up doll it seems like it would be more of a gag gift but I know that men will pay thousands for life like sex dolls.

And that's just creepy.

I saw it on a TV show, the men on it were strange. they treat the dolls like real people and call them their girlfriends. when I searched for images of life like sex dolls this was on the third row, it made me laugh (it's not a creepy pic)

I always thought blow up dolls were for gag gifts but some people have a lot of weird fetishes out there!I have heard of the real life dolls and think that's just creepy!

Spencers used to sell "inflatable intimacy sheep" hahaha

Good Farrah, she doesn't talk and when the customer bites her in her nipples she'll fly around and out of the window.
Problem solved.

On that subject, why are the nippular regions of that blowup doll covered in what looks like gorilla tape?

Those are the real life Farrah burnt-black-nipples-caused-by-entering-church.

Well, that doll is a thing nightmares are made of.

Omg the dick hole for the mouth. Gonna go cry my eyes out.

Shame they didn't put her massive upper lip on the mouth. That could have been a unique selling point.

Then it isn't a blowup doll, it's a blowup duck.

A fuck duck!

Omg I seriously gasped when I saw that doll. This is seriously Kardashian level depravity, but on a much smaller budget. Man I would have loved to been a fly on the wall in the Abraham household for this type of behavior to not only be ok but actively encouraged. As with every Farrah post, I end it saying poor baby girl Sophia.

Well, I don't know about you but I think the Kardashian Klan have waaay more class than Farrah

-Kim shot a sex tape a la Paris Hilton and released it for money (the whole leak story is a PR lie)
-She spun that into a TV show, and spun the TV show into sponsorships, clothing brands, magazine covers etc. She has her fame because she had a big fake butt and she has a sex tape
-The first episode of the Kardashians featured a 9 year old Kylie swinging around the pole. Let that sink in for a sec.
-Khloe's been featured in the show dating a married man with a child.
-Robert Kardashian was one of OJ's close friends, as well as his lawyer.
-Kris turns a profit off of her daughters exploits and encourages them, hence 17 year old Kylie dropping out of school to date a grown married father

I can go on and on, but money does not at all by class. The Kardashians are nothing to brag about, theyre pretty disgusting people

Who is kylie dating?

Tyga. He's like.... my age I think? So 25/26?

and the reason why they get away with it is because people love watching that kind of crap. I don't know, sometimes people that are very hated, turn out to be the most popular, kartrashshians, justin biebs, miley.....

What the hell is a Tyga

He's a 2nd rate rapper. Not quite the poor man's Kanye, but the girl is only 17 so maybe she'll work her way up to someone more famous. Or infamous, whichever.

Kylie recently decided she didn't need to do her schoolwork anymore. Her homeschooling was to much of an effort cause she's so busy getting the brand Kylie K out there. Momager was fine with her 17 year old working more so she would make more money too.
Maybe Kylie wants to play with Far off.


So far from classy it's indefinable.


What? I've seen a lot of episodes but I must've missed the one about Khloe dating a married man. Gross! And sucks because she was my favorite out of the girls.

Alright, here we go:

Khloe dated a rapper named French Montana after she separated from Lamar Odom. Both were still currently married to their previous SO's (SPOUSES) when they dated. French Montana has a son with his wife whom he's separated from but still married. Khloe is the 2nd known woman he's dated/lived with/been seriously involved with since his separation from his wife. Khloe for reasons known only to Satan and Kris Jenner, is still technically married to Lamar Odom and if she doesn't get her shit together and get the court proceedings in gear, the court with dismiss her petition for divorce very soon.

Tyga is a rapper who's 25 and has a child with (I think she's a stripper?) a famous-for-being-friends-with-famous-people woman named Blac Chyna who has a friendship with Kim Kardashian and I can only imagine it's because both their asses are so masssive, the battling gravitational forces made it an impossibility not to be connected at the hip. Kim's littlest sister Kylie, who's 17, is dating Tyga who is 25 and has a son. Big Ass Chyna and Tyga were engaged but never married and are no longer a couple. Tyga and Kylie go out of the country on vacations often and it's believed this is because the laws for having sex with a minor are different than in California, where they both live and her parents seem okay with this because it makes Kris more money, she gets to be the "cool mom," and Bruce is too consumed with figuring out how to become a woman without the press noticing his obvious changes and reporting on it to bother paying attention to his young children.

Trap Baby: Behold The vagina smelling competition. Apparently there was some sort of pineapple diet involved and they wanted Khloe to decide who's vagina smelled better due to this new regimen. The video and sound quality is poor, but that's probably for the best.

I have far, far too much free time goddammit.

I was embarrassed just watching the vag-smelling clip. And just think about the fact that the 2 "contestants" of the contest are mothers! It's actually sad that this kind of shit actually gets aired on TV. No one in the family has any concept of boundaries and will do anything to remain famous.

Oh I didn't know French was married. I mean I guess at least he was separated? LOL that show can be too much!

Really they're all gross and obnoxious. Between Kim's fat greasy ass and Farrah's antics they should just be friends.

Farrah has tried. No one wants her. No one.

Yeah not even the kartrashians

North and Sophia should get a condo together. Sophia can school North on 'how to do your own thing starting at age 2'. There are 8 easy lessons:

1- Our mommies have sex and people make movies about it and it gives them lots of money: How to help mommy fill that dark, empty place in her soul

2- Our mommies are naked a lot and she takes pictures of herself naked and people give her money: How to make mommy feel guilty so she gives us presents

3- Mommy is dressed like a hooker again and is going to work: How a 3 yr old can cook herself dinner in 3 easy steps

4- Mommy lies all the damn time: How to use this against her when you lie to her about stuff

5- Gramma acts like a crazy maniac, mommy is a whack job: Finding out if we will also be lunatics in 4 easy steps

6- Mommy only cares about herself: How to hit her where it hurts eg, Mommy you look E V I L

7- Mommy is selfish and she really doesn't even remember she has a daughter: How to call CPS and have them take your mother away and you get to stay home
*Bonus class: Emancipation for the 4 year old: It is legal if your mom is named Kim or Farrah

8- Mommy is a porn star in denial: How to handle your kindergarten classmates when they show you your mom's porno on their iPad. (HINT: DENY DENY DENY THEN RUUUUN!)

You know what? I'll give more points to the kardashians for Scott disick calling Farrah a shit stain on twitter.

That's up there with Gary calling Farrah a slutpuppy.

That's just mean to puppies.

Not Couples Therapy. Toddler Therapy.

What about viewers therapy??? I need therapy after this.

Does she display that trophy on her mantel? For Sophia to see and one day read? I bet Soph has seen the odd sex toy around the house too. Because, Farrah would have them around. She just infuriates me to no end. And her disgusting parents encourage this filth!

She probably uses the silicon asshole as a centerpiece at Thanksgiving where she burns the microwave pizza despite the fact that she's "a gourmet chef and restaurateur."

And her special dishes are all LAID out on the dining room table. The peas are in the vagina mould, with a strange salty white sauce all over them. The meatballs are in the asshole mould dish, with brown lumpy gravy, and a few hairs too. One breast mould is used for brown jello and one for a green custard, which is dripping out the nipple part of the mould, like an infection. YUMMY! WHO'S HUNGRY??!! My-Co dives face first into the peas! After dinner they all sit around to watch Farrah's terrifying, not the horror movie, the Porno.

NewDay! I've never seen this side of you! Is everything ok? Hahahaha

Right? NewDay has always been one of my favorites and full of sass but now it's sass that makes me throw up in my mouth a little. And I'm saying that as a compliment. Well done.

It kind of looks like squidward.

It looks like one of the characters from 007 on N64.

What the fuck is that?! So creepy.

It has mitten hands.

Am I the only one that's disappointed that the avn award isn't a giant gold plated dick-shaped trophy or something along those lines? Missed opportunity...


It's meant to be a respectable award, duh!!!

doubles as a dildo

Like in The Girl Next Door

Yeah!!! LOL I thought that's how it was! I love that movie. Not gonna lie.

If we could post gifs I would have responded with Phoebe's "my eyes, my eyes!" from Friends.

Damn, I tried. I wish we could too, linking just isn't the same.

Ross would say to Farrah to stop all of the silliness.

In keeping with the Friend's theme...I look at that doll and would create a gif of
"Smellllly Cat
Smellly Cat
Who is screwing you
Smellllly Cat
Smelllly Cat
You need to douche that"

Oh god you can see her lady bits toy in the bottom right corner. I needs an eyewash station.

I kind of hate you for pointing that out but it's my own fault for scrolling back up to look. Eye wash station lol I want to stab myself in the eye

A brown-eye wash station, amirite??

Ugh. I hate myself for this joke.


I really try to not talk or even think badly about people, and it seems more and more that Farrah is God's test for me. Can someone help me find one positive in Farrah? Seriously, it's like a moral crisis for me. :( Halp.

Instead of spending time with her daughter she hired a (hopefully sane) nanny to take her place. Aka she gave Sophia the opportunity to have a parental figure in her life that isn't bat shit crazy. Only positive I can think of.

Oh one other positive might be hiv.

Too cruel?

Too possible!

Herpes. Fo sho.

while I don't agree with her career and we know Sophia might turn out to be like her...we know that Sophia will never starve.

Eh if she's in Farrah's care she might. Farrah eating dick for money would cone before feeding her daughter.

Only starve for attention and love from her mother. But meh, she will have the almighty dollar. And that's all that matters.

Tesla's over food for Sophia

She just may starve if she refuses to ever remove the damn paci from her mouth! No food can by-pass that fortress!

I dunno...Some of Farrah's "recipes" on her website might make someone want to starve rather than eat them...

She ....hmmmmm...nope!

Her hair color is pretty. There, I've done my good deed for the day.

She only posted two recipes on her page 'Farah Abrahams, your go to public person', thankfully.
The first is 'How to put a cookie nicely on a plate'
The second is 'Melon Madness with Mushrooms'(Cold watermelon and another melon with microwaved mushroom, feta cheese and salt).
She calls it perfect. When that is perfection in her book, I finaly understand why she keeps claiming she's a good mom. She simply doesn't understand the words she's using.

I'm glad poor Sophia has a nanny but I'm afraid Farrah hired a simple soul so she could boss and bully her around.
There is still hope for her, I believe she has a private teacher for her homeschooling too.

So Sophia is being homeschooled now? I have nothing against homeschooling your kids, but I have a nasty feeling Sophia isn't being properly socialized. Like, I can't see Farrah, Michael or Debra taking her out for playdates or engaging in some homeschooling community so she can meet other kids who are also being taught the same way she is. My aunt homeschooled her son and always regretted it because she didn't let him have the proper socialization he would have gotten if he was in public/private school. That's really important for kids so they hace friends and make connections with other people. And something tells me that Sophia isn't getting any of that. It's just her, her "mother", her grandparents, her nanny, her teacher...just a lot of adults who really don't have her best interests at heart (well, her family members don't, at least.) That kid is going to have a rough road to adulthood. I really don't see her becoming a fully-functioning grown-up unless by some miracle she can rise above this freaky-deaky bullshit.

They like to cut people out of their mini cult though. Look at Farrah-they cut off Derek. They didn't like ANy of her friends. Or her to go out EVER. They truly isolate. Weirdos.

It's like that film "Foxcatcher" where John DuPont only had one friend in his childhood and the kid was being paid by DuPont's own mother to hang out with him. I don't know if that happened in DuPont's life or not, but I can totally see Farrah paying some poor kid to be friends with Sophia when she gets older and starts wondering why she doesn't have any friends. After all, Sophia may get lonely and start acting "clingy" to Farrah and Farrah is a strong, independent businesswoman who don't need no needy daughter wanting some goddamn human connection because Farrah doesn't get paid for anything but taking it up the pooper. Like I said before: this kid is completely and utterly doomed.

I see Farrah and her parents as the type of people who don't want Sophia mixing with "commoners" like poor children or fat children so they isolate her away in their home and just lavish her with gifts and let her do whatever the fuck she wants all day until one day, she emerges from that house to go to public school (because they got sick of dealing with her entitled, belligerent, antichrist attitude) and she will, unfortunately, be a carbon copy of Farrah at the same age. I think that's exactly what happened to Farrah and her sister and it's what they're doing to Sophia. NO ONE becomes as entitled and stupid as Farrah did without some massive encouragement from whoever her role models are in life.

I've honestly never seen a blow up doll before…but why is its head so weirdly shaped? Is that how they all are??

I'm bored. I should have never followed that link.

Why are they so creepy?! How can someone use those for their intended purposes when they look like that?! Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. There was one with holes in the neck. What is that for? No, please don't tell me. I'm disturbed enough just from looking at them.

They're like the inflatable aliens my friends and I used to get at the circus but much, much more disturbing.

They're certainly creepy but in more of a funny, pathetic way because it doesn't look remotely human. I'd like to know how the hell fucking something akin to a pool toy would be enjoyable.

Keep in mind:
- Those who need to be banging a blow-up doll, do so in the dark, so looks don't matter.
- When he is poking the fire, he is not looking at the mantel
- The more holes, the more options for plugging them
- The heads are shaped for easy grabbing, you know, so when they are communicating 'orally' he can pull her real close.

(If I made a blow-up doll, I would make the mouth a big hole BUT once the mouth is 'plugged' a set of very sharp mechanical teeth would suddenly clamp down on the weenie. And the Go Pro camera hidden in the eyes, would film the screaming and eye-popping that ensued! I would live-stream it at the Superbowl!! Teee Heee Hee)

TMI New Day ;-)!
I think the guys using them close their eyes and use their imagination but do they close their ears to? It must sound like fucking a balloon.

How about the fact that her nipples/areolas are black...not tan or pink. Black. Looks like someone drew them on with a Sharpie.

Maybe they're modeled from real life? I don't even want the logical explanation why honestly.

Well if they are going for real life, her moulds need to be green. And battered blue and black from the smashing they have had.

Maybe because her nipples are the first thing to enter church?

Sorry for the down vote! I was trying to up vote, but my baby bumped me. He better shape up or I'm going to see if my-kol wants to take on another nanny job.

omg I didnt even notice that! it looks like one has a double teat - what is going on there.

If Farrah's nipples are black in real life, she should consult Chelsea for nipple beaching.

Because when you have breast implants they cut off the nipples and sew them back on when the implant is in. After a few of these, the blood supply to the nipple stops, the nipples go black and then fall off. This is medical factual, look it up. I guess Farrah's are slowly dying from too many surgeries. We need a moment...well 2 moments of silence for them.....

Oh wow, I thought they cut a hole in your armpit and place the implants through that hole.

There's a lot of different ways to place implants, they don't really do the armpit incision anymore because it's very difficult to make them. The most common method is to cut around the bottom of the breast because its easier to get them symmetrical or cut round the bottom half of the areola because there's less visible scarring.

I just looked further down and saw the user name 'Nathan's Nipples'. If Farras nipples die, maybe she could borrow Nathan's.

The don't re-site the areola in breast enlargement unless there is an aesthetic reason. They re-site in breast reduction but it is left attached to the neurovacular stalk so it normally retains it's blood supply. Always the risk with an reduction that the new site won't take unfortunately.

I want to stab that doll.

I dont get the blow up sex doll...i mean really. They do not look real at all. And the way her face is on that thing. So weird. When i saw this i thought of the show my strange addiction about the young boy who liked his blow up pool toys

The title of this article would make a great title for a book about her nasty life. Poor Sophia.

Instead it's called My Teenage Dream Ended When I Got Knocked Up which is so sweet towards Sophia

I seriously can't.I just can't.

My stomach churns about mykole cheering on his daughter at the porn awards. Seriously how is Farrah allowed out in society?? This picture alone tells me she needs to be in an asylum...

He cheered her on, because he taught her everything she knows! Pass the vomit bag.....

What happened to Michael, he seemed like a normal guy on Teen Mom. He was beat down by his crazy wife and daughter but I never imagined he would turn in to such a creep who would encourage and participate in his daughters porn career. Poor Sophia has no chance at a normal life with this freak show family.

He's probably on farrah's payroll.

You know I was coming on here to comment the same thing. I actually liked My-Kol on TM, and felt really bad for him most of the time cos he seemed fairly normal and had to put up with Eyebags McTrashclaw and her spawn 24/7. Via the Facebook particularly, he comes across as a right wrong'un. No one over the age of 14 should use the word 'haters'.

Puhleeeease let me steal Eyebags Mctrashclaw for my new name! Haha

Hahah be my guest

And if Debra's a Christian, how does she square her daughter having sex out of wedlock (and making pornos, vag molds, stripping etc. etc.)for a living? You'd think she'd decline to be filmed if she was religious.

She thinks they preach 'The Lord is my savINGS' in church. She should have bought a hearing aid instead of spending money to get all her teabags done.

I always wondered this too until I noticed how much Farrah retweets Joel Osteen. His "ministry" has nothing to do with the Bible or Christianity and everything to do with "God wants you to be rich" which is a perfect fit for the Abrahams.

I flat out asked her on FB. And her reply to me was that God loves everyone and forgives their mistakes. Farrah may not be on a Godly path right now but she's doing what she's got to do as a single mum to provide for Sophia and Debra prays for her.

Cause single moms have to take it in the butthole to get by...

YES. I have thought about that before too, and I'm sure this has been pointed out before... but, I keep remembering something about Debra, and Farrah trying to date again right after Sophia was born, and if the dude had any Christian values? Debra was so firm about that, but hey, all of this is a-okay I guess.

It was the ANT-TIE CHRIST attitude of Farrah that drew her dad to the dark side. MIKE-HOLE is now a BLACK HOLE. Never allow tie wearing ants near your family or you will find blow up dolls resembling you!

what the dayumn hayll!?

When can we expect the next 16&P Catch Up post, so that we no longer have to see Farrah's vag every time we log in?

Y'know, that sex doll is actually quite realistic. I can imagine having sex with Farrah is just like bumping your penis against all sorts of plastic bits while her dead, horse face stares at you with a gaping jaw.

Hah. I kid, of course. Sophia is doomed.

That blow up doll is going to haunt my dreams for an extremely long time. 10 bucks says Michael has one in his bed with him at night.

Oh my Dear Dumb Daughter of the antichrist!
That's gross!

LOVE your name!!! lmaoo

Know what's sad? That blowup doll is less plastic than farrah herself.


I swear to god if Farrah and her entire family come out with a "leaked" sex tape, I'm going to nuke something. Michael could not be any creepier if he tried. "Working" with my girls and Debra. Do you know what quotations imply in this context, Michael? Do you?

i wonder if farrah would enjoy incest

I wouldn't be surprised if Farrah at least pretended to engage in incest to make some bucks off that particular porno category (because Lord knows there are some people out there who enjoy that sort of stuff), or in hopes that the shock value alone would keep her relevant for a month or so. I mean, she and her father already have an insanely creepy relationship. Shouldn't be too hard to go down the incest route for those two.

Let's see. She poses next to corpses, fucks on camera, waxes her daughters eyebrows, wants to be a nun, wants to be a chef, will act stupid and do ANYTHING for attention, so yes if incest got her attention she's fucking love it. Narcissistic psycho twat waffle.

Christian Parenting for Porn Stars
BY: Farrah
Chapter 1: Incest is best because anything that brings a family closer is the bestest way. This is essecially true when the anti-christ is trying to bust in and ruin the bonding of family insense. Like the time I never got ta get a Ford Focuses. Mike-hole is divorced from my mom so we are not even related anymore. It makes it like ok because like he is no more related to me than James Deen who I was gonna marry but di-dent becuase he reminded me like of my one tru love Derreck. There is more stuff on this topik at the elaborate, where their our books and been bag chairs where I serve YoFro frozen fresh ice cream milk free. Anyway I gave Mike-Hole my doll for xmas and he was mad but because he celebrates Hanneeka not xmas. Thats all Im saying about that guys so nevermind your own business is this I said, remember that.

ANd I'm sorry but we all know Mykole jacks off to that shit. Ugh that family reminds me of Flowers in the Attic

Arghhh! Way to ruin my favourite book!

she seems to be getting serious with her boyfriend . Since they are both middle eastern they actually look alike.

OMG! She even made up their own name combo for the press 'Farsi'. Controlling over everyone. Like she could live up to Brangelina or Speidi.
Way out of your leage hun.

Simple Simon has a very weird resumé. He's a general manager for a automotive business, hold a bullshit bingo title somewhere else AND is a self employed real estate manager at present. So apparently he's not very good at either of those jobs to make a decent income out of them, or he's a hussler, or his imagination matches Farrah's, or everything is made up and he's an actor of some sort.

I question the quality of any guy that would get with farrah.

Anytime she dates someone now I assume it's because he saw her porn and wanted to brag about dating a porn star.

I think she's going with "Farsi" because its actually the name for the primary Iranian/Persian language, and I'm pretty sure theyre both of Persian descent. I feel bad for Persian people right now.

Farthsi, I will call them Farthsi so I don't insult nice people.

I'm SO fucking happy she's not Jewish. I thought she was just cause of the nose and well persians and jews look the damn same (i can say that). I heard some rumor that Jenelle was a Jew and basically wanted to kill myself. I still don't know if it's true and don't want to. I'm sorry to anyone that share Farrah's heritage.

Jenelle is "French" that's why she got that fugly tattoo over her uterus. I'm sure they would just love to claim her.

Bahahaha. I bet you anything she's like ....10 % and just wanted to tell everyone she's French. That actually explains a lot. French moms like Babs are totally nuts like that and the whole Meme thing.

she probably thinks if she tells people she's French that it makes her more classier.
I wish she would go to France, I would fly over there and kick her right in the vag, lord knows she deserves it

France doesn't want her. we're stuck with her :(

Babs' maiden name is Fournier IIRC, per Jenelle's marriage certificate with CourtyB.

My mom's maiden name is French, however you have to go 13 generations back to get to France...

I think I can safely say the French don't 't want her. France and Belgium are not soft drug friendly to start with. The French are chauvinistic snobs but with class. They get irritated if you speak English to them. The younger generation is getting slighly better on that topic.
I come from French nobility. I have been told there's blue blood running trough my veins, a lot.
It is very thin blue blood and we could not care less. I still burb and farth.
The only thing that I would like is if there was a mansion or castle in France that I could use free of charge for holidays.
France is very nice for holidays. The only thing not to like about France is the French.

Well based on stereotypes, Jew are smart with money, which junkelle and gaythan aren't, so I'm betting ya bottom dolluh jukelle is not jewish, she's just junkelle.

Thank you. Thank you God.

Looks like Farrah might finally have a real friend!

You mean the blow-up doll is her friend, right?

Of course!

Since I am super bored, I looked to see if her house had been foreclosed on yet. It hasn't (surprisingly) and is now off the market. So I guess whatever she is filming bought her another year in that hideous house. While I was looking, I also found an article from august of last year about her buying a 100k Mercedes to celebrate her new "stripping contract."

Mi-kuhl seems like a smart enough business man, I would love to hear the arguments they have over money. I imagine him pussy footing around the subject and her yelling and throwing things at him.

I only know this because I read an article about it yesteray but this isn't the AVN Awards. This is the AVN AEE- Adult Entertainment Expo. The actual awards show is tonight.

So Farrah isn't going to be on teen mom anymore? I thought she threw a huge fit got back on?

Nah. That's why shes doing botched and porn awards lol.

Well I'm glad I don't have to see her! Lol

I just figured it out! The whole lip-gate issue and Botched. She went to Tiajuana with her blow up doll. She paid a 'docter' $233 to transform her to look like her doll with plastic surgery! They started with her lips and all hell broke loose, so she had to go to the Botched show. She brought the doll to them too 'make me look like her' and they were horrified and carved it into bits with their scalpels. They fixed her lip and told her to never come back! Ta-daaa!

Wait a minute......

Look at the blow up dolls lips...

Kinda looks like Farrah's messed up ones....

Pretty sure she did all that on purpose.

Her parents most be so freaking proud!!!! Gross....

It's been a minute since we've heard anything about the Calverts:

This is great! Hahahaha They are totally happily married though.

That guy has to much free time. Maybe he could find a usefull occupation for that like... Idunno... raising his kid(s) (right so they don't become like their mom.)

He's probably a road cheater. I mean its soooo easy for him to cheat since his jobs call him out of town all the time. What a scumbag. He doesnt want to pay child support and alimony so hes just going to be a serial cheater while Leah sits at home with the girlses eating cheetos and pills for dinner.

Maybe someone should send Jerms one of Farrah's blow up dolls. THAT'S not cheating, right?????

Blind items are fun, but I want some REAL dirt with proof! Jermy set the bar so high when he tore Leah a new one on twitter, the teases just aren't enough anymore...

Does Farrah's dad remind anyone else of Obama? Or is it just me?

Yup, that's just you. ;-)

So right now it's just a lot of trash talk between Pat (from StThomasGate1025) and Ryan Dolph, but there's been a few comments about Jenelle & Gayrith's relationship and stuff. Could get good, so I thought I'd share!

He is going OFF on her supposed BiPolar disorder right now!
"I told Nathan yesterday over text that as long as Jenelle stopped writing shit that I would stop writing shit about her. I could literally Give a shit about those two and what they are doing. But as long as she tries to smear my wife or my name then it's on. I'm not the person. You want to go to war with. She tried making fun of me going to the VA mental health unit so they could get me on my proper medications for Bipolar disorder, apparently that's a joke to her."

I read this and thought 2 things:
- Is this Farrah?
- I will never play ping pong again

*P.S. My apologies for my 2 a.m. posts. The next time I cannot sleep and take a sleeping pill, I will lock my laptop in the car. I will then put on size XXL, men's winter gloves so I cannot type. I seem to have sleep-posted and my alter ego is obviously insane. I must go now and find my dignity.

That is one godawful looking sex doll. Who the hell would want to eff that?