Teen Mom - 3 New Specials Coming In October

catelynn lowell

Just when you were getting over your withdrawals from the final season of Teen Mom 1, MTV announced that they will be airing a few new specials in October to further milk the cash cow known as Macatefamber...

or Maci, Catelynn, Farrah and Amber.

The best part about it? Even Amber will get her own 30 minute segment called "Amber Behind Bars: An MTV Special" - I'm totally not kidding with that title. I guess they felt bad about the other 3 girls potentially getting spin-off shows, and Cellblock 6: Female Lockup hasn't been in touch with her.


Fraud is allowed inside the Rockville Correctional Facility where he'll no doubt take a walk around randomly diagnosing inmates with random disorders.

When he's finished, he'll sit down with Amber for 30 mins, try to avoid being shanked, and get an update on her life (new unconfirmed rumor: Amber has a female lady friend protector, I hope that's mentioned!).

In addition to the Amber show, there will be 2 additional specials that don't sound as exciting, but I'll be sure to watch anyway.

The first is called "Teen Mom Farewell Special" that apparently will be different than the reunion shows they already aired. My guess is it will be a little more recent considering we were being "updated" with news about 6 months old last time.

They'll look back at the moms through the seasons, and give some updates on how they're doing now. There will also be some unseen footage which makes for good twitter material.

The second is called "Teen Moms: Ask the Moms" where the moms will field most likely heavily pre-screened questions from fans for 30 minutes.

I'm sure they'll be such hard hitting questions like "Umm Maci, like what's your favorite hair color?" or "Farrah, what is your like workout routine? I like need that butt! (audience laughs)".

The schedule for this lineup is:

Oct 2 - 10:00pm est Teen Mom Farewell Special
Oct 9 - 10:00pm est Amber Behind Bars: An MTV Special
Oct 9 - 10:30pm est Teen Moms: Ask the Moms

Which special are you looking forward to the most?

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Just the one about Amber the rest I could careless~

Wow Leah look so much like Amber, its hard to tell with Amber wearing so much make up all the time.

Well Ill probably be watching whatever comes on with them, but I am getting a little tired of al of their stories. Im getting especially exhausted with Catelynn and Tyler. But I'll watch them. Nothing else to watch anyway :)


Agreed ! Cate & Tyler need to disappear back to the trailer park at this point..

AMBER. OMG. I'm so excited.

Behind bars lolol.

The nobly problem I have with shows like this and shows like the reunion shows and updates is they spend like 60% of the time "looking back at their journey" which we already flipping know. I tired of hearing the same story line over and over and over and over and over again with the same footage. It's just boring

I'll probably only watch the Amber special, because let's face it, that sounds awesome.

Only* my phone is starting to anger me -.-

Thank you for that pic of Maci looking an idiot. "Hey Yall, Im so drunk, dare me to put on this bunny hat? Im serious yall, dont tempt me".

Wow, I wish these losers would get off my TV.

i for one think all the girls but amber got their head on straight and she tryin

Do you think Farrah caught that fish with a fishing rod, or her giant camel teeth?

It's time for these girls to get off of the MTV teat. They've run their course. Seriously their story lines have become redundant. I think the only person interesting to hear about is Amber since she's not able to get on twitter or Facebook to let everyone in on her life daily like the others are. Teen mom 2 girls are boring too.

I'm excited to see the Amber special, there is news about the other three on Teen Mom Junkies and other sites pretty much on a regular basis.. I do wish they would have someone other then Dr. Drew hosting the interview though, I find him phony & out of touch.. I am least excited about the Cate & Tyler episodes, they are soooo boring ! I understand why MTV put them on the show (having an adoptive situation was a good idea to include) but there story is way played out, they are nothing but white trash & having there families issues on TV is not helping there situation.

I agree with you about Dr. Drew. He never asks the real questions.

Amber sure does look HOT in that picture. WOW.

The sad thing is you can tell she gained weight. You don't gain weight in prison unless you were on drugs before that suppressed your appetite and now you're beginning to eat again. (I'm assuming you can just eat all day in prison and are on a pretty rationed 3 meal a day diet.)

You do realize that's an old picture right?

i knew they would be catch up specials and not spin offs. thank god.

It's specials plus their spin offs =\

i don't get that. why give them ALL spinoffs....rather than do another season...and who really wants to see an entire episode of Maci being a delusional twat and same bullshit from Catelyn and Tyler...and Farrah used to be faintly entertaining when she'd fight with her parents...but now they all need to be done.

I'm only looking forward to seeing Amber. LOL she probably has cornrows and a girlfriend now!


The prison special with Amber was probably filmed around the same time her other jail interview was filmed (http://starcasm.net/archives/159140) so even it isn't new. Everything MTV films is outdated by the time it airs. Sucks.

So after watching the 'Ask the Moms' special I can't stop laughing over the fact that Farrah wants to name her future restaurant F & S. Does she realize that it sounds like "effin' s" or f*ckin' sh!t??? LOL.

I thought the special about Amber in jail was great. She clearly is on the road to recovery and sounded totally level headed and was definitly well spoken. It's sad that she'll be locked up for the next 5 years, but it clearly was the best choice.