What's Going On With Gary? After Huge Weight Loss, He Looks Worse Than Ever

On tonight's Teen Mom OG, Amber's baby-daddy Gary Shirley was featured prominently, because he was attending a Halloween event with Amber and Leah. But there was something noticeable about his appearance that raised questions.

In 2016, Gary lost a lot of weight, and when he showed up at the MTV VMAs, he had everyone talking.

In fact, at the time, he told an interviewer "I do care [about losing weight]. ...Just hard to do and I have been going to the gym and changing my habits, but staying consistent is hard."

But since then (that was April 2016), Gary has slowly been returning to his old look. And lately, that's been pretty clear.

On tonight's Teen Mom OG, Gary looked terrible -- even sick -- as he sat on the sofa. From an untrained observer's viewpoint, it almost seemed that he was gasping for air at some points.

But his appearance changes didn't stop with his weight. He had been dressing pretty nicely for a while, but lately, he's returned to his old style.

Tonight, he even showed off a "Dad Bod" shirt to Amber. Predictably, Amber made fun of it, insisting that he has several of them.

So what's happening with Gary? Who knows...But hopefully he is trying to stay healthy, and keep up his weight loss as much as possible.

We'll have to see in a few months if he continues to get worse.


Gary has been the strongest cast member in the history of the show, some say he is the show. I have never seen one man slay so much Wallmart poon as this man. Long live G Unit.