16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Farrah Abraham

16 and Pregnant

Hello again, my friends! It's been about two weeks since I last gave you guys a throwback 16 & Pregnant recap.

Well, I won't keep you waiting any longer! This week, I'm taking a look back at Farrah Abraham and her experience as a pregnant teen. Check it out:

Farrah is a teenager living in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Even though she's from a quiet state in the Midwest, Farrah has big Hollywood dreams that she's intent on making come true! She's very busy with work, cheerleading and her senior year of high school, but fairs well with her best friends, Zabrina and Tyler, by her side.

When MTV began filming, Farrah is still a tiny size 2; but that won't last for very long, because Farrah is 16 weeks pregnant!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.51.54 AM

The episode begins with Farrah and her original face revealing that her child's father (who is never mentioned by name, but we all know now is the late Derek Underwood) does not know that she is pregnant. Farrah says she broke up with him because of his jealous and immature behavior.

Despite their breakup, Derek continues to call Farrah and doesn't want her hanging around any guys, especially whoever Roberto is.

Farrah's parents do not want Farrah to have any involvement with Derek and insist that Farrah avoid Derek at school events and even suggest she block his number.

After a school pep rally, Farrah has five missed calls on her phone. When she initially found out she was pregnant, Farrah told a few friends and the word is spreading like wildfire. I'm almost sure that the frickin' MTV camera crew was a huge clue for most people... Either way, the news has found its way to Derek and he is not happy. Farrah says she and her mother have decided not to tell Derek about the pregnancy, but Zabrina tells her that everyone at every school seems to know. Farrah tells Zabrina that if anyone is poking around and looking for information, she should just direct them to Farrah instead of gossiping.

This proves to be pretty useless, as when Farrah sits down a group of close friends to tell them her news, they all seem to know already. One girl even snitches and tells Farrah that Zabrina is the one who spilled the beans. Back at home, Farrah's mom, Debra, reminds Farrah that even if kids at school are gossiping, she needs to continue to hold her head up high.

Her father, Michael, reminds her that a child is an extraordinary amount of work and that's what she should focus on. Debra reminds Farrah that sometimes adoption is the most loving decision a mother can make.

Farrah doesn't seem to be having any of it and insists that a baby wouldn't be impossible for her to handle. Even still, she is overwhelmed with having to make such big decisions.

Farrah decides to sit down and talk the situation over with her cousin, Isla. Farrah mentions to her cousin that her mom was pushing her towards adoption, but she doesn't think that's the option for her. When Isla inquires about Derek, Farrah says that she had hope he'd mature and change the longer they dated, but things between them just got worse. Because of this, she doesn't want Derek to be a part of her life or their unborn child's.

With her decision made, Farrah sits down to dinner with her mother to tell her mom that she'll be keeping the baby and Debra is supportive. But at school, things are getting more difficult for Farrah.

People are beginning to talk more and more and her cheerleader friends have been acting differently.

Farrah goes with Tyler while he tans and insists that she doesn't care about Zabrina's betrayal or what other people are saying, but she has the pain of an excluded 16 year old all over her face.

I actually feel kind of bad for Farrah right now.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.51.17 AM

Cousin Isla deserved her own photo Cousin Isla deserved her own photo

With Farrah pregnancy progressing and drama at school building, Farrah decides to leave Thomas Jefferson High School and enroll in classes at the local community college to finish up her secondary schooling. Pregnancy has been somewhat isolating for Farrah, so she's thankful to have her friend, Briana, who is also a young mother there to support her. The two young women go to the mall together and talk about baby stuff.

Briana tells Farrah about the realities of dating as a single mom and reveals that even if guys want to date her, not all of them will be ready for a child. Afterwards, Farrah goes to an ultrasound appointment and hears the baby's heartbeat.

She has questions about breastfeeding and what it does to one's breasts. Her doctor tells her that nothing happens to them at all.


Now, I've never had a baby, but I'm pretty sure that Farrah's OBGYN straight up lied to Farrah and all of America when she told her nothing happens to your breasts after breastfeeding. I just feel like another human using a part of your body as a Camelbak would change said body part just a bit. I know they don't like fall off or anything, but what the doctor said was a direct contradiction of everything I have ever heard from a woman who nursed her children.

This is going to bother me now, so please comment down below and tell me who's right here.

And none of that, "well certain people's breasts stay perky and suckable and amazing" stuff either. What happens to normal people with normal luck and normal boobs?


Farrah, Debra and Michael go out to dinner and toast to Farrah starting college. Farrah tells her parents that she has a date around 9:30 or 10:00, but the guy hasn't texted her back yet. By 9:45 there is still no word from this Roberto character she's supposed to be stepping out with.

Deb doesn't think it's a good idea for Farrah to be dating, but Farrah says she misses going out. Debra thinks that dating shouldn't be a priority until after the baby is born and Farrah finishes college.

In the end, it doesn't matter much because Roberto blew Farrah off. This is the first instance of the reality of motherhood really hitting her.

Farrah & Co. go to hospital where she'll be delivering.

Farrah's sister, Ashley, and Debra are both reluctant to be in the room when Farrah gives birth, but Farrah seems to want them there for support.

Farrah has a lot of questions about labor and delivery, but Ashley and her mom discourage her from asking any more "grotesque" questions. I had forgotten how sympathetic Farrah initially was, even despite her general obnoxiousness.

Next, Farrah has her baby shower. Getting so many baby items makes it all very real for Farrah and she realizes that in a very short time, she'll be a mom. Soon thereafter Farrah's water breaks. Debra confirms the smell of amniotic fluid in the room and they head to the hospital. Michael is still out of town for work and Farrah's sister is very ill, so Farrah and Debra are at the hospital alone.

Debra speaks to Michael on the phone briefly and he says he'll head back to Iowa as soon as he can. Farrah and Debra are both getting emotional and when the labor gets more intense; Farrah has trouble holding it together. A doctor comes in to administer an epidural and it helps to calm the young mother.

Farrah's OBGYN comes in to explain the delivery process, which means it's almost time for Farrah to start pushing! Debra is feeling very squeamish, but is trying to stay strong to take pictures of the delivery.

After eight hours of labor and a lot of pushing, baby Sophia makes her television debut! Debra evens manages to cut the cord! Farrah's never held a baby before, but Sophia seems to be content in her mother's arms and doesn't even cry while Farrah cradles her.

Farrah says this is because, "She knows I love her!" and gives the baby kisses.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.34.00 PM

Farrah's grandparents and a lot of friends come to see the baby.

While she's in the hospital, Farrah begins to realize how much work a baby is.

We even see Sophia meet her first love, the pacifier! Michael finally makes it into town and gets to meet his granddaughter and they are finally ready to take baby home.

After a few days at home, Farrah is beginning to get frustrated with her new life. Between a lack of sleep and her mother's micromanaging (like arguing about whether or not to put those mitten thingys on the newborn), she's having a tough time adjusting. When Farrah asks for more help with the baby at night, Debra isn't receptive and says she needs her sleep.

Farrah is disappointed at the lack of support she has.

On top of that, Farrah's lack of wheels has her going stir crazy. Her friends come over and she tells them that she has hope that when Sophia's out of the newborn phase things will normalize.

These are the "baby handcuffs" Deb was so concerned about These are the "baby handcuffs" Deb was so concerned about

When her friends start getting ready to go out, she has to tell them that she's staying in to take care of the baby. Even when they insist that Debra can look after Sophia, Farrah still declines. She does however ask her mom about the possibility of looking at cars. Debra wants to wait until Farrah is back and work and turns 18, so that the insurance rates will be more reasonable.

Farrah is upset and we're seeing the beginning of this relationship fall apart. Farrah and her sister get together to talk about the situation, because her sister knows best how difficult their parents can be.

Farrah thinks that she needs some space, so she and Ashley go to the gym to blow off some steam.

Farrah's disappointed to learn that the gym doesn't have a daycare facility of any kind and realizes that having a baby changes absolutely everything.

After a while, Farrah's mom opens up to the idea of looking at cars. Farrah's grandfather will be helping with the cost of the car and wants her to go to the local Ford dealership. Farrah wants to get a Ford Focus, but Debra says she hates Focuses and wants to look at foreign cars.

The stress has clearly gotten to the both of them and they argue about each other's stubbornness. Debra delivers the most memorable quote from Farrah's episode when she tells her daughter, "I have had enough of your belligerent, antichrist attitude!" When Farrah continues to argue back, Debra delivers a swift smack in the face.

(God, this reminds me too much of arguments I've had with my own mother.) Farrah calls her grandparents to have them pick her up and ten minutes later, her grandfather comes to get her and they go out for lunch with her grandmother and Sophia.

Afterwards, they go over to the Ford dealership and look at cars.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.02.29 PM

Farrah delivers her closing monologue. Farrah thinks that her mother just has trouble letting go, because she's still so young herself. She knows her family isn't perfect, but they love each other, which is what counts.

She knows that one day, she'll need to find the right male figure in her life.

She thinks that being a young mother has made her a better person and she wants to guide Sophia to make the right decision even when she's not around. We'll see what happens...



"Farrah’s never held a baby before, but Sophia seems to be content in her mother’s arms and doesn’t even cry while Farrah cradles her. Farrah says this is because, “She knows I love her!” and gives the baby kisses."

Oh 16 year-old Farrah, I just want to hug you and provide you with all the emotional support your awful Mother refused to give you. That poor, poor girl. She was just a kid and had no idea what to do. Her mother wouldn't even let her ask LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS about what she was getting herself into. UGH. Her asshole parents absolutely ruined her. I blame them entirely for her transformation into the basket-case adult she is today. This recap was so good that I got angry about Farrah's situation all over again. Great article, Tomlin.

P.S. The mother of an infant needs a car. Period. Fuck your cheap ass, Debra. "Lower insurance rates"...THIS IS FOR YOUR DAUGHTER AND GRAND DAUGHTER. GAWD. Arrrgghhh, I'm so mad.

I managed without one for 6 years :p just recently got one as my son (who's nearly 7) is starting to get hobbies and stuff

@You're a piece

It might be different depending on where you live. I know that here in Southern California, where public transportation is a complete joke, not having a car + having an infant = not being able to do basic things like go to the grocery store or take your baby to their doctor's appointment. Sure, you might be able to find someone to give you a ride...sometimes. It's definitely considered a major hardship where I live.

A car would certainly be handy I don't remember the episode and I didn't read the recap thoroughly, but it is not Debra's responsibility to provide Farrah a CAR just because she got pregnant. Perhaps access to her car when necessary and planned ahead of time. Or maybe take care of Sophia so Farrah can get a job and save specifically for a car. But suggesting that Farrah is entitled to a car just because she has a baby is a bit far fetched here.

If I'm remembering correctly, Farrah originally DID have a car but she totaled it. I can definitely understand why they were hesitant to provide her with another car. But with that, they're also putting themselves in a situation where they'll be driving Farrah around a lot to get to pediatrician appts, grocery stores, etc or letting Farrah borrow their car.

I thought Farrah was such a brat when her mom was taking her to look at cars. In my opinion, when you're sixteen and just totaled your car, you should be grateful your parents are buying you another one even if it's not the kind you wanted. She flat-out demanded that she get a Ford Focus or whatever and threw a shit-fit over not getting her way. Kid, just be thankful your mom or grandpa or whoever is considering getting you another vehicle at this point.

I forgot about how terrible her mom and sister were during the hospital tour. The questions aren't grotesque, they're things she is going to need to know and I really wished I could go through the tv screen to slap them.

I just remember how taken aback the dr seemed about her mothers attitude and says something to farrah like 'we can talk about these things later privately' poor Farrah her mother seemed like she was trying to make it all about her.

Didn't her sister have a baby a few years ago? Any info about that?

I remember watching Farrah's episode when I was 16 myself and I was actually envious of her parents. Mine were so hard on me, and I know that if I ever got pregnant they would smack my anti-christ attitude all the way to a foster home. Debra's acceptance of Farrah's eventual choice to keep the baby was sweet and it seemed like her parents were ready to support her emotionally and financially while she did that. To me, it really seemed like Farrah was a complete and total brat by no influence other than her own. I really didn't have a problem with her parents when I saw that episode.

WELL NOW, fast forward a few years...We find out Mykol cheated, Debra sends hundreds of thousands to internet strangers, borrows money from farrah for a facelift, Mykol LIVES with farrah in her guest house, Mykol supports Farrah's body part molds and states that he might make a mold himself....and a partridge in a pear tree.

good LORD Farrah you had no chance. And neither does Sophia.

The thing that stood out the most to me during Farrah's episode is how overbearing Debra was about cutting off Derek. Even when Farrah seemed kind of on the fence about her relationship with the guy, Debra just shut it down immediately every time. She was having his CHILD and her mom made the decision for her that she'd no longer allow him in her life. Sure, Farrah has sold out and exaggerated a lot about her relationship with the guy since then and really hammed up the visiting the cemetery shit but she was 16, having his baby and her mom made the huge life decision for her to completely estrange the guy and then he died. That's got to fuck a person up royally and Farrah was already pretty far gone.

farrahs mom should have let her get the abortion she desperately wanted :( she was not ready to be a mom. AND her parents should not have agreed to letting her go on MTV.

I'll never forget Farrah apologising for looking the way she did when giving birth and apologising to the doctors / nurses for having to be down 'that end' LOL

"I'm so sorry you all have to look at my crotch," she said to the camera crew, for the very last time in her life.

and thus a (porn) star was born!

I wish Teen Mom had never happened, because I think Farrah could have been a totally different person. You can still see moments of her being a colossal turd , but I had real sympathy for her during her episode. I wonder what she would have been like if she'd had to struggle like other Teen Moms.

I'm not sure if this is normal or not but I breastfed for 2 months and my bra size never changed from prenancy to when I stopped except for the day my milk came in. Lots of other things on my body are different, but my boobs are the exact same three years later.

More boob TMI for Tom: I'm an A cup at best (really an A-). I went without a bra for many many years and no one noticed. I barely bounced. When I got pregnant I was SO excited to finally get boobs! But...I never did. They never got bigger, like everyone told me they would (and like they do for 99% of the population). I didn't have to buy a bigger bra size throughout the whole pregnancy. After giving birth, I breastfed, and used an A cup nursing bra. Yes, admittedly, they did get a bit bigger when my milk came in (I had cleavage for the first time ever!) but not that much bigger. I breastfed for 13 months, an NOW, really, they are worse than they were before. I swear they're even smaller, and they are really, super squishy. Yes, the texture of them changed. Without a doubt, breastfeeding changed my boobs, and not the way I was hoping for! Thank God the hubs is not a breast man.

I'd love to read Newday's explanation of why the texture changed.

I'm an A cup and love going braless. I shall treasure it so much more now! I have a lot of time before I plan to have a kid ;)

Hahahahaha and A- I Love it! I too am an A- but I want to get a boob job lol I am waiting until after I have kids though so it doesn't matter what happens to them :P

When I got pregnant with my twins I was a C cup. During my pregnancy I grew to a D cup. After I had them my milk didn't really come in so I never got a chance to breast-feed. I tried pumping but found it to be more stressful than needed. Most people when they wean off of pumping they gradually shorten the amount of time and how often. For me, I pumped 15 minutes instead of 20 and that was the end of my milk. I went back to a C cup, but instead of the perky boobs I'd had prior to pregnancy they are now more deflated. I tell my husband that I would love to get a boob job and not to make them bigger, but just to lift them up again!

Ok so I was a C cup pre- pregnancy and by the time I delivered I was about a DD. I had some breastfeeding issues, breastfed for a little over a month before I started drying up and went to formula. It took about a year still to completely get back to my original C cup, probably when I lost the last of my baby weight. When standing up, my boobs look about the same as they did pre pregnancy. When I bend over they do look a little.. Sad. I have a friend who breastfed 3 kids for a long time each so her story is a little different than mine. She had a C cup pre- pregnancy and now she says she has an A cup

I have breastfed 3 babes for about 13-15mths each. I was a small B cup before babies and now I'm an A cup. They aren't saggy. But definitely squishier. I REALLY want a boob job. I have wanted one since before I had babies. Just to have boobs. Just a C you can C (seeing as we are talking Farrah here) but hubby is more of an ass man than a boob man and says he loves them just the way they are. BORING.

I'll join the boob talk... I was a D cup before baby. Depending on bra style an coverage I could sometimes get away with a C. I've been breastfeeding for 6 months and my nursing bras are different. Some are DD, DDD and a few E's. The E's are one band size smaller than I'm used to, but they didn't have this kind in my right size, so I tried a "sister size." I always try them on before I buy, so I guess it depends on how full I am at the time. They're all quite comfortable. My boobs became a little saggy before she she was even born, so I don't breastfeeding caused them to be that way. I would definitely say that they are squishy. Again, I don't know if that's from nursing, or from being pregnant.

About the boobs: my doctor said pregnancy changes boobs, not breastfeeding.
I never breastfed but I do have 2 children and my nipples are bigger after those two pregnancies
Tmi? You asked though ?

Yea that is what I heard too, it is actually being pregnant that will change them.

My boobs and nipples are still bigger too.
I even went up a shoe size since pregnancy.

Farrah used to be beautiful and exotic. Everything she hated about her body, like her nose, made her unique. Now her face matches her personality.

It's a shame.

Even knowing what Farrah has become, it's hard not to feel bad for while reading this.

I remember laughing at her when this episode first came out because, being 21, I could still remember dumb broads like her in high school and I had zero sympathy for her. Since then, I've had a daughter of my own, so I see it more from the perspective of her parents. I want to give that poor, scared little girl a hug and tell her she's good enough. No wonder Farrah had no idea how to be a loving mother to Sophia when she grew up with parents who seem totally emotionally vacant.

She reminds me of one of those yappy little purebred puppies that rich people buy and then put zero effort into training. Like they got her because she was cute and fit nicely in a purse, but then they ignore her and get angry when she pisses and shits all over the carpet. Now they have a full grown bitch dog on their hands who bites and growls at everyone who comes near her. Maybe Cezar Milan can save her, but I have a feeling she might need to be put down :(

Ah, the elusive Farrhuahua.

You just have to wait until she is in a calm, sub-meeesive state.

The boob question:

During pregnancy, and afterwards when you breastfeed, your boobs usually grow two bra sizes larger. After your milk dries up your boobs go back to their normal size. So imagine inflating a balloon, and then deflating it. That's what happens to your boobs. They're just a bit...sadder and less perky than before you became pregnant.

Yes, "sadder." That's a good way to put it.

Aww I didn't even see your comment yet, and that's exactly how I described my boobs lol

My boobs look pretty much the same after nursing my son for 8-9 months.. They looked soooo bad when I first started nursing though! Scabbed, bloody nipples.. Rock hard boobs... But after about 3 weeks they were huge but ok.. After nursing they went back to a C and they were nice up until I hit about 4 months in this pregnancy..

Regardless I can't imagine choosing how my breasts would look over providing the best nutrition to my child.. Not bashing anyone who formula feeds at all.. I just can't imagine that being the reason not to even try breast feeding!

In addition to my Teen Mom obsession, I am also a total Dr. Phil junkie. I feel like some of you guys might enjoy this epsiode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6GB-1R3a9M. Something about this reminded me of Corey and Leah...

The video's gone :/ I was just watching Dr Phil a little while ago and really wanted to Corey & Leah 2, lol. Do you know the name of the episode so I can search it?

They snatch them down off of YouTube so fast! Hopefully this one will be up for a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkrsJLZJSsQ. That mother is a complete mess. If that vid doesn't work, it's call something like "Bitter Custody Battle: What Will The Polygraph Reveal?"

Jesus Christ, you weren't kidding. I'm 14 minutes in, and it's like these two watched the last season of TM2 and decided to act it out for Dr Phil.

Gah! The second one is gone, too!

@Tomlin Oh my what a crazy lady. I wish Dr. Phil would have really let her have it. Just coaching/lying about the sexual abuse alone should get the kids taken away at a minimum and her do some jail time. I really feel bad for the father, he never once lost his cool up on stage and you could tell he genuinely cares about his kids. I don't condone hitting a woman, but to quote Chris Rock, in this case "I understand". (Just Kidding, it is never ok)

It makes me really sad that this kind of stuff is happening all around us, those poor kids will really need therapy (real therapy, not rehab "therapy") but they will probably end up just a messed up as their mom.

A lot of similarities to Leah: the lies, the drugs (?), the sleepy-headedness / multiple tardies, the answers for everything - but nothing is her fault, telling people the kids don't like being with the father.

Dont stick your dick in crazy, much less marry and have two kids with it!

I breastfed my first while also feeding them formula and it didn't change my boobs much since I barely nursed and it was only for 5 months. I nursed my second for 16 months with no formula and they weren't a big food fan until over a year so I nursed a lot and now my boobs are really sad. Very squishy and although I've never been well endowed (except when nursing/pregnant) I was usually a B snd now I'm barely an A. I'm also 5 months pregnant now and my boobs have barely grown at all. Still barely an A lol. Breastfeeding not pregnancy ruined mine

I wonder what happened to cousin Isla? I feel like she would have been a great addition to Teen Mom. And it would have been less awkward than Farrah's constantly rotating cast of rent-a-friends...

I LOVE cousin Isla's cotton candy hair! And that tiny bow! Adorbs.

It looks like an MTV wig.

I want to know what happened to the sassy gay friend
'they are called cheer leaders, not cheer followers'

The boob question: pregnancy is what changes your breasts, not breastfeeding. Your milk will come in whether you choose to breastfeed or not as well. The delivery of the placenta triggers your body to start producing milk.

Does anyone know if its true that Farrah is planing to adopt a poor defenseless child?.

Not even Farrah knows that ;-).
But many are hoping this new whim will end soon.

For the boob part, my boobs have always been odd. They are too big for a B but don't fill a C. When I was pregnant up until right after my son was born my boobs got huge and round. 3 years later they are still a little bigger than before but still don't fill a C. They have gone kind if flat on me now instead of nice a rou d. I did.not breastfeed. Hope that helps.

It's so sad looking back at Farrah on 16 and Pregnant and the early seasons of Teen Mom. She was really really trying to be a good mother to Sophia and was still chasing the restaurant dream. It also shows that Debra and Michael were always horrible people. Just about every scene Debra was in was awful, the 'baby handcuffs, being grossed out at Farrah's legitimate questions about childbirth, the car smack, and her bizarre passive aggressive attitude the whole time.

I also remember early in Teen Mom after Deb had been arrested; Farrah let her and Michael see Sophia for her birthday. When Farrah tried to read Sophia her card, Debra kept purposely interrupting and talking over Farrah. Just awful. I bet Deb's happy now, she's turned Farrah into her mini me.

It's really bizarre how this entire thing turned out. It seemed like Debra assumed she only had to support Farrah by letting her and Sophia live in the house rent-free. She didn't want to actually help her daughter out, even when it was clear that Farrah was struggling with how different her life was going to be and needed a lot of assistance. And then when Farrah inevitably started burning out and neglecting her motherly duties, Debra stepped in and refused to let Farrah better herself as a mother. I can't imagine having a baby as a teenager. I can't imagine my mom not helping me out beyond, "I'm letting you live here for free." It's like Debra was punishing Farrah for keeping Sophia or something. Clearly nobody stands a chance at having a healthy, happy life in the Danielson-Abraham family.

Amen. I honestly think Farrah did as well as she possibly could in that seriously fucked up situation.

See I don't really agree that Any of these parents needed to help beyond what they would have done as a grandparent... I mean look at it from the parents point of view, these children are their future grandchildren not their actual children. All the parents expressed that they don't want another child and that it will be the responsibility of the parents to look after the kids. I think the support Farrah parents provided was prett reasonable. Free rent, a car plus looking after Sophia. Even if Farrah wanted support so she could continue with her normal social life that still isn't anyone else's responsibility to provide that support.Farrah's parents faulted was the lack of emotional support they provided. And honestly this lack of emotional support was obviously happening long before Farrah became pregnant, so she was never going to receive that kind of support anyway.

@Leave Me

I totally get where you're coming from. In normal circumstances, I would 100% agree with you. Grandparents have no obligation to provide help.

However, when a teenager has a child I think the situation is very different. If your 16 year old has a kid, you are still responsible for your 16 year old's well being--which, by the way, now includes your grandchild's well being. Having a baby doesn't automatically make your teenage daughter an adult. You still need to 100% provide for her financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. Nothing has changed. If anything, you are needed more than ever before. More than ever your kid needs you to comfort them, assist them, guide them and instruct them. It doesn't make sense to be like, "Oh you made a huge mistake? You're on your own then!" If a teenager makes any other major mistakes, their parents don't just abandon them--they *help* them. As far as I'm concerned, Farrah was still Debra's responsibility until the day she turned 18. Being a parent means more than just providing food and shelter.

No I agree with you Dr Evans I defiantely think they should have supported her more emotionally and given her more advice and guidance. But I also think as things like babysitting duties and paying for Sophia they definitely went above and beyond. I guess their support was really inconstant, they would be there for some things and then completely run away from others.

I think there's a huge difference between helping your teenager raise her baby and not offering any kind of support---emotional or physical. Just letting Farrah and Sophia live under her roof rent-free wasn't enough. Farrah was clearly struggling, and Debra really made it very difficult for her daughter to adjust to motherhood in a normal, healthy way. I also think she was punishing Farrah for keeping Sophia, which is weird because she refused to give Farrah permission to get an abortion and essentially coerced her into having the baby in the first place.

Was Debra the worst parent in the "16 and Pregnant" franchise? No, I think there were many others who were definitely worse (April before she quit Butch and drugs, Anorexic Kayla's mom, etc.). But she really screwed Farrah over in the beginning by, as you said, not giving inconsistent support. Most adult women have a difficult time adjusting to being new moms, so I can't imagine how hard it would be as a teenager. Debra didn't have to be Sophia's second parent, but she could have taken Farrah under her wing instead of leaving her to figure things out herself. Then again, as somebody else reminded me, Debra barely raised her own daughters and frequently left them with her parents so she could go on business trips. So maybe she wasn't the best candidate for offering parenting advice.

After reading my own post I think I came across a bit harsh :P what I should have said is Debra shouldn't have been expects to provide or support Sophoa beyond what her normal grandparent duties were. But she should have defiantely continued to support Farrah to enable Farrah to support Sophia. My mum always told me if I get pregnant at 16 it won't be her responsibility to look after the kid beyond what she would have already done as a grandparent but she will always support me.

Since we're talking about the grandparents responsibilities when your child is pregnant....My question is, which I am sure will be testy but am curious, BUT my idk like 2nd cousin got pregnant when she was only 13! Her mom tried to convince her to either go with adoption or abortion, her response was keeping the baby. If you're somewhat responsible for your child and their offspring, should you have a say? 16 is a little different but when your parent is taking financial responsibility for your child, who is on their own having a child. What then? What do you do?

KailsShavedGuns I've often thought about that before, too, where a person is 13 and get pregnant. It doesn't seem unreasonable to me at all for a parent to say "You do not have the option to raise this baby, because you can't even legally drive or hold a job on your own, so its adoption or abortion." Especially if its made clear, like it was to Madi, and like I've heard other parents make clear to their kids, that having a child is a choice with big consequences, and they will be responsible for them. As long as kids are being educated about sex, and contraceptives, etc. there is little to no excuse to them "accidentally" getting pregnant. It might be hard for a teenager to understand the weight of having a child and the consequences and responsibilities involved, but its not impossible and teenagers aren't stupid. They can grasp it. If they choose it, they choose it. They need to face the consequences.

The difference between a teenage mistake like shoplifting with a friend and getting pregnant is that human lives are affected.
Your child knows not to steal, you will have told them that. Yet, under peer pressure your chuld may choose wrong.
Your child will not be punished by the law like they would do to an adult.
There are so many women walking around with a great void in their heart and a trauma cause their parents forced them to give their baby up.
I think you should not think too lightly about this.

part Ii
And when is a child properly sex educated?
The only 100% effective education is that your child can and will come to you and ask for birth control when they need it. That is not happening in a lot of families.

When my daughter would climb on a motorcycle at 13 I would be scared and angry but I rather have her come to me for a helmet when she knows she will do something that stupid anyway some day when Im not looking.

Farrah, you and I live in the same town. Everyday I think about what I'd say to you when/if I ever see you around.

1. I'd say be nicer to your mom
2. Be nicer to your sister.
3. Most importantly be there for your daughter.
4. Be nicer to your sister.

Then I'd ask you,

Why are you selling your DNA and making below up dolls? You don't even like your DNA, or yourself.

Can you please move?

I work in that same town! I've had a lot of contact with her due to my job. She is exactly like she is portrayed on tv.


God, reading this recap made me realize that Farrah really stood no chance at having a normal life with parents like Michael and Debra. She was bratty, sure, but her mother and father (mostly the former rather than the latter) really put her through the ringer. It's weird how Debra pushed for adoption, accepted Farrah's decision to parent, and then made it so hard on her to adjust to having a newborn. I wonder if this was Debra's way of "punishing" Farrah for deciding to keep Sophia? It seems likely. Or maybe Debra just figured that she gave enough support by letting Farrah and Sophia live with her rent-free.

I totally forgot that Debra and Ashley didn't want Farrah asking questions about her labor and delivery. Those questions weren't grotesque. They're completely normal for a pregnant woman to ask, especially a teenager gradually realizing the weight of her decision to keep her baby. Knowing how good Farrah was with Sophia at the very beginning was so, so sad. I think she had genuine love for Sophia and really wanted to be the best mother she could be despite the lack of a concrete support system. And now they lead separate lives and Sophia is "doing her own thing". What might have been indeed.

Did Debra KNOW how to parent herself though? From what we hear, she used to dumb the girls on the grandparents all the time (who seemed wonderful and we now never hear about) and so Debra can't offer advice on rearing a child, if she barely did it herself.

Something to consider... Farrah wanted to have an abortion, and her mom wouldn't let her. If you look at it in that light, that she really didn't want to have a baby, it gives you a different perspective on the whole family dynamic.

So her Mom forced her to have the baby, and then 1) wouldn't answer her questions about giving birth, 2) was reluctant to even be there with Farrah at the hospital and 3) refused to provide any help with Sophia. Okay then.

Debra wanted Farrah to give Sophia up for adoption. Farrah deciding to keep Sophia wasn't part of Debra's plan. I guess not helping with the baby was Farrah's punishment? Ugh. I hate that all this has made me feel so bad for Farrah! Also for Sophia, although Sophia has had my sympathy for a long, long time.

She also strong armed Farrah into cutting all ties with Derek. She basically did everything she could to isolate Farrah as much as humanly possible, including having her leave her peers in high school to pursue online classes at a local college. Surely it occurred to her as a mother that (had he not died before Sophia was born) Derek could have SOME sort of role in Farrah and Sophia's life and help out. If my 16 year old daughter was about to have a baby, I'd welcome all the help in the world to help her through it.

Don't be a whore and a murderer! But you're still shaming the family and must be reminded of it constantly!

This may not be a super popular opinion around here so I'm fully prepared for a barrage of downvotes, but I could never stop my daughter from getting an abortion. Most episodes of 16 & Pregnant are like an hour long infomercial advertising the benefits of terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

Obviously it's not the right choice for everyone, but for a lot of these girls it isn't even an option. Their choices are 1) give up their life to raise a baby, often as a single mother, 2) make the incredibly difficult decision say goodbye to your baby immediately after 40 weeks of pregnancy and the trauma of labour, 3) leave the baby with the grandparents and look like a terrible mother, or 4) kill yourself.

I'm not at all saying that abortion is an easy way out. It's painful, very stigmatized, and can leave deep emotional scars. I had friends in high school and university who had abortions and it wasn't a decision they took lightly. But it gave them their lives back.. all of them graduated college/university, found amazing careers, and most own their own homes. A lot of them are married and had babies once they were ready. I'm sure that lots of teen mothers beat the odds and are successful, but the ones I went to high school with have never left town and are still working in the same grocery store/KFC etc. I don't mean any offense and I'm not at all looking down on young moms, but it isn't something I'd want for my daughter. Teenagers are stupid and make mistakes, but it's insane to punish them with the responsibility of a human child.

Nice post. If I remember correctly, I think Farrah was the only girl who wanted an abortion and was forced to carry her baby to term because her mother refused to give permission. Other girls said they considered abortions, but ultimately made the decision to have their children. Some, like Maci, said they knew abortion was always a choice, but they couldn't have one done for personal reasons. It just wasn't for them, even if it was a logical decision.

I think most of these girls kept their babies because they wanted to have families with their boyfriends, or they wanted to experience unconditional love from somebody because they felt they weren't getting any or enough from their parents or families. I also think a couple, like Maddy and Jennifer, got pregnant solely because they wanted to be on the show and become famous like those who went on to do the "Teen Mom" series. I think, in a lot of these cases, these girls' situations were less, "Less access to abortions" and more "I want a family and somebody to love." And they don't realize until it's much too late that they're screwing over themselves and their children's futures.

And there's always the religious side of it. Like I 100% agree with you "Are y'all hirin'" I wouldn't want that for my daughter either. And what confuses me from a religious standpoint is that they don't condone abortion, but decide it's a better idea to be an unwed, non-virgin, teenage single mother? Like Grangie. She wouldn't put Mack on birth control because she doesn't condone pre-marital sex, but was ok with more babies? Seems so dumb to me.

For sure, I completely agree with what you're both saying. I could spend all night trying to understand the logic behind the decisions these girls make, but it would be pointless because logic has nothing to do with it. They're fueled entirely by hormones, instagram, and the sad fantasy that they'll live happily after with their pizza-faced Prince Charmings. I guess if your only future career ambitions are to breed and cash cheques, you might as well get started young. Bless their hearts.

The moment my mum found out any of us kids were having the vertical tango we were straight to the doctor and on birth control. She has also always spoken to us about the 'dangers' of having sex and what our options are if something ever did happen. We were always told that if something ever did happen any choice we made would be fully supported BUT if we chose to keep the theoretical baby we would have to look after it ourselves.

I think the problem with these girls is that they didn't have this kind of support or guidance. A lot of them had teen mother themselves and obviously didn't know better. And the other half didn't get the right support to make the best decision for them. Whether they thought they should have had an abortion but were not allowed or wanted to keep the baby but then never had any guidance on how to raise the baby. I also agree a lot of them craved some sort of love that they weren't getting either from their family or partner at the time.

yep thats the worst part of it to me.

also i remember in season 1 of teen mom farrah got nuva ring birth control and her parents FLIPPED OUT on her for going on BC

Does anyone know what happened to make Farrah completely deny Derek any parental rights or the opportunity to be involved with the pregnancy.

Yep!! He DIED!

Oh I meant before he passed away.

Deborah was forcing Farrah to cut him out of her life. I dont know if Farrah was still pregnant when Dereck died? He obviously wasnt present at the birth, and his family arent mentioned at all.

He passed away before Sophia was born. I thought Farrah was 6 months or around there when he died in a car accident.

Yeah he died at the end of December and Sophia was born the following February.

I just googled the dates... Derek Underwood died in a car accident on December 28, 2008 and Sophia was born on February 23, 2009. So Farrah would have been about 7 mos pregnant at the time of his death. IMO, Debra was so controlling about everything regarding Farrah's pregnancy but then basically left her out to dry by herself. That family is seriously messed up. Maybe the reason Debra didn't want Farrah telling Derek about the pregnancy had to do with her trying to force Farrah to give Sophia up for adoption? If Derek is (seemingly) out of the picture, it's easier for Farrah to feel like she has no support? Then force her hand by giving her no support when she decides to keep Sophia? Delusional, all of them. Especially Farrah with her gushing about the baby daddy after he's dead and her made up love story. Poor Daddy Derek is probably rolling over in his grave seeing what's become of Farrah.

I always got the impression that Farrah's parents considered Derek and his family to be very beneath them and "not good enough" for their daughter. Obviously, Michael and Debra have a difficult time holding Farrah responsible for ANY of her decisions or actions so, to them, Derek swooped in and defiled their child and knocked her up and must be destroyed. Also, Michael busted them having sex and beat up Derek at some point so there was already a lot of tension between everyone before Farrah even got pregnant.

OT: am I the only one thinking 'let's celebrate we didn't divorce after all'-baby is in the oven?
Kailin denied she was pregnant early October. There were already rumors back then. Have a look for yourself.
I do wonder who or what inspires Kailins choice of clothing. What is this style called? Boho Bitch?

I'm rather surprised they're still married. I figured she'd be popping out another kid as soon as Joe and that hood rat Vee had one so she can say his real family is with her because more siblings or some bullshit of a similar vein.

I think she's pregnant too. She denied being pregnant with Lincoln for months, even when it was blatantly obvious.

That second chin is strong on this one.

Her whole face looks pregnant.

Hmm...I wonder if that has any connection to the way she and Javi were both going on about how they had the worst day ever and Sterling sent her flowers and offered her support through whatever was going on. I wonder if maybe Kail was pregnant and miscarried?

I agree. And I just saw your comment after I posted mine below. Great minds!

Maybe she was pregnant and had a miscarriage. She and Javi were both tweeting a few days ago about "the hardest days of their lives" but wouldn't acknowledge what happened. Who knows. Or maybe she couldn't get that second pair of Kanye West sneakers because Jo's child support barely makes a dent in Isaac's school tuition.

My boobs used to be amazing! Perky D cups that were firm and pretty! Even while I was pregnant, they grew a little but stayed pretty perky. I was lucky to have no trouble with my milk. Even before I had my daughter I would wake up covered in it (and I used to stuff pads in my bra before I went to bed). I breastfed for 2 years, and now my boobs are sad and stretch marked. They do keep my armpits warm when I lay down at night though.

Answer to the boob question. When I got pregnant I was 120 lbs (5ft 5 in) and just an A cup.when I gave birth I was 160ish and a BULGING out D cup. It was totally unbelievable. Then a few days after I gave birth I woke up from a nap and my giant boobs were hard as fucking rocks and my shirt was soaked. I was never warned about the "milk coming in" so luckily my grandmother was at my house at the time so she was able to explain what was going on. I breastfed for about a month but sadly my milk supply couldn't keep up with my sons needs. I am now a b cup and about 130 lbs., sadder is definitely the word I would use to describe my boobs. It is my opinion from my personal experience that pregnancy is what deflates your boobs. My doctor also told me that but I was skeptical at the time. I would also think long term breastfeeding (like a year) would do sad things to your Ta-tas.

This was awesome Tomlin, thank you for the recap!

It's odd, since I've long had this teeny tiny smidge of sympathy left for Farrah, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. This is why. Debra is like a real life wicked stepmother, except she's their actual mother, which makes it all so much worse. Sure, Farrah is snotty and bratty in this episode, but she's also 16. I was snotty and bratty at 16 too. I'm appalled all over again that Debra and the sister dismiss Farrah's honest questions and concerns about her body so readily. No wonder Farrah has such disturbing body and self image issues; the normal functions of pregnancy being called grotesque by her own mother says so much. What other horrendous thought processes did she pass on? Just as Farrah is now doing to poor Sophia, the latest link in this family's abusive chain. I also wish the doctor had advocated for Farrah a little more and provided an adult voice of reason in that shitshow.

it's also interesting how Daddy Derek really has become, retroactively, the symbol for the perfect life Farrah couldn't have. He was really an asshole, and had he lived I doubt he'd be on the pedestal Farrah has since posthumously placed him on. But since he's safely dead Farrah has piled all of her shattered dreams onto him and What Might Have Been.

Debra, since you love your Bible so much, just flip to that 'reap what ye sow' stuff and shove it in your wretched face every time Farrah acts like a maniac to you. I'm not excusing Farrah at all, but it's easier to see the bigger picture that created her. So, so sad.

And speaking of so so sad, I'm waaaay stoked to read the Leah and Jenelle recaps, assuming you get to them someday.

Oh, and as for boobs, I'm a little bigger than an A but not much of a B. My boobs were the biggest they'd ever been during nursing, and the only stretch mark I ever had was right between them. But really, they seem back to normal to me. Other stuff, not so much, ha ha!

"it’s also interesting how Daddy Derek really has become, retroactively, the symbol for the perfect life Farrah couldn’t have. He was really an asshole, and had he lived I doubt he’d be on the pedestal Farrah has since posthumously placed him on. But since he’s safely dead Farrah has piled all of her shattered dreams onto him and What Might Have Been."

So, so, SO well said. I unfortunately have witnessed a lot of death in my life and so I can tell you this kind of thing happens A LOT. After they die, people's personas get blown up to ridiculous proportions until they almost come across as sacred beings. The more time has passed since they died, the less human they seem. Less and less of their faults and mistakes are remembered, and suddenly everyone is attributing amazingly positive traits to their personality that they never possessed. Pretty soon everyone's memory of the deceased is completely fabricated. It's very interesting.

This bugs me. Even when the crappiest person dies, they always end up being talked about like the best person ever. When I die, I will be happy if people say I was a bitch, but they loved me anyways.

We shall all remember how Jenn exploded at Abby Morgan's funeral in (holy) Dawson's Creek when she called out dead Abby as a "bitch" when everyone was talking about her as if she was a saint when she was everything but. Your comment reminded me of that episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiQwAyLEbe8 Here, enjoy! For Jenn's speech, go to 24 min.

Dawson's Creek!!! Haven't thought of that show in forever! I'm so glad you brought it up ?

And I remember Debra saying in one therapy session how she lost a fiance when she was young, and how easy it is so idealize someone when they pass away. It was one of the wisest things she ever said.

I hope there's more than one hospital in WV. Because Leah's BFF Kayla had just given birth yesterday to a little boy. I hope Miranda and her aren't roomies!

Leah was probably there instantly trying to check out the NICU and see if she could overhear anything. Starting drama over a babys name just proved she will stoop down to any level to try to take away someone else's happiness and distract people from her own constant problems.

I just feel that Farrah was never allowed to grieve and she probably carries around an incredible amount of guilt. It's one thing to be 16, mad/ hormonal/ emotional and decide to not tell him and with her parents co trolling that situation, but I doubt the last thing she ever thought would happen would be her child's father passing away.

I mean, yeah she's batshit crazy now, but I truly feel for Farrah and always have

I feel so bad for all these girls.. I can't watch 16 & Pregnant without shedding a couple tears. I was 26 when I was pregnant with my daughter and I was scared to death, so watching these little girls struggle just breaks my heart. They're usually somewhat neglected by their parents, desperate for someone to love them, and completely unprepared for the reality of motherhood. Then they end up as an isolated single mother with zero future prospects, apart from the 1% chance they'll be the next "Teen Mom" star, selling their baby's pictures to Us Weekly to pay off their new boyfriend's F-150.

So I created an account to specifically talk about the boobs. So here it is. I have 3 kids. Breastfeeding does not affect your breasts at all as far sagging or less perky etc. The more kids you have the more your boobs sag etc. That is the truth. Boobs feel way different after breastfeeding. They definitely feel squishy almost kind of deflated feeling lol but they dont sag

Did anyone else watch Farrah on Celebrity Big Brother UK? One of the other contestants described her perfectly when he said she went through a traumatic experience as a teenager and that's when she stopped developing emotionally. Physically, she's in her twenties, but she still handles situations like a 16 year old. All this time, I kind of hoped "Farrah" was just a character she put on for reality TV, but Teen Mom must actually try to edit her to look better, because she was soooo much worse on Big Brother than I ever expected.

The other "celebrities" were actually very patient with her and sincerely tried to help her, but Farrah behaved like such a lunatic that she actually made JANICE DICKINSON look normal and down-to-earth. My absolute favourite moment (apart from when someone literally tried to kill her on the Big Brother Aftershow) was when she was verbally destroyed by a very eloquent, old British man during nominations. She kept up her "whatever, I don't give a fuck" attitude, but you can see in her eyes that she's never been called out like that before. Maybe if Farrah's real dad had been so brutally honest, she'd be a different person. https://youtu.be/Zp2_Yqqs0-Y

How embarrassing!

All of this but also, she has some sort of mental illness. And it's getting worse as she gets older, she's fed with more attention (at any cost) and it continues to pay off being absolutely and unbearably eccentric in the worst ways possible. I dunno if she's bipolar or has borderline personality disorder or what...I think she's definitely narcissistic for sure but I wouldn't be surprised if there were other conditions swirling around in there, too.

Her angry rant didn't even make sense. She was trying so hard to insult the guy but all she ended up doing was throwing out curse words and figures of speech willy nilly. She sounded like a broken robot.

Oh man, I just watched this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIdVx56jBSQ "best of Farrah big brother moments"... Wanna see something scary? Go to around 1:45. That is Debra, I guarantee it. The whole rant about the fucking dishes, she sounds JUST like her, and I would be willing to bet money that that exact rant is something Debra said or did. I also promise that Debra's whole "I don't feel anger, I feel blessed" thing is the reason Farrah is so obsessed with being "real." That little girl didn't have a chance.

What a gem. Thank you.
Again, nothing coming out of her mouth makes any sense.
"Some weird fucks are like, purposely weird to me, and they're fucking weirdos." Ooooh good one Farrah, you really got them.

Sophia is so unfortunate looking. She's long past her baby cute phase...I know I'm a horrible person for mentioning a kid, but I can't help what I see, sorry lol

I feel horrible as well for saying so, but I can't help but think that she's strange looking. She definitely needs a haircut.

She's gotten better looking as she's gotten older. I always thought she was a hideous damn baby. The main thing that bothers me about her nowadays (which isn't even her fault) is the fact that Farrah always slathers makeup on her and dresses her up for photo ops. She's not letting her just be a kid.

She looks a lot like Farrah did when she was young. Right now the missing teeth look a little odd, but missing teeth isn't a normal look and is temporary. I think bangs maybe aren't the best choice for her, especially given the shape of her eyebrows and stuff, but, whatever. She's just a kid, and there's more to life. If only her personality had a chance with the way Farrah's is :/

Slightly OT, but, how many girls featured on this show actually WERE 16 & Pregnant. Most of them seem to be about 18 when they give birth.

I remember there was a girl from Florida named Tay, I think, and she was 14 when she was on the show. I'm pretty sure she was the youngest. I've have noticed though that a lot of them are 17/18 and about to finish high school.

Taylor spent the majority of her pregnancy at 14 and was barely 15 when she gave birth.

Izabella Tovar was also fourteen when she got pregnant but turned 15 a couple months later still in her first or early second trimester.

I had my tonsils taken out two weeks ago and spent my days sleeping and watching the entire show on Hulu.

A lot of them really were sixteen when they got pregnant but may have turned seventeen shortly before giving birth.

I think the oldest one on the show has been Amber from teen mom and Katie from teen mom three

Lol. Her name was Taylor and she was from Ohio (I know because I've watched this trash-fest religiously). You're right, though. She was fourteen when she gave birth to her daughter, and is as of now the youngest girl to have a baby on "16 and Pregnant". The second-youngest, I believe, was Nikkole from season two, who was fourteen when she conceived and fifteen when she gave birth to her son.

Only a small handful of the girls were actually sixteen when they had their kids. I know Catelynn was sixteen when she gave birth to Carly; I think she was the only true "16 and Pregnant" girl in the first season. The rest were seventeen or eighteen when they had their children. Amber was actually nineteen when she had Leah. How she qualified for the show when she was three years too old and technically an adult is beyond me. I think they revealed she actually inspired the entire series, so maybe that's why.

Amber's brother was filmed for that Engaged and Underaged show MTV did but backed out of it. While they were filming, MTV noticed the whole "oh your little sister is knocked up and pretty young" thing going on and contacted Amber about 16 and Pregnant after Shawn backed out of his show. He apparently was VERY against her doing the show and, if I recall correctly, they pretty much recruited her while he was deployed and didn't know she'd agreed to it.

Yeah, I remembered that as I was writing my last sentence lol. I didn't feel like going into the background of why Amber was the show's inspiration. I sort of feel for Shawn, though. He seems like the only semi-normal person in his family. He probably figured no good could come out of doing a reality show, even for a quick paycheck, and knew that his sister was no in way prepared for what was going to happen even before "Teen Mom" became a thing. Weren't he and Gary best friends before Gare-Bear got Amber pregnant? What a shit-show.

"16 & Pregnant" DOES sound more dramastic than "19 and Having a Kid With a Loser".

I believe the doctor about the pregnancy being what changes your breasts.

I NEVER breastfed, not even one latch, I went straight to formula due to a very needed medication not being safe for breastfeeding. My boobs are still completely different since having my daughter.

I used to wear a C cup and although I've never had the smallest nipples (which was embarrassing for me) it was never too big of a deal because they were so light skin. I am very pale and my areolas were barely one shade darker.

While pregnant not only did my boobs go up to an E cup but my areolas nearly doubled in size and got DARK. And I mean DARK. Seriously almost black. After giving birth they've lightened up a lot and shrunk a tad but they're still bigger and darker than they were before. My cup size has also gone down to a DD.

Overall though I have no complaints. I have a lot of other friends that are mothers and most of them, breast feeding and formula feeding alike, have the same experiences as I have.

Hm... I have the same thing. I really don't like my new nipples but they just came with the wonderful experience of becoming a mom.
Before pregnancy, maybe one pencil would stay put under my boobs or not even. Now a small package of them would stay put. ;-).
Someone who had been volunteering Africa told me about seeying a woman breastfeeding a baby that was strapped on her back. She was able to flip her boobs over her shoulder. Yikes!
A friend was working in an old people's home and had to help a lady to use the toilet. She found this lady's breasts tucked in the waistband from her skirt.
Bottom line: things could be so much worse boob-wise. Let's be happy that we have healthy boobs and babies :-).

I was 145 pounds, 6'1, when I got pregnant with my daughter and a nice round, firm, full C cup. But the time I was ready to give birth I weighed 220 pounds and had gigantic DD tatas. I also had no trouble with my milk coming in and was leaking out every where before I even had her. I only breastfed for a month because I had some trouble and also what I suspect was PPD, I cried and was depressed every time I had to feed my daughter. My milk took over a year to fully dry up and it took me over two years to get back to my original weight. Now I am a large D cup, and my boobs are extremely saggy and have loads of stretch marks. Also like every one else said they are sad looking and super squishy, so I agree I think it has to do with pregnancy more than breast feeding. In my case I think gaining so much weight them dropping it did a toll on my breasts. I usedc to love them but now I have a hard time even finding bras to fit me, my size is really a 32 D but I have to deal with a 34 D because I can never find the former when I bra shop. I know next to nothing about bra sizing and fitting.
Oh and about the baby handcuffs. When my daughter was born her father told me something someone has told him, which was if you don't keep those mittens on your babies hands then when you aren't around them they will scratch their eyes and it could cause them to go blind. I was so scared of this that any time she was alone (sleeping, swinging, etc.) I had the mittens on her hands. I didn't want her to not be able to use her hands though so I didn't have them on 24\7, especially not if I was holding or playing with her. Now I don't know how true it is but to a new, young, scared mother it sounded believable enough. Maybe Debra heard the same thing so that's why she was so adamant about Farrah having them on Sophia? JS

they'll scratch their face at least, I haven't herd of many of them scratching their eyes OUT

whats going on with kailyn and javi? they both tweeted about this past week being the hardest time of their lives. it sounds like she miscarried honestly. sterling sent her flowers with a message about how shes there for both her and javi if they need her etc.

Oh my..... I hope they are OK.... :(

Eh, it's annoying if they're posting stuff on twitter but not saying why.

100% agreed. if they want to keep it private they can easily do so. just dont mention it on social media! but they went the attention obviously and want to keep it for the show (they are filming right now)

Aw... that would be sad. That's a big thing to go trough. She looked so happily pregnant with that glow on her face.
Maybe there is something wrong with the baby? How far along could she be?

Every morning while I drink my morning coffee I come on here to see if anything is new and every evening as my day is coming to a close I come on here to thumbs up comments and laugh about everything.

I will be the first to admit I judge these girls just like I judge every other mother/ mother to be.
I don't care if you breastfeed, I don't care if you co sleep none of that is what makes me upset.
What makes me judge mothers is if they are an actual mother or if they are selfish.

I know there will come a day were teen mom will be a show of the past and when that day comes I will be extremely sad because I truly love the show.

However, when it does cancle I hope to be extremely proud of all of this chicks because I hope they all become wonderful, selfless mothers. We have all watch their life's for some time now and whille some have truly grown up some of them have just gotten stupid.

What I want before this show candles is for everyone of the children have a true smile on all of their faces because then that means you all are doing right by them.

Your goal for everyday should be how to make "yourself" happy but reathrler how to create the best investment for your child and in my opinion it all starts with how you treat the child's parent.

It's not their fault you and the father didn't work out, don't ever and I mean ever talk bad about them in front of your child because you aren't hurting the other parent you are hurting your child. * Yes Janelle start thanking Barb's for all she's done. *


@Leah <3


Little update on Remi :D

And Leah friend names her baby Wilder, how would that be pronounced?

Maybe she's a Gene Wilder fan? That's how I read it.

Help me decide, what's more attractive:
a. Jeff wearing a uniform
b. Jeff holding a baby with a 'you won my heart already and nothing will change that little girl'-look on his face (it's on Starcasm).

Did MTV know about Derek's death during filming? And if they did, why not include that in the footage?

Yes, I'm pretty sure in Farrah's book she wrote that they filmed her learning the news of his death and her going to the funeral or a vigil or something.

Derek's family didn't want anybody on MTV to discuss his death or mention him by name after he died. That's why, for the first season of "Teen Mom", they never mention him directly or where he even is. They always say, "Sophia's dad", even though everybody knew that Derek had passed away by this point. It wasn't until season two or so that the Underwoods agreed that Farrah could talk about Derek and his death on TV.

really? because MTV absolutely didn't need the underwoods permission to discuss it. were they doing it out of respect? i always figured they just did it because they felt that including it would be too dark for what they originally saw for 16 and pregnant and teen mom

Kail is actually pregnant??!


Nothing better to save a marriage than to have a kid..oh wait.


It is a rumor which I believed. However, the latest rumor is they miscarried.

Wait, what?! This is the first I've heard about it so I went creeping on her IG some posts kind of made it seem like she wants another baby? She called her book her third baby... I've been out of the TM world for a while, has her and javis relationship improved?

@Dustin I think last season wrapped up filming late winter/early spring and no, at that point their relationship was not better. Javi was extremely jealous of Jo and Kailyn was never home taking care of the kids, Javi's mom was. Kail was traveling with her friends.

Thanks Bacon Slap, they seriously need to work on their marriage before anything else. Poor children shouldn't be in that environment nor with javi's mom who shouldnt be treated like a nanny. Is it just me or does kail want to live a life of a single twenty year old something who has no kids?!

Haha silly dustin you don't have to have a stable marriage to have a third baby that's what this show is all about

she said in an article she thinks she'll have just one more at some point, but not soon

The only people I will ever feel bad for in Farrah's life is anyone who has to come into contact with the horrid monster (Sophia too, but she's not really a part of Farrah's life). When you're treated like complete dog crap it doesn't hurt less because the person had a bad childhood. You don't get a pass to be rude and I'll sayy the same thing about Sophia if she doesn't break the cycle. Farrah's causing so much damage to her daughter and her past doesn't change that.

chelsea's engaged.........and i hate her ring lol

I legit just commented on that before I saw your post lol great minds!

Since I haven't seen a new article on here about it, our favorite baby voice mama is getting married! Cole proposed & Aubs was apart of it. It was "totes adorbs". Ohhh I can't wait to see it on the new season! I bet she baby talked for dayyyyyys after. Though I am happy for her.

Congrats to them, though I hope he didn't feel pushed into it. Chelsea always struck me as someone who gets caught up in the "idea" of something, so I hope things will work out. She was always the one that didn't rush into relationships and having more babies, hopefully that doesn't all go to the wayside and she keeps her head about her. Especially for Aubree.

The only reason she didnt rush was she was still bonking baldie. And honestly she got around just not publically and THAT i cant fault her for lets say jenelle was a good mom *LAUGH* she finds a new D every week well reports said chels was just a man needy but she was WAAAY smarter....(more smart?) Any how would we be saying the same thing? I really get annoyed with oh shes such a good girl. Not that you said that lol

Dang it i wanted to say it 1st lol so how long before we hear baby news, i agree chels is kinda better then the others but thats only due to her fortunate circumstances, she has baby fever though cuz she was all "dont make me a single mom again" over thier pig

LOL you know she said 'yes' in that terrible baby voice