16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Catelynn Baltierra (née Lowell)

16 and Pregnant

Hey everyone, I'm back from hell and here with a new 16 & Pregnant Throwback article! I'm sorry it's been so long. I'm also sorry in advanced, because I went a little photo happy in this article. Consider this a present from Teen Mom Junkies straight to you and yours! Happy Holidays fellow Junkies! I'll be back sometime next week with another throwback article and this time I'll be featuring one of the Teen Mom 2 girls.

First up is the girl everyone loves to hate. I don't even think I need to name names. So without further ado, let's take a look back at the heartbreaking story of Catelynn Lowell...

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.30.07 PMCatelynn Lowell is a teen from Algonac, MI, a small town right across the St. Clair from Canada. She and her boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, have been together since 7th grade, where they connected in music class by writing flirty notes. Catelynn's home life is much less stable, as she's lived in thirteen different houses since birth. Her mother, April, is moody and unpredictable, which makes Catelynn unsure whether April will ever really be there for her. In a conversation with Tyler, we hear Cate mention April getting pulled over for drunk driving and spending the night in jail the day before. Tyler hasn't been scared off my Catelynn's family life because his has been just as hard. Tyler's father, Butch, has been in and out of prison Tyler's whole life. If that all wasn't enough on its own, Butch and April upped the ante by falling in love and getting married. So technically, Cate and Ty are stepsiblings, but they insist that their parents are the weird ones because Cate and Ty were dating first.

Despite all of this, everyone gets along for the most part. But things are sure to get a whole lot crazier soon, because Catelynn is pregnant!Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.30.18 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.31.21 PMCatelynn and Tyler are currently juniors in high school and not sure if they're ready to parent. Thus, they've been talking pretty seriously about adoption. When asked by friend, Catelynn and Tyler both admit to crying upon finding out that Cate was with child. So far, they know that they're having a baby girl.

Cate sits down with her friend, Tabitha, to gab about more baby stuff. Catelynn thinks that an adoption will be rough, but that parenting is scarier.

Meanwhile, Tyler shoots hoops with his friend, Ashley.

Ashley questions how Cate got pregnant if they were using protection and Tyler says that he used a condom that had gone through the washing machine.

The scene cuts back to Cate who is asking, "How am I supposed to raise a kid when I'm a kid myself?"

Though Tyler and Catelynn are considering it seriously, April is very disappointed about the adoption idea. Catelynn tells her mother she was afraid that things would change drastically once she told April about the adoption idea. April says she still loves Catelynn, but insists on stating her opinion. Furthermore, she is absolutely sure Catelynn will change her mind.

Elsewhere, Tyler has a similar conversation with Butch. Butch tells Tyler that he'd always find some way to make things work and would never "give away" one of his children.

Tyler communicates that just wants better for his daughter.

Butch says that Tyler just isn't the cowboy he thought he was, and basically says the adoption is a result of Tyler not manning up. You can see Tyler's heart shatter at his father's callous words.

When Tyler and Catelynn sit down to talk about things, Tyler is honest and says he thinks keeping the baby will ruin their relationship. Neither of them think their lives are stable enough to raise a child. Between their home environment, joblessness and lack of education, the teens simply don't see how they'd be able to provide for a child.

Catelynn feels alone in this whole situation, but Tyler says he doesn't care about the lack of familial support. Tyler's face and eyes say that he's falling apart inside, but trying to be strong.

Even though they don't know much about adoption, they agree that adoption is the best choice.

The scene closes with Catelynn asking in a voiceover, "We know we can't raise a baby, but are we strong enough to give one away?"

The couple decides to make an appointment to meet with an adoption counselor, Dawn, at an adoption agency. Dawn tells the teen that their adoption plan should look and feel how they want it to. Catelynn's wishes are simple: to send and receive pictures and to send presents on birthdays and holidays. Dawn thinks that sounds reasonable and shows Cate and Ty profile books containing pictures and information about prospective adoptive parents. Catelynn and Tyler both look like they're going to be sick throughout most of this interaction. Catelynn especially looks like she's going vomit. Dawn waxes on about how sometimes the most loving thing is to do is to be selfless and let go. But even still, she assures the young couple that this will be the hardest thing they've ever had to do.Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.33.40 PMAt home with some friends, Cate says it's harder than she initially thought it would be to actually decide on adoption but is resolute on going through with it. Her mother, however, has begun to fill the house with baby things like clothes, toys and even a basinet. She says she has no plans to hold the baby when its born, however. She also keeps saying "it" when referring to the baby, even though they know it's a girl. She says she's scared that if she touches the baby, she'll want to keep her. Tabitha insists that no matter what Catelynn does, she wants to hold the baby. Still, the couple is sure they're doing the right thing. Tyler suggests everyone think about how screwed up the baby would end up if they insisted on trying to parent.

Tabitha understands their decision, because she says if she were to fall pregnant, she would get an abortion.Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.34.22 PMLater that same evening, Cate and Ty go through the profile books Dawn sent home with them. Catelynn's first criterion is that the couple they choose must not have kids unless they're also adopted. They look through the profile book of a couple named Brandon and Teresa and are instantly impressed by a photo of Teresa water skiing. Catelynn likes that she has plans to be a stay at home mom. Tyler wants someone college educated, which Brandon is. His cushy job as a financial planner also impresses the teens who aren't wholly sure what a financial planner even does. All of that combined with the couple's gorgeous home sells the teens.

No one manages to stick out like Brandon and Theresa do, so Catelynn and Tyler make another appointment with Dawn. Butch is not happy. While April rolls cigarettes in the kitchen, Butch questions how they figure the baby will be so much better off with a different family. When the teens list reasonable things that parents should have like stable housing and gainful employment, Butch insinuates that they're just being uppity and chides, "Oh, not good enough for you," condescendingly.

Tyler snaps back, "Not good enough for my kid!" And defends his and Catelynn's decision strongly. Butch's argument continues to deteriorate and he resorts to saying, "All that baby needs is love!" A bewildered Tyler quickly responds, "No, that's not all a baby needs!" Butch asserts that he gave Tyler a role model, if nothing else.

I know, I know. Tyler knows too and ends up getting the last word in the argument.

Dawn comes to Tyler's house to talk about how things went with the profile books. Tyler wants to meet Brandon and Teresa as soon as possible. Dawn says they can do that, but it will be a week or so before Brandon and Teresa can make their way up to Michigan. Dawn says that they'll be having what's called an "adoptive family meeting" and that's where they will need to make a plan for how everything goes at the hospital.

Catelynn is adamant about not wanting to hold the baby because she may get attached. Dawn is supportive but assures her that she's never encountered a woman who regretted doing a hello and goodbye; she encourages Catelynn to think about it.

Cate starts to cry at the thought of it. In a voiceover, Catelynn says that this is going to be harder than she thought.

At a diner, Cate and April discuss why April is so against the adoption. April says Catelynn would be a good mom, that she and Butch would pitch in to help with the baby, and that this is first grandchild. She tells Cate how much she already loves the little girl.

She goes on to say that she will think of the baby all the time and thinks giving her up will bother Catelynn forever. Catelynn tells her mother that she is scared to keep her and scared about giving her away.

April tells her to just wait until the baby is born, then it'll really be tough. Catelynn still seems determined, but April reminds her that she still has time to change her mind.

Later that day, Tyler, April and Nick (Who is so little! He was such a tiny tot when this show started and now he's a big boy!) go with Catelynn to her sonogram appointment. When the sonogram picture thingy comes up on the screen, April comments that she looks like Tyler already. Back at home, Catelynn worries that she's getting too attached to the baby. She and Tyler sit down and discuss their hopes and worries for the future.

They worry they won't like Brandon and Theresa upon meeting them or that they'll be snobby. Catelynn says that she hopes one day they'll be able to have their child come and stay for the summer with them.

Tyler makes a face, but doesn't say anything. She goes as far as to say that perhaps upon turning 18, their daughter will want to come stay with them.

Soon it's time for Cate and Ty to meet the Brandon and Teresa Davis. Catelynn invited April to come meet Brandon and Theresa, but April is all pissy when she comes home and slams her bedroom door. Tyler shares that April has been talking behind Catelynn's back her entire pregnancy saying that she doesn't believe that Catelynn will give the baby up. Catelynn looks annoyed by that. Despite April's attitude, Catelynn and Tyler still make their way to Dawn's office and meet the adoptive parents. They discuss the details of the pregnancy and Cate is already 31 weeks along at this point.

Teresa and Brandon share a bit about themselves. The couple tells of how they met at church. Brandon is a financial planner and Teresa works at a small Christian school.

Teresa and Brandon are unable to have children of their own and have been seeking to adopt for years. Catelynn is clear in that she still wants to be involved by sending presents and photos.

Catelynn tearfully shares a bit about her difficult upbringing, her mother's addiction issues, having to live with her grandparents at a point and how badly she wants to do right by this child.

Brandon and Teresa look like they want to adopt Catelynn too.

After the meeting, Catelynn and Tyler are sure they want Brandon and Teresa to adopt the baby. Cate says they seem like very loving people and that she could tell by the way Teresa hugged her.

A stark dichotomy is created in the very next scene where April calls Catelynn cursing about not being taken to the meeting with Brandon and Teresa.

April calls Catelynn a bitch and claims she didn't know it was happening that day, but Catelynn and Tyler both know that's bull.

Over the next few weeks, Cate and Ty focus on the more positive parts of adoption. They get to know Brandon and Teresa better; they sew a baby blanket and make a scrapbook too. During this time, Brandon and Teresa picked out the name for the baby too: Carolyn or Carly for short.

With Catelynn's due date fast approaching, the doctor decides to induce in three days.

April overhears Catelynn talking to Teresa on the phone about the induction and goes outside to cry in her car. Catelynn comes outside to reassure her that everything will be okay.

In this scene, Catelynn and Tyler sit in some lawn chairs outside and talk. Tyler reads a heartbreaking letter her wrote to the baby and both teens cry softly.

Tyler talks about how hard it is to give the baby up. Catelynn reassures him that they can do it.

Well ready or not, here Carly comes! It's early in the morning and Catelynn is heading to the hospital to be induced. Labor progresses and the OBGYN comes in to break Catelynn's water. After two and a half hours things starts to get more intense and Catelynn struggles with the pain, but luckily the epidural is on its way.

Brandon and Teresa arrive at the hospital and are greeted by Tyler while Cate gets her spine tapped.

The couple plans on waiting in the reception area until the baby is born. Teresa seems nervous about seeing the Lowell-Baltierras, and Tyler looks like he shares her reservations.

Soon Tyler's mom, Kim, comes out to tell everyone that Cate is dilated 9 1/2 inches already! Catelynn is feeling the urge to push and the nurses go to get her doctor. There's a lot of pushing and Carly is about to make her debut. The doctor says the baby has hair and tells Catelynn to look before the baby is all the way out. April chimes in telling her she should look as well. Catelynn says twice that she doesn't want to see before the doctor gives it up. Carly arrives and Tyler leans down to comfort Catelynn. They both sob as the baby cry healthily. After a few minutes Tyler asks why the baby is still in the room and again breaks into sobs. Kim reminds him that he needs to be supporting Catelynn and not focusing on his own grief. Catelynn stoically insists she's all right, but still refuses to look at the baby.Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.14.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 4.10.47 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-25 at 4.14.09 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 4.14.22 PMPost-labor everyone is downstairs taking pictures, while Catelynn and Tyler hang back in her hospital room.

April leaves snottily to go join them, slamming the door behind her. Catelynn is coming around to the idea of seeing the baby and Tyler says he thinks they're strong enough to handle it. So he heads downstairs to tell Brandon and Teresa that Cate wants to be the first to hold the baby. Teresa looks nervous, but is supportive. Brandon asks Tyler how he's doing and God bless that kid, he is trying so damn hard to be cool.

They promise to love and be good to the baby and all Tyler can manage to say is "I know" over and over. Catelynn meets her baby for the first time and tells Carly that she knows she isn't hers, but cuddles her lovingly regardless. Tabitha and Ashley come to see Carly and Tabitha finally gets to hold the baby!Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.23.26 PMIt's been five hours since the baby was born and Dawn is beginning to circle.

She asks Catelynn and Tyler if they want to take a "time out" from family and friends and do the whole song and dance with Brandon and Teresa.

I don't really get how it can be considered a time out when the whole thing with Brandon and Teresa involves them taking the baby back to whatever Carolina they came from, but whatever.

Catelynn still wants to get some photos with Tyler and the baby first, so Dawn agrees to go "hold [Brandon and Teresa] off."

Finally, Brandon and Teresa come into the hospital room and get to meet Carly. As Brandon holds the baby, Teresa gives Catelynn a small present. The gift is a heart shaped Tiffany's bracelet engraved with "Always In My Heart." Teresa has one and they've had one made for Carly as well. Teresa speaks of how they're forever connected now and thanks Catelynn and Tyler for such an amazing gift. She assures the teens that they want Carly to know she was adopted because of the immense love they had to give, but also because of the immense love her biological parents had for her.Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.31.17 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.31.52 PMNow the time has come for Catelynn and Tyler to sign the paperwork. Since Catelynn is a minor, her mother has to authorize the adoption. April wouldn't sign off, so they can't hand the baby off on hospital grounds. The next day, there are a lot of tears as they get ready to leave the hospital. Tyler swipes the baby blanket from the hospital, I'm sure so Butch had something to smell. Everyone heads outside onto the sidewalk to exchange Carly. Tyler hands the baby to Teresa, who quickly buckles her into a car seat.

It's fascinating really, because at this moment, you can see Cate's heart break and Teresa's swell. Teresa reaches out to Cate for one more hug and Catelynn begs her to take good care of Carly and Teresa promises she will. Brandon and Teresa put baby in the car and leave. When Catelynn comments that their baby is really just gone now, Tyler reminds Catelynn that she's on her way to a better life before pulling her in for a tight embrace.Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.35.23 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.36.08 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.37.06 PMCatelynn delivers her closing monologue. She speaks on how hard it is to carry a baby and then give it up, especially to someone you barely know. She says that it took a lot of strength not to take Carly home, but Catelynn thinks Carly will have a great life because Brandon and Teresa are great people.

And she's sure that one day she and her daughter will get to know each other. It hurts her that her mom isn't supportive, but the experience makes her want to better herself. She says she and Tyler have become closer and she hopes that they'll get married and have kids one day.

She knows that no one wants to give their child away, but says she did what her heart told her to.

She thinks Carly will come to she and Tyler one day to say thank you and because of that she's at peace with her decision. Six years later, everything seems to have worked out according to Cate's plan!1231234catelynn-lowell-tyler-baltierra-brandon-and-teresa

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Ugh, such a depressing episode. And it's depressing that Catelynn stuck by this douche and that her "plan" worked out. Now she's miserable because the man of her dreams is constantly badgering her about her weight and shit. What a lovely relationship.

It's interesting that Catelynn already had the wrong idea about adoption before she even gave birth---talking about how Carly could eventually come stay with them for the summers and maybe live with them permanently as soon as she turned eighteen. I think she had her heart in the right place and really felt she was giving Brandon and Teresa a gift by letting them adopt her child, but it also seemed like she was looking at it like a temporary thing. "Okay, Brandon and Teresa, you can raise Carly until she hits her teens and then she's ours again, all right? Thanks for financially supporting her all these years!" It seemed like she was acting like Carly would be B&T's child until she was old enough to "come back" to C&T and be their kid. Did Tyler say nothing to her when she was talking about that shit? Did she mention that to Dawn? It's a pretty big deal and something that needed to be corrected the moment Catelynn was going on about summer vacations and whatnot.

I'm torn on April's attitude during this episode. On one hand, she was so incredibly verbally abusive to Catelynn and needed to support her daughter, who didn't really want to give this child up but went through with it anyway to save her shitty relationship. On the other hand, it's very understandable why she was so upset about losing Carly. This episode really highlights that the birth parents aren't the only ones giving up a child. Their parents, siblings, relatives, etc. are also losing out on having a familial relationship with the child, too. It's hard on everybody, even people like April and Butch.

C&T seemed so grateful to B&T. It's a shame that Tyler let his ego get the best of him years down the line and said those horrible things about picking different parents over photos. I'm glad B&T were able to take the high road and still maintain contact after laying down the law over Tyler's attempts at exploiting Carly. But, seriously, seeing how C&T were back then and how they are now is really depressing. Back then, they were just a couple teens trying to do right by this kid they accidentally created. Now they're a couple of fame whores who think they can do no wrong. As sad as this episode is, at least the Catelynn and Tyler in "16 and Pregnant" were genuine. Today they're just....ugh. It seems like they're more immature at twenty-two then they were at sixteen.

On that note: Merry Christmas, everybody! Whose bright idea was it to have us revisit one of the most emotional "16 and Pregnant" episodes on the holidays? :)

Can we talk about Teresa's dress in the last pic. WTF is running down the back of it, space invaders?

@Sir Nibs I was also wondering what was down the back of her dress, it does look like space invaders haha!

In all honesty, a Space Invaders dress would be pretty gnarly to have. I own a Space Invaders shirt, but it's not the same. Teresa's got great style. Keep rocking it, girl.

I think Dawn pretty much didn't want to lose them as clients cause they were already shaky to begin with. It was wrong for her to just sit back and let them say all that thinking adoption was code for long-distance babysitting. I hope they still don't think any of that stuff now because it'd be so wrong of them to start pressuring Carly to 'come back' to them when she starts to hit her teen's and get mad when she tells them that *gasp* she sees B&T as her parents who have supported her and her brother (and any other future siblings) financially, emotionally, and physically through thick and thin for her entire life and them believing that she's going to drop, everything turn her back on them, and live with them when she turns 18 is ridiculous and really insulting to her and her family for C&T to treat them as apparently disposable because they're not biologically related. At 18, Carly will probably be headed off to college living her own life not coming back to backwoods Michigan to sit on the couch with them all day eating pizza and doing nothing with her life.

I think it'll be super interesting to see how Carly turns out. Kind of like a "nature vs nurture" type thing. Because even though she's being raised in an upper middle class white family blah blah, she still has the white trash genes. Will she surcumb? Will she make good choices?

I cannot watch this episode to this day. The moment in the hospital always brings me to tears. It breaks my heart!

I can imagine being on TM really just fuels that regret. Not just because they still have to linger on the adoption for the show. There is now that big "what if" hanging over their heads. If they had known about being on Teen Mom, would they have still placed her for adoption? They would have been able to provide for her financially. Both April and Butch seem to be doing better (though not sure if that is related to the show). They are still in the same position career and school wise. This isn't touching on if MTV would have chosen them or not without the adoption angle. Because, if Whitney was originally slated to be the fourth girl, that wasn't an initial "selling point". I couldn't imagine having that though looming over me. If we would have kept her, we could have given her a good life sooner rather than later. If any of this makes sense. Lol.

Now that they're on multiple seasons of Teen Mom, they definitely would have been able to provide for Carly. But at the time, they didn't know that, and the home situation was awful. With the multiple times Butch was going back to jail and all that extra BS they went through, it still would have been hard.

Jenelle and Farrah, for example, are fiscally well off because of the show, but neither of them should be parents just because of how immature they are as people. Cate and Tyler, even if they had the money, still wouldn't be emotionally mature enough to raise Carly. Look at how they kept calling off the engagements and, well, Tyler being terrible as a person. Money wouldn't fix that, and having a baby around would only stress it further.

It also would have been hard because C&T took so damn long to graduate high school. They even had to repeat a grade, so that set them back even further. Then they had to get licenses, find a place of their own, etc. It took them a really long time to stake out some sort of independence, even with the MTV money in their pockets. Who knows how much longer it would have taken them if they had kept Carly? They probably would have dropped out of high school, Tyler probably would have broken up with Catelynn, she would have had to find a place of her own with the baby in tow, dealt with Tyler being a deadbeat (wild accusation, I know, but I don't think he would have been an involved father. He seems to like being a dad in name only. Have we ever seen him take care of Nova on "OG"?), and all sorts of crazy shit that money wouldn't have been able to fix---at least not right away. Maybe keeping Carly would have made these two actually give a shit and do something with their lives, but I don't know. Having Nova didn't change anything. Remember how Tyler talked about how he was going to have his degree by the time she was born? Well, she's going to be a year old next week and we haven't heard shit about his or Catelynn's college educations or ~degrees~. Even with MTV money, they seemingly can't get their shit together as adults, so who knows if they would have been able to do it as teen parents.

well maybe theyre on the MACI BOOKOUT COLLEGE PLAN, if thats the case they still have a few years...also the comment butch made about tyler not"manning up", maybe he knows something we dont lol

I do think they were able to gain independence sooner because of MTV. Yeah, the education situation was a mess. MTV really had no control over that. But, remember, Catelynn and Tyler were able to rent a place before either of them had jobs. That isn't realistic in the slightest. And that happened, I think, the second season.

I always say that C&T couldnt have raised Carly with MTV money because, at the time, it was a one and done episode. What I'm speculating on is what if MTV jumped the gun and signed them on for Teen Mom. Of course, this is hypothetical. Just like if they were able to see into the future. If they had a source of income coming in where they could raise Carly and get away from their home situation, would they have done it? And does it bother them to this day that things changed so quickly within a relatively short time that they could have kept her. I'm not saying this as being suitable situation but if something like that would have changed their decision.

I remember when Tyler was bitching about B&T not letting him share photos and videos of Carly with his crazy fans. He clearly had adoption regrets, but he never said anything like, "We could have done it. Looking back, I wish we had kept her." Instead he said, "If I had known about the photo issues, I would have chosen different adoptive parents." So it sounds like, even with the MTV money in their hands, in hindsight, Tyler at least would have still gone through with the adoption. I think, at sixteen, he had no interest in being a father at such a young age. The money would have allowed them to keep Carly, but they still would have to deal with dirty diapers and tantrums and shit that Tyler just didn't want to put up with at that point in his life. He never really seems to take care of Nova. Every episode of "OG" since her birth has featured Catelynn pulling the heavy load and caring for her while Tyler complains about how gross Nova's diapers are and junk. Maybe that's changed, but I think he likes being a dad-in-name-only without doing any of the things that fathers are supposed to do for their kids. He likes to lord the fact that he's Carly's biological father over everybody's head, but he didn't want to provide for her. He wanted to go out and be a regular teenager. The MTV money made it easy for him to prolong that part of his life.

B&T must have been so nervous that C&T were going to change their minds during that 5 hours

Especially with April frequently telling Catelynn that she wasn't going to go through with the adoption. I don't know if B&T knew about that or not, but, yeah, I felt for them, too. Adoption is such a complicated situation emotionally. I felt bad for Catelynn and Tyler having to physically give up Carly as well as Brandon and Teresa and how nervous they must have felt that they weren't going to be able to parent the child they've waited so long for. In adoption, somebody is always going home without the child, and it's honestly pretty tragic regardless who it is.

I really wonder what C&T will do if B&T ever adopt a girl then Carly will have a sister that she actually lives with. Will they or at least Tyler get all offended because this little girl will 'overwrite' her relationship with Nova? Will they try to push Nova in her life even more claiming its to "protect their sisterly bond" or send her little signals how Nova is her "Real" sister?

I really do think C&T would lose their shit if B&T ever adopted another daughter. Nova's existence complicates an already tangled situation. Catelynn and Tyler already said she would have a sisterly relationship with Carly. Catelynn also said that Carly will be closer to Nova than she is to B&T because she and Nova are biologically related. What kind of bullshit is that? If B&T adopted another girl, then C&T would go on and on about how unfair it is to Nova and how Nova will always be Carly's true sister or something like that. Well, I think Tyler would say something like that. Catelynn seems like she wants to sort of move on and take a break from the whole thing.

I was so young when this episode first aired that I didn't remember all the details.
I have to admit I shed a tear or two reading this.
It was honestly the best decision for C&T at the moment, their environment wasn't the best to raise a child, but oh boy, it was hard for them. I feel sososo sorry for Caitlynn although at the same time I feel happy because I know B&T are nothing but loving to Carly (who I didn't know her real name was Carolyn!)

Another thing I didn't know was that B&T were at C&T's wedding, how lovely to bring Carly with them.
The other child there is another adopted kid of theirs, isn't he?

I'm pretty sure they adopted a son after they adopted Carly, so I'd assume he's theirs as well.

Yeah, the woman in the picture next to their son is his birth mother.

I know everyone says this, but I had to make an account so I could comment. My eyes were welling up when I read this article. I'm not Catelynn's biggest fan, but I think the odds have been stacked against her for a very long time and the signs of her cracking under the pressure started showing before her 16andP episode even ended. At this point, she seems like she's exhausted and stuck where she's at in her life. I can't imagine making this kind of a decision at 16. Whether she placed Carly to keep Tyler around or if it was truly to give the child a shot at a better life, she still made the right decision by Carly. Ty is a mess and a manipulator and I'm praying for Nova. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out in the future.

baby sniffing baltierra!! LOVE the user name!!

My heart always breaks the moment Carly is born and they refuse to look at her.
Poor baby was born and carted off :(

Ugh. Tyler pissed me off when he actually laid down over Catelynn's face so she couldn't see Carly and then yelled at the nurses to get Carly out of the room. That was awful. It seemed like Catelynn was relatively calm about the whole thing and Tyler was just freaking the fuck out. I wonder how many bricks he was shitting when Catelynn decided she wanted to see and hold Carly after all.

I don't understand the down votes on this
I understand it's hard to give up a baby.. but I dunno, poor baby being born into this strange world, and no one's holding her to make her feel welcome and loved
I dunno.. is this my Christmas hangover talking or what?

Oh the down voters have been busy lately, I also noticed most down votes are when someone comments on catelynn and tyler... HEY TYLER!! ;)

I didn't down vote, but what I think people don't like about your comment is that 1. It wasn't like they weren't holding her because they were being jerks or anything, I think they physically couldn't handle it right away (and holding a baby while uncontrollably sobbing is probs not going to make that baby feel happy) and 2. They did end up holding her for several hours and then gave her to a family who has made her feel welcome and loved since the moment they got her.

Plus, it's not like Carly was born and they just left her on the floor or something. I'm sure she was completely taken care of at the hospital.

I was actually more shocked that no one was respecting Caitlyn's wishes.. She has expressed that she find not want to see or hold the baby and all the nurses and doctors were pushing the baby on her.. Asking her over and over to look at the baby..

I don't like Tyler but he was the only one following through with the birth plan Caitlyn had asked for.. If she had asked to see the baby that would have been different..

I would never be strong enough to place a child but I bonded so much in the first few minutes holding my baby boy I would have scratched someone eyes out if they took him from my arms.. Who knows if it would have been easier for Caitlyn if she hadn't had those 5 hours with Carly..

Side note I noticed watching a few different 16 & pregnant episodes that most of the babies are cleaned up and examined before the moms hold them.. Here they are all about immediate skin to skin contact and the baby is placed on your bare chest the second he/she is born to encourage that bond.. Just wondered if other mamas here had the same experience?

I sort of understand why the doctors wanted Catelynn to look at Carly, but, yes, she said she didn't want to at first and they needed to respect that. The way Tyler went about it, however, really bothered me. It seemed like Catelynn wasn't' having a very difficult time not looking at Carly. She was relatively stoic and calm about the whole thing. So why did Tyler feel the need to actually cover her face? Why was he yelling at the nurses to get rid of Carly? I get it. He was emotional and freaking out, but it still bugged me that he did that. And everybody was telling him to calm down Catelynn but she already seemed calm. I've only seen the episode once, but that's what I recall.

I too had immediate skin to skin. The benefits of it are well documented. I assume the reason the girls didn't get it is because they didn't know to ask. It was something that I told my doctor I wanted. If I hadn't asked I'm not sure if I would have gotten it. It seems in the past couple of years hospitals have gotten better about it though.

I wish I had had immediate skin to skin! I was in labor for 18 hours and never dilated past 2 cm so the doctor finally decided to do a c-section. I had an epidural but I felt pain when he started to cut, so they just knocked my ass out. Between recovery time for me to wake up and quit talking in slo mo, and the wait for tornado warnings to be over, it was about 3 verrrry long hours before I got to see my sweet baby girl.

I didn't have skin to skin with either of my children. I just didn't think about it. I was pretty "go with the flow" when it came to pregnancy and labor. I had no specific birth plan or wishes to carry out. But, that's me.

I was pretty go with the flow too however most hospitals here would do it automatically I think- unless maybe in an adoption scenario.

My friend who is in med school mentioned that it was proved so important that they are now going to just lift the curtain in c-section scenarios and put the baby on the mom's chest before sewing up the mom!

I remember at the hospital with my husband the nurses insisted that while I was sleeping he take off his shirt and hold our son so that he continued to have skin to skin contact as much as possible!

Aww I wish they would have done that with my husband when our daughter was born! That never occurred to me!

I was planning skin on skin but my first daughter was very ill when she came and was treated on the same room before she was taken to the baby ICU. I only got to see her for a minute trough a plastic incubater and was told to take my hand out too.
Had been looking so forward to that moment when I would hold my baby in my arms for years and years. My husband could stay with our daughter.
Second time, I made everyone promise I would be allowed to keep my baby in my arms, skin to skin for as long as I wanted. She was immediately placed on my chest and I didn't let her go for over 45 minutes.
I wasn't wearing anything but I didn't care (a nurse put me under a shower and cause there was nobody available, I didn't yell that I really wanted to push until I really could not anymore, my second daughter was born 10 minutes later ;-). And I'll never forget the look on my obstetrician face when she finally came in, she had been delayed by the same traffic jam we were in and I already felt the need to push then).

I had immediate skin to skin. I gave birth in a "baby friendly" hospital (is that what they called it?) It was 2011. Anyway, they were all about skin to skin, breastfeeding and BF support and birth plans. I feel that I lucked out with my birth situation; I know so many who had really tough times. BUT it's true that absolutely anything can go wrong during a birth, so even having a healthy thriving infant at all is a blessing and miracle, no matter how they get here!

Mine was pro-breast feeding. But neither of my children were skin to skin. My second was a c-section though.

I had a C-section a few years ago and my doctor lowered the curtain so I could watch her take her first breath. She was then handed to a nurse who placed her on my chest, finished suctioning her nose and mouth out while she was there, and we did skin-to-skin the entire time I was being closed up. The only time I had to hand my baby over was in recovery when all the medications in my body started making me sick to my stomach. That was under control within 5 minutes and she was handed right back to me.

I had immediate skin to skin, as soon as he was born they placed him on my chest. I'm in the UK though and I think that's the case everywhere over here.

I remember watching this when it first aired- bawling on my couch with my sister. Poor Catelynn had zero support and I just wanted to give her the biggest hug. I don't know if she would have been able to successfully parent Carly on her own (because we know that April, Butch, and Tyler would have been no help), and it's sad to see how upset Cate is now as she parents Nova and see what she missed out on with Carly.
I'm glad that Carly has the life that she does with Brandon and Teresa- they seem like lovely parents. I hope that Catelynn can continue to have a relationship with them and her biological daughter.

Wow, either Catelynn or Tyler has been going on a downvoting spree. Guys, spend time with your daughter instead of worrying about us, okay? Say hi to Butch for me!

Tyler is clearly monitoring this page and down voting as fast as a comment is posted. Merry Xmas Tyler! We see you ;) oh and shout out to the other Merry Downvoters! seems like you're full of holiday cheer :D Bless you !

I'm sure he's monitoring this page... Half their storyline has revolved around their social media.

This episode is the whole reason I started watching 16 & Pregnant/ Teen Mom. On November 10th, 1999 I placed my daughter for adoption when I was 17. It was difficult and heart breaking to say the least but I did have the support of my family and my baby's Father as well. I did not have an open adoption, and all I really know about the adoptive parents are that they are from Oregon and they named the baby Josie. When Catelynn's story first aired I had to turn it off because it was too emotional for me but I did eventually watch the whole thing. I then followed her story on Teen Mom and now Teen Mom OG. I can relate to a lot of things Catelynn went through, especially emotionally but could never imagine the family issues she was facing at that age. Her Mom and Step Dad were both verbally abusive drug addicts who only cared about about themselves. The only stable people in Catelynn's life were her boyfriend who has also had a rough life( and many issues because of that) and his Mom. I think having Brandon and Teresa come into to her life was a godsend because it gave Catelynn the chance to give this child the fairy tale life she had never had but always wanted. Of course that choice came with regret and such a big loss that made it hard for her to handle the situation. There are no words to describe that feeling of emptiness, even though your mind knows you made the right choice your heart doesn't understand and it causes a constant conflict inside of you. I don't know if having an open adoption makes that constant conflict better or worse because either way it's difficult. The one thing that does bother me is how judgmental people are about her choices. If my life were being filmed during my pregnancy and the years following, people would think I was selfish, unmotivated and immature...because I was. I was barely 17 and still a child struggling to find out who I was and what I wanted. I would have been devastated if my boyfriend left me, which did happen months after the adoption. I would have experimented with drugs, dropped out of school a few times, said many things I didn't really mean or even fully understand, because I was a teenager trying to become an adult. I guess my point is, Catelynn is still young and has a lot on her plate being a parent who placed her child for adoption and a new Mom to Nova and now a Wife. I think she's doing a pretty good job and things will only get better for her as she gets older.

I have such an immense admiration and respects for women who carry their child and give the child up for adoption cause they are not in a place to raise it in a way the child deserves.
You have to be strong, loving, unselfish and realistic/ smart to be able to do that.

I couldn't do it then and still couldn't do it now when we would get pregnant by accident. I would choose to parent cause I would not be able to cope with an adoption. That's selfish, I know, it takes a lot of courage to rise above those feelings and put your child before those overwhelming feelings.

"Cate is dilated 9 ½ inches already"
That should be centimeters.....


I could see a few of the other moms measuring at 9.5 inches, without going into labor...

I understand why Catelynn & Tyler made the decision that they did, and I can't say I wouldn't make the same one in their position at that time.

I just feel sick at the role that Dawn had to play, and that she shouldn't be allowed to run adoption agencies like she does with financial interest involved. That's not what child welfare is about. It upsets me.

I had high expectations from Cate when I saw Cate' s 16&p. She was so realistic about her circumstances, she was so strong, she showed so much love for her child. She seemed so smart. Typical girl that did not fully bloom and did not get all the chances she deserved cause of circumstances
I was like 'wow', that will become one strong level headed, educated strong woman, she will learn to do her make-up and she will be set for a good life.
Now the only thing I expected her to do what she actually did is learning how to properly do her make up it seems.

I remember the very first episode of "Teen Mom" when she wore a rainbow shirt and matching eyeshadow. It was the stuff of nightmares. At least she sort of dresses better than she used to. She looks like less of somebody's frumpy grandmother these days.

Rewatching this episode because of this post. Heartbreaking. I had such high hopes for such strong kids. And man, I love the mullet but I want to punch Butch in the teeth.

I give no fucks for Butch. He's a terrible person and I don't hold out much hope for him becoming a decent and productive member of society. Down vote away...

April was god-awful as well. Breaks my heart that these kids had zero support.

One of, if not the only episode of 16 and Pregnant to make me cry. Snark on Ty and Cate all you want, I know I do, but you can't say that this isn't an emotional roller coaster of an episode.

This episode is fucking heartbreaking. Lord knows I love to snark on Catelynn and Tyler, but I will never make fun of this episode. It's way too real and emotional.

"Teen Mom" and "OG" are fair games, in my opinion, but "16 and Pregnant" is off-limits.

totally off topic, but I found something that only a teen mom junkie can help me with!

Leah uploaded a bunch of throwback pictures with Corey, probably to make Miranda feel terrible, and in one of the pictures, leah is wearing the solitaire-cut engagement ring that Corey gave her in Teen Mom 2 Season 1, AFTER the twins were already several months old.


So, if I'm getting this straight, the proposal in the boat was scripted, or it was a re-proposal with the same ring after Leah cheated on him. Not that there's much of a difference, but this means that Leah cheated on Corey when he was her FIANCE, not boyfriend...and then was dumped, re-proposed to, and then cheated on her fiancé again

MTV is running some old episodes of Teen Mom right now, I think its season 2 or 3? Featuring Slow Kyle, Farrah's Braces, Skinny Amber.
The Cate/Tyler storyline right now is that she just finished high school and Tyler's admitting to his friends that he's having second thoughts. This episode is the one after the clubbing thing, Tyler is telling Kim about Catelynn's jealous/insecure freakout about the skinny girls at the club who are gonna come after Tyler.

Cate just seems so sweet and is dreaming big (just showed a convo with her high school teacher where she says she is making plans to go to college and be a teacher) and Tyler is so torn between his desire for freedom and exploration vs his feelings of obligation/codependence.

I will say though, I've always felt real second-hand embarrassment about Catelynn planning this B&B getaway to surprise him. I am a 27-year-old woman who hates cutesy stuff like that, I can't imagine how I'd feel as a 19-year-old guy.

I switched channels to watch it and realised, I don't like any of them. lol

I had forgotten about the bed-and-breakfast getaway. That was way too old-fashioned for a young kid like Tyler. They definitely should have broken up. They were always admitting back then that they had nothing in common, and this was proof. Cate thought going to the B&B was the perfect vacation while Tyler would have preferred anything but that. Tyler wanted to go out to clubs and parties while Cate just wanted to stay home. Then there's the fact that they were so codependent to the point where it was suffocating. I couldn't imagine being with somebody who had to know what I was doing and where I was going at every single moment. And LOL at Catelynn's fears that other girls would try to jump Tyler's bones. Have you SEEN him, Cate?

I didn't remember that she said she had wanted to be a teacher. So she wanted to be a nurse, a social worker, an adoption counselor, a sonogram technician, and a teacher. Jesus Christ, just pick a profession and stick to it. No wonder she hasn't gotten shit done.

She said in a conversation with April season 4 that she wanted to either be a teacher or pregnancy counselor. But in that same conversation she also said that she absolutely hated school. Not a good sign when you're in the process of registering for college. This was the episode where she was supposed to be starting in a month and still had not registered, applied for financial aid, or anything. I'm pretty sure that was when she put off going because she "didn't know what prerequisites she'd need." Oh yeah, and then they went to lunch that one time and met that woman who had 2 master's degrees in social work. Not at all realistic for them (especially since Cate apparently HATES school).

Also, this is off topic, but there's a "Teen Mom" marathon right now and they're airing the episode when Maci invites herself to Ryan's family vacation in a desperate attempt to intimidate Dalis. She had all her friends with her like they were some sort of gang. What a stupid bitch.

Talk about second hand embarrassment. Ugh, Maci, just stay home and let the Edwards have their vacation! I also remember how horribly catty she was towards Dalis with her friends.

I counted and Maci brought 7 friends! 7! It was absolutely hilarious when they were all walking across the beach and Ryan says "how long does it take to walk?" I agree, they were all so catty. They acted like Dalis and Ryan were incredibly rude for not wanting to go out with them. And they were all talking about how weird it was for Dalis to be on the trip. And the ex-fiance showing up on the trip with 7 friends is normal? Twas a classic Maci move.

Side note: Dalis looked really good in this episode. Before she got really skinny and had the boob job and lip fillers.

Oh that was so sad. Then Bentley didn't want to come with her at the beach and she left him with Ryan and Dallas, didn't she?
Think she also said she wanted Dallas to be more bitchy cause she would like her better for it. Careful what you wish for Maci!

I died laughing when Bentley threw a shit fit over Maci's appearance and told her to go away. The look on her face was priceless. "Oh, he's just tired." Yeah, he's tired---tired of having to see your orange Pancake face all the time.

Omg thank you for telling me there was a marathon! I needed my teen mom fix

Maci looks like a ghost!

Off topic, lol, but Kail and Stevie Ryan -- a comedian who often likes to ruffle the feathers of the Teen Mom girls (most often Nellz but she's called out others too iirc) went at it on Twitter this morning:

and just in case a tweet-and-delete happens:

Basically, Kail's hulking out and thinks she's hot shit because MTV money and "I WENT TO COLLEGE!"

I just read them ?

What do you guys think about C&T's behavior when it comes to the Farrah drama? Cate slurred something vile, they taped it and put it out there. Ty made a comment that they would not have recorded it when they would not want her to know what they said.
I'm sorry, it is so immature.
They do a lot of interviews and they are asked for tons more I'm sure. Why did they not simply share their opinion to the media or on their social media accounts. Like 'We were shocked to hear a cast member attacked one of the producers that has become like family to us. He has always treated everyone with respect and deserves to ve treated with respect.' They could have stated something like their relationship with the person who did this would yadiyadiyadaah... or that they felt .... yadi or thought yadaah.
Just say it.
Now they gave Farrah and her family so much upportunity to lash back and play the victim.
They all made themselves look bad. They are right, Farrah is a huge bad bitch but don't copy what you condemn.

Is this about Catelynn toasting Farrah with the others and insulting her? Or is this something totally new?

C&T are just as bad as Maci when it comes to the Farrah drama. I think they hate her because she called them out on all the promises they made to Carly that they never tried to keep. So they shot right back with "Oh, yeah, well you did porn!" because that's all they can say at this point because they know, despite how horrible Farrah is, she's right.

So Tyler didn't want Farrah to hear Catelynn's comment, but put it out there anyway? It's just like when he posted the Carly slideshow and refused to take it down even though he knew how mad it would make Brandon and Teresa. Catelynn and Tyler in particular are obsessed with their social media followers. You'd think their finally having a kid to take care of themselves would have forced them to finally grow up, but they're still a couple of immature dipshits. In fact, you can argue they're more immature now at twenty-two then they were six or seven years ago.

People who defend Farrah are so hypocritical. C&T are supposed to keep their mouths shut and be mature, but when Farrah insults them she's right to "call them out". NO. If it's not their business to call her out on her behavior then it's none of her business to criticize them either. If Farrah doesn't want to be treated this way maybe she shouldn't have such a nasty attitude toward everyone. And if she attacked a producer I was friends with I'd be pissed too, and have no problem showing it.

The way I look at it, it's not hypocritical if you call trash trash. Farrah, C&T, Maci and Amber are all trash in their own unique way. You can call out Farrah for attacking a producer just like you can call Catelynn and Tyler out for being attention whores who claim "we didn't mean to post it" but then do nothing to remove an offending video because it gives them likes and views. Trash is trash is trash is trash.

I don't think they are hypocrites at all. They are allowed to share their opinion, indeed just like Farrah does.
I only think they should have done it differently. Just say what you think and don't voice your opinion in such a childish way.

This to me, was probably the most difficult 16 & pregnant to watch. I am so glad that MTV decided to use them in the Teen mom series. C&T life after adoption isn't entirely realistic as I feel these two stayed together not only out of obligation, but to prove their point. That having a baby as a teen would otherwise break up a couple that was "meant to be". But, I think MTV including their story, shows that adoption is an option. 16 & pregnant gives us a view into what C&T life would have looked like, had reality tv not made these two stars. Idk if their lives would have been better or worse without The show. Would they have tried harder to fufill their promises to Carley; like going to college and making a like for Themselves. Or, would they have followed in their parents footsteps of addiction and poverty. We will never know. Looking back, and watching these two make the decision to place their daughter for adoption is undeniably difficult to watch and shows the raw humanity of these two. I truly hope that C&T can find happiness now that they are married and are raising a child.

I love teen mom junkie. It's the best and my most favorite junk food for thought. But...I don't know way all the sudden it takes 4-evvvverrr for comments to post. I get why comments need moderation, but, for the most part, this community, as snarky as we can be, respects others opinions. Loosen the reigns a little bit. Just to reiterate: TMJ is ... The best.