More Details on Jeremy and Leah's Pending Divorce

Jeremy Calvert

Well unless you live under a rock (or haven't read our site for a couple days) you'll know that Leah allegedly cheated on Jeremy with none other than Robbie Kidd. Robbie is the boyfriend that Leah was trying to get over when she got pregnant with the twins, and the same person that Leah cheated on Corey with on the night before their wedding.

Did Leah Lose Custody of Her Twin Daughters?

Leah Messer

Since the custody battle between Leah and Corey has been much more public than ever before on this season of Teen Mom 2, we're seeing a lot more accusations flying around about their custody situation and co-parenting relationship. A new report from In Touch magazine claims that Leah has officially lost custody of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, and that they are now in the care of their father, Corey, and step-mother, Miranda. While the magazine doesn't get published until October 13th, people are already speculating lots of things about why Leah may have lost custody.

Teen Mom 2: Sneak Peek

Leah Messer

This season of Teen Mom 2 has talked a lot about Ali's medical issues and the custody situation between Corey and Leah regarding the twins. Leah learned in the last episode that Corey had filed for full custody of the girls, but didn't seem too upset or concerned about the potential of losing them when she spoke to her husband, Jeremy, on the phone about it. In this sneak peek, we see Leah talk to her step father about Corey filing for custody, and we see a side to the situation that we didn't see last week. Leah breaks down when talking about it. (OK, so maybe she still isn't crying as much as I would be if I could lose custody of my kid, but it's more emotion than we saw last time, and I do see a few tears in this short segment.)

Leah Talks Child Support

Leah Messer

Apparently Leah received a decent amount of backlash regarding her argument with Corey in front of the twins, and her continual bad mouthing of the situation after the girls were in the car. Leah took to some social media accounts in an attempt to shed some light on the whole situation, which seems to be her thing lately. Leah wrote:

Leah's Social Media Rant

Leah Messer

There's nothing I love more than a good social media meltdown, complete with terrible grammar, lack of spellcheck, and some raw emotion. This time around, the meltdown comes from Teen Mom 2's Leah Calvert. Apparently Leah was reading through her mentions and her news feed, and there were several comments from people about her excessive spending, mistreatment of Corey, and purchasing a horse. Leah took to Twitter to address the issue in this 14 part rant. I'm not going to link ALL of the Tweets, but her name is @TM2LeahDawn so if you want to check it out on individual Tweets, go for it. Here's what she wrote (please note that I am keeping the spelling and grammar the exact way that Leah shared it):