New Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peeks!

Chelsea Houska

MTV must know how embarrassingly excited we are to see the Teen Mom 2 girls back on our televisions screens, because they keep giving us teasers for the new season. This week, they have posted new sneak peek clips from Season 6 Episode 1 on their website. There is a short video for each girl, showcasing what we can expect to see in the season premiere. Let's watch and discuss!

Teen Mom 2: Season 6 Catch Up Special (UPDATED)

Chelsea Houska

The new season of Teen Mom 2 is almost upon us and MTV is making sure to milk every piece of footage they have! Tonight's episode is a catch-up special to remind us viewers why we are so excited to see these girls back on air. Season 5 ended on pretty open notes for all of the Teen Mom girls, and there was a ton of drama between airings of the show this time around. I will be updating this article throughout the show and can't wait to see what you guys are saying in the comments! So let's get to the good part!

TM2 happenings

Chelsea Houska

The Teen Mom 2 catch-up special is only hours away and the new season starts on July 9. Here's a quick look at what the moms are up to on the cusp of a new season!

Loss and Gain

farrah abraham

1. Simon says see you later?

Simon Saran was introduced as Farrah's gigolo boyfriend on Teen Mom OG. We watched as he dealt with wild child Sophia and Farrah trying to pressure him in to marriage. What happen to your prideful boast about not rushing to get married, Farrah? By the time Simon had to fly back home, he looked beyond irritated and ready to get the heck out of there. I would run from Farrah's baby talk too! Saran tweeted during the episode that it was MTV that had put in a bad mood and not Farrah trying to force him to bond with Sophia. Or Sophia giving the strangest growl when he pushed her hands away. Or...the list can go on. During the reunion special, Michael and Debra gushed about how happy Farrah was with Simon.

Leah and Jeremy's divorce is finalized!

Jeremy Calvert

Leah Messer (formally Calvert) has finalized her divorce from her husband, Jeremy Calvert. As of yesterday, Leah is officially a single mom, y'all! According to The Ashley, the mom of three finalized her second divorce while in a Utah rehab earlier this week. MTV crews were present to capture what went down at the courthouse (presumably with just Jeremy, his family and Leah's family present since she's still got time left on her 30-day rehab stay). The paperwork was filed in Roane County, West Virginia and no details of the divorce have been released, but information about issues like child support will likely be forthcoming--even if they're just coming from Mama Dawn.

Leah Is in Rehab (again)

Jeremy Calvert

But it's NOT for drugs ya'll!

According to multiple news outlets, Leah is back in rehab after her previous stint last month. You may remember reports from early May that she had checked in to a facility in Utah, only to leave a few days later. Sources close to Leah are saying that she initially left to sort out custody concerns and living arrangements for the girlses, and checked back in to the facility on May 21st. This time around she is scheduled to stay until the end of June.

A Quick Update to Solve All Issues

chelsea houska

Hey all - it's been a long week, but I'll post more about that later.

This week, MTV revealed that Teen Mom 2 would be making a return to our television screens in July. This will be the 6th season for the insanely popular show, and all four ladies have some interesting stories this time around. Last season seemed like it had the same drama over and over again, but this season has some changes in store.