Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Reportedly Being Filmed with All Four Moms On Board

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Several sources reported this week that despite all the rumors otherwise, Teen Mom 2 Season 8 is in production will all four moms signing on- even fed-up Leah Messer.

Sneak Peek: Leah and Kail on The Steve Harvey Show

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This Monday, Leah and Kail will appear as guests on The Steve Harvey Show. Annoyingly enough, their trusty sidekick Dr. Enabler Drew will be there as well. Here's a preview of what we can expect to see:

Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

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What's up guys?! I'm back again for another Teen Mom 2 recap! But before we get into that, I want to take a second to show some love for our new writer, Rebecca, and our never forgotten old friend, The Girlses! Andrea, Megan and I both have a lot going on in our lives, as do these other writers. But even with their busy lives they've managed to pick up the slack and inject some life back into the site! You guys are the best and it's awesome being a part of the TMJ community!

Yep, It's Another Leah and Corey Story

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Thank you Radar Online for always having the perfect pictures!

Okay guys, I know you can't get enough of this stuff, so here we go again! There's even more drama this week revolving around our favorite West Virginians, and I think we should kick it off with some more court room controversy. According to The Ashley, Corey is taking Leah back to court! But this time, it's not over a custody matter. Corey is allegedly suing his ex-wife over the funds that she supposedly stole took from their daughter, Aliannah's, trust fund. It was reported last year that Leah had moved the entire sum of money (over $50K) from young Ali's trust. Now, it is being alleged that an additional $10,000 has gone missing from Ali's twin sister, Aleeah's, trust as well.

Breaking News: Leah Messer Loses Primary Custody of Twin Daughters

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As of today, InTouch Weekly is reporting that Leah Messer from MTV's Teen Mom 2 has lost primary custody of her five-year-old twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah. An anonymous source told the magazine that even after Leah returned from a supposedly successful rehab stay Corey, "was awarded primary custody, effective immediately" in a hearing on last Tuesday, October 13, 2015.