Teen Mom 2 Special: Chelsea and Cole, a Love Story

We're not sure why MTV chose to feature Chelsea and Cole rather than Papa Randylicious, considering he has SO MUCH MORE appeal. Can you imagine? Watch as Papa Randylicious administers Botox to his patients, defends his slutty daughter to her drug-addicted ex and proves to everyone that dentists are doctors too!!! But no, we got Chelsea, all smug married and better-than-thou momma, trying to pretend she wasn't a TEENAGE MOM just a couple of years ago.

In any case, read on to get the deets on just how Chelsea met Cole.

First off, Chelsea starts by announcing to the world that she's "really private." Yep, this 8-season reality TV alum just said that she's "really private." Hmm, Cindy Lauper must have been right, we guess money does change everything.

Next, we get a close up of Cole explaining his fateful run-in with Chelsea at a gas station. A GAS STATION. These two also try really hard to act like a gas station in their rural, nowhere-land town is akin to Verona, Italy.

Now, we'll give both of these two a pass on this, because Chelsea was right - Cole is hot. So, we get the whole, Chelsea stalked Cole thing.

Apparently, Cole messaged Chelsea on Facebook and the rest is history.

We get a few minutes of Cole trying to be all, like, "Pshaw, y'all, I didn't think nothin' of her being on TV." Is he hamming things up for the camera or for Chelsea? There's nothing like being a TV star to move someone up on the hotness scale because Chelsea is a straight 6 and this guy is a 9, so we're thinking the only thing that would have brought them together is TV adding a surefire 2 points to Chelsea.

Chelsea then gives us another one of the massive understatements of this episode - "We're both kinda shy." YOU'RE SO SHY YOU GAVE BIRTH ON NATIONAL TV.

Chelsea also had the self-restraint to wait "a couple of months" before introducing Cole to Aubrey. Their first time meeting each other took place when Cole was filmed with Chelsea at Aubrey's school recital.

They all went out for ice cream afterward.

It seems to us that in the last few years, Cole grew a few more teeth 'cause we only counted 2-3 choppers in his mouth that first scene. Ah, the benefits of being an MTV star - replacement veneers!

Pretty soon, Chelsea and Cole had the bright idea to adopt a pig. They named him Peter, c'mon, it's cute! Who's gonna take bets on the fact these two may be still eating bacon, though?

Cole then moves on to discussing the decision to move in together. For some inexplicable reason, MTV chose to focus on on his crotch while he's talking about this.

Now, it is possible they were only trying to capture his hands, but it was definitely a weird shot.

Cole is clearly a man of few words because MTV producers have a major role in the episode, prompting Cole to talk about his and Chelsea's "first" moments.

Chelsea also makes a big deal about Cole and Aubrey being soooooooooooooooooooooooo close.

"I have a lot of ideas in my brain," is a direct quote from Cole about how he likes to be handy around the house. Honey, you don't need to have anything in your brain as far as we're concerned.

Still, Cole goes on to talk about how he enjoys doing so much around the house. We have a strong feeling this segment is leading up to Cole's hawking a whole bunch of "American-made" goods.

Later, Chelsea talks about how she and Cole wanted to buy a home together with "a lot of land and not a lot of neighbors." What is it with these teen moms and their "laaaaaaand"?

We then transition into Chelsea and Cole talking about the proposal and taking off on a trip together to celebrate.

Chelsea also takes some time out to ridicule Cole's style. Apparently, he likes to dress in attire decorated with flags.

It's clear this guy is going for the patriotic look, but isn't it supposed to be disrespectful to wear flags? Cole also loves hunting, naturally, so Chelsea was sure to get him a ring that had the brawny, outdoorsy look going for it.

Later on, when Chelsea and Cole get pregnant, Chelsea, again, manages to put up a whole song and dance about how SURPRISED she was when they got pregnant. Hmmm, let's think.

Your capacity to procreate have been painfully corroborated by a teenage pregnancy with the world's worst baby daddy, and now you're shocked that you've managed to get knocked up again? Sorry, but Chelsea is just not that good an actor.

Baby Watson, of course, managed to make his arrival BEFORE these two had a chance to get married so the decision was made for a small wedding ceremony to take place. For some reason, not only do we get a blow by blow of the wedding from Chelsea, Cole and Papa Randylicious, but we ALSO get treated to Chelsea acting out the ceremony, complete with her faking her baby belly.


We also got treated to all of the adorable shots of Watson reaching some milestones and of course, Chelsea's wedding reception in which she managed to shove in all of her friend's faces that she LOST THE BABY WEIGHT.

Papa Randylicious has the last word on this special after he tells all of us that seeing your child have their own family is a father's dream.

Well, we know what isn't a father's dream is seeing your teenage daughter so seeing another man impregnate her after she reaches her 20s has got to be a rung higher!

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