"Teen Mom 2 Special: Being Nathan" Recap: This Guy Wants to Be a Cop???!!!

Nathan Griffin

Tonight was the airing of Nathan's teen mom special. Apparently, there's more to being Nathan than we know.

Apparently, some of that includes exactly how much body fat Nathan has dropped, because he certainly spends a lot of time being filmed at the gym.

But it looks like body building is a full time pursuit for him. As a result, Nathan has to eat healthy all of the time, which means he can be in a bad mood a lot.

Nathan discusses his recent relationship with someone whom he refuses to name on TV. He also feels reluctant to discuss his court date for the charge against him by Jessie.

Right now, Nathan is living with his mother, who's been really supportive and agreed to be filmed for the special.

The producers ask Nathan about his issues with alcohol given that he's had a DUI - Nathan is in denial but his mother wants to be forthright about the fact that he could be an alcoholic.

Nathan voices the desire to apply to be a cop in the future - but if that doesn't work out, he acknowledge he needs to find a successful career path.

While discussing his past relationships, Nathan says that he was never in love with Jenelle. He talks about how he enjoyed being with her and loves his son, but that's it. Ooof, harsh.

Kaiser is brought to one of Nathan's body-building and seems to enjoy visiting with him, although Nathan seems a lot more fascinated with his phone.

Nathan doesn't wind up placing in the competition quite as well as he was hoping and winds up being comforted by his mother.

Later, however, after the crew left, Nathan meets at girl at the hotel where he was staying and decides to meet up with her for lunch. Over lunch, Nathan announces that he's been charged with domestic violence.

The look on the woman's face is priceless.

Next, the crew calls Jessica to see if she would speak with them to share her side of the story.

Jessica tells them about how Nathan attacked her and choked her. Jessica says that she attended a counseling program for victims of domestic violence.

Back at his mom's home, Nathan's mom talks about how Nathan behaved when he returned home form the military. Nathan gets really sensitive and stalks out since he doesn't want to talk about his experience.

Nathan's mom believes that he was less angry before he left home for the military.

At night, Nathan makes plans to go out and says he won't be back home. Nathan's plans to cheat on someone he really likes gets captured for the cameras.

In the last scene, Nathan talks about how he hopes he can achieve his dreams.

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