Teen Mom 2 Special: Being Javi Recap...When's He Being Deployed Again?

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MTV still has not finished milking the saggy udders of Teen Mom 2, so whaddya know, Javi is popping up as tour de force, right in the middle of the ongoing season of Teen Mom OG. At the beginning of the episode, Javi gives us a nice little synopsis of his relationship with Kail, which of course, is narrated through the usual delusional perception of the typical Teen Mom baby daddy. Case in point, Javi's initial realization of his and Kail's trust issues came after they'd already gotten married while she was about, oh 6 months pregnant, AND they'd given birth to Lincoln AND Javi had already been deployed.

Nope, not a moment before ALL of that. In any case, it looks like Javi is going to be giving us a look into just how AMAZING a dad and husband he was. Let's take a look, shall we?

Javi tells us that in the divorce from Kail, he got possession of their old home. So he moves his sister in with him and gives her a lot of credit for "keeping me in check." Lidia is basically a slightly puffed up version of Brianna.

Literally. there is an uncanny resemblance.

Javi's day when he's not deployed starts with his preparing some frozen waffles for Lincoln, and plopping down on the couch next to him to gaze dumbly at a TV and reminisce with him about how he used to do the same thing when he was Lincoln's age.

Yeah, back about 10 years ago.

Once Lincoln gets dropped off to wherever he goes (school? Kail's? Future teen baby daddy school?), Javi heads off to the gym where he dedicates himself mind, body and soul, to, get ready...crossfit.

Yep, crossfit.

Javi discusses with a producer Grady the importance of crossfit to him, since apparently it represents what he "needs to prove to Kail." Later, Javi has lunch with Alejandra (a "friend") cousin Valeriwho gives him a whole lot of advice about the importance of setting boundaries with Kail while clearly expressing a LOT of jealousy over his relationship with her, thereby demonstrating the strong likelihood that she can't really take her own fantastic advice.

That night, or at least on some evening, Javi celebrates his cousin Valeria's birthday with a number of friends and other family.

Of course, when he goes out to "da club" Javi attracts a lot of attention from various women. Still, his inability to score despite the obvious presence of cameras is perhaps the most troubling part of Javi's night out.

Later, Javi goes out with Valeria and Lidia for food where they pontificate on Javi's always having been a "lover." It's unclear whether these two are referring to incest until of course, they bring Kail into the conversation.

Another morning, Javi spends time with Lincoln and Isaac on the soccer field. Javi wishes he could spend more time with Isaac.

The outing derails into Kail barking at Javi over the fact Lidia clearly babies him a little much. Javi's response is to walk despondently across the parking lot.

In this special, we also get a look at Javi kicking it with his bros while he gets his hair cut.

Strangely enough, it really is not clear why Javi is getting a haircut AT ALL considering virtually no hair is removed from his head and he looks EXACTLY the same at the end of the scene as at the beginning.

Lest we forget, Javi has to kick it with producer Grady on his couch chatting up a storm about his experience being deployed. It turns out Javi has actually been off duty for the past 5 years although he's certainly spent a lot of time TALKING about how he's going to be deployed.. Despite the fact that Javi's "plan B" was to become a cop and Kail apparently seriously got in the way of this by filing a PFA on him, Javi seems pretty lackadaisical about this outcome.

"Yeah, man, that sucked," is about as indignant as Javi gets. Our working theory about this is because he's getting laid enough from all of the camera attention, pretty much nothing really bothers Javi.

Later, Kail drops Lincoln off at Javi's house, marking her arrival with a LOT of anger and a little bit of sauciness. Javi goes on to paint pumpkins with Lincoln and then have a conversation with his cousin, who's also deployed, and who has his turn giving Javi advice on his love life.

This is clearly the emotional climax of the episode, based on the camera angles and the gravity with which Javi nods along during the conversation although we really don't get the heaviness of the conversation.

Finally, the episode leaves off on a lighter note with Javi helping the producers assemble a lamp in his home.

We're really not sure why this many MTV producers are needed for this show since apparently so many of them are freelancing as workers for task rabbit.

As Javi continues to train for crossfit, the episode begins to tie itself up with the typical concluding music and Lincoln gets dropped off at Kail's house. Sheez.

So going to the gym, getting advice from family and talking up a storm about being deployed was what it really mean to be Javi.

We're thinking how shocking it is that MTV's producers managed to turn this into a Teen Mom special, but then, that's reality TV for you.

That's all for now folks. For more perspective on Kail's life (and possibly even more dirt on Javi) check out her book "Hustle and Heart" below.

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