Teen Mom 2, Season 9 Reunion: Who Stormed Off The Stage for Part III?!

So, we're back for the last part of Teen Mom 2, SEason 9. Oh boy, did they ever stretch this out. For this part, MTV decided to play out all of the social media drama that happened this season. 


We got to see Jenelle's fire-setting incident to Kail's pothead haircare line. Apparently, Kail was also triumphant about the sales she made off of Jenelle too. 

Later, we also get to see Nathan come on and wax condescending about David's parenting skills. And of course, Jace's dad also comes on and starts telling lies about how he was "feeding the homeless." We're incredibly confused as to why this dude who fully looks like he's been doing drugs is now attesting to saving the homeless.

It looks like Dr. Drew caught on, however, since he asked Andrew directly whether he was using.



Chelsea tells us her advise about how to meet someone who's good for you after getting out of a toxic relationship. 


Kail and Leah

Leah points out that she is looking to be courted and dated by anyone she meets and she feels that she deserves it. 



Roxanne comes on and chastises Devoin about his incident in which he drank at a pool party Nova was attending.

Devoin tries to move and pretend to be responsible but Briana calls him out on it pointing out that he wouldn't apologize at first.


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