Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Reunion Part II Recap: Which Baby Daddy Sucks the Most

Jenelle Evans

On part II of the teen mom 2 reunion, the rest of the moms got personal with Dr. Drew.


Briana hasn't been on TV for 4 years since the end of Teen Mom 3 and talks about how much has changed in that amount of time.

Briana feels like the new girl with the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast. She also talks about how she's friends with Javi, which is upsetting to Kail, and in turn keeps Leah from being friends with her.

Meanwhile, Luis has only seen Stella twice in the four months she's been alive.Still, he has been paying for Stella's daycare. Devoin on the other hand, doesn't really spend much time with Nova which he blames on Briana.

Briana, however, says that Devoin is perfectly welcome to come to her apartment but he doesn't care to come.

Devoin has also recently gone to prison which means he can't use a car either. When Devoin starts to insult Briana's mom and sister, she fights back right away.

Later, Roxanne and Brittany stop by and discuss how Devoin needs to come to Briana's home. Briana gets so upset that Dr. Drew has to give her a cooling off period.


Javi stops by to talk to Dr. Drew alongside Kail.

They note that though they co-parent all right now, they just can't get back together.

Kail keeps talking to guys that Javi doesn't want her to communicate with. Javi wants to support Kail and keeps getting drawn in to the "drama."

Later. Jo comes out and talks about how he can help Javi if he ever needs advice.

Jo also mentions he'd like to see Isaac more. Jo and Javi both also add that they wouldn't want Kail to move to LA or NYC.


Jeremy joins Leah on video chat and gets pissed when Dr. Drew asks him about the fact that he's a workaholic.

Jeremy gets grilled about whether Leah are rekindling their relationship, especially given that they met up at a bar and got photographed together.

Corey also shows up via video chat and talks to Dr. Drew about having to take Ali to the ED. Ali and Gracie have both made a lot of progress.


Chelsea comes on with Maci to talk about having a former partner who has drug dependence.

Chelsea talks about how seeing Ryan on the prior season of Teen Mom OG made her realize how many precautions she needed to take with Aubree.

Maci mentions that Ryan's parents are upset that Ryan's drug dependence was portrayed on TV.

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