Teen Mom 2, Season 9, Reunion Part I: Addie Gets Showcased

It's that time of the season again!!!! Yep, looks like we're in for another finale with the reunion. Did someone punch someone else? Nah.

It looks like Kail was unwilling to be on stage with Bri this time.

Hmmm, we're wondering why these women seem to have so much pull with MTV? Is there a reason why these people don't get fired more easily? MTV must have decided that the conflict was a great opportunity to stretch whatever film they did collect.

So, first we're stuck looking at Leah and Chelsea, boooooring-ville. 


Leah notes that Kail's conflict with Bri was confusing. Leah actually thinks that the teen moms actually used to be close. 

Leah gets a chance to keep us hanging as to whether Jeremy is back in her life. Yep, the ole' dangle. 

We end up finding out that Leah broke up with Jason because it "wasn't a good relationship." BTW, did Leah get botoxed or what? Leah gets some major kudos for "trusting her instincts." Boy, do these women have bad self-esteem. 

Later, Jeremy comes on so we can keep the "dangle" going. Jeremy looks like someone who would chase people out of a restaurant with a shotgun. Jeremy believed that Jason was too jealous. 

Oooooh, Jeremy did admit to some ambivalence about getting back together with Leah. In fact, Leah mentioned that "this weekend we had fun." Does this mean another Leah-pregnancy is coming our way. 

Sadly, Leah had to exploit Addie because she has so little going on and showcase all of Addie's antics this past season. Wow, this has gotten more inane than ever. 


In keeping with their stretching out the minimal footage they got of Kail, MTV decided to do yet ANOTHER rehash of Kail's issues this season. 

Kail gives us an update on her relationship with Chris - we find out she did get back together with Chris but then felt humiliated when she found out that he was cheating on her. 

Kail notes that she wanted to get closer to her sister but she never really interacted with her in her childhood which makes the challenge of being friendly that much harder. 

Kail also highlights that she overall, feels positive toward Jenelle because they have a lot of history.

However, Leah notes that she doesn't want to associate with Bri and doesn't want to film with her, in part, because she is ashamed of her own behavior.


Briana's triumph this season is her relationship with John. Sadly, a low point, is getting Luis to engage with Stella.

Unfortunately, Devon winds up being drunk in a pool setting with Nova, which winds up damaging his "dad of the year" thing he had going this past season.

Oh boy. The mark is set so low for these baby daddies and yet they fail!!!

John appears on stage with Bri and tells us that he's not intimidated by the lights and cameras and he feels like he could get along with either Devon or Luis. 


Oh boy. What a mess. And it all ended in Jenelle's firing. So, saying that Jenelle had a turbulent season is putting it mildly. 

Jenelle notes that she felt attacked by Amber and was upset that Amber was approached by Radar first before talking to her personally. 

Oooh. Things get interested when Nessa, who is interviewing Jenelle, points out that Jenelle did the exact same thing by attacking Nessa and her boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick. Oooh, and we love the fact that MTV actually pulled up Jenellle's remarks and Jenelle denied the fact that the social media posts she put up are hers.

Ooooh, and then Jenelle got really defensive, started crying and stalked off of the stage accusing Nessa of making it "her show." Gawd. Jenelle sucks.


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