Teen Mom 2 Season 9, Jenelle Evans, The Ex-Files: Guess Which Boyfriend Called Jenelle Trailer Trash

Jenelle Evans

Politics may have divided spouses, families and even the country but if there's one thing we can all agree on, the main reason everyone everywhere is obsessed with Jenelle Evans is that she takes trainwreck relationships to a whole new level.

Which is why we're pretty surprised that MTV chose to air the footage they've captured over the years of all of Jenelle's ex's so late in the game.

Maybe it was to keep audiences captivated by everything Jenelle so that when her reported spinoff airs with David, we're all still waiting with bated breath.

Or maybe it's because when you put all of the drama that Jenelle has undergone with her ex's over the years, what you get is few million more viewers for one hour on MTV, making a lot of studio executives and producers pretty damn happy.

Either way, check out our recap below as we detail the adventures of every neanderthal that Jenelle has ever dated.

Andrew Lewis

Andrew is clearly trying to present himself as if he's moved up in the world. Unfortunately, moving up for Andrew means continuing to wear the ridiculous cross from his left ear that he's probably always though was uber hip but only winds up making him look all the more hick.

Jenelle calls their relationship "pupp love." Andrew still wants to make it seem as if Jenelle was completely responsible for any number of psychiatric issues he's had over the year. No honey, that's called inbreeding.

Andrew makes it seem as if he got along with Barbara for some time. "We had some nice dinners." We find it hard to believe that Barbara got along this well with the teenager who knocked up her daughter, but okay.

No surprise, eventually Barbara learn to despise Andrew. Still, Andrew does a mean impression of Babara that did make us laugh out loud.

Andrew went on to be father of Jace, who's now probably put entire lawyers' families through college. In the old days, though, the primary conflict over Jace was between Andrew and Jenelle.

Who would have thought that Jenelle slept with someone else during the pregnancy? This was probably the last woman on earth who was hoping that someone else was her baby daddy, but that's Jenelle for you.

Still, after Andrew turned out to be the father, it took him about 5 years, but he's apparently been making child support payments the last few years.


Kieffer is now living in Pennslyvania and works as a sculptor. Unsurprisingly, Jenelle and Kieffer thought each other were sexy and seem to have spent most of their time together either high or accusing each other of infidelity.

Watching Jace hanging off of Barbara's hip while she reprimanded Jenelle for being high was probably the saddest thing ever. But watching Kieffer say "that bitch crazy" made this entire special episode worth watching.

Later, however, "that bitch crazy" was soon topped by Jenelle's "this probation thing sucks" and Jenelle and Kieffer soon broke up.


Jenelle likes to say that humor attracts her to her ex-boyfriends and for some reason Gary was no different.

He seems to have confused humor with nastiness however because the prime example of his humor was "you ugly bro" while cutting a customer's hair.

Somehow, Gary got a long with Barabara so seeing her be sweet to one of Jenelle's boyfriend was quite a shocker. You wouldn't think Gary would last long, especially after cheating on Jenelle.

But nothing attracts Jenelle more than a explosive fight. Soon after getting a drug possession charge and feeling physically threatened by Gary, Jenelle did part ways with him.

Gary will probably always blame Jenelle for being discharged from the miliary but interestingly, he also blames Kieffer for keeping him and Jenelle from having a happy ever after. Yeah, dude, Kieffer was the ONLY thing standing in your way!


Here's where Kieffer and Jenelle went all trainspotting. Oh man, these two are so lucky that they did not have a baby together because watching them stoned with a that poor little puppy in Jenelle's lap put chills down our backs.

As Jenelle said, the heroin did bring them together but at the same, it also split them apart.


Court still looks high to us. But he claims to be working at a rehab center helping others stay clean. OH BOY. In any case, Jenelle relapsed after getting clean with Court.

And unfortunately, Jenelle had the bad luck too of getting caught with drugs so she managed to rack up another legal charge. Somehow, however, she decided to get an abortion.

The most interesting thing that Court had to say on this special though, was that he knew David and met him while they were in prison together. Say what?


Clearly, Barbara has worse judgment than Jenelle given that she had a positive first impression of Nathan too. For some reason, it took Nathan 8 months to figure out that Jenelle is crazy which makes us think that Nathan was clearly the dumbest of the guys that she dated. And he decided to kill off a few more brain cells with his excessive drinking.

Like the other guys that Jenelle dated, Nathan blames her for his legal problems. This has got to be the best part of Jenelle's choice in men - they always blame her for their bad behavior.

Sadly, however, it was Nathan calling Jenelle trailer trash and telling her that they weren't on the "same level."


Jenelle likes to say that she and David are the "same person kind of." We're not exactly sure how Jenelle is like a person who's assaulted his ex-wife, but okay.

Jenelle also likes to call her explosive fights with David "bickering." Seems that's what you call it when your screaming is about to get the cops called on you.

In any case, the last 5 minutes of the episode consisted of Jenelle's selective, (extremely selective) portrayal of her and David's relationship, leading up to their marriage.

Check back with us for more when their spinoff airs!

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