Teen Mom 2, Season 9 Episode 8: Even Jenelle's Sinus Pain Is Dramatic


Jenelle starts off this episode with A LOT of  complaining about her sinuses. We didn't miss her statement however that "it feels like someone punched my nose, my face." Hmmm, how would you know what it's like to be punched. 



Bri wants to talk to her boyfriend about how she's going to file for child support against Louis. She's heading up to New York to discuss it in person with Louis so we're excited for the dramz to unfold. 

Bri jets off to New York and we have to ask, where did she meet this guy John? So random. Bri is a little nervous about talking to Louis and when she meets him, she's up front about how much Louis can do (e.g.

call Stella and talk to her on the phone).

Bri points out that when Louis is in town next, if he tries to hold Stella, she's gonna be like "Who dis?" Louis seems indifferent to Bri's statement that she's going to file for child support.


Kail is pretty upset about Jo's ongoing child support case. Kail points out that he's asking for more than $2000 a month which happens to be more than her home and car payments.

Oooof. First of all, homes in Delaware are that cheap? Second, boy is Kail mad about this.

Sure enough at Isaac's basketball game, Kail does not say ONE word to Jo. Ooof, that's gotta be awkward for Isaac. 

Later, Vee talks to the MTV producer about how SHE really wants Kail and Jo to communicate and she was upset that Jo didn't tell Kail about how he was going to file for child support.

MTV producer looks understandably confused.

Kail reflects on the text she got from Vee detailing the fact that she didn't agree with Jo filing for child support. Kail's friend points out that getting along with Jo might be a priority considering Isaac is getting older. 


Leah talks to her friend about how badly she feels that Jeremy won't spend time with Addie. Um, yeah, your baby daddy sucks. So what else is new.

Addie does have a sweet conversation with Jeremy a little later. We see Leah getting some insights form Jason as to why Jeremy might be such a deadbeat dad.



Aubrey didn't get a chance to see her dad when she went over to her grandfather's house. Later, Aubrey discusses the matter with Cole.

Later, she again discusses the matter with Cole after Aubrey returns from her weekend with her grandparents. Why do Chelsea and Cole have to wear hats? They looks like house elves...




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