Teen Mom 2, Season 9 Episode 6: Luis Beats Devoin for Worst Dad Eva

So this week started off with Chelsea giving an absolutely BORING summary of Lainey's birth. Read on to see who topped in her in terms of how inane they got...


Kail talks about how she's keeping her "distance" from Lauren and Javi. Sounds like someone doesn't want to get into another cat-fight with Javi's girlfriend. Later, while talking to friends at her hair appointment, she mentions in passing that she doesn't talk to Lauren at all. Instead, Kail goes on and on about how she's throwing her sister a baby shower.

Um, seeing your sister once a year really doesn't accomplish that. Uh oh. Kail finds time to insert some jabs about her sister and how her sister hasn't put in much of an effort either.

Later, Kail gives her sister a call and for some reason, takes notes on what to plan for the shower with a crayola magic marker. 


Babs gives the producers a summary of why Jenelle is having such a hard time filming. It appears that David may be trying to get Jenelle to stop filming since he's so bitter about how own termination. 

Later, we find out Jenelle did decide to keep filming. Sounds like Babs talked some sense into her and made her realize she really is NOT marketable outside of her role on Teen Mom. Jenelle tells the producers that she can't trust them since she always gets portrayed in a negative way.

Oh boo hoo. You really don't get why people watch the show, do you, honey? Another memorable line: "I don't need MTV." Your husband's meth habit says otherwise.

And of course, we love the statement about how Jenelle "finally has someone who supports [me]." Is that what you call it when your supporter tries to break your collarbone.


Poor Stella. She's been in the hospital with medical issues. Meanwhile, her dad really doesn't seem to care. 

Roxanne pays Devoin a visit when he sees Nova at his new place. Sadly, Roxanne wants Stella's dad to be at the place that Devoin now is. Oooof. That's a really sad standard. 


Addie gets a chance to spend some time with Jeremy while he's in town but feels bad when he has to take off for work later. It turns out Jeremy isn't the best Face-timer either.

Leah complains to Jason about it later.



Chelsea is worried about Watson who needs to have tubes in his ears. Yep, that's just how boring Chelsea is. 


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