Teen Mom 2, Season 9, Episode 5: Chelsea Gives Birth - Here's What Came Out...

Surprise, surprise..someone had a baby on Teen Mom. We'll let you guess who...


Bri isn't ready to introduce John to her family yet. Well, makes sense.

It must be weird for Bri's mom to meet all the guys she's seeing AFTER she has a baby....Bri's friend gives her a hard time about waiting to intro John to her family.

Bri decides to go camping with Shirley and John. Weird. Camping in Florida.

Later, the dynamic in their cabin is one where we're seriously wondering why Shirley is there. On the way to kayaking the next day, John does a TERRIBLE job convincing us he "loves" kids.

Shirley gives Bri a pretty weak opinion of John. 


Kail drops Isaac off at third grade then has a tete a tete with her bulky friend about "being there" for her sister. BORING. She follows through with this with an offer to her sister for MTV to pay for her baby shower.

JK. We mean Kail.




Leah has a flood in her house and for some reason her interaction with the producers seems like the conversation she should be having with a service professional.

Is it just us or does Leah's home look like pretty much the same rough shape it's in when it's not flooded too?

Leah winds up having to drop Ali off with Corey and every time we see this guy he looks more like the unabomber. 

Jason does wind up helping Leah clean up her house from all of the flooding. Later, Leah goes to the carpet store and talks to a friend who looks like she's on speed.

Leah says she's looking forward to seeing where her relationship is going to go. We're assuming she means all the way to her vajayjay since it seems inevitable she would have another baby.



Baby, baby, baby. Nuff said. Later, surprise, surprise, Chelsea gives birth to a baby. 


Jenelle picks ip Kaiser from Nathan who gives MTV security about the same amount of affection he gives Nathan. Sadly, Kaiser seems to miss Nathan a lot. Babs talks to MTV about how Jenelle went to court over the 911 call and is now taking her anger about David getting fired from MTV on her. Later, it's clear that Jenelle is acting out about David getting fired since she shows up with David to Jace's soccer game when she knows she shouldn't.

MTV then gave us an account of the texts Jenelle sent MTV with some highlights including "stop texting me." Later, Babs cries about how Jenelle is probably a victim of domestic violence. Babs seems worried that Jenelle is going to lose her contract with MTV. Seriously, why doesn't MTV fire Jenelle. Can't they find another trashy nutjob?




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