Teen Mom 2, Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: Does Kail Rumble with Lauren?

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It's that time again!!! So exactly when does the crazy with Jenelle go down? And how long does the truce between Jenelle and Babs last? Let's take a look!


Kail is dropping her kids off at their dads' - hmmm, sure is a lot of drop-offs. Guess that's one of the negatives of having so many baby-daddies. Isaac actually wants to go to Javi's. 

Later, Lauren and Javi talk about Isaac's relationship with him. Seems like Lauren is a LITTLE suspicious about having two bonus kids out of Javi.

Of course, she also got the bonus time on MTV, so maybe it's an even trade.

Kail discusses the arrival of Javi's new child and aptly, Javi and Isaac guess that after this kid comes, Javi's going to keep having kids. Poor kids. Lincoln can't seem to keep track of all of the dads.

Interestingly, one of her kids points out that most people only get married once. Yep. It's teen mom, people's and even the kids seem to have some inkling of how trashy their moms are.



Babs drives Jace somwhere and tells him about how she and Jenelle are getting along now while he responds with the utmost boredom in his voice. Jenelle talks to a producer and finds out that Jace's dad, Andrew has been in touch with her. Andrew is apparently in New York and contacts a producer so that he can meet his son? Um, sounds like what he really wants is to be on TV but hey, it seems Jenelle is hard up for filming with people on-screen, which much be why they're reaching out to Andrew themselves.

Producer wants Jenelle to call Andrew so that she doesn't have to be the "go-between." Yeah, right. Jenelle has her usual pissy response.

Next, Babs sits with Jenelle and talks to Andrew. He wants back in on Jace's life. It turns out that first, he needs Babs's seal of approval, of course. Jenelle looks REALLY constipated during this whole conversation. 

Jenelle and Babs then discuss how they should approach Andrew having a new role in Jace's life. Babs thinks she should go visit him first and maybe think about Andrew having a small role in Jace's life.

Apparently, Jenelle doesn't want Andrew going in and out of Jace's life. Um, 'cause you didn't pull that yourself, right Jenelle?



 Bri talks to Devoin about what a deadbeat dad he is. What else new? Meanwhile, Stella turning 1. 

Later, Bri talks to her plastic surgery bud about she's funding Luis's arrival to Stella's birthday party. In exchange, he's part of the cleanup crew for Stella. 

Sadly, when Bri readies for Stella's party we find out that Luis is planning on going to a DJ gig rather than come to her party. So. SAD. Also, when did Luis go from trucking to being a DJ. 

Luis does make it in time for the party and says hi to Stella who looks like at him like, "Who dis?"

Things seem tense between Bri and Luis and Shirley advises her to come down hard on him. Devoin actually does make it to the party - who woulda thought!



Leah's girls have gotten some serious attitude this season, right? Leah must be getting on quite well with her boyfriend, because filming actually takes place at his house. The scene between them, sadly, is soooo boring! Leah waxes poetic about the loss of her aide again....um, honey, how much have you actually paid into the taxes that support a service like this.

Leah apparently feels overwhelmed, despite the fact that having ALL of these kids was completely a voluntary choice.

Leah's girls are heading off to their first day of school. The twins also get a chance to spend some time with their dad who appears to have come out from the woods where he was probably whittling bare wood into miniature bears to spend time with them. Despite these kids being all of 6 or 7, they get teased about having boyfriends.

Makes sense. They do need to gear up for their teenage pregnancies.

Later, Leah heads out to drop her kids off for school at the bus and finds out that the bus won't accommodate Ali's wheelchair. She gives Corey a call and vents about the situation.

Corey advises Leah to complain to the principal.


Chelsea is moving into her new home with Cole. Aubrey is over at her house.

Since Chelsea needs to hang onto the memory of Adam for dear life, she decides to discus the visitation incident again with Cole.

We do have to admit, Aubrey sounds REALLY parentified when talking about Adam. Cole is pissed that Chelsea drove so long - um, isn't that pretty much all she does anyway, whether she's pregnant or not?

Next, Aubrey spends some time with Papa Randy in a highly staged scene and we see that indeed Papa Randy has also been asked to prod Aubrey about Adam. Actually, Papa Randy is a lot kinder than Chelsea. 

Chelsea pays a visit to her mom and complains about her pregnancy and gives her an update on Adam. Oh boy.

Why don't we play out the next scene - Chelsea pays a visit to Target and complains to the checkout peeps about Adam and his failed visitations.


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