Teen Mom 2 Season 9, Episode 18: This is Why Jenelle Will Always Stay With David

Woah. Some major events on Teen Mom 2 this past week, are we right or what? To what extent did we see it coming? Find out below on what Jenelle was up to this week on Teen Mom 2. 



Addie's throat swells up which means Leah has to take her to urgent care. Addie's strep testing was negative which is why Leah wants to take her to additional f/up.

Of all of the people in this scene (Leah, her producer) it seems Addie is the least bothered. Leah is really anxious but finds out that Addie just has swelling of her lymph nodes without anything else going on.

Later, Leah talks to her sister about how Jeremy slept over Leah's and Addie really wanted Leah and Jeremy to sleep in the same bed. Leah's sister teases her about she probably slept with Jeremy.

Did she? We're not confidant that Leah didn't.


Bri sends Nova off to a weekend away to her dad's. Gotta say, not much happening with Bri this weekend other than the family posin' for pics.

Lookin' like Luis is not going to be there for a family photo, however. At the actual photo shoot, we see Luis does not show up while Devon does.


Aubrey is headed to yet another father-daughter dance and Cole is yet again, "so excited." Meanwhile, Chelsea is still freaking out about the robbery that caused absolutely no major problems for her. We're starting to the think the MTV producers staged that.

Later, Chelsea talks about she went to go see a doctor and found out that she 'can't take an antidepressant because I'm breastfeeding.' Hmmm, let us guess, we're thinking that Chelsea is going to deliberate over this for a few more episodes...sure enough we see Chelsea complaning about her anxiety in the next few minutes.


Kail takes Isaac to the hairdresser and reveals that being pregnant with him is how she got her Teen Mom gig. Isaac looks intrigued.

Kail also finds out that her sister had her baby but she hasn't really discussed their new cousin with her kids.

Kail mulls over her excitement about finally having her own home. 


As usual, we find out through a message across the screen that David has been shutting down MTV filming because he's upset with the screw. Jenelle does discuss with her friend the need for David to "shutup" sometimes because she realizes he needs to be venting to her rather than to MTV. Jenelle acknowledges that at some point either she's going to have to give up or MTV is going to give up. 

We find out later that David apologized to MTV but Jenelle calls MTV's producers to talk about how David no longer wants her to travel but also complains about how she can't be filmed traveling now because it "causes issues." MTV's producers note that maybe it's challenging for Jenelle to "tell her story."  Hmmmm, wondering if the writing about Jenelle leaving the show was always on the wall? 


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