Teen Mom 2, Season 9, Episode 15: Where Did Jenelle Go?

What happened with the moms this week? Check it out:


Chelsea and Cole rent a home with Chelsea's friends and all of the kids are along. Chelsea complains about how how hard it is to click with people and make friends when you're a stay at home mom.

Um, technically, you're an MTV star but okay. Later, Chelsea complains to her friend about "mom life" and how tough it is to maintain relationships.

When Chelsea and Cole got back from their vacation, they found out that their home was robbed. Chelsea feels worried about being back in her house and spends time with her mom during the day. 



Bri is excited about her relationship with John and discusses with Shirly the idea of her kids meeting him. It turns out that Roxanne is going to meet John too. Bri warns her mom not to ask a thousand questions. 

Later, Bri picks John up at the airport and brings him back to her house to meet Nova and Stella. 

We have to say Roxanne is really keepin' it ghetto because when she talks to John, one of her best question is "wait, you 27 and you don't got kids, why not? Yeah, 'cause it's a shocker that a man of 27 hasn't impregnated a number of women out of wedlock.



Leah tells us about how she figured out her birth control 'cause things are getting serious with Jason." Is she seriously trying to imply that she hasn't had sex with Jason thus far? Later, in the car with her kids, Alleah and Ali start talking trash about Jason and discuss the fact that Addie noted they were making mean statements about him.

Leah probably really regrets talking about how she and Jason were gonna end of together here. Oh yeah, and stumbling over the pronunciation of the word "inevitable."

We find out that Jason will be meeting with the girls to talk about what they said about him.

In the car, we have to say, we love Addie's remark about how she "likes Jason as a friend, but she don't like him."

Leah talks to Jason about what the girls say 



Kail talks to a friend about how she's not the best communicator with her sister. Later, she continues the conversation about she hasn't heard from her much.

At her baby shower, Kail offers her sister support although her sister seems awfully confidant.



David has been threatening the MTV staff which is why they couldn't film Jenelle in North Carolina. Um, how is Jenelle even on the show or getting paid this season? Jenelle can only be filmed on the phone with her producers and complains about how Amber is sparring with David on Twitter.

Later, we get some outakes from videos both Amber and Jenelle posted on Twitter about their showdown with each other.

Nathan is also featured on this episode, commenting on how people are trying to reach out to Jenelle to lend support. We have to say, for Nathan to comment on Jenelle being defensive is pretty impressive. 

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