Teen Mom 2, Season 9 Episode 11: Jenelle Lights Fire to Who?

Did another serious showdown erupt between Kail and Jenelle? Let's take a closer look at what's happening with the girls this week. 


Jeremy has been making more of an effort to see Addie, but intermittently, he still disappears. You gotta feel sorry for this kid who's going to have to watch this when she's older.

Later, Leah takes Ali to the eye doctor.

Later, Leah talks to Cory about the experience of finding out that Ali can only see out of one eye. 


Bri is all a twitter about how she told Luis off but he really hasn't delivered on his promise to be a father and how sadly, Devoin has been more of a father to Stella. Later, this proves to be true since Stella actually wants to be held by Devoin.

It's so sad how all of these teen moms are just hoping for a facetime call with their baby daddies.


Chelsea talks up Adam and his being a deadbeat dad. What else is new.

Um, duh, Adam and his parents violated court orders. We feel like MTV told Chelsea to keep talking about this otherwise she'd lose her job over her excessive domestic felicity.


Kail is trying to take up as much screen time as possible promoting her marijuana products and mentions that she's going to send samples to the entire cast, including Jenelle. Ruh-roh.

Having a feeling this is going to IGNITE another feud. Speaking of feuds, Javi is having his new baby with Lauren and Kail has some snark about this too.

Later, we see a shot of Jenelle videotaping herself and setting fire to Kail's hair products. Hmmm, we're impressed right now that Kail baited Jenelle so effectively to promote her products.

By the way, we absolutely LOVED hearing Jenelle telling MTV producers that while David suggested shooting the hair products, Jenelle decided to class up her act and instead, light fire to it instead.

Kail shows the video to her friend and we get to hear about how much Kail had done for Jenelle over the years - interestingly, Kail wonders whether David is controlling Jenelle. 

In this episode, we also get to see the birth of Javi's new son, Eli. 


Jenelle goes out with her mom to hear about the snafu with meeting Andrew. Looks like the laaaand is no longer a filming option. Jenelle is pretty hard on Andrew's mom, which we have to admitt, Babs does a good job with considering Andrew's dad is dying of cancer.

Babs remarks on how much arugula is on their food while Jenelle responds in a similarly hick fashion - "yuuuu can't recognize your food noooo more..." Anyway, Babs mentions how happy she is with their relationship.

Swear to gawd, MTV told Jenelle she needed to be nice to her mom to film with her otherwise she wouldn't get paid anymore.

Later, Babs reflects on the drama between Jenelle and Kail and points out that she's no longer going to parent Jenelle over the issue. 

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