Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 9 Recap: Jenelle and David Curse Each Other Out Again

Teen Mom 2

It's that time again! Things are heating up between Jenelle and her mother. Read on to find out what happened tonight!


It's mother's day and Jenelle is upset (naturally) about the face that Jace isn't spending it with her. David thinks that Jenelle would have Jace for the day if Jenelle hadn't gotten the video of her at the restaurant.

Jenelle wants to be able to enforce some rules of custody with Jace. Later, Babs asks Jace how he's doing at school. He denies having a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Jenelle and David have another blowout because she gets tired of watching him tend to the lawn and wants to have a special day instead.


Javi comes over and helps Isaac learn to ride a bike. Kail is thrilled to see him riding for the first time. Later, Javi talks to his friend Alejandra about how co-parenting is going with Kail.

He acknowledges that Kail can be a little rude ot him. Javi also reveals that he's going to serve Kail papers for child support money for Lincoln.

When Kail finds out that Javi plans to sue her for child support, she talks about how ridiculous it is that he wants money for medical insurance when he gets insurance through his work anyway.

Still, Kail says she's not surprised since she believes Javi just wants the money for himself.


Briana discusses when her baby shower is going to be taking place. She feels stressed about the event.

Later, Briana lets Luis know that for the baby shower, they have to act like a couple since none of her family knows that they've broken up.

Later, when her grandmother is helping her get ready for her baby shower and talking about Luis, Briana feels bad given how her relationship with Luis actually stands.


Leah is driving Ali to the doctor and goes over what Ali is going to say so that she can make sure her issue is taken care of.

At the doctor's office, Ali has an echo to evaluate her heart. Leah winds up finding out that Ali has restrictive airway disease that is most likely due to asthma.


Aubree is excited to be finishing up with the first grade. Chelsea drives her to school on her last day and celebrates the moment with her with cake that they make together.

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