Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 31: The Aftermath of Jenelle's Gun Incident

Jenelle Evans


In the aftermath of the Jenelle incident, Jenelle drops Jace off at Babs's and lies about having pulled a gun out during her road rage incident. Later, Babs calls Nathan all shaken up about the fact that Jenelle pulled a gun out in front of Jace with him in the front seat.

Babs plans to pursue court proceedings to get Jace out of the house.

Babs heads to the parking lot where she usually picks up Jace to meet up with Jenelle. Babs tells the producers that she just wants to get Jace home safe.

Jenelle arrives for the dropoff with David which keeps MTV from being able to film the scene, which we have a strong feeling Jenelle did on purpose.

Jenelle agrees to film a special but feel annoyed that she had to come by herself.

Hilariously, Jenelle claims that Amazon and Netflix are both after her to film something and she shouldn't have to put up with MTV firing David.


Leah prepares Ali for her visit to the hospital. At the hospital, Leah finds out that Ali will have her aide for a few more months.

Why is Leah so entitled about the school's resources? Later, when the doctor comes in, he tells her that their social worker will help Leah with the aide situation and to be patient and see what the results of the sleep study are.



Once again, Chelsea is at home with her kids, being the most boring teen mom ever. Chelsea gets sent a photo of Adam with Aubrey which upsets her since she feels Adam's parents are always making things worse. Chelsea makes a hand motion that signifies how helpful Adam's parents are, clearly intending to note they're not helpful at all.

Then she says it out loud for some reason. We really didn't need that translated, honey.

Chelsea vents to her mom later on about the fact that Aubrey saw Adam when she wasn't supposed to.

Chelsea emailed her lawyer about the situation and made sure that Adam's parents got a letter telling them not to have Adam around Aubrey.

Chelsea heads over to her producer to tell them that Adam's parents apologized to Chelsea. 


Kail reflects on the fact that Jo is seeking 50:50 custody of Isaac which she feels she'll have to get used to be understands is reasonable. Javi returns home and tells Kail about the whole situation.

Kail wonders why Javi went to to Miami to take care of Bri at all. Javi thanks Kail for having his back and she looks like she's had enough of the bullshit.


Briana calls her mom out on reprimanding Javi. This makes Roxanne question whether Bri is in love with Javi.

Later, Dre arrives to take care of Bri and her friend and they discuss the situation with Javi. Dre points out that Bri has trouble setting boundaries with her baby daddies.

Briana returns home and talks to Devoin about his plans. Devoin says that he enjoyed spending time with Nova but needs to move on his with his life.

Bri does the opposite of setiting a boundary and tells Devoin he can stay as long as he wants.


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