Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 30: Jenelle's Gun Mailbox Incident Is Worse Than We Thought

Jenelle Evans

Just scroll right down to the part where Jenelle decided to get her road rage on 'cause that's really the major event of the episode. Still interested in Chelsea's naming drama? Well then read on. 


Chelsea goes out to lunch and manages to bring up Adam and his sad situation yet once again. She must be so grateful that she dated Adam otherwise she'd never still have a role in this show. Later, she and Cole pay a visit to the visitation center where Adam will be seeing Aubrey.

Yawwwn. They really need to cut Chelsea.



Leah makes a big deal out of feigning excitement to see her kids. Leah picks Addie up at her sister's and discusses Ali's problems with fatigue while Leah was away. Later, we see Leah finding out that Ali's aide is being dropped.

Leah is livid but doesn't seem to realize that the issue is likely to be a funding matter. Later, Leah meets up with Corey who's equally upset about the incident.


Shirley and Bri are still in Miami. It turns out Javi is going to stay for a few days while Bri recovers from her surgery.

Bri calls Roxanne and tells her about how Javi came to see her. Roxanne tells Bri that Javi is shady and that he thinks he's a player.

The next day, Bri heads off to surgery with Javi accompanying her.

Meanwhile, Brit drives with the kids and Devoin to see Bri and we see Devoin surreptitiously removing his headphones so he can listen to Brit and Roxanne knocking Javi.

Later, Bri has her surgery and gets a surprise visit from her mom and Brit, much to Javi's disappointment. Javi quickly starts to pack his things and talks about how he wants to get a hotel. Roxanne comes in and accuses Javi of showing up when the cameras are around.

Roxanne tells Javi that he's an actor who wants the spotlight. Javi admits that going on Kail's podcast was shady.


Kail is still grappling with Chris. Kail said that she wouldn't file for child support but decided to anyway after he cheated on her.

We're confused as to why Kail is complaining so much about Chris. Did she not see this coming? Did she not realize he only works 15 hours a week when he's can work 40 before she had the baby with him?

Kail winds up getting $346/month for Lux which she feels is unfair but at least something. 


Jenelle drives Jace and winds up having the road rage incident that has now become infamous. First, we see Jenelle pull up in front of a white truck and start to get upset when he tailgates her. So she starts to drive slower. Then, we see the guy cut her off and brake-check her. Jenelle quickly asks for Jace's phones and starts calling the cops. You'd think this was the end of the incident. But the trucks gets off the highway and Jenelle follows him. This is when MTV turns on the murder-mystery music.

Jace seems to be aware that Jenelle is at risk since he tells Jenelle that if the guy tries to hurt her, he'll pull out his nerf gun and whips it at the man. Jenelle then pulls up in front of the guy's house and tells him the whole incident has been recorded on her cameras and accuses him of tailgating her. In pulling out, Jenelle backs up into the man's mailbox, which prompts the guy to come over and start hitting her car. Now, that's when Jenelle pulls out her gun.

We then see Jenelle pulling out of the guy's driveway and speeding away. Meanwhile, Jace looks completely frightened.

Later, the cops pull up and pull Jenelle over while she gives them a bullshit story about Jace's head was about to hit the dashboard. We think PTSD is a more accurate estimate of what's going to happen to Jace.

From afar, we see Jace calling someone (likely Babs) and telling her about the entire incident. 

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